Thursday, November 29, 2007

Runway to LA - Episode 2

Ok when are they actually going to get to LA? This was episode 2 and the only plane they had gotten on was to go to Melbourne.

This episode I actually found quite irritating. What with Jordan Loukas being called a Marrickville Ghetto chick - from my viewing her family lived in a very nice terrace, with no signs ice smoking paraphernalia in sight.

I know Marrickville Metro can get ugly on Centrelink payment day but I would not call it South Central, LA. The deadliest weapons you see are star war light sabres that toddlers get from the local $2 dollar shop.

The other issue if Charlotte Dawson is so upmarket why does she have more tattoos then a bikers moll?

Also Jordan's constant whining was getting on my nerves. Does she really want to end up flipping burgers at the local yeeros shop for the rest of her life talking about what she could have been.

Jordan seems to have seen the one and only episode of the Victoria Beckham welcome to LA series and is channelling her in a bad way like using her accent, not the not eating bit however.

As an aside I think they should do more episode's on Posh Spice it was a hoot that show.

First up Jordan met Charlotte to look over her picture portfolio which they did over a car bonnet somewhere ?Wooloomoollo to get the harbour view in the background. Wouldn't it have been easier to do this in a coffee shop? What was the point of that?

Some of the pictures are great, but Charlotte tells her she needs to tone up and lose her muffin top. So stop eating carbs honey. Jordan apparently has a fear of choking so only eating smooth things, hence the job at Boost Juice, she could get all the free smoothies she wanted.

Charlotte castigates her for knowing nothing about fashion, and takes her to Jayson Brundson's, top Australian Fashion designer, store to work in retail for the day.

She gets put in a little cocktail dress, which she has to keep on hitching up as it is to big on her. This is the bit where I wondered how staged it was, as she was definitely playing up to the cameras.

Also then Charlotte, and Jay, who Charlotte had told Jordan that he was in New York, watched her on a tv in another room.

Jordan annoyed me with her ohmigod I going to have to work in a shop attitude and clearly could not give a shit.

Charlotte was over acting huffing and puffing with how terrible she was. Clearly Jordan is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but would she be that stupid to come across as so lacklustre about the task with the camera's on her.

Finally Jayson goes in as a "pretend customer" and then Charlotte cannot stand it anymore as "it is embarrassing for Jayson". Agreeing to be on this show is embarrassing for Jordan, especially when she was bagging out his designs.

But Jordan seem quite non-plussed about the telling off from Charlotte. "I should have put more effort in" etc. She seems to make excuses about everything that she does wrong.

Also did not apologise to Jayson when he told her he had ruin his dress.

Next Charlotte takes her to Melbourne to be in a fashion parade at the Royal Melbourne Show. To try and add spice to proceedings Paloma is there and Charlotte tells Jordan that whoever is best she will take to LA.

Paloma was pissed Jordan got her own show and say "She was the more entertaining one" and at this stage of the episode I had to agree.

Jordan goes out on the cat walk and glowers at the crowd. After the first show Charlotte comes backstage and gives her some good advice, "use your props like the mirror ball etc".

Jordan does second show - no change. Again Charlotte comes backstage to give the same advice.

Jordan does third show - no change. Charlotte walks out supposedly angry. Actually I don't blame her. Jordan says "I just look fierce, and don't do anything at the end of the runway that is what I do." She did not want to do what Charlotte advised her to do then gets upset when she walks out.

"My two fathers rejected me and now Charlotte has" Jordan sobs. I think she needs to show some sense of responsibility. I had a feeling that excuse had been used a lot for every fuck up she has ever done.

I really want to like Jordan, but this episode I was finding it very difficult to.

The next day Jordan got taken for a make over including speech lessons to get rid of her Marrickville accent. Maybe they mistook the whine in her voice as a inner western dialect.

After she is all gussied up she is taken to a nightclub where Charlotte sprung on her she would be co-hosting a fashion parade with her, and gave her a script to learn.

This time Jordan did do well, even though the way Jordan was dressed (Sunday afternoon croquet game) was different from the Ed Hardy clothes she was promoting, which are young, casual and funky.

So Charlotte and her were back being best friends after that.
Next week finally they get to LA.

Farmer Wants a Wife - Final episode

It was the final episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, and the thing that was surprising about this show was the number of farmers that did find "love" on it. At least 50% have found a potential partner. So it shows that these reality tv shows do work in real life.

The show started off with the farmer's having to knock on the doors of the girls they had picked, and spend a weekend in their environment.

Chris was first up and it was obvious he was going to go to Kim's house, and in fact when he arrived her whole family were there to greet him. The party was ready with their corner bar fully stocked.

Expect wedding bells here to be covered by a weekly gossip mag within the next 12 months as this pair is in luuurrrrrrvvvvvvvvveeeee.

The surprising thing about this episode it was the first time they had shown Chris with any personality, he was sparkling in the group conversations in the end. Maybe it was all the endorphins triggering off in his brain.

Next up was Jon who had sent his two girls packing and brought in a third Deb.

However he decided to call on Jodie the nurse from Sydney he had really liked but as she did not like the isolation of the farm he had told her to go home.

Jodie said that once she had left the farm she had missed him and rang him to say she would be prepared to give it another shot.

However at the end when Natalie G was doing her excruciating interviews (is this is what she learnt in her journalism degree at Griffith Uni?) Jodie said they were no more then friends, and Jon agreed saying Jodie was not the ideal woman for him.

Gus knocked on quarantine officer, Brooke's door. This pair have always had communication issues with stilted conversation and they did not appear to be improving.

In fact I find her very guarded. Her body language over dinner was not great, as Alan Pease might say her arms were crossed. It was a pity Gus could not read the signs as he blundered in saying he liked her but he needed more feedback from her.

Brooke looked startled like a bunny in headlights, and said she thought he was a nice guy but she did not want to take it any further. I really don't know how genuine she was throughout the whole show in engaging with Gus, as she appeared to make no real effort, unless she is just really shy and boring.

Gus said he " Was disappointed by not devastated."

Drew knocked on Susie's door who is a 28 year old communications manager from Sydney. I felt so sorry for Tash the other cool chick. But Drew was on a winner either way. This pair were sweet and coy with their feelings with each other. I felt like a voyeur as they were trying to take it to another level with their cute but a bit embarrassing conversation on the couch in a bar.

I think Drew has made the right choice I think this pair is better suited to each other. I think Tash would have gotten a bit bored of the whole thing.

At the end they said they liked "hanging together" and she was a "top girl" I wish them both the best, and I hope they stick together.

I found it surprising that Drew said he had heard the "It's not you, but me speech," so many times. Is there something wrong with this guy that we don't know about? I think he seems great. Definitely my favourite.

Next was spiritual Brad, who had met a girl prior to his involvement on the show. However he picked Mel to spend the weekend with, and it looked like it was close to disastrous.

He said he found it difficult to bring out her "fun" side. I must admit I could not remember her smiling in any of the episodes. This girl is serious plus a little bit kooky.

Anyway instead of either of those girls going to the reunion place, it was the girlfriend he met prior to the show who came. Her name was Samara and they did seem like they were in love. I just don't understand why she would agree to be on the show. Maybe it was a show some sort of proprietorship.

Last there was Craig who limped in with a football injury and no girl. He declared he was in love but who was she, and where was she?

Well Craig went against his mother's wishes and picked Erin the 24 year old billing officer. They seemed to have some chemistry, and he did seem to have genuine affection for her son Lucas.

I am not sure what is going to happen to this pair. Either he will want her to be the traditional wife (clearly his mother did and still does most things for him), and after awhile she may not want to put up with that?

Or as she is quite assertive she may be able to whip him into shape. This one I would like to follow up on in 12 months time.

Erin was not there for the interviews at the end as she was in Canada for wedding and would be there for 2-3 months.

This got some bitching from the other participants. Kim saying "I would not want to leave someone that long at the beginning of a relationship" and others agreed it was a long time and questioned her feelings for him.

It only made me like her more, as it showed her independence, and in fact Craig seemed quite ok with it.

