Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Idol Updates

Tom Williams Trying To Extend His 15 Minutes Of Reality TV Fame.

I have got to hand it to Tom Williams, he maybe 16 years old but he sure is media savvy. Tom in his post elimination media interviews has been spruiking that he wants to start a Jonas Brothers type band. For people who don't know who the Jonas Bros are they are a prepubescent boy band that have taken over the tween and teen market in the US. Hanson for the noughties.

Tom does not say whether he will be following their promise ring philosophical.

Anyhow it is a perfect pitch to record companies by Tom and a very canny move. What next? Will he try and date Hannah Montana to assist with maintaining his profile?

Full story on news.com.au

Speaking of girlfriends, both Wes Carr, and Mark Spano are hooked up.

Wes's girl is an actress and they live together in Bondi. Yes she was the one he kissed on Sunday night. In this week's NW it was revealed he told her he was a personal trainer so she would be interested in him. I don't quite get that anyway it worked for him.

Also Mark Spano is seeing a make-up artist he met on an Australian Idol shoot. Apparently it is serious and he will be moving from Melbourne to Sydney once Idol finishes.

Micheal Johns the Aussie contestant on American Idol is back in Australia for a quick visit. In an interview with The West he said post Idol he favoured going with an independent label so he could retain control over his album. Apparently it will be out next February.

American Idols' winner David Cook will have his album out in November.

Is Alamela Rowan Using The Bullying Incident To Prolong Her 15 Minutes Of Fame?

I know this is going to sound harsh but really it is time for Alamela get over the bullying incident and move on. I am sure there are at least five hundred life coaches and chakra readers up in the Byron area who will help her do this.

But I suspect she likes the ongoing publicity it gives her. Which other Australia's Next Top Model contestant gets named in each article that Demelza Reveley is in? No one.

So yet again in the major metropolitan tabloid (ok the only tabloid) there is an article about Alamela not winning the Byron Bay beauty contest, that she will be working at the Byron Bay Modelling Academy as a catwalk tutor, and she has a role in some dodgy film in the Philippines called Deep Gold. No she is not going to be doing a Linda Lovelace impersonation but will be using her scuba diving skills.

Now none of this is news, and if she had not been bullied no one would care. In fact I don't care.

But for those that do click here to get to the Syd Confidential article.

Australian Idol - Season 6 - And now there were nine

Sorry about the belated recap of the Idol elimination but I was so excited with Tom Williams, Teale and Madam Parker making the bottom 3 that I popped the champagne and turned into a right lush.

Unfortunately the truth is a bit more boring then that.

To paraphrase many a reality TV judge and compere "Australia got it right".

Highlights of the evening were:
  • James Mathison and Ricki-Lee struggling to interview Teale and Madam Parker and make it interesting.
  • Madam Parker makes Casey Donovan interview technique look positively sparkling, and Teale who was talking about having a personality, now if you have to talk about it....
  • Darren Hayes who continues to sing the praises of the talent of Teale confirmed his male crush when he said "Teale blew me away."
Anyway Tom Williams was not going to be saved by the tweens this time. Parents all over Australia had taken the phones out of their little ones hands, and like having to explain why a beloved pet has to be put down they said "He is in pain, let him go."

Monday, September 29, 2008

Model News

Apparently Cheyenne Tozzi is touted as being the host of Australia's Next Top Model. This is the strangest pick ever if it is true as I don't even think she has had her 21st birthday. I thought they saw the hosting role to be a be a bit of a mother hen.

I suspect her manager has leaked this story themselves to see if Foxtel will take the bait and audition her. Full story here.

Demelza Revelely this years winner of Australia's Next Top Model, has now said she is a changed person over the bullying episode. To be honest I am a bit over the whole thing, and I don't know why they still give it air time. Full story here.

In Make Me A Supermodel news apparently they were filming in my neighbourhood yesterday with this week's challenges filmed at the Salvation Army store in St Peters, otherwise known as Tempe Tip.

The model's had to pick out outfits up to the value of $50 and then do a runway show. I will be interested to see if the model's are in any of my chain store cast offs...

Full story with a nice picture of Hannah McCarthy here.

Has Survivor Stopped Pixelating Contestants Naughty Bits?

Are Survivor producers trying to garner ratings by not pixelating the naughty bits? Normally in episodes boobs, crotch and even bum cracks are pixelated. But somehow in the first episode of Survivor Gabon, which is currently screening in the US somehow a bit of male genitals got through the censors.

If you want a laugh (I know I am juvenile) click here on Dlisted to see the scene from Survivor Gabon. Some of the comments from his post are hilarious my favourite is "Obviously, the censors are Helen Keller, Lt. Geordi LaForge, and an inattentive seeing eye dog".

We are a season behind and Channel 9 starts screening Survivor Fans V Favourites tomorrow night at 10.30pm. The TV reviewer in The Guide said it was a cracker season.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Australian Idol - Top 10 - Australian Hits

Bad Marcia is like the Loch Ness Monster, a few people have claimed to have seen it, but it has never been proven that it actually exists. Where is she? There appears be a Paula Abdul type Marcia where she says things that are incomprehensible and don't make sense. At least Paula has an excuse for her gobblydeegook as allegedly she has some pill or alcohol issue.

Anyway it was Australian Hits Night and Darren Hayes was mentoring the final ten. He was great as a guest judge at the London auditions but tonight I thought he soft cocked it.

Thanh Bui - Your The Voice - Johnny Farnham

Is he reading the blogs? Just because he is called the Asian Johnny Farnham did he think we actually wanted him to sing one of his songs? So instead of boy band moves this week, we have Farnsie moves including yelling out "Come on sing it, sing along". This is not going to get him out of the bottom three.

Dicko summed it up when he said "Not the coolest song".

Kyle advised "If you want to be a rock star you are going to have to lose the cheese."

Chrislyn Hamilton - Chains - Tina Arena
I clearly have spent far to many nights pissed in gay bars as I think I have seen far too many drag queens lip synch this song. Also some of Chrislyn's dance moves did remind me of Miss Penny Tration on a Thursday night at the Albury.

Having said that her singing was sensational and yes I like her better then Tina.

Tom Williams - "Light Surrounding You" - Evermore.

The good news was it better then his Uptown Girl last week, and he looked great. But god is low register is appalling.

Tom whose dream it was to be on Idol is starting to look like it is not fun anymore. At the end of his song awaiting the judges comments he had that look when Dorothy has when she realises "We're not in Kansas anymore" plus he teared up.

Marcia kindly told the Australian audience that he finished the song early, personally I had not noticed.

Tom is just completely out of his depth but the tween vote will keep him in.

Teale Jakubenko - Black Fingernails, Red Wine - Eskimo Joe
If Tom has the tween vote sown up, Teale must have the teenage vote sown up. I am in despair at the young people these days...

This guy reminds me of Tip Top White bread - so bland. He just tries too hard from his over acted performance to his designer facial hair.

"Rock posturing, and devil stare... just posturing" Dicko said.

The line of the night was when Teale said "I just wanted to show a different side of my personality" What personality I have yet to see any sign of one.

Darren Hayes - "It was world class" He thinks he would fit in Stadium Rock, this man is on drugs.

Roshani Priddis - Heading In The Right Direction - Renee Geyer.

Roshani decided to wear a table cloth tonight, however her earrings were amazing. The song was like musical calisthenics up and down and all around in a pared back arrangement which was nice. She will keep on going in the competition for awhile, but won't be there at the end.

