Monday, April 7, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Onadrought updates.

Seems like Cosi is getting a bit of a name as the baddie on the show, but what is so bad about being strategic when this is what the show is about? However, I must admit tonight, I was going off him a bit as he seems to have become quite cocky. I suppose being a radio announcer he always had a bit of that about him (he reminds me a bit of Kyle Sandilands), but now he's lost all the weight, and feeling pretty buff, he has become even more so. But he still must have a screw loose, succumbing to a 4000 calorie pig-out 3000 of that being tomato sauce.

Cosi was even saying now he was at his goal weight that he could leave. But he's only just hit that weight and could easily put on a few kilos immediately upon leaving the house. He's certainly not slender.And the thing about these people are that they are food addicts. A normal sized person cannot even contemplate a pig-out of the proportions of Cosi's binge, and like all the losers, he's an emotional eaters. They are all still in a pretty fragile state.

Garry won immunity and therefore got to do the walk. This walk saw him having to choose a stone, one of which said choose a male opponent to swap weight with, the other said, choose a female opponent to swap weight with. He wanted male, but instead, he had to choose a female to swap with. Tonight at the weigh-in, Kirsten who had been chosen only lost 1.7kg, so she thought swapping with Garry might not be so bad after all. However, had Garry as part of his strategy sewn lead weights in his undies, because tonight he had put on weight. Cosi said he would have tried to put on 4kgs if in that position.

It was a surprise to see that Bryce was also below the yellow line, and I have no idea who will be kicked out tomorrow night. It's obvious that Michelle will vote Kirsten off, Ali Bryce, Sam Bryce, Garry will have the guilts so Bryce and Cosi, who knows but I just had a feeling that Bryce stays in longer than that.

Cosi's cockiness rounded out the show again, when he bragged about being the Biggest Loser so many times. I bet the others are itching for him to be below the yellow line as he has not built up too much good karma in the show.


Reality Raver said...

You seemed to have changed you mind about Cosi.

Onadrought said...

Yes, has become very cocky, but as you mentioned before may be trying to take over Kyle Sandilands job.

Reality Raver said...

Maybe Ros Reines had had a preview of that episode!

Onadrought said...

He is becoming more unlikeable by the day. Maybe I was just deluded because he is one of the few that can make an interesting comment.

Bryce made some good ones, but he's gone now. Wish their was a 35 year old Bryce out there. He is lovely.