Thursday, January 31, 2008

American Idol - Miami auditions

I found it surprising that after two days of auditions in Miami, Florida they only gave out 17 golden tickets. They gave out 19 in Omaha where the pickings were pretty slim.

Maybe the judges just felt more benevolent in the fresh country air.

At least in Miami Paula Abdul showed up on time, and appeared relatively sane. However was Simon Cowell going to be a liability today as at least he admitted he had a hangover.

The first person to audition for the day was Shannon McGough an 18 year old pretty girl who worked at her parents meat shop. Apart of singing her other claim to fame is belching loudly, which she proudly showed us.

When she entered Simon could not refrain from the obvious "handling meat" jokes. Shannon looked shocked after mangling a Janis Joplin number she was not going to be given a golden ticket to Hollywood.

"I have never had anyone tell me I was a bad singer" she simpered.

"That is why you have to come and see people like us" Simon responded.

Maybe it is time now for her to consider going to college if she wants to get out of the meat business.

Next was Robbie Carrico a 25 year old former boy bad member who was now a rocker(if having long hair and a beard classifies you as a rocker these days).

After singing more a boy band number then rock song he was given a golden ticket. He had a huge entourage who when he walked out of the room popped fire crackers, and sprayed fake snow on him.

However his biggest claim to fame was that he dated Brittany Spears when he was a band boy member Boyz-N-Girls united. Something he may want to keep hidden due to her current meltdown issues. If he makes it top 12 you could just imagine Brit turning up to a show with Starbucks frappuccino in hand.

Next up was Ghaleb Emacech a 27 year old immigrant. Was he presenting fake papers to the Idol producers as he looked a lot older then 27 or maybe he has just had a hard life.

I got excited for moment as I thought he was going to be the first person who would play his guitar at the auditions. But no it was left outside. He sang a Marc Antony song in a very heavy accent. Simon said he would like him if he was drunk clearly remembering the bad lounge music he had gotten pissed to the night before in the hotel bar.

However Randy and Paul gave him the nod and told him to work on his accent.

The highlight of the show was Corlesse and Brittany both 20 and best friends. They were big, black, buxom women, and really great fun. They win the award for "Idol contestants I would want to go out on the town with " After shoving their ginormous jugs in everyones face and Corlesse bemoaning her single status it was time for them to audition.

After declaring love for Randy, as Ryan Seacrest is too skinny, they sang surprisingly well, Corlesse a jazz number and Brittany a '60's doo wop song "My Guy". They both will be able to groove together in LA.

Susan Tune 21 was the heartstring story of the Miami auditions, a single mum at 18, partner did not stick around for long and she had not sung for three years. The surprise here was she could actually sing and looked great. All three judges looked very keen and interested. She is a definate one to watch.

Then a pint sized Ramiele 19 auditioned. She was a tiny Phillipine girl with a big voice. Not that Simon was impressed, but Randy was because she was so small. This of course meant there was a does size matter discussion which did not degenerate into smuttiness, and she was given a golden ticket.

Day 2 started off well.

Syesha Mercardo a gorgeous girl with a sad story of her dad struggling with drugs and alcohol, he has just graduated from rehab. I was amazed at her empathy for him considering he probably has not been the most supportive father. However now it has been revealed she is a reality tv professional been on The One a cross between BB and Idol, she may be using her dad to garner sympathy from the audience.

However she had a big voice which she showed singing the classic Aretha number "Think Freedom" but there was a fair bit of caterwauling. However they liked her enough for her to go through to the next round.

The difference between Australian and American Idol auditions, is that in America the girls come in and think you really have to belt it out, and sometimes it sounds horrendous.

The highlight of the day 2 was an obnoxious Julie Dubela, a 16 year old Jamie Lee Spears look like without the pregnant stomach. She was on America Juniors(some sort of Idol for kids contest) when she was 12 and made the top 20.

She was not the brightest spark in the tool shed when:
a) She had to ask what precocious meant; and
b) Did not realise Simon was being factitious when he said he watched American Juniors all the time.

Needless to say Simon and Randy put her firmly back in her box and did not give her a ticket to Hollywood. The look on her and her family's face was classic as she bemoaned "but I gave up a singing a Red Sox game for this."

Last was wacky and untalented Brandon Black wearing a white tuxedo and started off his audition with a lame stand up comedy routine. It got worse with his first song directed at Paula "I'll make love to you".

As Simon said just before he and Randy walked out " it was an audition verging on desperation"

Next Top Model Cycle 6 - Thailand

This was the second week models were in Thailand, and what a gig for the judging panel as they would have to just loll around the pool whilst waiting for the judgement days.

Last week Nnenna was booted off the show. I was surprised but not shocked but I am still wondering how Sarah is still surviving so long into this series. She is Miss Bland.

Thank god for Jade for putting in a bit of colour and personality into the series. Or maybe she knows by being controversial or bitchy depending on which way you want to look at it gets you more airtime.

So the episode opens with Jade calling Joanie two faced. "She says one nice thing and then one nasty thing".

Also Danielle thinks kooky Furonda is choking (not on food obviously at it appears she does not eat) but is being psyched out of the competition.

There first challenge awaits, they are taken to a temple where Patra a thai classical dance teacher will teach them some traditional thai dance moves.

This looked extremely difficult, and through this Danielle was having a migraine and not feeling well. Also Joanie and Jade managed to keep their tiff going.

Jade saying she does not have an ounce of arrogance in her body. Is this what they call healthy self esteem these days?

Joanie accused Jade of always being on the defensive whereas Jade response wa "Joanie is trying to corrupt things for me". Maybe Jade's mum needs to come and defluff her again?

At around this point Danielle collapsed and needed to be taken to hospital and a drip stuck in her arm. The diagnosis was exhaustion, dehydration and food poisoning. She later discharged herself to ensure she could stay in the competition but lucky for her she got to miss the individual dance challenge that was going to be judged.

The girls doing their individual thai routines was always going to hilarious, nearly as good as the covergirl commercial!

The two best were Jade and Joanie. Sara was like a praying mantis doing a thai dance, however at least we got to see her. As she is so incredibly dull she gets no airtime. Then Furonda came on and promptly forgot everything she learnt but did this hilarious cross between belly dancing and hip hop. I thought it was great the audience was cracking up. It got the biggest round of applause.

The prize was dinner at a resturant with the editor of the Thai edition of Elle. Joanie won and chose to take Sara as she has never won a challenge. Sara was a bit miffed she was a charity case.

The following day it was the photo shoot. Danielle barely made it out of her bed and her stomach must have flipped when she saw she would have to have her photo taken on an elephant. Considering her illness she did very well.

Jade was stiff, and Furonda was not great either.

Joanie tried to be different and stood on the elephants leg which had Jay Manuel gushing at her originality. Though he did refrain from saying " this is something Tyra would do".

Sara who has been told previously that she needs to work on her poses, sees what Joanie has done and copies her badly. Joanie was peeved, and it did not really impress photoshoot director Jay Manuel either.

The next day was judgement day with the usual suspect judges who were looking pretty happy about their sojourn in Thailand.

The judging challenge was to show emotion through your body whilst having a mask on your face. The emotions were sensuality, despair, and compassion.

Time for the jugdement.

Furonda was first her best photo was great but the alot of her photos were bad.

Sara - told she was best at portraying emotions in the challenge, and they liked her photos but was told off for copying Joanie's moves.