Marcia told her to fly. What does that mean?

Kyle put it in perspective when he said and I am paraphrasing "I think you're great, but then people forget about you."

Wes Carr - Friday On My Mind - The Easybeats

It was funny when the owner of the recording studio where they were rehearsing was a member of the Easybeats and he had come to listen in. Coincidence that would make anyone feel slightly uncomfortable.

It was a great performance, and for the first time I thought he had sex appeal. I thought he lost it a bit when he ran up the stairs in the audience. There is no comparison between him and Teale - Wes has charisma, and Dicko basically said this when he threw Darren a glance and said "This is a rock star."

Luke Dickens - Flame Trees - Cold Chisel.

In a non-surprising move which I picked earlier this week that Luke would sing Chisel. However it is perfect for him. What is amazing about Luke is that for someone who only discovered that he could sing 12 -18 months ago when he was singing on a mates karaoke machine he looks so comfortable on stage. Again he will be safe.

Dicko asked him about whether he had been drinking too much, and Luke admitted he had. Obviously he tied one on at Kyle's wedding and he was still feeling the effects of it.

Sophie Patterson - Don't Hold Back - The Potbellies.

Sophie's earring's were amazing as well. Who is the jewellery sponsor. Sophie must wish that Darren was mentoring her each week. He gave her great advice go back to what you do best. Also he must have told her to look at Brooke White from this years American Idol. Sophie was so much better. Just maybe she has saved herself.

Mark Spano - Age of Reason - John Farnham

This was the weirdest song choice of the evening. Why he picked Farnham when Thanh has the John Farnham groupies tied up is beyond me. I thought he would have picked something rockier like Hunters and Collectors. Also why were people picking songs that are over ten years old infact Tom Williams would not have been alive when this song came out.

Madam Parker - Hook Me Up - The Veronica's
Points are given for picking a song that was sung in the noughties.
However the cutsie girl thing complete with hair curling with her finger just did not do it for me. She looked great but I was a bit worried about some of the camera angles with her short dress.

Marcia did the cop out "How did it feel up there?"
Dicko thought "It felt wrong" and I would have to agree.

Bottom three - Thanh, Madam Parker, and Tom

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hell's Kitchen - Has Gordon Ramsey Turned From Chef to Actor?

Gordon Ramsey has been all over our TV's this year with Kitchen Nightmares, Boiling Point, Hell's Kitchen, and probably about five other shows I have forgotten about.

Currently on Lifestyle one of the series of Hell's Kitchen is screening. The premise of the show is two teams fight it out for kitchen supremacy and at the end of the series one of the cooks is the winner.

This show is not to be mistaken for the quality reality TV program Top Chef currently showing on Arena.

But Ramsey spends the whole of the show yelling at all the competitors, but you know that he has been told to be a total prick. It is like a boot camp sergeant in the kitchen. The diners in the restaurant must have to listen to his screaming all throughout dinner service. Even having to put up with that does not guarantee a meal as Gordon at any stage can just stop dinner service, all very dramatic.

Clearly he is just taking the money, as there is absolutely no substance to the show unless you consider debasing people is quality TV.

Jack Chambers Update

The inaugural So You Think You Can Dance Australia winner Jack Chambers has finally been able to take his prize.

Part of it was a getting dance routine choreographed by Mia Michaels. Channel 10 official website has some footage of Jack and Mia working together here.

In other SYTYCD AU news one of the first season's top 10Rhiannon Villareal is currently teaching dance at Brent St Studios and Sydney Dance Company it was reveal in an article in the Macarther Advertiser.

However it appears she wants to be a singer.

She said: ``I'm trying to concentrate on songwriting,'' she said.

``I'm always doing gigs and performing but haven't recorded as such because it takes time.''

Lastly Cat Deeley the popular host of the US version of SYTYCD may have ended her man drought. She was seen out on a date with Jack Huston this week in LA. Picture here.

The Hills To Be Coming To Channel 9

Now I have wondering for ages who the hell Lauren Conrad was? Barely a gossip mag or website could be opened without her appearing at an opening or event.

So finally I will be able to see what all the fuss is about when The Hills is shown on Channel 9.

The Hills is described as a 'pseudo reality tv show', which I presume is another way of saying scripted reality tv show.

Kyle Sandiland's Wedding - Does It Give Jordin and Peter's Wedding A Run For It's Money

This is the best photo available of the Sandiland/Jaber wedding until the Ok Magazine coverage of the event hits the stands on Monday.
The question remains will the Australian Idol judge's wedding outdo the tackiness of the Jordin/Peter Andre wedding? There were nine bridesmaids but no Cinderella type carriage but classy Mercedes cars.
However apparently out of the 300 wedding guests, 100 of them are competition winners, which is similar to the Jordin wedding where they did not know some of their invited guests. I presume those guests got the tables in the wedding Siberia ie. near the toilets and the kitchen.
Update: Just found this link here with lots of photos.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Channel 9 Buries Survivor Fans V Favourites Like A Hidden Immunity Idol

Channel 9 must be determined to kill off the Survivor franchise in Australia as they have now decided to place it on a Tuesday night at 10.30pm.

So the most tedious show on TV 20 to 1 will lead it in. 20 to 1 is basically a 1 hour program which promotes Channel 9 personalities with bits of video footage in between. They must think this show will rate higher than Survivor.

This Survivor series brings back 10 favourites from previous series which will include Jonny Fairplay, James from China, and Ozzie.

TV Week has an interview with recent Emmy winner and the George Clooney of reality TV Jeff Probst here where he discusses the new series.

It should be noted this series has now finished in the US.

Aussie Version Of Ladette To Lady

Clearly I have been hiding under a rock as I have just found out there is an Australian series of the Ladette to Lady being worked on.

The British version of the show has been extremely popular here. The premise of the show is turning Ladettes (slappers) into Lady's (rather dull young women) with one being eliminated each week. Expect to see a cameo by Jane Ferguson, Sarah's sister, at some stage.

The Channel 9 website has pictures of some of the Australian applicants here.

Idolgate Is The Voting Rigged?

In the first week of Idol we had fans of Jonny Taylor's, all three of them, having to vote twice to get their votes through.

This week we have Brooke Adamo's dad alleging there were voting discrepancies on the night his daughter was eliminated from the competition.

The Who Weekly article said:
At least one betting agency was puzzled, too. "All of a sudden, [bets] came rapidly," says Centrebet spokesman Neil Evans, who watched the odds plummet from $15 to $3. "They backed [Brooke] and no-one else."

There's also anecdotal evidence that Brooke's supporters were unable to vote for her. Carlo, who runs a Tattslotto outlet, says that out of all the people who have since visited his Melbourne store, "There's not one person who tried to vote who didn't have problems." And one Idol forum message read: "Brooke's line kept saying that it was closed every time you SMSed it."

Channel Ten and Fremantle Media have of course denied any discrepancies and rabbited on about independent auditing.

Brooke's father is promising a Harry Bosch type investigation as "...Something's is terribly wrong."

It is doubtful she will be reinstated into the competition so read her eviction interview here.

Has Sophie Monk Made It In Hollywood?

I thought you had made it in Hollywood once you have your own reality TV show. However apparently that is not the case for Sophie Monk.