If he likes her why doesn't he fly over to Canada for 2 weeks to spend time with her?? Christ she is going to have to make the sacrifice of moving to the farm in the middle of nowhere if she wants to be with him.

This show was surprisingly enjoyable, and a big thank you to the reader who told me about it.

It was rating well for Channel 9 and is a certainty to be on our screens next year. Maybe by then Natalie G may be able to develop her interviewing skills a bit more.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mark Holden Thinks Bobby Flynn has wasted Opportunities

In an article in the Herald Sun Mark Holden said this year's Idol's contestants needed to capitalise on their current opportunities.

Holden singled out a former Idol contestant the enigmatic Bobby Flynn as on person who had failed to do this.

Holden said:
Holden told Confidential that through poor choices, quirky crooner Flynn had failed to capitalise on the show and the enormous goodwill towards him in the industry.
"He is such a beautiful guy, but he needs strong management to be led in the most positive way," Holden said.
"In a lot of ways, he is his own worst enemy as he had a lot of people that wanted to work with him after last year but he wasn't able to make decisions.
"He needs strong advice."

Whereas he praised the lovely Ricki-Lee for continuing to work hard for what she wanted.

"I just love what Ricki-Lee has done," he said.
"She didn't waste her time in the Young Divas and always worked to do what she wanted to do, and that was to work on her own material.
"I just love her and am stoked it's going well."

For Cat Deeley Fans Only

Here is a nice brief interview with Cat Deeley. Cat is the fabulous host of America's So You Think You Can Dance, she also has quite a few fans in Australia as well.

Maybe they should bring her out as a guest judge for Australia's So You Think You Can Dance, give her a chance to get on the other side of the table, and visit her brother.

Natalie Gauci "The Winners Journey" tour dates out now.

Natalie gets to do the "The Winners Journey" tour around Australia over January and February as one of the prizes/obligations of being this years Australian Idol.

A list of the gigs are here For Sydney fans Matt Corby will be also be playing at the two Sydney gigs on the 4 and 5 of January at the Star City Casino.

Just an aside - Natalie may be pleased that she achieved some international blogging attention, however it was for all the wrong reasons. She made it onto the very popular and addictive Go Fug Yourself.

Link here if you want a laugh

You've won Bridie Please Show Some Humility

This season's winner of Dancing With The Stars, Bridie Carter, decided Channel 7 is going to be her new home, after burning bridges with Channel 9 with bitchy comments about McLeod's Daughters the show she starred on for five years.

She said:
The dancing diva yesterday launched a stinging attack on McLeod's Daughters - saying she "wasn't at all surprised" by the recent axing of the outback drama series which catapulted her to national fame.
Despite her status as one of McLeod's longest serving members, Carter trod all over cast and crew on the eve of the series demise, saying she won't even watch it. "I would look at it and think 'Who are these people in my loungeroom?", said Carter.

Not knowing when to shut up she continued with:
"I don't want to mar McLeod's, but not everything was as it appears. I find it strange that not one of the original cast members is left.
"Perhaps they should have tried harder to keep people. Blue Heelers lasted 11 years and there were people on it for the whole series."

Channel 9 and McLeod's Daughters were not going to take this lying down when they responded:
"Bridie is completely up herself and everyone was thrilled to see the back of her when she left the show," a source close to the McLeod's production team told Confidential.
"But I can't believe she's bagging the program that made her famous - there's no way she would have even been on Dancing without it."
"Good luck to her, she's an absolute nightmare."

Should we lock Bridie and Matt Corby in a room together until their ego's deflate?

Full copy of the article here

Sydney's Inner West is the hub of Australian Idol

Ok so maybe I am exaggerating however, tonight Jacob Butler will be playing at the Sandringham Hotel on King St, Newtown which could be interesting if you like Brit Pop.

Apparently he is going back to his job at JB Hi Fi, no wonder he was so desperate to win.

Tomorrow night, Thursday last years winner Damien Leith will be making an appearance down at Marrickville Metro (my spiritual homeland) from 5.00pm.

Dancing with the Stars - Finale

It was a battle between technique (Bridie) v personality (Anh Do) last night on the Dancing With the Stars Finale. It was over for another season thank god.

The show opened with David Campbell singing cabaret, but it quickly turned to burlesque once a troupe of female dancers came out onto the stage.

By the time Darryl Somers skipped down the stairs they were wearing black suspenders and red feather boas.

Sonia Kruger then came tripping down the stairs clearly feeling nostalgic for her Strictly Ballroom character Tina Sparkles by carrying a sparkler.

Again the repartee between her and Darryl was riveting - not. Darryl thought she looked a bit like Kim Basinger from LA Confidential, which she did. Whilst she said she had been channelling Nicole Kidman, which by the lack of wrinkles on Sonia's forehead would appear to be correct.

The clear favourites Bridie and Craig did the Cha Cha to Arethra Franklins Respect. It was a disco type cha cha, and the scene seemed to be set in some nightclub.

It was pretty good, except for a wayward jacket which landed over Bridies head. As Todd McKenny said "Never work with animals, children or jackets,". But this incident did not hinder their score as the judges loved the routines. They got a high 35 points.

Next up was Anh (I cannot believe I made it this far) Do and Luda doing the Pase Doble. They did a Bruce Lee type twist to it. With Anh Do opening being wired down to the floor, and both had swords to spar with.

It was a typical Anh Do routine which was fun, the dancing technique however was not up there. The judges did not like the fusion of the pase doble from spanish to chinese, and they scored a low 26.

I had to fast forward through the flashbacks of other contestants as this show really goes on for far to long.

Darryl then announced that one of the judges will be on It Takes Two, this is going to be Mark, the most boring judge, so clearly It Takes Two are having difficulty getting celebs for that production as well.

Hopefully some sort of personality will emerge during that show otherwise he won't last long.

Bridie and Craig then did a repeat of the Samba which they did a few episodes ago. At time I said:

Even though the judges adored her Samba where she was channelling the jungle
queen, the way she moved and look reminded me of one of those people who had
been raised by wolfs (or some other animal) for years in isolation.

The judges loved it again and gave it the Nadia Comenici perfect score of all tens, so a total of 40.

At this stage Anh Do and Luda knew they were up against and repeated a samba they do had previously done. I was surprised they did not do their salsa routine as that had been a cracker. Still this was ok with lifts, and Luda working it hard as usual to make up for Anh Do lack of skills. Judges gave them 32.

Then Kate Cerbrano came and sung a song to promote her new CD. She was wearing this ludicrous dress which looked like a black wedding dress. But all was revealed as it was taken off and she danced a routine with her former Dancing With the Stars Partner. I was really impressed when she did the splits at the end.

The Bridie and Craig did their freestyle dance with the story of lovers being at other sides of the mirror. It was a bit Mia Michaels, So You Think You Can Dance like. It was pretty good, and she is a great dancer considering she has not danced before. Again the judges gave it the perfect score of 40.

There was starting to be no suspense in this final. Then Anh Do and Luda did their final dance, where Anh was dressed as a donkey, and Luda as a european peasant farmer with a tail??? I think.

Anyway it was a fun routine again which lacked technique. The judges kindly scored it 35.

Sonia Kruger then came up with the most cutting line of the night, possibly aimed at Elka Graham. She said to Anh Do "Just be careful none of the retired swimmers offer you drugs at the after party".

It was time for announcement - half hearted pause to create suspense and the winner is Bridie Carter.

This season again rated highly for Channel 7 so expect to see it back on our screens next year.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

America's Next Top Model - Series 6 - Final 13

The show started with a bang, Jay Manuel, the Director of Photographic Shoots, jumped out of a box, but unlike a girl jumping out of cake in a bikini, he thankfully remain fully clothed.

It was now down to the final 13 girls, so let the eliminations begin. This series has already been shown on pay tv but is now being show free to air on Channel 10 so a lot of viewers may not have seen this series before.

Jay Manuel announced there was a special guest and who should appear but that ageing slapper Janice Dickinson. Janice was one of the first 'supermodels' who has been trying to withstand the ageing process with a bucket load of plastic surgery. Sure she has a great body but her face looks like a android.

She also was Sly Stallones girlfriends for sometime eons ago. She reclaimed her celebrity with a reality tv show The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, which is vaguely amusing.