Joanie- great photos and judges loved her, but would like to see her look more like a model when she is in front of them.

Danielle- great photos also they were impressed she modelled through the pain.

Joanie was called first. She is definately coming good at the right end of the competition.

Then Sara which confused me when she she going to be eliminated?

Danielle was very relieved when her name was called, but told she has to work on softening her Arkansas accent.

The last two standing were Jade and Furonda. Furonda was eliminated, and Joanie looked pissed that Jade had survived another week.

Bobby Flynn album to be released on 2 February

Bobby Flynn the popular and enigmatic singer on Australian Idol in 2006 will have his album released by Shock records on 2 February 2008.

Bobby's website has details of the album and upcoming tour dates.

Survivor Fans V Favourites already filmed

Even though Survivor China is still being screened on Channel 9 here, the next series fans v favourites is already filming in Micronesia.

Ten fans were invited back and they will play against ten new players.

Not so nice my grandmother is dead Johnny Fairplay is back which will be interesting to watch.

Jeff Probst gave an conference call where he gave the low down on the upcoming series. Link here for interview.

Jeff said the two luxury items the contestants are given are tampons and condoms. "They don't want any Survivor babies" Apparently the footage is hot this series as a two couples hook up.

First Pictures of Australian Next Top Model Contestants

The Daily Terror has the first picture of the final 13 Australia's Next Top Model Contestants, who are currently living in a mansion at Port Hacking Sydney.

The camera's may be rolling, however we will not get to see the final 13 contestants until April on Fox 8.

It is good to hear there are already some diva type behaviour occurring on screen. Samantha Downie a 20 year old from Melbourne describes herself as "a bitch who hates pretentious people" and Demelza Reveley from Wollongong whose idol is US Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

The other contestants are Alexandra Girdwood, Leiden Kronemberger, Kristy Coulcher,(all from Sydney) and Alamela Rowan, Belinda Hodge, Caris Eves, Alyce Crawford, Emma O'Sullivan, Jamie Lee, Kamila Markowska and Rebecca Jobson.

The girl at the back of the photo in the blue tights and the leotard who looks like she has dropped in from the Olivia Newton-John Physical video shoot must be wondering what she got herself into.

Apparently Queensland is the fugly state this year with no final 13 contestants from their. Obviously the blonde tanned look was not something the judges were looking for this year.
The Courier Mail has a big whinge about it before trying to claim two northern NSW contestants as their own.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

American Idol - Omaha auditions

Tonight American Idol headed into corn country - Omaha Nebraska, but where was Paula Abdul?

Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell had to hold the fort until she turned up.

Paula was a no show as apparently her plane was late. But somehow I was not buying that excuse, as she appeared to be struggling the whole show. There was the hiccups the barely able to speak, and her sanity was in question when she said yes to the amusing but very terrible former female wrestler Sarah Whitaker aka Lady Morgue.

If Paula was wanting to put to rest the alcohol or pill rumours that do the rounds on the internet, this episode did not assist.

One of the first auditioners to be shown was Chris Bernheisal a 24 year old who could only be described as enthusiastic. He had presents for the judges, and photos of himself with Kelly Clarkson.

To keep the Kelly Clarkson theme going he then sang "Since You've Been Gone".

He said what he liked about Idol was about "It gave people a second chance at their dream". For him the second chance was not going to happen as his voice was very ordinary.

Chris however was not going to be deterred he then asked to audition as a red carpet interviewer for the American Idol final.

Not doing much better the judges smirked as they told him to contact the local Fox station and tell them that he is to report for them at the Idol final.

Chris was over the moon about this development, he did not seem to realise that Randy and Simon were snickering at him, but hell if he gets to do the red carpet who cares.

Jason Rich a 21 year old farmhand nearly blew his opportunity as he could not remember the words of his song. Obviously Simon and Randy were feeling benevolent by giving him a few chances and then a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Rachel Wilkes claim to fame prior to auditioning for American Idol is winning arm wrestling competitions. She did not look butch but she must be strong.

Ryan Seacrest had arm wrestling match (it was a draw), but Simon refused as he knew losing on camera would be bad for his image.

Her country voice got her through to Hollywood, however would be very surprised if she got further then that.

Samantha Sidley a pretty 22 year old obviously caught the judges in a bored patch. As she had to put up with Ryan coming into the judging panel, whilst Paula did the interviews outside. To be honest it did not add any value to the show. But it probably gave Randy and Simon a break from inhaling Paula's alcohol fumes! (only joking).

With all the shenanigans going on Samantha sang nicely with a husky voice and got herself a ticket to Hollywood.

The heart string story this week was Angelica Puente, who currently lives with her grandmother as she was not getting on with her father. Apparently he was really strict, probably didn't let her boyfriends stay over and smoke pot in her bedroom. But the whole vignette was about how much she loved him, and wanted to make him proud. Tears really flowed once her rendition of the "Power of Love" by Celine Dion got her through to Hollywood. I was surprised she got put through, but maybe it was poor pickings in Omaha.

Then rocker David Cook 24 who was inspired by former Idol success story Daughtry sang 'Living on a Prayer' by Bon Jovi. Simon said " a little worthy but good" and was given the green light to California.

Time for another comedic interlude with Johnny Escamilla who was correct when he described himself as weird. His gold glitter jacket was always going to be a hindrance in getting the judges to take him seriously.

His voice was not terrible, however he did a bizarre rendition of the Johnny O'Keefe classic "Shout".

Simon crucified him by saying he hated everything "the jacket, the singing, the dancing".

Last for the day was Leo Marlowe - as he said his mum said she raised a great homecoming queen it was just a pity it was not one of her daughters!

Could Leo be the first out gay person in the top 12 contestant? Well his voice was certainly showed that he could be, and as Leo said he was popular.

Simon reckons he is popular as well. Maybe he won't be anymore once his friends hear some of the comments Simon has been making during the auditions. Tonights clanger was when he said "Friends are never glad when you do well."

By the end of the day 19 people from Omaha were onto the next round in Hollywood.

Nearly insolvent hairdresser Joh Bailey to be a judge on Million Dollar Salon

Joh Bailey whose three upmarket hair salons are nearly in administration has been given a cash life line by being chosen as a judge on the new reality TV show Million Dollar Salon.

Apparently he will be on the panel at today's auditions at the Seymour Centre in Sydney

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Australia So you Think You Can Dance

Expect to see masses of hype this week to coincide with the start of the Australian series of So You Think You Can Dance.

The Guide in the SMH are first to kick it off this week. The article states Channel Ten have indicated they will stay pretty faithful to the US format.

"We felt it was worth a punt," says Ten's head of programming, David Mott. "Actually, another network had the format but let it lapse. Maybe that was for a good reason, as I think that was the network that went with Dancing With The Stars. But we thought maybe there was something in it.
"The overseas version rated about a million for us. So we engaged Fremantle Media, because of the great job they've done with Idol, and we've stayed pretty faithful to the format."

Another interesting tidbit from the article was that another TV channel had had rights to the show but did not use them. The elude that it was Channel 7 who concentrated on their high rating Dancing With the Stars.

Also they state that Bonnie Lythgoe won't play the hanging judge like her (?ex) husband Nigel Lythgoe does in the US. That role will go to the Jason Coleman, who has had a host of choreography experience.

Also they have been surprised at the dancing depth Australia has produced. So it should be a great series.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Guy Sebastian to try and crack the European Market

In today's music section of the Sunday Telegraph it says that Guy Sebastian, the first Australian Idol winner, has set his sights on Europe.