Sophie has been cast in a 'scripted' reality TV show (is that an oxymoron?) that follows her attempts to make in LA LA land. It is called Bigger Then Paris an obvious dig at the starlet and new girlfriend of her ex-fiancee Benji Madden. Who needs to put the prawns in the curtain rod when you can seek revenge on Pay-TV? s

Photos from the show have been released onto Facebook - the show was trying to say they were leaked and apparently they are attracting plenty of attention.

Link to article here.
Just before you sign up to Facebook and get distracted by the myriad of quizzes and gadgets, you can see the photos on the Daily Tele website here.

A Day Is A Long Time In Reality TV Land

After thinking it was a dead cert that Charlotte Dawson would be the new host of Australia's Next Top Model, it has been revealed she will stay as the 'forthright judge'.

Foxtel clearly don't think the more hard-arsed, some might say bitchy Ms Dawson would not be appropriate as host, and they are looking for a more 'mothering' host. Well lets hope mothering does not mean insipid as that was what Jodhi Meares was.

Apparently Charlotte is angling for a variety show on Foxtel - I am presuming that may be something like an Ellen or Kerrie Ann Kennerly type show.

Full story on the Daily Tele Website.

Also Farmer Wants a Wife Appears To Be Turning Into Farmer Wants a Bloke. No that does not mean a gay farmer has been revealed to be on the next season of the popular Channel 9 series, something personally I reckon would be fabulous, but women farmers will be able to cast around for a mate.

The two women Jenny from Wagga, and Shona Isod from the Northern Territory both look like quite a catch. To apply to meet them and the other male farmers their profiles are now up on the official website Farmer Wants A Wife.

Lets hope they don't change the show to the more PC title Farmer Wants a Partner - not quite as catchy.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rule Number One For Reality TV Contestants Do Not Lie On Camera

You would think it be reality TV 101 do not lie on camera as chances are you will be caught out.

Sheridan is a classic example on last night's Make Me a Supermodel - Off The Runway. This episode saw her being grilled by the judges regarding her lack of weight loss. She swore she was not eating desserts or bread. Fifteen minutes later on camera at a photoshoot she was eating something that looked suspiciously like a dessert. Whoops.

Reality Tidbits

Brooke Adamo Thought She Was Not Perceived Well By Public
Brooke Adamo this week's eliminated Australian Idol said ``The competition is on talent and singing ability but also on popularity and I think the public didn't perceive me well,'' she said.

However she will draw inspiration from Ricki-Lee and the success of her career.

She has a right to be upset considering lesser talents then her are still in the competition. The teen voters were clearly voting for another person.

Source of article here.

Bullied Alamela Rowen Back Modelling.

Another teenage girl who was reduced to tears because of a reality TV show is Alamela Rowen. Alamela was the victim in the notorious bullying incident in Australia's Next Top Model. Her perpetrator, Demelza, went on to take out the title and to star in Ferrero Rocher chocolate ads.

However Alamela has not given up on modelling all together she entered a Byron Bay modelling contest.

Rowan, who lives in Byron Bay, is one of 14 finalists vying for first prize of a photo shoot, makeover, modelling course and a lunch date with the singer Amiel.

"I really enjoy modelling in the real world without the intensity of a reality TV show," she said. "People are so much nicer and it's more realistic and the pressure is far less than what it was on Top Model."

Source SMH

Project Runway Scuttlebutt

Lindsay Lohan To Guest Star On The Next Season Of Project Runway

Now Project Runway will be filming in LA it seems to have gone all Hollywood with their guest judges. Lindsay Lohan will a guest judge on the show. Considering her clothing taste at times has been questionable this should be interesting. Link to story on Access Hollywood.

Has Nina Garcia Had Botox Overdose?
Scandalist reckons the blind item on Page Six of the New York Post of a reality TV judge who had to miss two episodes of a show because of a bad reaction to botox is Nina Garcia. Rumour has it her face blew up like a cauliflower.

Reality Tidbits

Darren Hayes Disappointed With His Idol Pick Sophie Patterson.

Darren Hayes who will be mentoring the Australian Idol's this Sunday where the performers will have to sing Australian hits. What are the chances Luke Dickens will do a Barnesy number? However in an interview he said Sophie had become too 'slick'. Hayes had been at the London audition where she was found.

Personally I think Sophie is trying to be sexy when she is not. I don't get why Dicko goes the whole Bridgette Bardot route with her. She needs to go back to be a bit more the folk singer like Brooke White was in this years American Idol.

Hayes says he is impressed with Roshani Priddis and Wes Carr. Full interview on News.com.au

Charlotte Dawson In Talks To Become The Host of Australia's Next Top Model
In non surprising news Charlotte Dawson will be meeting with Brian Walsh, the head of Foxtel today to discuss her future with the show.

After stepping in at last minute to host the live finale when Jodhi Meares choked she deserves to be first crack at the top job. Anyway Jodhi never really made a success of that role she was far too scripted something Jennifer Hawkins should learn from. Full story here.

Speaking of Jennifer Hawkins...
In tomorrow nights show of Make Me a Supermodel the wannabe models will be training with AFL footballers, Brodie Holland and Ryan O'Keefe. If you want to see a nice picture of Shanina Shaik click here.

This year's Idol's and Bobby Flynn to Meet Up At The Basement tonight
Bobby Flynn will be playing at The Basement tonight and tomorrow night to promote his new album. If that Idol fix is not enough this years Idol contestants will also be there tonight with cameras in tow.

In other Idol news - Carl Risley will be singing at The Vanguard at Newtown tonight. Shannon Noll is also releasing a Best Of Album. Can you do that if you have only been around for five years?

Also the Australia contestant from this years American Idol, Michael Johns, will be in Perth as a guest star on a telethon.

For the truly Obsessed US So You Think You Can Dance Fan
Yes I am one of them. Here is an excerpt from the LA Times about them hanging out at the post Emmy party.

The "American Idol" / "So You Think You Can Dance" table was in a festive
mood despite "Amazing Race's" continued dominance of the reality television
category. "Idol" / "Dance" overlord Nigel Lythgoe reported that he used his
first few moments without a show on the air this year to launch the dance show
franchise in South Africa. Telling of his travels, he marveled about that
nation's talent.

Across the table, "SYTYCD" judge Mary Murphy was asked if the
party rates a ticket on the Hot Tamale Train (her highest level of praise on the
show)."Oh, no," she drawled in a deep Southern pitch, "You can't get a ticket on
the Hot Tamale Train if there's no dancing." She gazed out forlornly at the
empty patch of dance floor in front of the bandstand. So why are these things
called balls if there's never any dancing? "Maybe because there are so many more
losers than winners," she said."A party with Mary Murphy is a scream!" Lythgoe
said from across the table, referring to his colleague's penchant for
full-volumed praise on the show.

But Murphy didn't take the bait; no piercing trademark shout came forth to crack the chandeliers across the ballroom.Making his way out of the party, Ryan Seacrest stopped by to greet his "Idol" family.

The famously early-to-bed, multiple-job-holding hosting titan is out awfully
late, maybe his latest ever? "Well, let's see," he said, looking at his watch,
"the big hand is on the 2 and the little hand is on the, what's that number?
I've never seen that before, 1 and 0 . . ." He looked up and gazed around the
room. "So this is what normal people do at night . . . I've got to try this

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Biggest Non Story Of The Day Has To Be This...

In today's Daily Tele Confidential there is a little vignette about how Dean Geyer was about to buy some "funky footwear" but was informed they were girls shoes.

