Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - Sabra not getting guest spot - Channel Ten Please Explain

News.com.au have a story which states that Sabra the winner of last years US version of SYTYCD will not be making a guest appearance on the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance.

Sabra and Kameron Binks are in Australia as part of an East Coast tour with Young Performers Australia and will appear at Myer in Brisbane city this Friday to greet fans.

The article said:
It's understood the organisers have approached Channel Ten in an attempt to have the dynamic duo appear on SYTYCD as guest performers.
But it seems Ten are happy to snub the pair. A spokesman told Qconfidential that "We would prefer to keep the Australian dancers at the forefront".

The US version was a ratings winner for Channel ten last year, and the station doesn't want to increase their ratings by having Sabra and Kameron perform! Instead we will have another Monday night performance by a third rate Australian Idol performer, or the over exposed Delta Goodrem.

Do they think Sabra and Kameron will highlight that the Australian dancers are not as good as the US ones?

The producers should have confidence the final six will not be shown up by the American couple.

This fan of the show is extremely disappointed by the cultural cringe Australia is showing at the start of the 21st century.

Link to article here.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of soft cocks. What are thet afraid of?

Reality Raver said...

It seemed like a no brainer to me. But then these are the tv professionals who are facing the challenges of new technologies eg internet, and pay tv; which are driving down free to air ratings.

I am sure they know what they are doing.

If the Young Divas are the performers on Monday I will have a brain explosion.

Anonymous said...

Do they think Sabra and Kameron will highlight that the Australian dancers are not as good as the US ones?
Sabra and Kameron are not the best of the US series so I don't think that is an issue. If the Australian show is doing well, why have the US dancers there to steal the thunder?

Reality Raver said...

It is no different to having Mary Murphy on the show.

Why did they bring Mary Murphy out - she certainly stole everyones thunder.

Kelly Clarkson performed on Australian Idol last year, and I don't think viewers thought "Ohmigod how bad are our contestants"

Reality Raver said...

By the way just on the record last years contestants on Idol was not a standout season.

Anonymous said...

(I am the second anonymous who wrote the 'stealing the thunder' post.)

I agree that Mary's presence certainly stole everyone's thunder, but her comments on the show reinforced the idea that the Australian dancers are great/talented. Also her apperance was relatively early in the show. At this point of the competition, it is best to have the focus on the final 6.

I don't know much about Idols, but for the US SYTYCD, the only time a previous SYTYCD winner gets on stage is in the first episode to do a short solo.

soobee said...

How would this hurt the Australian dancers?! By not including Sabra and Kameron, it says, Well, sorry SYTYCDA, but your dancers just aren't as good as those in the states. I disagree. I think Jack, Rhys, and Kate are excellent dancers, and Demi is very good. Kameron is not as strong, perhaps (at least not on SYTYCD), and thus ended up being eliminated in the top 10 spot, but still, he's very popular. If you're going for technicality, Sabra was not as strong as Danny in that regard, but was extremely popular with US voters, and I think Jack is the same for Australian viewers.

Odd. And stupid.

Anonymous said...

Soobee, while I don't think a performance by Sabra/Kameron would hurt the Australia dancers, the dancer/dance ability comparison will be inevitable, why do that at this stage of the competition?

"If you're going for technicality, Sabra was not as strong as Danny in that regard..
There is simply no comparison with Danny regarding technical ability. IMO, Sabra has a way to go before reaching Jaimie's technical skills in contemporary/ballet. Both are beautiful dancers but Jaimie definitely has the edge on the difficult movements. This clip was filmed in Nov 2006...incredible control AND beautifully danced.
Jaimie's Dancing

Having said that, I also believe Sabra's seemingly fearlessness in attacking the new styles served her well on the show.

soobee said...

I agree re: Sabra. Although the last show was not her best (that was also the case for Lacey and Neil), the one before was incredible, and she just seemed to come out of nowhere and smashed it pretty much every way, with grace and humility.

I just don't see why it would be a problem for Sabra and Kam to come on the show? Wouldn't it be interesting (more interesting than some of the singers who performed on the results show) to have them do a dance from the show or perform solos? It would be even more interesting to have them dance WITH the final four, though I can't see it happening. But if you want this to be a series that exposes viewers do all sorts of dancers, how would this hurt the program? I'd love to see Jack or Rhys (or both) n SYTYCD S4!

Reality Raver said...

Anon: That Jamie and travis You Tube clip you attached was was truly nerve tingling.

Jaimie's dancing technique is superb, it is a pity she did not really connect with the audience. I wonder who from Denise Wall's studio will be in this year SYTYCD.

What gets me at this decision is at Logie (Australia's TV awards) they will try and bring out any D grade American Celeb to present an award.

But here by virtue of timing they have two people relevant to a TV show and they won't have them on it. Sabra and Kameron should inspire the final six, and the dance viewers who are thinking of auditioning next year that there is life and work after the completion of the series.

Anonymous said...


They would totally show up our crappy aussie dancers!!! Sabra is UNREAL and Kameron is great!!! They are protecting themselves from showing Australia our top six are bad and that our judges suck my opinion

Reality Raver said...

The rapper they had on Monday night was going to show up no one. He was woeful.