Despite a lot of success here, he has never tried to crack the overseas market other then Malaysia, where he was born.

"I've always dreamed of having my music played in the UK and throughout Europe, so we'll see how we go."

Maybe he has been inspired by another Australian Idol alumni Ricki-Lee Coulter who has had one of her singles taken up by the well known Ministry for Sound.

It will be a busy year for Guy as he is writing songs for his next project which he hopes to have out by the end of this year, as well as starting a national tour to support the release of The Memphis Album.

Dates and locations for his tour can be found on his official website. Guy

Reality Bytes

The beginning of the ratings of seasons and it is a time for new as well as old reality tv shows to make their way onto TV.

A new reality tv show that Channel 9 is trying out this year is The Chopping Block. It starts on February 6 at 7.30pm and stars Getaways Catriona Rowntree, and Aria chef Matt Moran.

The premise is that two restaurants compete against each. I think they take two struggling restaurants and try to turn them around. I am not sure what similarities it will have with Gordon Ramsey Kitchen nightmares. For further information the shows official website

Another show in pre production is Million Dollar Salon. The show will follow 12 people trying to run hair salons in cities across Australia with ultimate prize a million-dollar salon.

On of the judges will be high profile hairdresser Renya Xydis, who counts Nicole Kidman as one of her clientele.

In the Sun Herald she said "I'm looking for creative people, fun people and people who really want to make a dream happen,"

Auditions are being held at the Playhouse Theatre, Newcastle, tomorrow and the Seymour Centre in Chippendale on Wednesday.

Channel Ten have Launched So You Think You Can Dance Website

To coincide with the television premiere of the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance Website TEN have launched a new website showcasing video from the show, exclusive behind the scenes content, interviews with judges, weekly recaps, as well as online community features, competitions, music, and contestant information. The site will evolve as the television show progresses. New videos, news, images, blogs and other content will be added daily - it's definitely going to be the number one place for fans to visit for all things Dance, as well as stay up to date on the show in between broadcasts.

It also has a preview of the first episode just to get us all excited about the start next Sunday 3 February.

There is also a forum board where people can discuss the show.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Idol Gossip

Australian American Idol contestant is married.

Super cute American Idol contestant from Australia, Michael Johns is married. Johns who received the golden ticket to Hollywood at the San Diego audition is married to a Texan girl. He took his band the Rising to the States in 2003 as it was signed to Maverick records which was once own by Madonna. Unfortunately for him the deal flopped. But on the bright side he did find love.

I hope he makes it into the final 24!

Full story here.

American Idol apparently final 24 is finalised.

Speaking of final 24... as we continue to watch the highly entertaining American Idol auditions (I hope Australian Idol producers are taking notes) news is filtering through that the final 24 has been finalised. No leaks or hint as to who has made it through but transworld news seems to have some information for those who are interested.

Ricki-Lee has posed nude for charity

Just to keep the balance right with some Australian Idol news - Ricki-Lee Coulter has posed nude for charity. She took the tasteful pictures for a Cleo spread, and also the photos will be sold on ebay for charity.

Full story here.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Australian Next Top Models have moved into a House in the Shire

The 13 finalists for this season's Australian Next Top Model have moved into the model house at Port Hacking. They will live there for the next 10 weeks as they battle it out to see who will be Australia's Next Top Model.

For not much more info on this development click here.

Dean Geyer has recorded two duets with Neighbours actress Caitlin Stasey.

One of the duets will be aired on Neighbours this May as part of a school formal storyline. Both have been helping the other out.

Dean Geyer a top three finisher on Australian Idol will be joining the Neighbours cast this year. It is hoped he will improve ratings for the show.

Caitlin said "Dean's been giving me tips. He's been very patient, but I've been able to tell him about scripts. He's a quick learner and eager."

The Herald Sun article is here.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

American Idol Auditions - South Carolina

The American Idol producers must not have believed their reality tv luck when an auditioners wife went into labor and had to go off to the hospital with the Idol cameras in the car.

Thank the lord they did not let the film crew into the labor suite otherwise it would have been like a scene from Here to Maternity with a chirpy Antonia Kidman giving commentary throughout.

Would Oliver make it back to auditions for a truly happy ending - well we would have to wait until the end of the show to find out.

Back at the auditions and in walks this funky looking black dude with an afro, and then he announces he is the "Black Clay Aiken" any cool factor just disappeared.

Even worse he sang a ballad, when I thought he would do some funk or soul number. The judges thought he was over the top and did not give him the golden ticket to Hollywood.

Next up was the sassy DeAnna Prevater a waitress from North Carolina who was deadpan hilarious talking about how disgusting the customers were on the all you can eat night at the restaurant she works in. She belted out a song but it just was not good enough.

Crystal & Randy proved you can find love as well as being a reality tv addict. They met on an American Idol message board, where apparently Randy gives advice to potential audtioners. After hearing his "tortuous" audition Simon was concerned about the advice he was handing out. Still it was worth it as Randy will have a cult following on the board for Season 7.

Michelle & Jeffrey siblings sang a Celine Dion song, expecting it to be shocking it was surprisingly good, helped along by Jeffrey's personality. Jeffrey was going to Hollywood but it was borderline for his sister. Simon gave the casting vote to get her the golden ticket, but it came with the advice of "You have 3 months to get your sister into shape" at first I thought he was being very rude about her size then I realised he was talking about her vocal chords.

Cute as a button 16 year old Amy Katherine Flynn pepped her way into the audition room espousing the virtues of abstinence. Randy and Simon were bemused, whilst Paula was probably thinking about her own involuntary abstinence.

Amy when she gave her "Wait to have sex speech" was the spitting image of Jamie from the cult TV show Summer Heights High.

She had an ok voice and got the nod for Hollywood. You could just about see Simon's mind thinking - "gosh I would like to corrupt her". Not a bad strategy if he wants to get out of his Idol contract early. Anyway he couldn't help himself when he said "One week in LA it will all change". Exactly look what happened to Jamie-Lyn Spears. Didn't some older producer sully her?

Again the obligatory sob story was shown, this one I thought was stretching it a bit. London Weidhers 24 years old sad story was her father died 3 years ago. Yes that is sad but doesn't have the impact of the more recent hard luck stories. As a fulltime musician it was just about a sure thing she got to Hollywood.

First up on Day 2 was airforce transport pilot Lindsay Goodman. The judges liked the fact she was a chick who could fly big planes but did not like her "caberet" singing voice.

Simon beamed when Aretha(yes named after Ms Franklin) from Buffalo came into the room. She said she was as good as Fantasia and she launched into a Whitney number.

Simon thought she was terrible, but made a comment about the belt. Aretha thought they were wrong and went out of the room disagreeing.

A perplexed Randy then said to Simon "Why did you mention the belt?"

Simon replied " But it was huge" This I interpreted as "I did not want her to think I was just staring at her breasts."

Then finally the new father was back from the hospital with the day old Emma Grace. Were we going to get the Hollywood happy ending? No unfortunately his voice just was not good enough.

By the end of the 2 long days in South Carolina 23 people will get a shot at Hollywood.

Aust So You Think You Can Dance - Interview with Bonnie Lythgoe

Just as I was pontificating when the Oz So You Think You Can Dance promotion machine would commence to try and push the American Idol media hogging out of the way - The Age has published an interview with Bonnie Lythgoe who is currently have a holiday in Thailand. Bonnie is one of the three judges on the up coming Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance.