What was the frigging point of this story? Does anyone care? Is there no gossip going on that they had to put this vacuous blurb in or are they trying to imply Dean Geyer is a cross dresser.

Could this be the real reason why the Veronica broke of their engagement because she caught him rummaging through her closet too many times? I thought it was because he would not do the horizontal folk dance with her.

Anyway my blog on this is about as tenuous considering Dean reality tv days are over having been on Australian Idol in 2006.

The Amazing Race won Best Reality TV Show At The Emmy's

The Amazing Race won the best reality TV show last night at the Emmy's ahead of the mega popular American Idol.

I think they have won this category five or six years in a row confirming that it is a quality reality tv show.

I am a huge fan and if pisses me off that Channel 7, who have the rights to it, cannot screen it, and when they do they bury it in the 9.30pm time slot. We are at least two seasons behind.

If they are not going to screen at least let pay TV screen them, as they only get the reruns.

This is one reality TV I covet to go on. I know if I went on it with my preferred partner, a friend, it would not be pretty, we would make Johnathan and Victoria look like Mother Teresa!

Jeff Probst won best reality TV host. Again Channel Nine when are we going to get Survivor back on our screens? We are at least one series behind. I would love to see the Fans V Favourites series that has finished in the US. It has the nasty Johnny Fairplay on it.

The Emmys were hosted by reality TV stars including Ryan Seacrest, Jeff Probst, and Heidi Klum. Apparently their hosting was pretty boring, and the the hunky Jeremy Piven gave them a metaphorical slap when he went up to accept his award.

EW.com slags them off here and here.

And finally from the Emmy's a badly dress Mary Murphy from So You Think You Can Dance.

Australian Next Top Model Looking For Next Season's Cast

Auditions for the next series, without Jodhi Meares, commence on October 13.

They will kick off at Westfield Parramatta on the Oct 13, and Westfield Chatswood on Oct 14 before they go around the country.

For details go to http://www.fox8.tv/

Never fear if you get rejected as it does not necessarily mean that you are not model material.

Myf Shepherd 17 (pictured below) who auditioned last season was told she didn't have what it takes. However she has found fans at Milan Fashion Week where she is booked to star for Gian franco Ferre, Missoni, and Jil Sander and also walked in New York Fashion Week.

More info about Myf's story is here.
For those who need a make over of a different kind Sonia Kruger's new show 10 Years Younger in 10 Days is looking for couples to nip and tuck for the series. If you want to apply go to yahoo7.com.au/tenyearsyounger.
I can neither confirm or deny whether I am trying to convince my better half to apply for the show!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Australian Idol - And Now There Were Ten - And Who Is Voting For Tom Williams??

Can all parents please confiscate their daughters mobile phones to ensure they are unable to vote for the untalented runt Tom Williams. He makes Zac Efron look butch.

Who else can be voting for him other then young teenage and tween girls? After last nights appalling performance of Uptown Girl - getting my teeth drilled was more interesting - only young teenyboppers and relatives could have voted for him.

And no one over 16 would find him attractive as he is pre-pubescent ie barely developed.

Anyway the people who had to take his place in the bottom three were Brooke Adamo, Thanh Bui, and Sophie Patterson.

Also with this new voting thing why do we have to sit through three of the worst performances from the previous evening? Tonight I don't think they were the worst. Why can't we see the best performances from the Sunday night show? This could be voted for on the official website.

Anyway Brooke could not be saved and was eliminated. She has talent and may have progressed further if she had waited a few more years before auditioning for the show.

The highlight was Cyndi Lauper singing Time After Time. She has been the best special guest performer this show has had since its inception.

Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed?

No I am not talking about the Caroline Byrne case but Jodhi Meares.

In some non surprising news Jodhi Meares will not be back to host next seasons Australia's Next Top Model.

After a no show at the live finale this year, and looking like a stunned mullet in the previous years finale it is no surprise she pulled the plug. Or did Foxtel pull it for her. I presume they are letting her go with dignity.

Jodhi will not be a loss to the show as she barely had any presence and was overshadowed by the stronger personalities of the judges Charlotte Dawson, and Alex Perry. Something Tyra would never let happen.

Story from news.com.au here. No news on who will replace - though the money is on Charlotte Dawson. I am sure there will be lots of agents today contacting Foxtel to push their client to be a new judge if Charlotte does take over the hosting role.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - The top 11 - '80's night.

There were three stars on tonight's Australian Idol - Chrislyn Hamilton, Wes Carr, and celebrity mentor and icon Cyndi Lauper.

I was surprised that Cyndi Lauper had any hair left considering the punishing dye regime she has maintained over the last 30 years. She was a fabulous mentor and showed that being a professional singer is not just about singing, but warming up, posture and looking after your voice.

As a judge as well she managed to give the best criticism and advice. I thought Marcia was meant to be the critical technical judge this year but clearly she is finding that way to hard. Dicko seems to have taken his nice pills and has turned into Mr Bland, and Kyle most of the time gives styling advice.

In fact the judges are letting down Idol this year not the performers.

Luke Dickens - Jack and Diane - John Cougar Mellancamp

Luke appears to have taken his facial hair to new heights with horizontal sideburns added to the chin tuft. I suppose if you like that look....

Anyway his song choice this week was again smart - Jack and Diane is on high rotation on some radio stations so the voters who were not around in the '80's would know the song well. Again he was one of the better performers and will not be a Idol casualty this week.

He had Cyndi in tears I am not sure what that was all about. Luke's appeal is in his unprentiousness. The judges all were positive.

Brooke Adamo - Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carne
Cyndi was trying to take the girl next door sheen off by getting in pushing match with her to make her more aggressive. It did not help her with the song, she still sang it saccharine sweet with a bit of trying to sex it up a bit facial expressions and body movements. I cannot believe that Andrew G thinks she will make top 4 does she remind him of his wife Noa?

Obviously I am not seeing her star quality as the judges were gushing. Kyle thought she was "sultry".

Madam Parker - Upside Down - Diana Ross.
Now this girl is apparently a contender and she has a great voice and moves, but I just think she did not own the stage and comes across as shy. Her interview technique is appalling and if she wants to win this show which is basically a popularity contest she needs to work on giving more then one word answers to questions. It just makes her look thick.

Cyndi said she needs to strengthen her middle register. Dicko reckons there is someone out there wanting to make records with her.

Mark Spano - I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner

The look on Cyndi's face when he was singing in the montage was mirroring my horror of having to listen to this song. This is my all time most hated song tieing with I Just Called To Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder.

He was one of the many Idols struck down by the Idol flu this week and she was giving him tips to help his voice in these situations.

Three words critque - I hated it.

After Kyle had a quick grope with Cyndi (had to pay that) he then said he thought the ladies at home would be loving Mark - I don't think so.

Are the judges trying to get him to be this year's Idol sex symbol? If so he makes Daniel Mifsud look like George Clooney.

Tom Williams - Uptown Girl - Billy Joel.

Can someone please give this kid a children's show to be screened at 4.00pm on weekdays so I don't have to listen to him sing.
Tom had his usual pitch problems in rehearsals and it was not much better in the performance. His song had the same effects on me as 2 mg of valium zzzzz. After that I needed three of Kyles 30 coffees he supposedly has a day.

The tempo of the song kept the '80's theme as it was something you would have heard on the Mike Walsh Show.

Yay Kyle called it and said it was a 'disaster'

Dicko told him the song is a show stopper and that was a speedhump. I think Dicko has soft cocked on a number of occasions this year and this was just one example. I wish he would get his snarkyness back.

