Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol Lloyd Webber Night

What was the point of having Andrew Lloyd Webber on the show? Are the songs relevant to the Idol contestants or in fact their target audience? Apparently Idol is losing viewers in the younger demographic could it be because the mentors are so old? Mariah Carey looked positively youthful compared to Lord Webber and Dolly Parton.

Randy thought it was going to be the toughest night of the season. For the viewers or the singers Randy?

Simon said the singers have to make themselves memorable and contemporary.

Syesha Mercardo sang "One Rock and Roll To Many" from Starlight Express. Lord Webber's advice was to “Have a laugh with it”. She asked whether to do the animated or unanimated version. He said the animated version.

Seemed to turn it into the sexy version. Is there any verse to this song or was it all chorus?
Voice was good, performance I thought was a bit overacted but then I guess it is musical theatre.

Randy Jackson said “This is your element, I think you could be a Broadway star, best performance by you by far.”

Paula Abdul said “Real good at that”, and “You brought the house down”

Simon Cowell said “That was very sexy,”, “I think this is one of your strongest performances so far.”, and “Randy right you are more comfortable in this area.”

Jason Castro song choice was “Memories” from the musical Cats.

Andrew Lloyd Webber looked dubious about the song choice. He said he had thought he would never see the song sung by a male, and as it is usually sang by old glamour puss.

Jason sat on the chair singing mixed with a bit of gasping for air. The beige suit he was wearing just about said it all about the performance - beige.

Randy said: “A little bit of a train wreck,” and “Not your thing dude”

Paula said “Everyone used to hearing song by a female balladeer,” then she had verbal diarrhoea and did not make any sense.

Simon said “Longest two minutes of your life, it came over a young guy being forced by your mum and dad to sing a song at a wedding you did not want to attend.”

Brooke White was next singing “Where do we go from here” from Evita. Andrew said this girl does not have a clue about what she is singing about. Had to explain the song to her. Oh god another opportunity to for her to cry on Idol.

Clearly she thought if Madonna who does not have the strongest voice in the world could sing it, then she could. This was her first mistake.

Then came the next one. She lost the lyric and had to get the band to restart. Her face showed she was struggling with the notes. It was just too earnest for me. At least there was no tears.

Two bright notes the dress with the butterflies on it she was wearing, and the fact she was so bummed by her performance she did not interrupt or chat back to the judges.

Randy said “This wasn’t great, there were parts that were good.”, and “Vocally a little tough.”

Paula said “You must never start and stop,”, and “You didn’t overact,”

Simon said “You were so tense trying to remember the song your voice was strained. It was uncomfortable” and “You are going to be disappointed when you watch this back,”

Simon backed her in about stopping and starting. He thought it was a brave thing to do.

David Archuleta was next who was probably weaned on the Webber music catalogue first was hugged by his sisters on stage. There were so many I lost count of them. No wonder is father is pushy stage dad they probably need the money to feed them all.

He sang “Think of Me” from Phantom from the Opera another girl song.

Well he fulfilled Simon’s wish sang well and contemporised it. But was it memorable? It was the usual David Archuleta performance - inoffensive.

They panned onto Andrew Lloyd in the audience at the end of the performance who was clapping but looked inscrutable.

Randy “ Dude it was the bomb this boys the one to beat.”

Paula “It was absolutely perfect, you took the risk and quite able to turn it into a pop ballad.”

Simon said “I thought it was pleasant but one of your weakest performances over the live shows. A bit forgettable for me.”

Carly Smithson was going to sing “All I Ask Of You” from Phantom of the Opera. But Andrew Lloyd Webber suggested she sing “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

It was groovy and it was probably my favourite performance from Carly since she has been on Idol. She should be safe tomorrow night.

Paula gave her a standing ovation.

Randy said “I am not sure if it was your best performance but it was definitely good.

Paula said “Loved what you did in the chorus. "

Simon said “Even though it got a bit shouty in the middle. It was actually one of my favourite performances of the night.”

David Cook “The Music of the Night” from the Phantom. Andrew Lloyd Webber said this is the most sensual and sexy song I have written in my life.

I hate Phantom but he gave good eyes to the camera and hit the high notes. He did have a bit of a glow about him. Was he thinking of Lacey?

Randy said: “Dude that was an amazing vocal performance.”

Paula said “You are so well rounded as a performer.”

Simon said “I think you made the most of the song you were given”

Bottom three will be Brooke, Jason and Syesha. With Brooke being eliminated.


soobee said...

I don't think they have a bottom three anymore, only two, but I could be wrong about that!

Anyway, Brooke was ridiculous (starting over! second time this season!), but Jason was, as the judges said, "a train wreck." I happen to have liked Syesha--she picked the perfect song for herself. She won't win, but we know she'll do just fine on Broadway.

David Cook was good, not great (awesome voice, wrong song, IMO--I miss Rocker!David), though the judges loved him (how could they not ;-)). David Archuleta was *to me* as boring as ever, but he DID keep his eyes open. I thought he would sing a much bigger song, like "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina." Carly rocked the house; perfect song for her.

Bottom two: Brooke and Jason. If a three, then add Syesha (she just doesn't have a big fan base). Going home: Brooke (if two), Syesha (if three). I'm only afraid that David Cook is "a given," and that people will stop voting for him, like Chris Daughtry. Therefore, I am voting for him. :) And I really missed Michael Johns. He would have sung the HELL out of ALW. (What a weird choice. How about 90s week, already?!)

The Troll said...

Very solid recap. LLord LLoyd WeLLer was the worst mentor choice ever.

soobee said...

One thing that confused me a bit. Apparently, Carly was given two choices, and finally picked the absolutely correct one from "Jesus Chris Superstar." Does that mean the others could have chosen better songs (I am talking to YOU, Jason Castro!)? And if so, why didn't they? Jason was told by ALW not to pick it (he didn't even know what it was about!!!), and he still did. Dude is in another zone.

If it were up to me, Jason would go home. He has become predictable. But I have no problem with Brooke leaving. I thought Syesha, along with Carly (especially Carly), were the best of the night, so I hope she (Syesha) is safe. I am SO over David A (or Archie, as they call him on, hee hee), but he and David Cook are going to the final two, I guarantee you.

soobee said...

Well, ignore me. I didn't get the bottom two right (then again, neither did ANYONE ELSE) and I sure as hell didn't see Carly voted off. I did anticipate that the Davids would be trotted out first, in a "guess who *we* want to win this season."

Sigh. Carly. Michael Johns. Sigh.

I am going to vote so hard for David Cook that my fingers might fall off. I don't trust the American Idol viewing public. Jason Castro? Safe? REALLY?!!!