A couple of interesting things she said:
1. The quality of dancing is good, and she thinks the Australian top 20 would give the US top 20 a run for their money.

2. Lythgoe has noticed a distinct difference in presentation between the US and Australian contenders. She said:

"The Americans are very forceful and really love themselves, and good or bad they will try and make you believe that you love them. Australians hold back. They're not sure if they're good enough as dancers and they're very sensitive, and sometimes I have to push them. But they are hungry. It's very refreshing to see your kind of dancers that are down-to-earth and honest and want it very badly."

In other So You think You Can Dance News ebroadcast has biographies of the judges and the choreographers . It is a good article to whet the appetite with just over a week to go to showtime!

So You Think You Can Dance will commence on Sunday 3 February at 7.30pm

Denise Richards wins right to put her children on TV

In an update from yesterday's story. A closed court has allowed Denise Richards to be filmed on her new reality tv show.

Charlie Sheen had tried to not allow it.

I think it is so wrong if you cannot make a living without using your children then maybe it is time to change jobs.

Entertainmentwise has the full story.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One for the this is oh so wrong section

Denise Richards is taking Charlie Sheen to court to get permission for their daughters to co-star her new reality tv series which is currently in talks.

Charlie Sheen is quite rightly is refusing. This tussle will go to the Family Law Court.

The droll gives his full and frank opinion in his gossip website.

I was horrified that she is even considering it. But maybe this whole thing is just a clever ploy by Denise Richards to cry poverty in court and get the alimony increased!

Reality Tidbits

In the Daily Terror's TV section today there was some reality tv updates.

1. Australia's Next Top Model began production this week, with the 13 contestants moving into a harbourside mansion. They were introduced to host Jodhi Meares, and judges Charlotte Dawson and Alex Perry.

Their first task was to film a promotion for the show, then a photo shoot and their first catwalk run. No word yet on when Fox 8 will start showing it.

2. Contestants of The Biggest Loser have lost a huge 300kgs already. They are midway through shooting the series, and will commence on Sunday 3 February. This show will lead in So You Think You Can Dance.

American Idol - San Diego auditions

The American Idol San Diego auditions raised a few question for me.

1. If you were suicidal and standing on a bridge would you really want Simon Cowell to be the one who tried to talk you down?

2. Was it just a wild rumour that auditionees were able to audition with musical instruments, as after watching five hours of Idol I have yet to see one.

3. Are people over 23 who take their mothers to the audition mentally stable?

4. Is it me or does Randy Jackson noticeably perk up when a good looking blonde chick comes into the room?

5. And lastly why is a good looking Australian guy auditioning for American Idol when their is a paucity of hot men auditioning here for Australian Idol - unless you like 16 year olds. Come home Michael Johns, come home.

Anyway back to the 12,000 who auditioned in San Diego . A city which ended up putting 30 people through to Hollywood.

First in the doors was Tetiana Ostiwich(sic) a good looking blond girl which of course Randy perked up when he saw. I notice he doesn't call the good looking chicks dawg.

Simon recycled a line that he had used last week in Dallas (apologies for no blogging at of that episode but switching ISP providers is causing havoc) and said "I don't think you are as good as you think you are" Anyway she was given Wonka's golden ticket to Hollywood.

Then there was the obligatory heartstring puller contestant, you have to have at least one each episode. Tonight it was Perrie Cataldo a single father of a four year old boy. The mother died doing the wrong think in the wrong place. My interpretation was drugs - but hell she could have been drag racing. The son was very cute.

Perrie had a kind off boy band voice and was given the golden ticket to start his journey of getting a better life for his son.

Then in walks in 28 year old Michael Johns walks in. An Australian living in LA. At first I thought great the irish have taken over Australian Idol, why don't we take over American Idol. However after looking at him again and hearing his dulcet tones singing an Otis Reading number I was like come home. We had to put up with the boy like Matt Corby and the bland Daniel Mifsud, when this guy could have really given us something to drool about.

Anyway Michael if you don't make top 12 there you can always audition in Australia later on in the year - you have a great chance to walk up those Opera House steps. In fact I am going to start a Facebook page called "Michael Johns should audition for Oz Idol".

He got the ticket to Hollywood so we should see more of him.

Next was an hilarious audition by Valerie Reyes who seriously thought she had a voice to challenge Mariah Careys's. It was a dawg's breakfast. It went up and down like a rollercoaster and with less control.

The funny thing was she was shocked she was rejected then said "I am going to be on the rejects - how uncool!"

The last contestant of the day brought her sister, and they were both huge Simon Cowell fans. Samantha Musa the sister who auditioned was quite cute. Randy was thinking why does nasty Simon get all the cute ones liking him and I only get the fat black chicks singing badly to me?

Anyway the producers set it up so the sister got to sit on Simon's lap and once Samantha got through to Hollywood (at least she was not a total lame fan) they both got to hug him.

First up on day 2 was Blake Boshnack a compulsive auditionee who has auditioned 11 times. Once dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Hilarious. His mother who was clearly sees Lindsay Lohan's mother as a role model takes him to all the auditions and so badly wants him to get to Hollywood.

Blake seemed like a sweet guy, but his rendition of Stand by Me was not going to get him on that plane to LA.

Next was some camp latino dude with long hair and nails call Alberto Hurtado who had painted on a giant fan Huge American Idol Fan. That was cool, however him singing his own song was not so cool.

As the lyrics and the singing were very dour Simon did not like it. After a short conversation Alberto goes "but I have had stuff happen in my life." The ever sympathetic Simon goes "well I have had a bad morning and I just have to get on with it."

Simon you get paid a lot of money to sit there for 10 hours in a room being pampered by producers and makeup artists, whereas this blokes career options are probably limited flipping burgers, or cross dressing as a pregnant Selma Hayak.

Day 2's sob story was David Archuleta a 16 year old who had had a paralysed vocal chord. But apparently it was all better now - and it was, after singing a John Meyer song he was Hollywood bound.

Last was Irish Carly Smithson (are the Irish taking over all Idols worldwide?) who auditioned in 2005 got through to the next round but had visa issues and was disqualified.

This time it was all ok and after a quick song she was given her golden ticket. If she gets through to the finals shows she should not bring her freak show tattoo artist husband. He may be nice but his severe body mutilation is cringeworthy and won't win her any votes except from bikers.
What do these people look like when they are 60 and their face is all wrinkly?Also what will their children think?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A bit of mindless dribble for the really bored at work

The make up artist for the US So You Think You Can Dance has a blog.

Amy Strozzi the make up artist for So You Think You Can Dance has a blog called Confessions of a make up artist she talks about the show and how she got the job.

A blogger talks about going to the Natalie Gauci Concert and meeting.

This one is for Natali Gauci fans only.

American Idol V American Politics

For readers who want something mildly more intellectual while eating their lunchtime sandwich here is a interesting and witty article on world net daily about the similarities between American Idol and the American Presidential elections.

So You Think You Can Dance Gossip from the fantastic SYTYCD Blog.

Ted from the all encompassing says he tries not to trade in gossip on his blog has a tidbit which says Hok and Lacey have broken up - he does not reveal the source. As far as I am concerned the more gossip the better!

He has other articles on Wade Robson and his support of Barack Obama.

His blog is always a great read.