Chrislyn Hamilton - True Colours - Cyndi Lauper
Wow brave song choice - this was either going to be great or a train wreck. This girl is amazing - the way she sang it brought tears to my eyes. Early Idol prediction - she will be walking those opera house steps. She is a fantastic performer who connects with the audience - she breaks down the fourth wall.

Can we have a show where her weight is not mentioned?

Teale Jabuenko - I Still Haven't Found What I Am Looking For - U2

This is another one they are pushing as this years heartthrob - and I am not getting it at all. I think he lacks any personality - when he is interviewed it reminds of a Bronco's player in a post match interview. Not riveting. This runs over into his performance and he sends me into a catatonic state.

Again the judges had a divergent view to me.
Cyndi Lauper thought it was so great and she loved it.
Kyle thought it was a superstar performance.

Sophie Patterson - Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics

After landing in the bottom 3 Sophie tried the big notes wins votes approach when she hit a high note in this Eurythmics song. Predictably the audience cheered. Sophie was quite good, but she does that annoying nose wrinkle that she thinks makes her look sexy.

Wes Carr - Dancing In The Dark - Bruce Springsteen.

This week Wes played a guitar and this week he managed to hang onto it for the whole song. He was fantastic and showed his star quality and he will be hard to beat. Today in the papers there was an article in the papers saying it was unfair he was in the competition because he had been a working muso for the past ten year.

Idol gets criticised for being Karoke competition but when a professional performer comes on there is carping about that. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Wes looked like a midget beside Ricki-Lee. Not a great look. But he does look hungry for the Idol title.

Roshani Priddis - What's Love Got To Do With It - Tina Turner

The positives - I really loved her bracelets - probably not available at Diva! Again this song rates as one of the most overplayed songs on radio in the '80's and '90's and is the musical equivalent of watching paint dry.

I criticise Thanh Bui for keeping his boy band moves , and Roshani seems to have kept some of her school spectacular moves.

Roshani is a great technical performer and knows her craft, but for some reason I find her forgettable. Kyle wanted her to "hit the song out of the ball park" but could not advise her on how to do this.

Thanh Bui - Every Breath You Take - The Police

This guy still had the boy band moves going this week. It must be indoctrinated in them that he does not realise he is doing them. Simon Cowell would be ripping him to shreds about that. His voice is good and he will schlep along in the competition for quite a few more weeks.

Dicko did mention there was still a bit of boy band left in him and it needed to be slapped out of him.

Bottom three prediction:
Tom Williams
Teale Jabuenko
Sophie Patterson

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Demelza May Make It As A Model

After winning this year Australia's Next Top Model Demelza was snubbed by Vogue Editor Kirsty Clements for the now infamous bullying episode it was unclear whether she would go onto to a successful modelling career.

Things are looking up for Demelza with her winning an international campaign for Ferrero Rocher. Full story here.

Joshua Allen Wins So You Think You Can Dance Season 4

The 19 year old hip hop dancer from Dallas Joshua Allen won the the US version of So You Think You Can Dance which was screened last night on Channel 10.

Joshua took out the title from the other finalists Courtney, Twitch and Katie in a final where Nigel Lythgoe thought the American public had gotten right. Source here.

Channel 10 this year appeared to bury this popular program by showing it twice a week during the Olympics. I know others disagree but I thought it was a good season with some really strong dancers especially the hip hop ones. I particularly liked Comfort and Gev. Also the choreography was very strong compared to the relative weak choreography on the Australian series.

An interview with Joshua is here where he discusses being hospitalised prior to the finale, and his limited dance training. Also another article here which discusses a shooting tragedy that made him nearly not go on the show.

Reality Tidbits

New Reality TV Show For Alex Perry On Foxtel

Designer and Australian Next Top Model judge Alex Perry will start filming a reality TV show next month. It is a bit unclear what it will be. He said it will be something "fun and different" and not a Big Brother style behind the scenes snapshot of his crazy life.

He said he would love to do a bridal aspect because the craziest stuff happens at weddings!

Now that would be cool our very own Bridezilla, though I am sure the society babes he designs for won't agree to that.

Expect to see his celebrity clients trying to raise their profile on his show.

Link to story here.

Australian Idol Contestant Sex Predator Finally Convicted.
In an article here in the Herald Sun it is revealed a sex offender has finally been convicted on charges for sexually assaulting 10 girls between 14 and 18 between 2003 and 2005.

Previously the Idol contestant had been through a harrowing court case with this same person for sexually assaulting her in the late '90's when she was 15. A jury did not convict him of the three sex related charges.

She states she is happy she had made the allegations against him. Did the jury get it wrong? Because of the nature of the charges the singer nor the year she was on Idol can be revealed, and out of respect for her I won't bother speculating.

Andrew G's Australian Idol Top Four Predictions
Andrew G reckons the top four will be Wes Carr, Mark Spano, Brooke Addamo and Roshani Priddis. I found the most interesting aspect in an article here where he reveals his and his wife's Noa's plans for kids.

Make Me A Supermodel Are Trying To Boost Ratings By Promoting The Best Bits Of The Upcoming Episodes.
Last week it was the stolen bottle of Bollinger by Hannah and this week it is the fight between Billy Bishop and Tom Penfold which is broken up by judge Jackie Frank. Apparently would be model Courtney was also injured in the melee.

This strategy appears to be working with the show cracking the over 1 million viewer mark for the first time last week.

The link between these to controversies appears to be Jackie Frank - will she turn into the Charlotte Dawson of this show, taking away the attention from the bland hosts?

Grant Hackett's Channel 7's Contract In Danger Because Of His Refusal To Go on Dancing With The Stars.
Now I always knew this guy had integrity and this confirms it by him refusing to go on that awful boring show Dancing With The Stars. Apparently he said no and David Leckie head of Channel 7 said he had to. Rumour has it that Hackett may be looking for a new contract elsewhere. Full story in the Daily Tele here.

Now I know this is off topic but can someone tell him to take his wife Candice out for a good feed as she looked incredibly scrawny at the Olympics.

In other Dancing With The Star News James Tobin from Sunrise (I have no idea who he is) and Renee Bargh from Channel V may be doing the wild thing.

The Modus Operandi for Rejected Idol Contestants Is To Whinge.

After Jonny "If you could hear me sing originals you would see how talented I am" Taylor was rejected by Idol he called it nothing but a "karaoke" competition. Now James Spargo is having a whinge about the rules of the show.

James the 30 year old from Adelaide who made the top 24 said he was 'underwhelmed' by the show.

In the interview in Adelaide Now Spargo came across as being a little bit bitter.

"They have no intention of increasing the age limit," he says.

James also regrets not being allowed to sing one of his idol Josh Groban's hits Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) because it wasn't considered popular enough.

"It would have showed a completely different side of me the audience hadn't seen on the show," he says.

I think he is deluding himself that the one song he was not allowed to sing out of the thousands he could have picked from would have got him through. Also the former theatre restaurant performer seems to be deluded about the extent of his talent with this quote.

"I am waiting for the phone to ring . . . but I don't want to do small stuff anymore," he says.

Why does everyone who is on Idol think their career is going to kick on? People more talented them him are still working in retail eg Chanel Cole. Spargo came to Idol with a big build up and did not deliver he was more RSL Club then pop.

He thinks should win Idol, Roshani Priddis gets his vote because she's "very good".