Her persona is a wild lewd slapper which clearly is paying her bills.

She said personality as well as looks were important in what makes a top model.

Both Jay and Janice announce to the girls their first test would be to sit in a hypothetical press conference.

They then entered a room where two tiers of table and chairs faced a panel of American media identity's. With only two microphones between 13 girls it was always going to get ugly.

The press conference started out as a battle of the black chicks.
Dani a 20 year old black girl from Arkanas grabbed the microphone straight away. Then Furonda, and Jade wrestled over the microphone.

Jade appears to have a lot of self confidence, with her telling the media pack how she was the next undiscovered supermodel. That went down like a lead balloon with the other girls.

Furonda also thinks she is going to take out this season's title but is much more circumspect about it.

Gina the asian girl completely blew it by stuttering and stammering through her answer about why she wanted to be the Next Top Model.

Then Nnenna, the tall Nigerian girl with so much poise who won the press conference challenge with her answer, saying she was following her dream whilst also supporting her family back home.

By winning the challenge Nnenna was got to go into the Next Top Model house to get first choice of the bedrooms. She also got to get three girls to go with her.

And this is where she showed how savvy she is by picking outspoken Jade, quiet goofy Gina, and popular Sara to go with her.

The Next Top Model House was done up to look like a modelling agency. With each bedroom having a different model theme. There was a Twiggy room, Iman room, Janice room, and Christie Brinkley Room, and then a next top model room.

These rooms surrounded a plunge pool. The house is pretty cool.

Then the girls were out to dinner at an Italian restaurant called Allessi. Lots of salad eaten but very little pasta. It will be interesting to see which of the girls have eating disorders. The camera' should follow them into the bathrooms to see who is sticking their fingers down their throat.

Gina who was continuing her disastrous day by sculling(chugging) the champagne, and needed help getting back into the cars. She was not sighted in the plunge pool with the rest of the model wannabees at the end of the evening.

Not that she missed much but girls taking swimmers off. Why does pools + alcohol = nudity?

No one took up the offer of $100 bet for a model to get up and do the model walk around the pool.

In the morning there was TYRA MAIL which was going to outline their task for the day.

They were going to the Warren Tricomi salon for their make overs.

There was Jay with a special guest Eve Savail who had her big break when she shaved her head.

It was then announced for today's photoshoot the girls were going to have their heads shaved. Half of them swooned with shock.

After they picked themselves up off the floor, they were then told the truth that they would be made up in bald caps.

Since this was the first photoshoot for some girls it was understandable that some of them did not go as well as expected.

Jay had had high expectations of Furonda as she was practising in the mirror, however when it came to the shoot, she choked.

Kathy the hilly billy girl also froze before the camera, and the accident prone Gina was very average.

Jay also thought shooting Jade was quite difficult considering she did have some modelling experience. He said what others were thinking about the 26 year old " If she has not been discovered by now maybe there was a reason".

Then it was elimination time. The panel was Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker fashion photographer, Miss Jay Alexander, catwalk tutor, and Twiggy model icon.

They told Sara that her photograph was one of the best they had seen on Next Top Model, Nnenna was also excellent and she won the challenge what a great 2 days she was having.

Gina managed to avoid being bottom two. Jade got through but was told she was arrogant, her response was she "was humble on the inside".

The bottom two were a shocked Furonda, and hill billy Kathy. The judges had to decide between the worst photo but a girl with potential (Furonda) or the person who was just a pretty girl.

The night ended in tears for Kathy when she was eliminated.

Australian Idol Finale Rates Poorly

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

A surprise appearance by Lionel Richie and an outdoor concert featuring the
Divinyls wasn't enough to save Australian Idol on Sunday night - the talent
quest's grand final suffered its worst ratings result ever. The showdown between
Sydney teenager Matt Corby and the 2007 competition's unlikely winner,
Melbourne's Natalie Gauci, averaged just over 1.4 million viewers, well short of
the 2 million Channel Ten was hoping for and 400,000 fewer than the previously
worst performing class of 2005. After two bumper years in 2003 and 2004
Australian Idol ratings slumped in 2005, the year Ian Dickson defected to
Channel Seven and was replaced by radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands. In 2006 a
reinvigorated program, which was inspired by contestants such as Bobby Flynn,
Lisa Mitchell and the winner, Damien Leith , making a worldwide Idol first by
performing original material with musical instruments, helped end the season
with a bang. This year, despite controversies such as the return of Dicko to
form a four-person judging panel, the program has struggled in the ratings. In
the US the show has gone from strength to strength, with a record 74 million
votes cast on final night alone in season six.

The Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 9 is nearly rating that, with a high of 1.3 million viewers. It will be interesting to see what the Australian Idol producers do to the format to try and invigorate the show for next season.

American Idol after poor ratings this year, will for the first time be allowing the contestants to use instruments on the show like Australian Idol.

I think the bottom line is have the talent and you will attract the viewers.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Matt Corby still moaning about Idol Treatment

In an interview with Holly Byrne Matt Corby still appeared to be sensitive of his treatment by Mark Holden.

In summary Matt Corby said:
"He wrecked a few peoples careers. Look at Tarasai. (The comments) were
hard to swallow."
Being told, when you're 17, that you're a spoilt brat, well, it isn't nice
to hear that,'' Corby told Confidential. "I don't know what I did to hit such a
bad chord with him,'' he added, "but I shook his hand. Now I don't really

He also made further comments about the winners single:
Corby revealed he'd actually come to terms with the winners' track, which
many said didn't suit him and spoilt his chances. "I wrote a better version
of it but it was too late to lay it down. If I had three more days, it would have worked,"
he said.

This kid really needs to learn some modesty. He makes it seem he a just 17 year old boy had to polish up a song that highly professional songwriters had written.

I am looking forward to hearing some of Matt's original stuff. Will his songs live up to the hype?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Australian Idol - The Finale

The campaigns had finished, the votes had been counted, the crowds was cheering, and all of Australia wanted to know the result. Who was going to win the election whoops I meant Idol?

At least the bookmakers got the election right however they got it resoundingly wrong with Idol paying $2.35 for aNatalie Gauci's victory compared to $1.57 for Matt Corby's. I knew I should have put a lazy $50 on bet on her.

Channel 10 were continuing to trying to keep the money rolling in by enticing us to vote during the show by saying there was less then one percent between them. This must have been to pay for the extravagent fireworks display they were going to unleash. I wonder if we are the only Idol country who puts on a spectacular pyrotechnic display over our iconic harbour.

Tonight it was a contest between the wog's and the white breads with the contrast apparent when the camera's threw to the supporters parties. There was ethnic Melbourne compared to the anglo-saxon shire(or as the Shire residents like to say - God's country) in Sydney.

But first there were hours to fill before they would announce the winner, there were former Idols to perform, and other Channel 10 shows to plug, and of course the ubiquitous Final 12 performance medley's to sit through.

Chris Murphy interviewing on the red carpet made a nice change from the blonde buxom women who usually are given the role.

Guy Sebastian must have thought he was on Rove answering his standard question "Who would you turn gay for?" when Guy revealed to Chris Murphy when he looked into Matt Corby's eyes he felt a little attracted to him.

The one weird thing was Casey Donovan was there with her personal trainer Guy Leech, but they did not let her speak. Apparently she has lost 20 kgs with more to go.

Young Divas were the first to perform on the outside stage at the opera house with there new single a cover of Turn Me Loose. The dangerously close camera angles going up Emily Williams, and Paulini dresses which made James Mathison quip "The shows classification rating nearly was changed" If either girl had been going commando it would have been tears before bedtime."

James was on fire tonight with witty one liner after another.

Damien Leith performed his new single, and he is continuing to build on his post Idol career with Andrew G revealing Damien's tour has sold out.

He actually looked pretty cute in his glitter suit and skinny tie. Has he had his teeth done?

Channel 10 then did some flashbacks to some humorous (read really bad) contestants from the yesteryear's of Idol. Though the only horrifying thing was Dicko's mullet, and Mark Holden's cow licks.

The much hyped up Divinyls were next up and for the viewers at home we got to watch it twice, as the first time the feed cut half way through and they went to an ad break. So once they returned they replayed it.