Reality Tidbits

Matt Corby hitting the festival circuit

Matt Corby the runner up in last years Australian Idol will headline at Easterfest a music festival in Toowoomba held over the Easter weekend. For more information on Matt at Easterfest click here.

So You Think You Can Dance to Start on Channel Ten on Sunday 3 February.

Channel Ten have released their upcoming schedule and it will be a reality tv double on Sunday nights. The Australian version of the Biggest Loser, and the much awaited So You Think You Can Dance will start at 7.30pm on Sunday 3 February. Also So You Think You Can Dance will also be shown on Monday night as well.

The Biggest Loser will screen daily getting the weekday 7.00pm spot.

TV Tonight outlines the whole schedule here.

Jessica Mauboy has auditioned for a musical.

Website TV Tonight is a font of information today saying Jessica Mauboy has auditioned for a lead role in the Aboriginal musical film, Bran Nue Dae.

Good luck Jessica maybe she will have a career outside of the Young Divas.

Monday, January 21, 2008

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 6 - Final 7

Tonight's episode veered into a episode of Extreme Makeover when the viewer had to watch in way to much detail the pulling out of Joanie's teeth to make the perfect smile.

It was excruciating - she had multiple teeth pulled out, other ones filed back, and 12 hours in the dentist chair with more to come.

The other girls only had to put up with wearing retro glasses as their teeth were getting whiten.

Just as well Joanie was buoyed by being number 1 last week to help her get through the trauma.

Nnenna managed to get a lot of airtime due to the ongoing saga with her creepy boyfriend John. To be honest the phone conversations were starting to be repetitive and boring.
The model's first challenge was at the Strauberg ad agency where they were to meet "De Prise" an agent who had taken a sip at the fountain of truth and would give them criticism to see how they could handle it. After all the negativity a photo was taken of them.
First up was Nnnenna who was told she looked like a tranny and her stomach was not firm enough. She was not happy about it.
Furonda was told she looked anorexic in some photos - that was a good call as she is super scrawny.
Joanie told she had big ears and nose - she did not deal with the criticism well.
Brooke was told she looked masculine, never harmed Janice Dickinson's career.
Danielle was criticised for the gap in her teeth.
For Jade the criticism was like water off a ducks back - she was told she looked harsh, but she just turned it into a positive.
Anyway at the end it was revealed it was all a stunt to see how the girls handled the criticism. Jade not surprisingly won the challenge. She got to pick one girl to get a surprise with her - she picked Nnenna. Their surprises were waiting at home.
There were two wrapped boxes and who should be in them but Jades' mum, and Nnenna's psycho boyfriend John. One part of me thought how did the producers get Jade to pick Nnnenna? This was reality tv gold to have the boyfriend here for a face to face confrontation with her. They had a tight contract with disclaimer so if Nneena disappeared the producers were covered.
Needless to say Jade was sobbing with delight, and Nneena looked like she would rather undergo the pain and suffering Joanie would shortly be suffering at the dentist then to deal with boyfriend John face to face.

He straight away confirmed his creepiness by stroking her head continually like a dogs. The judges have been critical about Nneena for not showing emotion but here was a scene where she could hardly keep the revulsion off her face.
Jade's mum was trippy and asked Jade if she could fluff her down. Jade's mum pulls energy from the universe and gives it to her. Is this like a proper job? You too can have one at your nearest Body, Mind, and Spirit festival.
Nneenna clearly not stupid decided to 'fess up to kissing the male model in front of the camera. John said in a playful but serious tone "You don't get off that easy." Nneena at this point is just lying on the bed with her eyes closed trying not to interact with him. He really did not pick up on any of her body language cues to realise she really was not that into him being there. And he was to be there the whole night! Was there nooky in the Top Model Houselhold? Thank god the camera's gave them some privacy.
One of this weeks shoots was for Pantene and they were to dress like dolls. There was so much product placement that it is a wonder they did not have them holding a product whilst the photos were taken. I imagine the Pantene exec's tried to negotiate this but unsuccesfully.
The shoot was predictable most girls did well but Brooke and Sara were ordinary. Brooke complained that she only got negative feedback.
Joanie's highlight of the shoot as a ventriloquist's doll was she had a hot male model as a prop much to Danielle's jealousy.
Furonda was told it was her best ever shoot as she really got into the rag doll look.
Nnenna was dressed as a baby doll and she did look like a tranny allegation was now true with her dressed in a long haired wig.
After that it was dentist time. Danielle decided she did not want the gap in her teeth fixed, whereas Joanie was like give me the Works baby.
I like Danielle's gap so I was glad that she was not going to have it fixed.
There next stop of the day was at Club Mood where the girls were told about the ugly side of modelling by Janice Dickinson. These scenes are so edited you only get 30 seconds of Janice and some charisma free former Next Top Model winner.
She said the number one problem can be alcohol - apparently she had too much before a valentino runway show and fell off the end of the catwalk. Considering Janice was around in the Studio 54 days it was surprising she did not talk about drugs.
After that model lesson it was off to another photoshoot where Tyra was going to be shoot director. The aim of it was to show sadness whilst still looking pretty.
To make them cry some special tear enhancer was placed on them to bring on the tears - for Danielle it stung her eyes, but for Jade she needed a double helping to get her going.
For Nnenna once the fake tears were rolling the real ones followed, of course the daytime talk show host came out in Tyra who just loved it as she managed to bring out a 'real' emotion in one of her charges.
It was time for judgement day and the judges gave them a critique of their photos.
Furonda got all positive reviews she was told she was "developing" and "the ragdoll was her best shot".
Brooke again just copped a barrage of criticism "Tyra did not enjoy directing her" and" No doll shots"
Joanie they loved her shots she is peaking at the right time in the competition.
Danielle was told having a gap in her teeth will hinder her from getting a cover girl contract.
Jade teared up at her photo and the judges accused her of faking it - that was a bit harsh. However they were "blown away" by her shots.
Sara was questioned about whether she was passionate about modelling which she answered in the affirmative, whilst thinking about whether her very expensive college degree was going to go go waste.
Nneenna was asked if she had lost her focus because of boyfriend issues she said she had not. You can just see her working up to dump him as "I don't want to wreck this great opportunity."
Joanie was the first called for the second week in a row, so a nice prize to top off a tough week.
The bottom two were Brooke and surprisingly Jade. Brooke for her photos, and Jade for her "fakeness" I would have thought that could have been an asset in this industry.
It was obvious Brooke was going to take the bullet, and then we had the weekly Tyra words of wisdom about being real to yourself. Aww shucks Tyra you are a life coach as well.

Anthony Callea to play a munchkin - Is it April Fools Day?

In today's Daily Telegraph, there is a can this be true article, saying Anthony Callea will play a munchkin in the musical theatre production Wicked.

Wicked is based on the tale of the two witches of the Wizard of Oz so obviously there will be munchkins in the production. But does the pint sized singer really want to be type cast as a munchkin?

What next playing Dopey in Snow White and the seven dwarfs?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

For those interested in the mechanisms behind reality tv....

here is an interesting article from called 10 things reality tv won't tell you.

This is probably similar to how they do things in Australia.

Is this Paula auditioning for a soft porn film?

Idolstalker has this great video of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul snogging Apparently this is from Season 2 of American Idol.

It is nauseating/hilarious particularly because of Paula's very poor acting skills. She actually looks like she was enjoying it. Yuck.