However, his money is on former Adelaide lad Wes Carr, who he describes as an "extremely driven little man". Ouch.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Australian Idol - Some Tidbits on the Contestants

TV Week has snippets of information on Season 6 Australian Idol contestants.

Brooke Adamo in Sunday's show Brook revealed her biological father was abusive to her father, what she did not say was he suicided when she was seven. She said "I was seven when my birth dad took his life. I have a few memories of him. He was ok with me, but he was abusive to my mum. He was troubled. It was his life and he chose to do that. Sure, it's negative , but I use it as a positive in my music and in accepting how I feel."

Brooke was adopted by her step dad when she was ten.

Tom Williams did not think he deserves to be in the top 12. He said he was suffering from an ear infection and knew his voice was below par in the top 24 round.

"I wasn't happy with my performance. I could've done a lot better. And also, with Natalie Colavito, I almost feel I've stolen a position from her because she was amazing.... I honestly think Natalie should have gone through."

He also revealed he liked pop/rock side of things, but is not afraid to crack out a melodic tune or hard rock song. "I'm pretty diverse, my worst enemy is my nerves."

Chrislyn Hamilton says she won't succumb to the pressure to slim down. "I was bullied a lot in primary school, but now I just want to embrace being big. The public voted for me as I am, so I don't feel the need to change myself."

Also she is sick of being compared to Casey Donovan. "I know she is overweight as well, but I don't want to be known as the girl who's like Casey. I just want to be me."

Thanh Bui says that being on Idol has derailed his baby plans. "We were going to have kids this year" he said. "I supposed to knock up my wife!" He has been married for two years and met her in Thailand.

Wes Carr thought he would fine fame with the band Tambalane the band he was in with Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies. They had a self-titled album and did a nationwide tour, however the band did not take off.

However Wes reflects "I was not really ready [for fame]. I'm a lot more comfortable in my own skin now and ready to take on something like Idol."

Madam Parker left her three year old son Hayzell with his father in New Zealand. She is finding it hard and speaks to him daily. "I'dlike him here when I am financially stable. I moved to Sydney because I wanted a change of lifestyle, and there's more scope here for my music."

Teale Jakubenko reveals his girlfriend of three years isn't happy with his sex symbol status (am I missing something here - when did he become the show's sex symbol?). However wedding bells are not in the immediate future. "I want to get my life on track first. Then we'll see if it's meant to be."

Luke Dickens will be a father soon with his girlfriend of three years Brooke. "I didn't really want kids. My dad left pretty early and that got to me. We don't see enough of each other or talk enough - he's a hard man but a good man."

Also his relationship is not perfect either. "My girl and I were going through a rough patch when she fell pregnant. It wasn't good timing." However they have worked things out and he is looking forward now to the birth of his child.

Roshani Priddis wants to go to Sri Lanka to see where she is from. She was adopted from Sri Lanka and does not know her birth parents.

Mark Spano reveals Thanh Bui used to be his singing teacher. "We were really good friends and he's always been supportive of me. Singing lessons stopped after a polyp was discovered in his throat."

Sophie Patterson has said she won't be returning to London. She will use her exposure on the show to further her musical career.

Jonny Taylor - Tool?

Jonny Taylor the eliminated Australian Idol contestant today shitbagged the show since he was voted off after singing "Better Man" by Pearl Jam.

He was if he was trying to reclaim his musical credibility - not that it looked like he had any by saying it was a "televised karoke competition" and he would have "question his musical integrity if he had gone any further."

He said he has never sung covers.

"All those guys and girls sing covers, they do that. I never have, never will and it was an extreme challenge for me," Taylor said.

"It's just very, very difficult, borderline impossible for me to emotionally connect with somebody else's song because I know how personal and how precious my songs are to me. It's almost like I feel a little bit bad doing it to other people's songs."

Taylor insisted he did not want to sound disrespectful or come across as having "sour grapes" and said he did have fun on the show.

Taylor will head back to Perth today and wants to get back into writing original songs and performing in a band.

I think he will be heading off to obscurity. Why do people think they lose their musical integrity by going on the show. Personally I don't think he could cut the pace and was overshadowed by the more talented people in the the top 12.

He believes Adelaide-born, but Sydney-based Wes Carr or 16-year-old Tom Williams will win.
"Wes is a bit of golden boy," Taylor said.
"Tom is a bit of a golden boy but for the wrong reasons because he's a cutesy-wutesy kid with dimples."

Full story here.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - And now there were eleven

Jonny Taylor the rocker from WA on his elimination from Idol decided to take a dig at the show by saying "I reckon the 11 sitting there are more at home singing covers and doing this thing then I am."

It is like he was trying to reclaim his musical credibility. After seeing Bobby Flynn doing his stuff on the show all the 'real' musos who know if they don't get a break soon they may have to get a real job are now trying out for the show. But some are unable to do a Bobby Flynn who did brilliant arrangements and performances of covers.

Earlier in the show he had said he had been more comfortable singing his own stuff with his band. Personally if you cannot perform a good cover I think your original stuff is going to be ordinary.

The new format of the show where they tell us the bottom three and then the public has 25 mins to vote for them, made it much more entertaining. Apparently the votes from the previous night still count towards the eviction format.

The bottom three were Jonny Taylor, Sophie Patterson, and Teale Jacubenko. We then get to hear them sing again instead of having to see what was a ritual weekly humiliation when the performers had to sing a group song.

How much is Ricki-Lee getting paid for her backstage interviews they consist of one question "So how do you feel?"

The guest star this week was American Idol winner Jordin Sparks who appeared to be a bit dull. Maybe she was still feeling the effects of the MTV controversy where she gave a tongue lashing to Russel Brand about him paying out on promise rings. Promise rings an American phenomenon is where a person has a ring to show they are saving themselves for marriage. Full story on that here.

I think Australia got it right tonight - who knows maybe if Jonny had allowed the Maybelline girls to titivate him he may have survived another few weeks.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - The top 12

This year on Australian Idol there is a mixture of musicians who are sick of playing to empty pubs, and teenage singers who have dreamed of being on Idol since they were ten. Every year the judges always try to pump it up by saying best year ever, but this year they could right there was barely a bad performance on a night where they were to sing a song by one of their Idol's so basically singers choice.

In fact the judges should be bottom three with their weakest performane yet. They need to lift their game as there was no wit or advice given, except for them competing with each other to show their style credentials.

Wes Carr - U2 - Beautiful Day.

Birthday boy (he turned 26) Wes Carr in his montage revealed he was using Idol to get seen by a broader audience. The piano he started on appeared to be an accessory, he played about twelve bars and then got up and ditched it. As Dicko said "Why the piano?....Too gratuitous and too try hard". However he was positive about the rest of his performance.

Wes has certainly threw down the gauntlet to the other contestants that he is the one to beat. His problem will be voters thinking he will get through anyway and won't vote for him - however with the new money making machine of voting on the bottom three on Mondays will ensure he sticks around for awhile.

Kyle who appears to be angling for his own reality show on "what to wear" talked about his facial hair and hat before giving him the thumbs up.

Tom Williams - Aerosmith - Don't Want To Miss A Thing.

Pitch problems is the polite way of putting his performance, I am still wondering how this kid got through are eight year olds now voting? Can't they make a new rule that you have to have reached puberty before you audition for the show. He is trying to cash in on last years Matt Corby popularity by having the exact same haircut. Can't we flick him off to some boy band? Unfortunately for me he probably will be around for awhile.

