Wednesday, April 2, 2008

American Idol - Simon Cowell - I would have a Crush on him too.

Jordin Sparks, last years winner of American has revealed she had a crush on Simon Cowell. The article here quotes Jordin as saying she had a crush on Simon before she went on American Idol.

Simon Cowell does appear to have some weird type of sex appeal. Is it something to do with women liking men who are bastards? He definitely gets the most attention out of all the American Idols.

I would have a crush on Simon Cowell too, if he had bought me a $5 million (US) house in LA. reveals he bought his Leona Lewis, the winner of the UK show The X Factor $5 million house in Beverley Hills.

Simon thinks she is absolutely amazing so he wanted to treat her,” a source said. “He’s so pleased with how hard she works and what a massive success she’s become.

I think Simon Cowell, even if he is her manager may have a little crush on her.

Leona does appear to have a slight resemblence to Simon's current girlfriend Teri Seymour.

Right Pic: Teri Seymour


soobee said...

I have a crush on him, too, RR, and he never bought me anything. :) I think he's got this swagger that is very attractive, and he's like Jason: tough but fair. He doesn't have as much airtime to critique as Jason does (b/c, you know, it's IDOL), but I think he's nearly always right. When he says, for example, that Carly needs to dress better, he is totally RIGHT. When he says that Sayesha has to stop singing Whitney, etal songs, he is right. When he likes what you sing or how you sing it or both, he praises you accordingly, but he never sugarcoats his criticism, and why should he? The guy is worth at least 40 million dollars (more, I think). *I'd* take his advice (and go out with him if he asked me ;-)).

Reality Raver said...

Nigel Lythgoe, and Dicko (Australia's 'nasty' Idol judge) both have not so secret cult followings.

One regular reader confessed that she would like to go on a date with Nigel.

And Dicko has a fan club on Facebook called Dicko is sex symbol or something like that.