American Idol Season 7 - The Philidelphia Auditions

American Idol - Season 7 hit the Australian TV screens through Fox 8 apparently only five and half hours behind the screening in the US. I cannot figure out the time zone so I will just have to believe them.

Also with the time frame does this mean Australian's vote this year? Somehow I doubt it but with the technology these days it cannot be far off where there will be some international voting for some reality TV show.

After last years poor showing the American Idol series should be expected to rate highly this year because there are no other shows on TV due to the continuing writers strike in the US.

The Idol juggernaut went to seven cities, and over 100,000 people auditioned with the hope taking out the title or maybe just to get their face on TV.

Anyway first up was Philadelphia where the biggest crowd ever showed up. Isn't there anything better to do in this city maybe they need to build more skate board ramps or something.

The show started with Simon Cowell looking bored, Paula Abdul flashing her white bra through a sheer top (couldn't wardrobe afford a camisole?) , Randy continued to laugh at contestants he thought were bad, and Ryan Seacrest trying to look interested when he was interviewing the wannabe hopefuls.

Always on Idol the contestants have got to have a story - so first up contestant Joey Cattalone story was he had lost over 200lbs. Randy had sympathy for him as he also has had a huge weight loss though this season it looks like it has plateaued. With a ok singing voice he got the golden ticket through to Hollywood.

One of the things that does frustrate me with Idol is the Producers putting through to the judges auditionees with clear mental health issues. One of these contestants called Al was clearly nuts and there he was having Simon roll his eyes at him and Randy and Paula snickering.

Another person who was given this treatment was James Lewis a guy who sang in a low gravelly tone flat voice - who was bewildered to have Paula laughing at him. Is it really necessary to inflict national humiliation of a vulnerable person like this?

Website A Typical Girl also raises this issue./

I am not a wowser some of the bad auditions are hilarious but some are just sad.

American Idol this year were also showing the good singers that were getting through to Hollywood.

Melanie Nyema a back up singer, Jenot Joiner, and Johnathan Baines were examples of this.

Temptress Brown a black sixteen year old footballer was in Philly to audition for her sick mother. Her mother had come to the audition in a wheelchair. She was huge and her body was clearly the sign of her physical ailments. Why wasn't she hospitalised to lose weight? Or is that not paid for on the public health system in the US? If not it should be. She has clearly eaten herself to death.

Temptress had huge expectations and you really wanted her to be good, but she was hopeless singing a Jennifer Hudson number. Simon for once put her down gently - and then she started sobbing. Paula was hugging her and the judges walked her out of the room to meet the family.

Has Simon found a heart I thought? But was reassured later in the show that he hadn't when he said to Randy that American's are weird that when a friend gets good news they celebrate it.

Randy looked gobsmacked - especially when Simon continued by saying " I could not do it". Does he have any friends and if so don't bother ringing him to tell him you got a promotion, won the lottery, or are getting married as obviously he cannot give a rats. Also maybe it is why his girlfriend Teri Seymour always looks so miserable in photographs.

A weird Paul Materano came into do a love song for Paula Abdul - It was called the stalkers song it had lines in it like "If I were Columbo, I'd Peter Falk her." and other innuendos. I was surprised it did not have a line that said "If I were a pig, I'd pork her".

Anyway was this guy a creep or a set up? Well it has been revealed on Idolater that this guy does it for a living? So are the producers now paying people to perform at the audition shows. It made sense as Paula did not seem overly creeped out by it or maybe with all her botox and her face is having difficulty showing any expression.

Another contestant who I thought may have been a plant or just producers using a nutter was Alexis Cohen some sort of glitter dyke who lived with her mother in a bed sit. A fulltime student at 24 always screams mental health issues to me.

Simon thought she was a bit possessed and reminded him of Willem Dafoe in the Batman movie.

I thought the judges had put her down gently, but when she got out of the room she had a mega meltdown swearing and raving on, added to the fact that they had a shot of her living space I thought is this real or set up?

Then were the heart string stories of Angela Martin 26 with a daughter with Rhetts diesease who deservedly got the golden ticket.

Also there was Kirsty Lee Cook from Oregon who apparently had to sell one of her horses to get to Philly to audtion. But again the show did not reveal that she has previously had a contract with Arista Records. Popwatch Blog has more details

This was apparently the same for pure nanny Brooke White who has never seen a R rated movie - they did not mention she was in a band and has a full on my space page. I don't have a problem with professionals applying but don't portray them as amateurs and expect the google loving public to fall for it.

One person I did feel sorry for not getting the golden ticket was Christin Talisano - the Princess Leia fan who even dressed like her. I thought she was hilarious.

So come on American Idol a bit more transparency please.

Reality Tidbits - miscellaneous

Carl Risley to get a Gig

It has been announced that Carl Risley on - the worlds most visited brass website (how do you prove that claim?) that there will be a gala concert in Brisbane Friday the 21 March 2008 featuring the he United States Air Force Band of the Pacific "Alaska Brass".

Also the Brisbane Army Band will play, as will Australian Idol third place getter the swinging Carl Risley. It is not clear on their website whether he will be sing with the army band or separately. If you were keen to know you could contact the organisers website link above.

Natalie Gauci looking hot
In the Daily Tele gossip column there is a Natalie Gauci looking fantastic walking the red carpet at the 2Day FM and Sony BMG hits and stars party on Thursday night. She looks like she has lost weight and her hair looked great pulled up. No Jenny Craig contract for her.....

Wade Robson to choreograph a ballet
Hot So You Think You Can Dance choreographer, Wade Robson, has announced he will be choreographing his first ballet to debut on January 23 for San Francisco Ballet's 75th Anniversary.

After that Robson's next project is that of choreographer for the new Cirque du Soleil production starring Criss Angel at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Is there anything this guy cannot do? I hope he leaves time to be a guest choreographer on the upcoming Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance, which hits our TV screens on Feb 1.

Season 2008 It Takes Two bookies odds have been released

When you see a headline Gay Favourite for singing contest you think has Tim Campbell signed up for It Takes Two - however it is in fact Virginia Gay and actress on All Stars who is the favourite to take out the show.

I have never heard of her but clearly she must have a huge personal following. It will make a change from having a Home and Away star take out the title.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shannon Noll to try and crack the US market

It has been a big week for the boys from season 1 Australian Idol. Last week Guy Sebastian got engaged, and this week the Daily Tele reports Shannon Noll the first seasons runner up will play a gig in the infamour Viper Room in Los Angeles.

He will also be playing in Las Vegas and visiting New York. He will be leaving the wife and three kids at home.

Looks like he will be able to indulge in a rock star lifestyle while he is over there.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 9 - Episode 5

It was to be the episode of Ebony - it started and ended with her.

Ebony at the beginning of the episode said she was sick of being criticised constantly. The judges have been particularly harsh and said they want to see a change in attitude in the previous episode.

(Reality Raver apologises for not doing a recap on last weeks episode, Ambreal and Janet were bottom two with Janet given the punt. The only other memorable highlight was Ambreal freaking out when going out onto the roof of the Omni Hotel.)

Ambreal was thinking the only way up was to seek some spiritual guidance and asked her daddy to prayer for her.

Heather, who is coming more and more out of shell each week, was concerned that she is only taking profile shots, and has been told she needs to do face on in photos.

However all this contemplating was interrupted by a knock on the door, and who should be there but Tyson Beckford model/actor. He was there to teach the girls how to be spokes models.

I don't know who he is but obviously famous in the US as the girls were squealing and grinning like cheshire cats.