Marcia, and Kyle liked him, and Dicko just said pick songs to suit his voice. Then they made comments on his outfit and that he should stick to jeans and t-shirts. At this point I was wishing Simon Cowell was on the judging panel as he would have shredded him.

Roshini Pridis - Josh Stone - Tell Me About It.

She was not going to be hit by nerves as she said in her montage she said she was looking forward to standing in the spotlight. This girl wants fame and fortune.

She decided to show the audience that she was not going to lay down and give the title to Wes just yet. Her voice was rocking. Made Tom Williams look like someone singing in a High School Musical not to be mistaken for THE High School Musical.

Judges gushed about it and called her sexy chocolate.

Teale Jakubenko - Rick Price - Walk Away Renee.

This guy has a personality bypass. For him love is what makes the love go around, so nice guy, but zero sex appeal. His performance was about as interesting as he is - boring. Even with the falsetto. Have I been on a Buddist Retreat for the past five years - who is Rick Price?

However Kyle had taken his happy pills tonight and loved it.
Dicko said "he needs to find more confidence ... good effort."
Marcia named dropped that Rick Price had been in her band and told Teale that he did good.

There was far too much love in the hair tonight - could one the judges please show some acerbic wit.

Sophie Patterson - Counting Crows - Mr Jones

What was happening with her eyebrows? Or was it the makeup - there looked like a big chunk then it thinned out. I like Sophie but her James Reyne style of singing where she runs her words together could get a bit annoying. However the judges did pick up on it.
Dicko said "pronouciation is a bit slovenly"
Marcia said "need to find better articulation" and "Prefers her looking funkier" She also must have thought she was going to fall on her face as she was teetering away in very high heels that even would have had Posh Spice scared to wear them.
Kyle said "Look like you have a smashing body." but "A little under done tonight"

Luke Dickens - Joe Cocker - Feeling All Right.

Apparently he now lives with 11 other people with his pregnant 20 year old girlfriend Brooke. Does DOC's need to look into this? Luke has some appeal and with his very smart song choice and normally his performance would have been enough to avoid the bottom 3. However it was a strong night so he could be in danger. But he will start to struggle when the theme weeks kick in.

Judges liked him the only negative comment was from Dicko and that was about his facial hair. Christ if I want to watch Tim Gunn's Guide To Style I will switch to Arena.

Brooke Adamo - Natasha Bedingfield - These Words

She revealed her birth father was a complete prick, but this families story appears to have a happy ending with a nice step dad. Her real dad is going to be embarrassed going to work tomorrow now it has been revealed on national tv he was a wife basher. Fantastic.

After the criticisms from the judges about doing ballads she decided to sing this light pop song. I thought it was nice it was not getting me to pick up the phone but I am sure it will appeal to the young girls.

Kyle said "Maybe you should have stuck to the ballads, though maybe not." "Not sure you gave it the same magic as Natasha does" At this point tears welled in her eyes - she needs to toughen up as they were gentle with her tonight.
Dicko said "It was a joyous performance and you have one of the best voices in the competition."

Thanh Bui - Maroon Five - This Love.
Why would a former boy band member sing a cover of a boyband song? He deserves to be eliminated because of this. Had some of the traditional boy band moves the hand near the heart, the finger pointing and the semi squat. He needed to be smacked down for it and Kyle obliged. "That was like something out of a Adam Sandler comedy movie... arrangement was dodge." and "You are much better then that."
Dicko said "You are going to have to learn to keep it simple... you over complicated it." "That was wrong"

Madam Parker - Neo - Moving Closer

Wearing the Bec Hewitt huge hooped earrings, Madam Parker looked great, and her voice was good too. But she needs to work on her conversational skills or she will be in the Casey Donovan level of monosyllabic interview style. Great voice but her lack of presence may mean she will be a casualty sooner rather then later.

Dicko loved her " Loved the way you commit physically to the song"
Marcia "Fantastic"
Kyle "You are on fire."

Jonny Taylor - Pearl Jam - Better Man

I know he was in a car crash but the song was a train wreck. He sang it like he was jamming in a garage - he looked like he needed a band behind him and indeed he kept on looking back at them.He really needs to be attacked by the Maybelline Girls or at least brush his hair.

Kyle enjoyed it.
Dicko named drop how he worked Pearl Jam told him he needs to break out a bit.

Chrislyn Hamilton - Aretha Franklin - Think

Christ I nearly started clapping at home. How fucking good was she? Encore, encore. I will interupt my blog to get onto Sportingbet while they are still paying $16. Oh and Wes who?

Mark Holden will be ringing his intellectual property lawyers to see if he has the rights to touchdown as Kyle has now appropriated it.

Mark Spano - Inxs - Never Tear Us Apart

If he had not tried to be so like Michael Hutchene with all the posturing movements it may have been ok. But to me it was a bit try hard, however the judges loved it. Kyle thought it was the "cherry on the cake." and Dicko thought he was a "Rock Star".

On a strong night on Idol - I think the bottom three will be Sophie Patterson, Thanh Bui and Tom Williams (Ok so I am hoping the teen voters have now swapped to Carlyn). Alright if not Tom, Jonny Taylor.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Australian Idol - Going All Out To Reach As Many Viewers As Possible

For the lucky Australian Idol fans who have their mobile phones contracted to Vodafone they will be able to access free of charge video recaps of every episode including on-demand access to every performance from the Top 24 onwards, video highlights from the first five years of Australian Idol, an exclusive weekly blog, plus all the latest news and profiles on the 2008 Top 12 finalists – direct from their mobile handset.

This will ensure they will be obtain the viewers who have a life and are out on Sunday nights.

Punters whose handsets are not contracted to Vodafone will also be able to access this service however it will cost them. This will be data charges to access the site, subject to their individual mobile plan. Caveat Emptor.

Gordon Ramsey - Lesson To Channel 9 When You Are Onto a Good Thing, Don't Flog It To Death

Has Channel Nine's magic rating bullet Gordon Ramsey suddenly imploded? The much trumpeted new series of Kitchen Nightmares USA appears to be tanking.

This was confirmed when Nine's boss, David Gyngell yanked Ramsey from the Monday timeslot after just the first program in the new series was shown. With just 732,000 viewers it will move from 8.30 Monday's to 10.00pm on a Wednesday.

Gyngell only has himself to blame for the Gordon fatigue that has suddenly struck viewers, as earlier this year everytime you switched to Channel 9 there would be his scowling face on the TV screen as they continually screened one of his many TV shows.

However Media Monkey in The Guardian has a different view blaming this viewer malaise on the Brits winning more gold medals at the Olympics then the Australians.

Dean Geyer desperate to Reunite With His Veronica, Lisa

Dean Geyer must be weeping into his cornflakes when he heard that the The Veronicas were going to get their own reality TV show in the United States.

Geyer currently performing in Neighbours is no stranger to reality TV, he is an alumni of Australian Idol, was recently engaged to Lisa of The Veronicas. However a recent split will mean he will unable to use the show as a springboard into the US market.

Dean Geyer would have definite appeal in the American market where his evangelical christian views are in contrast to the racier image The Veronica's project. He pledged to stay a virgin until he was married, something that is seen with derision in Australia, but is quite normal in the states where 'promise rings' are common place.