Chrissie Amphlett has shown how to avoid botox as you hit your middle years, just grow a fringe that goes to your nose so no one sees your forehead or eyes.

At this point Reality Raver must confess to being a huge Divinyls fan and have seen them in concert a few times. Loved the song, loved the singing, but her continuing to do the sultry sexy young pouty look whilst performing made me cringe a little. I think people should age disgracefully but she was taking it too far. Personally I think she should hire a movement coach to see how they can change that part of the performance for their upcoming tour.

I see they got around that problem in the Divinyls new singles video clip by just having animation.

Also if anyone can interpret her answer to Andrew G's question of what advice would you give these two idols I would really appreciate it. I had presumed she was over the drug phase of her life by now. Even Andrew G looked confused, but as the consummate professional managed to segue it into a promotion for their new single.

Shannon Noll was up on stage next. He is probably the most successful former Idol, but I don't understand, who does he appeal to? I thought his song was particularly ordinary.

Next up was the first time I had seen the Australian So You Think You Can Dance judges together on TV. Bonnie Lythgoe, Matt Lee, and Jason Coleman were saying our auditions had elicited some amazing dancers.

The final 20 for that show must now be finalised as they then did a dance on the outside stage. It was so exciting, and there seemed to be a great mix of dancers. The dance was just high energy with lots of different styles. Unfortunately we will have to wait until Feb to begin watching the series.

The Mum's That Rock competition winner was on next. She was ok as she channelled Janice Joplin, however she will never get an invitation to join the Young Divas as she can actually remember the original versions of the songs they cover.

Natalie Bassingwaite, who is also host of the Australian version of SYTYCD, had her other hat on tonight as lead singer of the Rogue Traders.

She roared onto stage on a motorbike looking hot and started pouting and singing like Wendy James from the Brit pop-punk band Transvision Vamp. The song ended with kung fu fighters coming on stage and doing routines from a bad B grade '70's kung fu movie.

Then it was Natalie and Matt's big moment, they arrived at the opera house in stretch porsche. Matt was wearing a blue velvet suit, and Natalie was wearing a dress that looked like Bjork's infamous swan dress had been recycled. They clutched hands and they both looked like they were going to the prom together.

After getting badly groped by the crowd where I think Matt had every right to say "Don't touch the hair man" they arrived at the top of steps, and it was time for the final 12's first song of the night.

They sang Lionel Ritchie's " All Night Long". When they first started singing it I thought what a strange song couldn't they have picked something more modern, but all was revealed when Lionel Ritchie jumped onto the stage. I have got to confess it was cheesy, but I loved it. For once the superstar surprise promised, was a superstar surprise.

Lionel gave some great advice which Matt could well heed. "The positive things about these shows is that they let people know you are in the business, otherwise it is very difficult for people to know" Hopefully this will stop Matt whining about his musical credibility for awhile.

I wish Andrew G had taken the opportunity to ask when Lionel's daughter Nicole's baby is due.

Next was another Idol medley with Natalie and Matt changing outfits, Natalie still kept her $1 millon worth of diamonds on - clever girl.

One of the songs was Fat Boy's Slim of "Praise You" I was wondering if this was some sort of comment on the Hillsong Church controversy which has been plaguing the show.

I noticed in the medley's Tarasai barely got any singing solo time, have they sidelined her? She came fifth, and other people who finished lower then her like Brianna got more lines to sing. Interesting.

I was disturbed that I still found Carl Risley looking hot this evening, and good news for the female fans, apparently he was spotted out and about have a huge fight with his girlfriend.

Next there was a review of Natalie's Idol journey which was great. It would be good if the SYTYCD producers take this idea out of Idol's book and on the last show play the final two journey's before they announce the winner. I found that very disappointing last week in the american SYTYCD finale not seeing Danny's and Sabra's journey for the last time.

Then they did the grandparents couldn't make it video, but then lo and behold they turn up on stage trick, which I really did not see the point of.

Natalie then did a great rendition of "Man in the Mirror".

Next we got to see Matt Corby's journey which again was interesting. He did do some great songs. It was just his last month's form slump that made me forget that.

Then his "mentor" Jarrod Clark came on stage. Now Jarrod looked like he had been imbibing alot of the green rooms free alcohol, and was very modest when asked whether he had shown Matt how to play and perform. Also kissed him and did a weird gesture over his face with his hand. They clearly used to go to the same hairdresser or is that lanky layer look becoming fashionable for men. I really hope Matt does not start some sort of trend.

Also the other trend I hope he does not start is the red tights look, it showed off his lunch box or as the french might say his "petite dejuener" if you get my drift.

Matt then sang Bittersweet Symphony very nicely.

Then another final 12 performance where again Tarasai was sidelined, and Carl looked hot.

Then James announced the winner of the Mazda and that was a shock Holly who won, maybe voters had felt sorry for her as James said " You must have impressed on the one episode you were on"

Then it was time to announce the winner, and it was a shocked Natalie Gauci. Everyone stood up and applauded and Marcia stood there with her hand out as if she was anointing the new messiah. Marcia then predictably burst into tears.

Natalie kept her composure and sang her new single "Here I Am" which will be on sale from tomorrow, and then there was the usual lovefest of stage before the credits rolled it was all over for another year.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Matt Corby Bursts into tears

Matt Corby burst into tears after he heard what Mark Holden said about him yesterday on radio. That diabtribe can be read in a previous post .

In the Daily Tele stated that Corby was shocked by what Mark had said.

Methinks Mark Holden is trying to drum up ratings for the Australian Idol finale.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Reality Tidbits

Matt Corby called a Spoilt Brat
In the lead up to Sunday's Australian Idol final Mark Holden has labelled Matt Corby a spoilt brat.

He said the rendition of the Idol single " Here Am I" was lacklustre, and he let every one know he was not happy with it. Mark Holden said he was acting like a "spoilt kid" and even if he did not like it should have given 120%.

Mark should know he has had to sing some duds in his time, however in this case I am backing Holden all the way. This kid seems to think he is the new Michael Stipe.

Here is the full article .

Sonia Kruger career sky rocketing
Sonia Kruger, Darryl Somer sidekick, and the one who actually does crack the jokes star is rising. She will be now hosting the Mix 106 breakfast show with the DWTS judge Todd Mckenny.

Also Sonia is on the cover of the high selling christmas addition on the Woman's Weekly. What more could this woman want?

Guy Sebastian said the judges were being to harsh.
Guy said the judges should only say positive helpful comments, and not bitchy ones. Great so that would mean we would have four Marcia's on the panel how boring would that be.

He thinks they are more critical, and more personal this year then in his season. This is probably down to three things, the decline in talent, the hideousness of Sheridan Tylers styling, and the three male judges competing with each other to say the most outrageous things.

The Week of the Models

This week two new shows started America's Next Top Model in Channel 10, and Runway to LA on Fox 8.

America's Next Top Model hosted by the ever popular Tyra Banks has been going for seasons over there, andMonday night was the first episode of a new series.

The aim was to whittle the 32 girls, down to 13 who will get to live in the house and fight it out to be America's Next Top Model.

Tyra is assisted in this task by her two gay sidekicks Miss J, I could not quite work out if he was transgender or just extremely camp, his title is runway director, and another Jay who is Director of photography shoots.

Tonights episode was just a flash of girls, so it was impossible to get a handle on all of them.

Standouts, by which I mean most controversial, was Dani from Texas who in her audition tape said she was a true blue republican, which meant she was anti-everything, gays, abortion, blacks etc.

Yeah baby well done the host is black, and the sidekicks are gay. She was not that pretty and was only there for the tv value, by being offensive. She however did not make the final 13.

Jade 26 an outspoken New York chick did make the grade. It will be interesting to see how many people she will rub the wrong way in the next few weeks. But that is the point of reality tv, good entertainment.

I was pleased to see the triumvirate did not put through the farm girl Andrea, who kept on crying because she was missing her family, and also appeared to have an eating disorder.

Next week they are in the house, so it will be game on.