Though I am not sure about his teaching skills he was just telling the girls to be sultry, but then sex does sell. Thank god the editors spared us Sarah with the banana, it was bad enough watching Bianca manhandling the spout on a watering can.

The girls who were used to the drill by now, knew that their challenge would require some speaking.

Cue to having to do a Public Service Announcement for Keep A Child Alive a charity for children with HIV and AID's in Africa. So a very worthy cause.

Elizabeth the representative from the charity would pick the winner of the group of girls who made up the best 30 second ad.

First up were Lisa, Chantel, and Bianca who did a see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil in their 30 second segment. Their problem was they mucked up the name of the charity. Not something that is going to endear them to the judge.

Next up were Heather, Jenah and Ambreal who did a holding up signs and reciting African AID's stats at the camera.

Last were Saleisha, Ebony, and Sarah who did a sisterhood type message. There problem was mucking up the facts saying the charity did prevention as well as treatment other then that it was great.

So the most boring but correct ad of Heather, Jenah and Ambreal won. There prize was sponsored by Carol's Daughter, a cosmetic company, two of the girls would get a $500 hamper, and one girl whose name was pulled out of the hat would get a photo shoot to promote the products.

Heather was the lucky one to win and to top it off the photoshoot was to be directed by Mary J Bilge.

This was just what the doctor ordered for Heather, a bit of one on one time with a good photographer to help her with her face forward posing. Matthew the photography thought she had a future in modelling.

In tonight's episode there was an actual eating shot of the girls in the closet. Ok some of the girls were eating. Then again there was a segue of Ebony saying she was sick of it there and wanted to go back to her old life - whatever that was probably on minimum wage. The other girls thought she had lost her mind when she said she wanted to go home.

The next day it was the photoshoot, it was to be a high fashion editorial shoot about recycling (remember this is the green series).

Heather was first as aluminium cans - Jay thought she looked great shooting straight on.

Jay Manuel was disappointed with Ebony he said "Give something less severe," "She looks trampish" and "lacklustre".

Ambreal was paper and Jay again said " she was boring", "uninspiring" and "when did she forget how to model".

It was judgement day with usual suspects of Nigel Barker, Miss Jay and Twiggy on the panel. Just an aside but Twiggy needs to watch the low tops as she has a wrinkly cleavage.

The special guest was Tyson Beckford who Tyra informs me is the most famous male model. Still not ringing any bells for me.

Saleisha photos were given the thumbs up by the judges, and they thought she was improving. Tyson liked what she did with her lips - in the photo that is.

Jenah in cardboard - looked fantastic and all the judges gushed over her best photo.

Ambreal - "looked dead in the eyes"

Lisa as plastic bottles the judges said it was like "modelling 101" but in contrast Jay Manuel had loved her at the shoot. Also Tyra kept on having a go at her about her hair, however they had made it over as short now it was growing out. Considering she has curly short hair it is always going to be difficult to contain at this length.

Bianca - "Body too stiff" but "face good" they loved the smile in the eyes look she had been practicing all week.

Sarah - in recycled garbage bags was getting a grilling from the judges about losing weight. She denied she had however a week 1 shot showed that she had. The judges think she needs to put on weight as they think she will be successful in the plus size niche market. Other then that they loved her shots.

Ebony shot was dreadful and her lip was snarled, it cannot have been her best shot. She got tears in her eyes at the judges criticism.

Heather again got the big thumbs up from the judges.

Saleisha was the first model given her photo so the judges thought her photo was the best this week, closely followed by Jenah and Heather.

Then it was down to a predictable bottom 2 Ambreal and Ebony. A big surprise for me was that Ebony was handed the photo, and Ambreal was to be eliminated. But wait there is more.

Ebony then tells Tyra she wants to go. Tyra then gives her a Tyrade, by saying the thing you don't like about this show is the criticism, and not being told you are perfect. Then she said you can go and dismissed her like a school girl.

Ambreal could not believe her luck to have been given a reprieve and thanked God as all that praying must have saved her this week.

At the end of the show the producers cut in Ebony's audition tape, with her pleading to Tyra please pick me I won't let you down. I wonder if Ebony regrets leaving now she is back in her minimum wage job. You get the feeling even if she did she would not admit it.

Kate DeAraugo wants to drop the kilo's

Australian Idol winner Kate DeAraugo is starting the new year like a lot of us with the resolution to lose some weight.

But lucky for her she will be paid for it, by signing up with Jenny Craig for their new ad campaign. She is filming the before ads in Melbourne now.

She wishes to shed 10 kilos as she thinks her pogginess is what is hindering her career! We could debate whether it is that or her voice.

Once she loses the weight she won't be able to use that excuse anymore.

Story from here with the obligatory shocking photo.

American Idol Judges give their thoughts on their best seasons

With American Idol Season 7 to commence tomorrow night it is good to see the publicity machine at work.

The American Idol judges plus Ryan Seacrest on the USA Today website give their views on the best seasons of American Idol.

It is good to see Fantasia rates up highly there. She was phenomenal.

Last season predictably did not rate with any of them.

I predict a cracker year to compensate for the lameness of last season, which I stopped watching or did Channel ten pull it off air?

America's Next Top Model -Cycle 6 - Episode 6

Jade was having a crisis of confidence at the opening of this episode, as last week she had the ignominy of being in the bottom two. Lucky for her it was the pixie like Mollie-Sue that was given the bullet.

(Raver apologises for not giving the episode recap last week the highlight being the girls having to do a Covergirl commercial - hilarious, and the ongoing saga of Nnenna's boyfriend who she was going to dump, but the manipulative Jade was trying to mindfuck her by telling her to stay with him).

A sobbing Jade said that this competition was a "trip" whatever that means. But with Jade you know nothing is going to keep her down for long.

Anyway while Jade was taking a hiatus from being house bitch - Brooke decided to take over that mantel.

Brooke is the model with the bee stung lips that Melanie Griffith is trying to achieve by putting large amounts of filler in hers. If you really need to look at a bad photo of Melanie Griffith click here.
Brooke does not like Nnenna, for the reason she hogs the phone to talk to lame arse boyfriend (fair enough), and also they appear to have some friction between them.

I note they have phone cam, but no toilet cam to show the bulimic contestants!

Brooke at the end of her tether goes into the phone room, and explains to Nnenna that other people may want to use the phone. Nneena ignores her and starts to dial a number while Brooke is talking to her (now that was uncalled for).

Well at this point Brooke lost it with her - just prior to this Brooke is talking straight to the camera about how she is normally so nice and sweet, and then this clanger comes out of her mouth.

In a disparaging tone "She's from Africa" and "If it is so great why doesn't she go back there". At this point I was wondering which Klu Klux Klan club Miss Brooke was member of.

Also she stormed up the hallway and called her a "fucking Bitch" of course Channel 10 bleeped out the swear word, but I am presuming that was what she was saying.

Nneena was like care factor - zero.

Anyway after all that it was time to get on with the modelling.

First Miss Jay looking very unglamourous - I get the feeling he is not a morning person - gave the girls a training session in how to deal with accessories on the catwalk eg how to take off gloves and coats.

Most of the girls are struggling with the catwalk, with Danielle, Jade and Joanie probably the best at it.

Then they were off to meet the "aswirling" twins, these were two camp black twins who were going to teach the girls how to swirl on the catwalk.

Do they really get paid for this? Is their some kind of welfare to work program in America where you pick some extremely specialised role in the fashion industry and are able to make a living?

