Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol - Top Five - Neil Diamond night.

It was another mentor night and again the Idol producers trotted out another baby boomer favourite, Neil Diamond, so they could remember the good old days of psychadelic drugs and free love. Clearly Paula Abdul is stilling living in those days - more on THAT incident later.

Again I query why they get people to mentor whose career is dead about the time the Idol contestants were born? Thank God Cat Stevens decided to give up singing for religion otherwise he would be wheeled out next week.

The format was different this week, with the Idol’s having to sing two songs, and due to time constraints they were not going to be individually judged after the first song. So once all five had sung once they were brought on stage and the judges were asked their opinion.

After Randy quicky gave his opinion about the five it was Paula's turn. Paula started critiquing Jason Castro songs both the first and the second one. But hang on Paula he has only sung one of them!!! Randy prompted her by saying “Paula they have only sung one” not getting it at point she had made a mistake, and saying I thought they sang two songs. The look on Simon’s face was priceless as he smirked and rolled his eyes.

Was she reading from notes she or the producers had written during the dress rehearsal, or had the show been edited and they had in fact already performed their two songs before an audience. I think the former occurred. She did look rattled and upset for the rest of the program.

Simon stepped in and quickly gave his views of the singers and then ranted “that he hope their second songs were going to be much better.

Jason Castro first song Forever in Blue Jeans was pretty bland and forgettable. These mentor weeks must be killing him as he was ordinary last week with Andrew Lloyd Webber. If he can survive this past fortnight he may go onto thrive again. He did not do himself any favours with Neil by forgetting the lyrics in the rehearsals and only enhanced his stoner boy image.

Randy Jackson said “ Just Ok.”
Simon Cowell said “Forgettable”

Jason’s second song was September Morning. It was dull, dull, dull. Both of his songs sounded the same.

Randy said: “Just Ok”
Paula said “ I thought you had taken the same liberty on both songs”
Simon said “ We don’t recognise you, no attempt to make the arrangement your own, both forgettable.”

David Cook first song was I’m Alive. Neil said David gave him goosebumps and he had the right material, attitude and voice.

David’s version had a rocky edge to it and he played his electric guitar. It was just ok for me a tad boring but that could have been the song not the performer.

Randy said “Very good in the Zone, doing your thing”
Simon said “Just above average.”

His second song was great All I Really Need Is You. He playing the acoustic guitar, whilst singing smouldering vocals and eyes to these romantic lyrics. I can imagine the girls at home swooning at home. Smart song choice and performance.

Randy said “Huge David Cook fan.”
Paula "So proud of you, you pulled that off, I feel that I am already at the American Idol.”
Simon said “First song ok, second song brilliant. Sounded like it was written this year.”

Brooke White’s first song was I’m A Believer. She played guitar as well and appeared very nervous, which was making her voice shaky, and flat. Is she on The Biggest Loser as well as every week she seems to drop weight? She looked stick thin tonight.

Randy said “ A bit Karaoke.”
Simon said “A nightmare” Brooke yelled out no it wasn’t - yes it was Brooke.

Her second song I am Myself was much better she accompanied herself on the piano. In a pre song chit chat she revealed to Ryan she had the lyrics written on her hand I am not sure how she thought she was going to be able to prompt herself whilst playing the piano. However it was not bad rendition of the song in a kind of country way.

Randy said “Nice job”
Paula rambled I had no idea what she said I think it was something about vulnerability.
Simon said “This is the Brooke I like, it was not incredible but a millions time better then the first song.”

David Archuleta sang next. Neil said “He is a kind of a prodigy”.

David’s first song Sweet Caroline not a personal favourite of mine, but the way he mixed up the song made it ok.

Randy said “You’re the bomb”
Simon said “Amateurish”

His second song was America from the Jazz Singer. Did David pick this song as he had seen how popular nationalistic songs are with the Idol audience. Kristy-Lee Cook saved herself with God Bless America earlier in the competition when she had been particularly vulnerable. He even had the US flag on the screen flapping away in the background. Personally I thought the song was dull.

Randy said “In the zone, another good performance.” I think he means the middle of the road zone.
Paula said “Voice is so on point”
Simon said “That was a smart choice of song, ticked all the boxes, very good.”

Syesha Mercardo was a big hit with Neil Diamond he asked her for a hug.

Hello Again was her first song. Her voice was strong, but the song is boring.

Randy said “Not amazing but stronger”
Simon said “Old fashioned.”

Her next song was Thank the Lord For The Night Time. It had a good beat and it was a nice contrast between her two songs. She did a good job but it did not blow me away.

Randy said “ Finally realising who you are, you are in the zone.”
Paula said “I love her”
Simon said “Very good actress/singer, I think you may be in trouble tonight.
“I don’t think you had a really memorable second song like some of the others.”

I think bottom two will be Jason Castro, and Syesha, with Jason being eliminated.

Simon summed up the episode nicely by saying “This is officially the strangest show we have ever done. It is kind of a bit chaotic.”


soobee said...

What a bizarre show! No one knew what was going on; having two songs per Idol in one 60 minute show did not work, so I hope they never do it again. Paula MUST have been reading from her rehearsal notes. (Or else she is on drugs.)

David Cook: okay on song one, great on song two.

David Archuleta: okay on song one, good on song two, boring every week.

Brooke White: pretty bad on song one, good on song two.

Jason Castro: awful on both songs. He should go home.

Syesha Mercado: good on song one, great on song two, hated by Simon, may go home.

Neil Diamond: nice guy.

Bottom two: Syesha and Brooke or Jason.

Going home: Syesha (probably) or Brooke or Jason, depending who ends up in the bottom two.

If David Cook goes home (not this week, but before the finale), I am no longer going to watch the show. Without Michael and Carly, it is getting very dull. These are NOT the best singers ever on Idol. Not even close.

Reality Raver said...

Soobee: I think the reason why the singing is not that great is the material they have had to work within the last three weeks has been very mediocre and not relevant to the contestants.

Think Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Neil Diamond. I am older then the Idol contestants and these performers are even before my time. Yes I saw Cats as a kid (very dull), and my parents played Crunch Granola Suite over and over. I don't doubt Jason Castro is over it.

Do you know what next weeks theme is? I hope they don't have one so the singers can showcase who they are and what genre they like.

However I think Jason will be lucky to be there, as he has put in a few weeks of sub par performances.

If they are going to have mentors they need to have people that are more relevant to their generation.

soobee said...

I agree with you about the songs, BUT David Cook has worked with them, so if you've got it, you've got it. Jason doesn't, but apparently, that doesn't matter.

*stopping to scream up and down at SYTYCD S4 promo and laughing at Nigel in a denim shirt*

Next week is hall of fame week. That should be interesting; lots of great songs to choose from (GO, DAVID COOK!).

I do not know who is voting for Jason Cook, except maybe the anti-Idol site. Seriously.