Runway to LA is an Australian series with Jordan Loukas the girl who came third in Australia's Next Top Model, and Charlotte Dawson as her mentor. They are going to go to LA together to see if she can crack that market over there.

I remember Jordan from her work at my local boost juice store, in my spiritual home land Marrickville Metro. She once served me a smoothie it tasted ok, so I wish her well.

The show starts with supposedly A list Charlotte, leaving from her "home" in Point Piper. After a disastrous marriage to Scott Miller, didn't she slink off with her tale between her legs back to her homeland New Zealand?

Her career was resurrected after being a guest judge on the last season of Australia's Next Top Model, she was seen as talent, and at one stage was mooted as taking over the hosting role from Jodhi Meares.

Jordan lives with her mother and sister in Marrickville, and Charlotte started hyperventilating once she hit Newtown (for those who don't know Sydney, Newtown is a fairly trendy inner western suburb) " Oh my God, I am now in the Western suburbs," with a sneer in her voice, and her nose upturned. The Point Piper princess act was not working for me considering she had about three big tattoos on her and they were the ones we could see. Hello any tatts on Susan Renouf, or Lady Sonia MacMahon.

Anyway that comment was not going to win her any fans from viewers west of Surry Hills.

The premise of the first episode was for Jordan to get over her many fears and paranoia's one of which includes a fear of choking so can only eat soft things. So working at Boost Juice must have been good for her. She had to swim with the sharks, have a boot camp work out with a ok looking personal trainer, and an all day photo shoot which included a snake draped over her.

At first I thought Jordan just whinged alot, however after reading an article about her in this weeks NW, she is being really honest, about her not so glamorous past, and the effect it has had on her.

In a nutshell, her mum was really sick when she was 12, she started going of the rails by truanting from Newtown Performing Arts High School, the one Matt Corby did not get into. Pot smoking, then speed taking, and a few run ins with the police.

She appears to be a bit unmotivated considering this is a pretty huge break for her so I hope the whinyness gets out of her voice, unless this is how the producers want to present her, so they can show later on the changes that life coach Charlotte has managed to make.

Also I hope Charlotte's over acting and hammyness settles down.

On the photo shoot, Charlotte took her to task for having love handles, and her appalling dietary habits.

Fish and chips for lunch, and tea with five sugars. All a big no no.

Next week an old rival Paloma will be entering the mix who says" Why didn't I get my own show I am much more interesting" To be honest I think she is right. She has attitude with a capital A.

This show will be worth a second viewing.

Farmer Wants a Wife - Episode five

Another week closer to the farmer's picking their preferred love, so it was time for the boys to get down to the nitty gritty in this surprisingly entertaining show.

Craig the 27 year old dinky-di farmer from West Wyalong had selected Erin, a 24 year old billing officer and single mum, and Deanne a 25 year old medical receptionist.

It is a bit of a love triangle, Deanna likes Craig, Craig likes Erin, however I don't think Erin is attracted to Deanna.

Last week Craig kissed them both as "He would not pick a girl he had not kissed."

Deanna had her hopes after after the kiss, however after a discussion on the veranda she realised he had used his tongue loosely.

So she had to pull out the big guns - to cook a lamb roast as his mother makes it. She knows the way through to this boys heart his through his mum.

Considering one of his pre-requisites in a girl is to have someone cook for him it was not a bad strategy.

Erin cute 2 year old Lukas arrived on the farm to give Erin extra fire power. Erin had previously said if Craig and him did not get on with him, it was not going to happen for them.

Craig did appear to make an effort, and seemed surprisingly natural with him. However Erin seemed to make a quick decision about his positive interactions with her son. I would like to see it with the cameras off.

Deanna felt isolated and was in tears again about "feeling lonely" she is so desperate for this pretty third rate guy.

Craig with his dilemma who he chooses of course has to seek advice from his mummy.

She said it was his decision..... she stayed neutral for all of 2 seconds before voicing her opinion.

" One you will have a lot of fun with, the other is better suited to be a farmer's wife". My interpretation - Mum will still be able to have full influence in his life if he picks Deanna, Erin is far more assertive and won't put up with her meddling.

At the time he said he was going to follow his heart.

However I bet in the end he will take his mums advice and go for Deanna, and not the one he likes Erin.

Next up were Chris 34 a farmer from Tamworth who picked Kim, a disability support worker, and Jocelyn a lawyer from Sydney.

Now Kim and Chris were definitely hitting it off, including Kim confessing to having gravel rash - something I really did not need to know about.

With Jocelyn clearly feeling like a third wheel decided to take her horse and ride of into the sunset. I still think this girl is older then 34.

When Jocelyn was leaving, Chris choked out "She was great company", which I thought was a load of bollocks as he barely communicated with her when they had the weekend alone.

Chris and Kimberly are clearly going to continue their relationship once the cameras stop rolling. He is pulling out all stops to be romantic, with putting tea light candles around the room, and a bowl of strawberries and dipping chocolate.

I cynical part of me thought this may have been the producers idea.

Next up was Gus 32 year old from Warren who picked Julie and Brooke to be his farm companions. This lot have barely had any screen time, especially Julie I know nothing about her.

Gus apparently has emotional communication issues because he grew up in a all brothers household.

He likes Brooke the best, and she was sending out signals she liked him by doing his washing. I think Gloria Steinem would have puked at this point.

What is it with these woman it is 2007, and the best way to try and hook a man's heart is the subservient route of cooking a dinner, or washing his clothes? They really need to take Jane Austen out of the HSC reading list and replace it with some feminist texts. Gosh I will even cop Germaine Greer, that attention seeking media slut. Put the Female Eunuch on the list, at least to remind Gen Y girls the battle that has been fought.

Anyway enough of the unshaven armpits feminist diatribe, Gus decided to confess his feelings for Brooke. Clearly he was having difficulty as his face was bright red. Brooke was quite enigmatic in her response. Basically after his confession there was just silence.

Later to the camera she confessed she thought he was ok.

Jon who had evicted his two girls last week, due to lack of interest, had invited Deborah a 28 accounts manager from Perth.

There was limited screen time for this pair. He took her fishing, he said they connected, and their was a bit of romance in front of the fireplace. The interesting thing was that it must not have been that cold to have a fire, as he was wearing a t shirt.

Then laconic Drew a 32 farmer from Mudgee who picked Tash and Susie as his two girls was still having his dilemma, between choosing between two great chicks.

He took Susie out for dinner, and told her she was his favourite at the moment, this also included some snogging on the couch.

Tash's date was a visit to the wool shed.While they were sitting in the wool Tash decided to tackle the bull by the horns - to use some farming vernacular.

She said you know who you like, so just lay it on the line. This strategy only works if you are the one they like. Drew being a typical male did not know how to handle the situation and was just silent.

Tash kind of did not know when to shut up and kept on going on and on, like she was expecting him to leap on her. I felt a bit sorry for her, as obviously she did not know what had happened between Susie, and Drew.

Later alone before the camera she said she had felt a bit rejected.

When the girls left to head back to the big smoke, Drew gave them a bottle of wine each (nice touch), and Tash gave him two goldfish, one red, and one blonde, named after the two girls. That was classy.

May the best girl win there.

Last was spiritual Brad who had picked Jane and Melanie, but also had a mystery third woman he had met.

He had rejected Jane outright, who had a mega meltdown on last weeks episode about it.

It was now down to Mel and the mystery woman.

He took Mel out to dinner, where they were holding hands, however she was starting to look a tad uncomfortable, and was starting to have her doubts. Maybe she was starting to clue in that this guy has a slight screw loose, there should be a cap on how many personal development books a person can read.

If you want to see the full footage of the guy on their dates with their girls. Here is the link

Only recommended for people with unlimited internet usage, or a lot of time at work.

Next week is the penultimate episode where the farmers go to the city to knock on the door of the girls they wish to pursue, and then at the end Natalie G, the shows host puts them through a question and answer session.

This show is rating well with over 1.3 million viewers, so expect to see another series next year on Channel 9.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dancing With the Stars - Final 3

Due to a recording malfunction..... me - I missed both Anh Do and Luda's, and David and Corrina's first dances - Sob.

