Thursday, April 3, 2008

Anthony Ikin Kills Rumour He And Matt Lee Are Doing The Wild Thing

Anthony Ikin gives an interview after his elimination from So You Think You Can Dance to TV Week here.

He refutes the rumour that he was in a liaison with one of the So You Think You Can Dance judges Matt Lee! I had heard the rumour doing the rounds, but as Danny Noreiga says "Too much to handle". Also I thought it was a load of bollocks.

However guys don't get your hopes up, Anthony is in a new relationship and apparently it is going strong.

Again, he is critical about the choreography he had. At least he is not critical of his dance partners, as some have been, you know who you are Camilla.

"There've been weeks when I haven't had the best choreography, but you just dance to the best of your ability and I've had such a great time."

I found his answer to the following question quite condescending:
The judges seemed much tougher on Sunday night. Do you think it's because they no longer have the power so the only way they can influence the voting is with their opinions?Yeah, it's getting really hard now because everyone's fantastic. If the judges just said "Great routine" to everyone, the public would have no idea what they're watching and what they should be influenced by. What the judges expect from the dancers now is brilliance and they need to be tough.

I think the audience does have some idea whether they like or hate a routine. Also we vote for different things eg personality, technical dancing, versatility or the routine. I am unsure how much sway the judges actually have with the voters.

Jemma's exit interview with TV Week is here. She predicts either Rhys or Jack will win. Also she revealed that Rhiannon had a blank on her solo so just freestyled it. No wonder it looked the same as previous ones.

She is hoping to make a career out of dancing.


Anonymous said...

Bah, Anthony is such a wanker!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, that was really not elegant of me to say... But I still think he's one. :D :D :D

Reality Raver said...

You have to call it as you see it anon.