The Veronica's have been trying to crack the lucrative US market and this reality TV show may assist. It makes me wonder is some of the racier rumours surrounding the pair particularly Jess is a setup to make them more appealing for producers to pick up the show. For example the faux lesbian affair with It gay girl of the moment Ruby Rose, and then ex-boyfriend Azaria disappearing then turning up with Jess in Las Vegas. What next rehab? However a new nude photo of Jess scandal has just emerged. Details here.

More news coming to light indicates the reality show will be their regular web diary Untouched on the Yahoo Yaz channel from next month.

More information on this is available from the Daily Tele website here and here.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Project Runway Australia Finale - Part 1

The shock of Liu not making it to the Project Runway Australia, has now been ameliorated by the news Akira Isogawa apparently asking for the DVD of the show to look at this amazing designer.

I would still like to know the reasons they gave the third spot to Petrova.

Anyway it was time for the final three of Leigh, Juli, and Petrova to make 10 outfits to show at fashion week and they had $10,000 to do it with.

Henry Roth did the rounds to see the designers a few weeks before the final catwalk to see how their collections were going.

Juli was told to tone down the sparkles on her dresses. The diamante bow tie was so kitsch in a bad way. However she made Carrie Bradshaw from Sex In The City restrained when she showed Henry her boudoir with her $40,000 worth of shoes. Though once I heard she spent $3000 of her budget on crystals I was thinking more Rose Hancock.

Leigh when speaking about why he was not further into his collection said "If I cannot do something perfectly I either procrastinate or don't do it at all." Memo to self next time at a job interview and asked what is my worst characteristic use that will be answer.

Petrova's collection was a kaleidoscope of colour and creativity. It was worth going on the show for her because of the plug she got to give her shop Lady in Melbourne.

Then it was Madison Editor Paula Joye to look over their collections in Melbourne. She really liked Juli's however told her not to go to over the top. Leigh did not want to take her advice regarding removing the tassel from the cheongsam he had designed - he really needed to. Henry was gobsmacked at this.

And Petrova was not too impressed about the advice she received from Paula either. I think Petrova is the only person in the world who likes the lime green short sleeve leather jacket.

We have to wait until next week to see who wins.

I think the safe but well designed collection of Juli's will win.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - Semi Final 2

Last year the trend on Idol was scarfs, this year it is babies, two of the contestants, Luke Dickens and James Spargo having partners that are pregnant. Lets hope this trend does not spread to some of the younger contestants.

What was Marcia on tonight I barely understood what she was saying? Is this the new mean Marcia? So when she gives criticism you cannot understand it. She would speak gobblygook then go to the singer do you understand what I am saying, and they would nod their head affirmative but with a bewildered look in their eyes.

Before the start of the singing it was announced that Chrislyn Hamilton, and Wes Carr were through to the top 12 - no surprises there.

First to sing was the laconic sheep shearer Luke Dickens who is the amateur amongst the pros. I think that was the reason he was put through to have the "It could be you up here on Idol like Luke just following his dream" resonate with the public. There is something to really like about this laid back lad who sang Mustang Sally pretty well. I think he may get through to the top 12 but he will crash and burn once he has to sing the weekly genres.

Brooke Wilke looked like she wanted to crawl into a black hole on stage, with her voice really struggling with a bad case of laryngitis. At times she did sound like this years It Girl Gabrielle Climi expect to see her on Sunday in the second chance show.

Mini Me Matt Corby, Tom Williams sang "You Raise Me Up" very badly. I am still not sure why he got put through as his voice is so weak, but apparently he is popular because he is cute. If he gets put through Australian Idol will lose a lot of what little credibility it has. I don't know why the judges are pushing him through. Have they been told to do this to ensure the phone profits roll in from tweens voting on their parents phones?

Natalie Colivito singing a song"Listen" from the movie Dreamgirls. She was trying to do the big Diva song and it didn't quite cut it. It had some power notes but it was too screechy for me.

Dicko gave the fat girl talk and told her to use her body more and embrace it. What is with having to tell the fat chicks they are fat? They don't raise these issues with other performers eg "Your far to skinny - please eat a burger" It is even more insulting coming from two men Kyle and Dicko who are not slim themselves. That's right it is ok for blokes to be big, old and ugly on TV but not women. It is like the US where there are 60 year old anchor men with 30 year old women doing morning TV.

Amanda Grafenakis sang a Pink song - she looked like a rock star on stage, but when she opened her mouth that image dissipated. However to be fair she did improve as the song went on. Even if she gets through to the top 12 she is not the next Australian Idol.

Thanh Bui from Melbourne who was formerly was in a boy band sang a the U2 anthem One. After too many nights in Asian karaoke bars he is the singer you want on after the third bad rendition of Endless Love. Even though he still has some of the boy band moves (that is a negative thing) he was the stand out performer of the night.

They ended show by panning to John Foreman who was looking very cheery. This must mean his relationship with another reality tv star, So You Think You Can Dance Judge, Matt Lee must be going strong.

I predict Thank Bui and Luke Dickens to get through to the final 12.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Australian Idol - Semi Final 1

Are the Australian Idol producers trying to manipulate the top 12 by placing the strongest singers in the first semi-final first and last? Or did they think viewers would just keep watching until Wes Carr sang?

Anyway the ads were tantalising us with an announcement of an Idol first. Dicko after much waffling said the winner would get an Artist Development Program worth $200,000, as well as the record and management contract. This raises the question of how much the record contract is worth - clearly not much.

Chrislyn Hamilton from Qld the seventeen year old soul singer had to ignominy of being the first singer of the night. She sang Proud Mary. this girl has a huge likeability factor as well a big voice.

The young cowboy Mitchell Steele with the Marty Simpson eyebrows, is more Brokeback Mountain then A Fist Full Of Dollars , looked like a guy right out of his depth. We know he is country does he have to wear the hat all the time. I was surprised when Marcia said he was one of the more seasoned performers in the competition. He sang "Life Is A Highway" he was beyond ordinary - he won't even be able to get through on home town support as the town he is from has only 300 people in it.

Jaden Dowd was one of the expats from London sang "Finally" it was a great arrangement, except her voice was a bit wobbly. I must confess I was distracted by her black type pantsuit, and could not stop staring at her crotch because of the weird ruche arrangement it looked like she had multiple camel toes. She looked a bit shocked when Dicko said her performance was like something from an office piss up. I think she will be back eating dodgy curries and drinking pints very soon.

Olly Corpe the school student who appears to be more musical theatre and not pop - sang "Wonderful World". The french charm is not going to translate into votes after this ordinary performance. Maybe he needs to move back to Europe and audition for Eurovision.

I was gobsmacked that Kyle loved it - are they pushing for Olly to get in? Why are they so obsessed with the young boys this year?

The musical theatreish Nicole Banks from Melbourne sang "Black and Gold" was too cutsie from the song choice to the bow in her hair. She said she was ready to get away from her musical theatre background - I did not see any sign of this. The judges liked it.

The producers were not taking any chances with their star find Wes Carr, and gave him the prize last position to ensure he had the best chance to get through to the final 10 or was it final 12 even Andrew G was getting confused. He was outstanding. his issue will be people presuming he was through and voting for other people. It was a given that we will be seeing more of him. He satisfied Kyles marketability requirements as well as having an interesting voice.

Dicko had a good point when he said Wes may have a hard time as front runner, because if he does not improve then people get fed up and move onto other people to vote for.

Hard arsed Marcia is yet to emerge - her criticisms were equivalent of being smacked with a piece of wet lettuce.