However it meant I missed the banal opening segment by Darryl Somers. Yeah. On Sunday a person was telling me how he thought Darryl was one of the great comedians, I immediately deleted him from my Christmas Card list.

Speaking of Christmas, Sonia Kruger was certainly getting into the festive spirit by dressing up as a gift.

Bridie and Craig were the third couple to dance and they did the salsa.

The pre routine confab at rehearsals continued to not wow me with them. I know she is hugely popular and a great dancer, but she just annoys me.

Notwithstanding that I thought she looked super hot in that dress, and the opening was great when Craig jumped over her. Then it went into a lull, and it was not the sexiest nor smoothest salsa I have ever seen.

I did not see the point regarding both of them chewing gum. Was this to try and highlight that it was Cuba pre the Castro revolution, when there were heaps of Americans there, hence the gum. If so I thought the link was as tenuous as one of Anna Coren's segues as The Chaser is constantly outlining on their show.

Judges of course love Bridie and gave her 31.

Anh Do and Luda's second dance of the evening was the Argentine Tango. It was a snappy little dance, with intensity, the only negative comment is that Anh does not do sultry convincingly I always think he about to smirk. The dance ended with a great backward bend from Luda, to reach a knife to slit his throat.

Anh Do then played dead on the floor, and Darryl came rushing over to try and milk a joke out of it, by pretending to do CPR. Anh Do nearly gagged, thinking this was not in my contract, and as usual with any joke involving Darryl it was incomprehensible and fell flat.

Judges loved it. Paul Mercurio said "Their best routine of the season." I still like the Wiggles one which they hated, but I suppose this is more technical.

David and Corrina were were next with a Samba. I did not get the story they were trying to portray. Was it a sailor coming into port to meet a girl. I could not understand whether it was his girlfriend or if it was a lady of the night.

Since seeing Lacey, and Danny do a sizzling Samba on SYTYCD, anyone else just looks flat.

The judges agreed, Todd said " No feeling, no bounce", and gave it a low 23.

Why doesn't David let Corrina speak? Does she have some sort of speech impediment we don't know about?

Bridie and Craig were last doing the Argentine Tango as well. They role played Morticia and Gomez from the Addams family. Which was pretty clever. I thought it was good, however again I think it lack sultriness, maybe she should have channelled Esmeralda in again, at one stage it looked like it had morphed into a B grade zombie movie flick.

Darryl of course would win an award for stating the obvious, when he said to Craig, you must be Gomez.

Todd won gag of the night, when Helen was rabbiting on about the judges all being a character from the Addams Family, she asked him who he was and he held up 2 fingers and said Thing.

Judges scored them a high 35.

Final scores were :
Anh Do and Luda : 66
Bridie and Craig: 66
David and Corrina: 54

The guests tonight were Human Nature, and Smokey Robinson. Human Nature since turning from teeny boy bad, to Motown band, have continued to milk it this genre, with the release of their third album just in time for the Christmas market.

Smokey Robinson looked like he had been botoxed within an inch of his life, however cannot criticise one of the great songwriters. Performance wise it was not so great, not help by a microphone malfunction for one of their singers.

Then the moment we had been waiting for who was going to go through to the final.

Predictably Bride and Craig went through, then there was about 10 seconds of suspense before we learnt Anh Do and Luda were through. I was surprised that David Hobson had been eliminated, but I could not say I was unhappy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Matt Corby tries to take on Dicko - unsuccessfully

The Daily Telegraph today stated that Matt Corby took a swipe at Dicko last night for his comments about this years contestant being "beautiful but boring".

The already prima donna not yet popstar said after his very underwhelming rendition of
Jamie Cullum's hit Dry, the 17-year-old turned the tables with a snappy aside of his own, with the quip: "I feel sorry for Dicko. He must be bored out of his mind."

At least Dicko gets paid to watch the show, shouldn't he be apologising to the rest of the Australian viewing audience.

Anyway Matt Corby your attack on Dicko was the equivalent of being hit by a leaf of wet lettuce.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Australian Idol - The final showdown

It was always going to be a huge night for Matt Corby and Natalie Gauci, but first we had to have them and Dicko go through the walk of shame for comments they had made to the media this week.

Andrew G and James Mathison dressed in Reservoir Dogs type outfits were the ones to give them the interrogation regarding their comments which hit all major metropolitan newspapers. At least the razor was not used like it was in the Tarantino flick to elicit their confessions or contrition.

Dicko was first up. I wrote about his media foot in mouth in a previous post called Dicko Speaks The Fountain of Truth. To summarise he thought the final two were bland and boring.

Tonight that article was projected up giant size on the backwall of the studio stage. With a please explain from Andrew and James.

Dicko who had huge bags under his eyes"Said he cannot remember saying it", however he did confess to agreeing it was what he thought. " He said it was not just them, but he thought the final 12 were a bit lightweight, and may find it difficult to stay in the limelight once they are starved of the oxygen of a weekly show."

So this may have also explained the top 12's trip to Granville MacDonalds to be taught how to flip burgers.

Next up was Matt Corby and Natalie Gauci's huge faux pas of calling the winners single "Here I am" a dud. In today's Sunday Telegraph an article outlined that both Matt and Natalie were not entirely overwhelmed by the song they will release if they win next week.

They both said they had been misquoted - rather unconvincingly mind you. It is a wonder they were not holding their butts after the arsekicking they would have got from both the Idol producers, and Sony BMG. Denis Handlin, head of BMG/Sony, must have choked on his cornflakes this morning when he read it.

Natalie and Matt need to go to Marketing 101 to learn always speak positively about the product you are spruiking.

Anyway after the 1 minute of humiliation it was time to hear the song that had caused all the kerfuffle.

Matt Corby was given the honour of opening the show with "Here I Am", but first we had to sit through an overview of Matt's short life.

In summary he has been performing all his life. Was bullied at school because he was in the choir (I thought that sort of thing did not occur at non-govt schools) so he quit, the choir not the school. Then he was in some Youth Community Band which toured around schools to try and instill some self esteem into the kiddies. They did not mention whether this band was christian affiliated, they probably wanted to avoid that as they did no want another week of Today Tonight stories on Hillsong stacking Idol.

After that he came back home, and was rejected by Newtown Performing Arts High School, and he received a scholarship back at his previous school. Matt has already indicated he is not going back to school so he can pursue a musical career.

Finally the song. Well these winner's songs are always unisex anthems, but Matt really looked like he was not enjoying singing it, therefore it was really boring. Even he was falling asleep singing as at least half the time his eyes were closed.

Next up was Natalie Gauci with the story of her life. She too has been performing since very young, and had a semi impressive tv, and singing portfolio. This year she actually released a self funded EP and was invited to New York to perform it.

Natalie's first song was "Apologise" by Timbaland. I had never heard of the song, and found it hitting both of Dicko's descriptives of boring and bland.

The Confidence Coach then interviewed John Rowe, movement coach, Erina, voice coach, and John Foreman, musical director about this years Idol.

This girl is never going to take over from Parkinson. John Foreman said that Matt had had a semi nervous breakdown - well John called it a confidence crisis- midway through the series, but now he was starting to put together some good performances.

I wonder if this crisis came when he was bottom two that time with Ben.

John Rowe said "They needed to find their star quality" Which would indicate he thinks neither has achieved this yet.

Matt then sang a cover version of a cover version called "High and Dry" Apparently a British jazz singer Jamie Cullen covered this Radiohead song.

Carl Risley must have been wondering where wardrobe had been hiding Matt's shirt, it was perfect crooner style. It was a black with a sequin open tie in a style like George Clooney wears in Ocean Eleven films.

Again I was completely underwhelmed by his performance it was beyond mediocre. And that movement coach must not be earning his money with Matt as he is always on that chair. To quote the great Iggy Pop "I'm Bored".

When was this show going to pick up?

Well it started to with Natalie's rendition of the fabulous Kate Bush song "Running Up that Hill" which she did a great job with.

I thought she looked good in black pant and a jacket, which would be perfect for the Dr Who party I have been invited to, I would be able to dress as a dalek, rather then breaking out the shammy's to dress as that warrior princess Leila.