In Cycle 9 currently on Fox 8 there is another guy who is a posing instructor - how much work can there be for those people?

I think my new career will be as a makeup artist for fashion shows - "But I only do the lips darling".

Anyway the aswirling twins taught them how to swirl and swirl and swirl. Sara who is so stiff was dreadful.

Then it was onto a challenge.

It was a fashion parade in a church. Apparently in the time of black segregation in the US, fashion shows in Churches were very popular. It is a big tradition in the black community.

The designer was Lloyd Klein - loved his clothes, and also diamond designer Sol Rafeal. The winner of the challenge was going to get a $25,000 diamond ring.

Joanie and Jade were the two best and appeared to have actually learnt something from the aswirling twins. In fact I thought Jade went a bit over the top with her swirling, but then again a fashion parade in a church is a bit OTT.

Leslie, Brooke, and Sara were all dreadful.

Anyway Jade won the challenge, and once again the confidence and 'tude was oozing from her. The thing I wonder about Jade is why did it take her until cycle 6 to audition for America's Next Top Model? As she is 26 which is like 80 in modelling years.

Jade got the ring on her finger, and she was then asked to pick another girl to get a $10,00 ring she picked Furonda, and then Furonda was asked to pick a girl to get an $8000 ring, and she picked Nneenna. So it was good to see the sisters sticking together.

Is Furonda anorexic? She is so scrawny.

Brooke had a meltdown to her dad, as had Sara earlier that day to her boyfriend. It was the episode of tears.

Next day it was photoshoot time. They were doing a shoot for Payless Shoes. It was all about the shoes, but they were going to get some help from some Krumpers. For those of you who watch So you Think You Can Dance, you will know that Krumping is a derivative of hip-hop which originated from South Central LA.

It is pretty energetic.

So the girls were going to have to get down and boogie.

Jay Manual was fashion director for the shoot, and Trevor was the photographer.

Joanie was up first and she was good, however Jay was concerned about her mean face.

Scrawny Furonda was limp like a rag doll.

Danielle was pretending she danced like a white girl, but she got down and grooved.

Sara predictably awkward.

Nneena just kept on posing, I thought she would be able to get into this one better.

Leslie's posing was repetitive and dull.

Brooke was awkward but her hair looked wild it was done as an afro.

Jade just sizzled, and at the end of the shoot poured water on herself. Jay Manual was squealing with delight. "That is something Tyra would have done" he gushed.

It was judgement day.

The judges were Nigel, Miss Jay, Twiggy, Tyra, and Roy Campbell special event producer.

First their test was to show the panel their signature walk, then do a smooth turn like a doll on a carousel. Tyra of course gave an example on how to do it perfectly.

Most of the girls bummed out on it - except for Joanie.

Then it was time to go through the photos.

They loved Joanie, and Jade (apparently she looked young in her photo - clearly her age is going to hinder her going all the way).

Brooke after her dud shoot, did take the best shot I had seen of her. For weeks I thought she had been overrated and couldn't see what the judges saw in her, but she looked great. Maybe the angle of the photographer shooting from the ground allowed her huge chin to be disguised.

Joanie was first to go through, followed by Jade and Furonda.

Brooke, Sara and Leslie were predictably bottom three.

Brooke skimmed through leaving a nervous Sara and Leslie awaiting their fate.

They decided to give Sara another shot and disappointingly Leslie (who I thought took great shots) was eliminated.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Reality Tidbits - miscellaneous

The Daily Telegraph said Anthony Callea, former runner up on Australian Idol, has auditioned for the musical Wicked which will open in Melbourne mid this year. Wicked is a huge Broadway hit in New York about the two witches in the Wizard of Oz.

Anthony's manager will neither confirm nor deny if he had auditioned for the role.

Good luck.

In other news in the Daily Telegraph it has been revealed Ricki-Lee has again trumped the Young Divas by taking over Paulini's spot on the Channel 7 hit TV show It Takes Two.

Ricki-Lee will be one of the mentors to a celebrity in this duet singing show. I hope for her sake she gets someone good.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Interview with the judges of Australia So You Think You Can Dance

Pop Republic TV a free mag and internet site has an interview with the Bonnie Lythgoe, Jason Coleman, and Matt Lee the judges of the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance.

The show will commence on 1 February 2008.

They say it is going to be just as good as the US show!

Full article here in the mag. Unfortunately PDF so you will have to download the magazine.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fan review of Natalie Gauci concert in Wollongong

I was looking for some concert reviews of Matt Corby and Natalie Gauci's concerts.

I found one on a fan site

Which gives the big thumbs up to Natalie.

I will keep on searching for more.

Channel Ten circumventing writers strike by buying more reality TV shows

Channel Ten have bought the hit US television show How to Look Good Naked which will screen on Australian televisions later this year.

Network Ten has secured the reality show, which promises to teach women of all shapes and sizes how to go from "self-loathing to self-loving" without the use of extreme dieting or cosmetic surgery.

Hosted by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Carson Kressley, the show has been a ratings winner in the US.

It is a take off of the UK show of the same name, which is seen on the Lifestyle channel here. I must confess the UK show is strangely compelling.

The only query I have is both US and UK compere's are gay - so why do women need gay guys to affirm to them that there bodies are ok no matter what shape?

With the affable and witty Carson in control I am sure it will be riveting watching.

Axle Whitehead back in from the Cold

Axle Whitehead who infamously flashed his genitals during the Aria awards a couple of years ago, is back releasing a new single called I Don't Do Surprises, which is featured on Channel 10's promotional spots for new drama, Women's Murder Club.

Axle had to resign from his role as host of Channel Ten's video hits, but clearly all if forgotten at the TV station.

Apparently the single is a cross between Coldplay and Robbie Williams, and Nova is keen to start playing it on Monday.

Hopefully this will spark a much needed career turn around for the spunky Mr Whitehead.

Full story with nice photo here

Simon Cowell offers help to Britany, but maybe he needs to offer it to Paula Abdul?

Simon Cowell has offered Britany Spears a helping hand during her current custody and many meltdown crisis's. More info on that good samaritan deed here.

However maybe he needs to offer that same assistance to his fellow American Idol judge Paula Abdul who recently had a mega meltdown at LA airport.

As first reported by Radaronline .com, Abdul reportedly had what a source said was an ''insane nervous breakdown that lasted 10 minutes'' during the LAX incident. According to the tipster, ''One minute she was hyperventilating. The next she was yelling into her cell phone in this deep, rage-filled 'Poltergeist' voice.''

However the The Sun Times reported that an inside mole on Idol said it was unusual for a day to go by on the American Idol set without her having some meltdown.

Also the article reports she is high maintenence and staff need to spend much more time dealing with her then the other two judges, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell.

However in good news for her apparently Paula will be playing at the SuperBowl. Lets hope it is better then Britany's MTV appearance!

How rich is Guy Sebastian?

Anybody who thinks they are too cool, or to good a musician to audition for Australian Idol should look at what Guy Sebastian is worth since he won the first season of Australian Idol.

When he proposed to his new fiancee Jules he gave her a beautiful diamond ring, a new 4WD car, and a new Louis Vuitton bag to replace the one that had previously been stolen.

Then he showed her their new beach house which was right on some beach in Queensland. To top it all off he had flown in their family to celebrate their engagement.

Maybe it is better not to put out before marriage.....

Full article here.