Matt Corby then sparked up with a good rendition of "Mines Eye" by Wolfmother, it was the only time all night there was any enthusiasm from him. Mark Holden loved it and gave it a standing ovation. His way of saying I want Matt to win.

Matt's look confused reality raver for quite a few minutes. I had thought that Sheridan Tyler had hit new lows in the wardrobe department by slinging a pair of sunglasses around his neck, however Ravers sidekick pointed out that it was part of the design of the tshirt. Duh.

Andrew G and James announced a new concept, the Winners Journey Tour, which the winner will do throughout Australia to be joined by different final 12 contestants throughout. It starts on January 4 in Wollongong.

It was then Natalie's turn to sing the winner's song "Here I Am". She did a much better job with it, and I quite liked it. Also she looks fantastic in red. The audience seemed much more enthusiastic about it.

Now they and us have to wait until next Sunday to find out the verdict.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been liking Matt less, and less, and I am trying to decide what he would hate more - winning and having to sing the winners anthem over and over to publicise it, or whether his ego would be crushed by not winning this season as everyone is expecting. So at this stage I have not decided how I will vote.

So You Think You Can Dance Fans - Great Blog

Now the American series of So You Think You Can Dance has finished, it is great to be able to get out on the World Wide Web to find out more about the dancers.

There is this great American Blog BSYTYCD which covers everything. I highly recommend it to fans of the show. He has reviews of the current SYTYCD tour, and lots of links to interviews with the dancers.

Things he has covered recently which may be of interest to readers:
  • A recent scrag fight between Lacey and Lauren, which Lacey posted on her MySpace page;
  • The romance between Hok and Lacey; and
  • Great information on what the previous season 2 winners are doing.

The other great news is the Australian/US alliance will continue with him letting me be his Australian Correspondent for the Australian version of the show.

So if you want to become a SYTYCD savant BSYTYCD is the place to go.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Mad Mary and Nasty Nigel Interview

As seen in a previous post there was an interview online the Australian TV Week website with Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe to promote the So You Think You Can Dance Finale.

I later discovered sneaky TV Week had not put all of the interview on line, and the full article was in the hard copy of the magazine.

Nigel's interview highlights include:

  • The top four were his favourites;
  • There are now more guys watching the show then previously, not for the perv factor but for the athleticism;
  • He will be guest judge for one episode on the Australian version of the show;
  • It is harder for a girl to win the show because of teenage girls are the core group of voters;
  • Pasha surprised him as a dancer, as did Domenic the breakdancer.
  • He was delighted by Sabra, who has this huge magnetism, even though she is not the best technical dancer they have had. But she has the most magic he has seen.
  • Danny is now a consummate performer as well as brilliant technician.
  • He think Lauren peaked to late in the competition; and
  • If Dave "Sex" Soller shows up at the next years audition it will be the first time in Nigel's life that he is going to say no to sex!

Mary Murphy in summary:

  • Adored Danny, and also thought Sabra had this amazing presence and the ability to spread joy through her eyes that connects with viewers at home.
  • Favourite choreographer - all had their great moments, but week after week always seems to have something really beautiful and fun, it would be Tyce DiOrio.
  • Standard improved this year, and she expects to see more professional dancers next season because of the prize money.

Dicko Speaks The Fountain of Truth

Today in the Daily Telegraph Dicko said what a lot of Australian Idols are thinking - that the final two this year are a tad boring.

Matt Corby fired back and said "If you don't like it don't watch it".

Um Matt that is exactly what people are doing with ratings down this year, and don't delude yourself it is because you are up against Kath and Kim on Channel 7.

Though Dicko should think about that old adage "Don't bite the hand that feeds you".

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance - The Finale

The final episode of So You Think You Can Dance Season was upon us only about 3 months after America but I was still pretty excited.

Some issues still need to be resolved:
How many hair dos did Nigel Lythgoe have over the past three months?
How many tubes of peroxide have gone on judges and contestants teeth?
Is Cat Deeley sponsored by a fake tan product?
Which of the dancers got it on during the show and whilst on tour?
Lastly who won????

The show started off with the Cat Deeley revealing there had been a whopping 16 million votes cast to decide the winner. Somebody was going to make a lot of money out of that.

All the regular judges were sitting in line on a big panel Mia Micheals, Shane Sparks, Wade Robson, Dan Karaty, and of course Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.

Dan and Wade must of come to a truce regarding Wade's peace dances as they were seated together. I was disappointed Adam Shankman did not get to sit up there as I thought he had been a great guest judge with his camp bitchy wit, crossed with his indepth dance knowledge.

But first Cat Deely's dress. A friend, site contributor and style arbiter sms me horrified and described Cat's dress as a toilet brush. I agreed, but also thought it could have been a cross between a kewpie doll, and one of those dolls that sits on top of the toilet to hide the toilet paper in. These are getting harder and harder to find, and will only be available from all good retro antique stores soon.

I am surprised this fashion tragedy did not make it on to the Go Fug Yourself Site for a caning.

I did like the butterfly's in her hair, I wonder where you can get those from.

Nigel solved the mystery of the blonde girl Clare Callaway from Season 2 who hurt her ankle in Las Vegas, and at the time was told she could come back this year straight to Vegas. She was a 18 year old from the South. Apparently whilst recuperating she managed to get herself knocked up. When the doctor said keep your weight off your feet I don't think that was what he meant. That injury was certainly life changing for her.

She had been one of my favourites from Season 2 so I was a tad disappointed, maybe she can make it next year.

Tonight each judge/choreographer got to nominate their favourite routine, which was then danced again.

Mary Murphy nominated the Shane Sparks transformer number danced by Lauren and Pasha. The opening robotic work was definitely the highlight. And boy it was great to see Pasha again.

They received a standing ovation - it was then I noticed how short Shane Sparks was, he came up to Mia Michaels waist. I noticed he did not stand much after that. The other shorty was Dan Karaty another hip hop dancer. So maybe you have to be vertically challenged to be a good breaker/ hiphop dancer.

Next was Brendan Norris the clogger from the auditions. He was great even though I am still not sure what clogging his Wiki soon sorted me out apparently it is some type of hill-billy tap dancing.

I wonder if the Mardi Gras Festival will bring him out, as well as the male belly dancer I spotted in the auditions.

Next up was Nigel's choice, and he picked Wade Robson's humming bird and flower piece danced by Hok and Jaime. Was this Nigel's way of attoning for his sins last week, when he told Wade he did not particularly like his fox routine with Sabra and Lacey.

The hummingbird piece was delightful, and showed the strengths of the two dancers.

Jean-Marc then picked the Shane Sparks routine with Dominic and Sabra, it is two young lovers. I liked this more on the second viewing. Also noticed the chemistry between the two which helped with the dancing. I hoped Dominic has finally got a girlfriend and stopped stalking Cat.

Adam Shankman choice the Sara and Neil number to Knock on Wood. He said this validated disco as a dance genre (oh yeah love it). The contestants on this weeks episode Dancing With The Stars could have taken some tips from this routine.

As Adam Shankman said "Sara had her Cinderella moment". I love that phrase.

Bran(Sic) Gaynor the guy who had scoliosis did a routine. He was very very good. If Star Wars ever turns into a Broadway musical he would be great as CP30.

At the audition Shane Sparks had offered him a movie role, Cat put Shane on the spot tonight about it. It was obvious from the look on Shane's face that he had done bugger all about it. He was now going to "introduce him around"

Wade Robson's favourite piece was last year's contestant Dimitri choreographed Samba routine with Lacey and Danny. Even on a second viewing it just sizzled. Hopefully it will turn up in the next James Bond film.

Lacey was then eliminated. The Schwimmer family cheered in the audience. What are they going to do next season is there another sibling who can audition?

Then a Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger came out and sung in ridiculously high heels with a cyclonic wind machine going. I was amazed she could dance. I thought she might have a Naomi Campbell type moment and fall over. If you need to see the Naomi fall the link is here

Shane Sparks nominated the Benji Schwimmer West Coast Swing number as his favourite, with Sara and Pasha. It was so high energy, it was one of my faves of the season.

Tyce D'Orio nominated the Jean-Marc Fox trot with Anya and Danny, which I barely remembered it from the first time.

Tony Meredith picked the Wade Robson routine where Sara & Jesus danced. Sara must have been stoke being in three of the final episodes routines. It was a great compliment.

Mia Michaels picked the Mandy Moore jazz table dance routine with Neil and Sabra. It was still sexy this time around. It was one of my favourites.

I noticed Cat gave Neil a mauling after he was eliminated. They were now down to their final two.

But still more dances. After the Mia Micheals group dance the moment we had been waiting for the much promoted Cat Deeley and Nigel dance.

What a freaking let down, it was their faces pasted on to some cartoon type dancers doing the mexican three step or something like that. I did not really see the point of it except as an opportunity for Nigel to promote his friends business.

Ok I have to admit I was really excited about seeing the both of them dance, so I felt really let down.

Next up was Ryan Caberra who is he?? That was very yawn inducing.

Then Dan Karaty picked the Mia Michaels piece based on a father and daughter meeting in the after life. This routine really improved for me on the second viewing. The cameras did not pan across to see if Mary was sobbing again.

Then the winner was announced Sabra had won the $250,000. Then Channel 10 just ended it. I wonder if that was how it ended in the US? I would have thought they would let Sabra make a speech or something, or show highlights from the show, as Lacey and Neill got.

Anyway great result, all the top four were fabulous. I must admit I was hoping Neil would win.

At least we don't have to wait long for the Australian version to commence. It will be on our screens in February.

I hope with the US version next season, that Channel 10 stream it 'live' from the States, as it is very frustrating not being able to find out more about the dancers or choreographers because you are fearful you are going to find out the winner.

Farmer Wants a Wife -Episode 4

Channel 9 is now promoting the show as the "romantic new series" clearly the marketing team have been eating Bindeez again.

The story so far, the six farmers had whittled down their selected women down to two, and they were staying on the farm to get to know them better, and try out farming life.

Chris 34 farmer from Tamworth picked Kim, a disability support worker, and Jocelyn a lawyer from Sydney.

Kim and Chris were hitting it off, until she had to go back to Sydney for the weekend for a wedding.

So he then he had to give some attention to his other woman Jocelyn. Jocelyn states she is 34, but I think she looks older then that, unless that Thai plastic surgery holiday went horribly wrong. She appears to have a bit of silicone in her, as well collagen lips.

However during his time alone with her he showed why he had been single for so long. This guy is a personality retard and immature. He barely spoke to her over lunch and appeared to be sulking the whole time until Kim came back.

Chris it is just good manners to make a guest in your home feel welcome, he could not manage that. He needs to grow up.

Jocelyn at least had the maturity to bring up the issue whilst they were horseriding. You deserve better then that love pack up your bags and go.

Chris met Kim at the airport with a dopey grin and "I missed you more then I thought I would" they kissed and hugged and she was happy. It was nauseating but it looks like this pair may have matched up.

Brad the spiritual farmer from Swan Hill had asked Mel and Jane to the farm. Last week he had dropped a 'bombshell' by saying he had met another women prior to the filming of the show, which prompted a meltdown by Mel.

However this week it was Jane's turn. Last week her and Brad had shared a short kissed, which she interpreted as the next step. He clearly did not think so. If she had slept with him she would have thought that meant marriage!

He went away for the weekend to wedding, on his return he told Mel that it was only interested in two girls now, Mel and the mystery girl.

Jane was then told the bad news which brought a pretty weird reaction "I only looked at your picture on the website and noone elses and where has it gotten me" " I trusted you and Mel". It was all a bit strange but then what is appropriate behaviour when being dumped on national TV. Would June Dally-Watkins care to comment?

Did she think Mel should have stepped back to give her open slather to him? She should count her lucky stars he did not like her, as I think he is a weirdo. Which makes him perfect for the slightly unhinged Mel. Mel should have a free run after all as the other anon girl will be dumping Brad after seeing how is portrayed on this series.

Craig the 27 year old dinky-di farmer from West Wyalong had selected Erin, a 24 year old billing officer and single mum, and Deanne a 25 year old medical receptionist. Now last week I advocated these girls should run and run fast, however they were still there mooning over this mummy's boy farmer.

He took the girls to watch him play rugby and lo and behold mummy is there on a picnic rug. She would be the mother-in-law from hell. He then proceeds to get into a punchup - which unsurprisingly the girls loved. Erin likes a bit of rough apparently. Great role model for your 2 years son love.

Deanna had a meltdown as she thought Craig preferred Erin over her. She said "I love his family, and I love his friends". Someone needs to stage an intervention on this girl and fast. Craig then took her on a "date" up the paddock with a thermos.

She continued with some classic lines from Mills & Boon novels - "I have been craving to spend time with you". Well it worked as next minute they were pashing. It was gross - she really needed to remember her family will be watching this.

Then he took Erin on a paddock date, hopefully to a different paddock. This guy also showed his immaturity by sulkily saying "I have spoken to my mates and they have told me I will always come second to your son." Kudos to her for saying "Yes you will". He looked shocked that she was actually truthful.

Insensitively he went in for the pash which she really did not want.

I would like to know whether it was his friends saying that or is mum. Erin is a pretty straight talker so maybe she may be good for him. I just don't see her putting up with him in the long term, as it will mean she will have to children her son and him.

Her kid arrives next week so it will be interesting how Craig copes with that.

Jon the 28 year old from Deniliquin picked Jodie and Meika both nurses. Now this guy really wants to get married.

He took them both to the races where he clearly favoured Jodie, though Meika as a consolation prize managed to win on the punt.

Jodie was starting to realise that country life was not quite as romantic as she thought. Jon's farm is 40 km out of town. As she said what happens if you run out of milk? Buy a dairy cow, and you will always have super fresh milk to drink or buy UHT. I would have thought the bigger issue was finding decent coffee, limited movie offerings, and no sushi train.

Jon decided to tackle the bull by the horns, and put Jodie on the spot about her attentions, and after admitting she just wanted friendship he suggest that both Meika, and her leave.

Jodie's feelings appeared to be deeper then warranted as she was crying. However Jon was on that phone ringing another girl from his top five asking her to come and stay.

At first I thought he was being a bit heartless, however I tend to agree with what he has done, why have someone there you like more and more, if they don't want you. Cut the cord and move along. Maybe his bedtime reading has been "He Is Really Not That Into You".

Next week we see who the lucky girl is.

Next up was Gus 32 year old from Warren who picked Julie and Brooke to be his farm companions. Nothing must be going on here, as we barely got to see them last week, and this week there was hardly much more footage.

Maybe they have been hit with the boring stick.

He took Julie on a date to the local pub and then called her Brooke so that date was a disaster.

He then went horse riding with Brooke his preferred choice - however she is vegetarian. His big issue was if they had kids whether they would be brought up meat eaters. She acquiesced to this demand.

Lastly was the laconic Drew a 32 farmer from Mudgee who picked Tash and Susie as his two girls. These are my favourite.

He is in a dilemma as he likes them both. Maybe he needs to suggest a Jack Thompson type living situation. Jack notoriously lived as part of a ménage à trois with current wife Leona King and her sister Bunkie for years.His statement about the arrangement is as follows - "I wouldn't have missed it for quids."

Somehow I don't think they will agree to this. However as he stated "The everyman fantasy of two women has now been killed for him".

He took Susie fishing, with a bottle of wine. This guy must be singlehandedly propping up the Mudgee wine industry.

She revealed she had not had a serious boyfriend before as she had not liked any of them, however she did like him.

Not much on Tash this week except for a quick glimpse on her on a quad bike, as was Susie, who managed to flash more of her g-string then she would have liked.

Things we have learnt from this weeks episode:
1. When a guy kisses you there is no hidden meaning it is just a kiss.
2. There appeared to be no water shortage in Warren, as Gus and the girls hosed down his tractor.
3. Natalie G compere uniform continues to be jeans, checked shirt, and big belt buckle. Channel 9's interpretation on how farm girls dress.

Onadrought one of this blogs regular respondents has been missing for the past few weeks. I wonder as she is a big reality tv fan, that maybe she is one of the contestants on the show?. If that is the case I hope she is in Mudgee with Drew as I know she likes a good drop of wine!