Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol - Top Five - Neil Diamond night.

It was another mentor night and again the Idol producers trotted out another baby boomer favourite, Neil Diamond, so they could remember the good old days of psychadelic drugs and free love. Clearly Paula Abdul is stilling living in those days - more on THAT incident later.

Again I query why they get people to mentor whose career is dead about the time the Idol contestants were born? Thank God Cat Stevens decided to give up singing for religion otherwise he would be wheeled out next week.

The format was different this week, with the Idol’s having to sing two songs, and due to time constraints they were not going to be individually judged after the first song. So once all five had sung once they were brought on stage and the judges were asked their opinion.

After Randy quicky gave his opinion about the five it was Paula's turn. Paula started critiquing Jason Castro songs both the first and the second one. But hang on Paula he has only sung one of them!!! Randy prompted her by saying “Paula they have only sung one” not getting it at point she had made a mistake, and saying I thought they sang two songs. The look on Simon’s face was priceless as he smirked and rolled his eyes.

Was she reading from notes she or the producers had written during the dress rehearsal, or had the show been edited and they had in fact already performed their two songs before an audience. I think the former occurred. She did look rattled and upset for the rest of the program.

Simon stepped in and quickly gave his views of the singers and then ranted “that he hope their second songs were going to be much better.

Jason Castro first song Forever in Blue Jeans was pretty bland and forgettable. These mentor weeks must be killing him as he was ordinary last week with Andrew Lloyd Webber. If he can survive this past fortnight he may go onto thrive again. He did not do himself any favours with Neil by forgetting the lyrics in the rehearsals and only enhanced his stoner boy image.

Randy Jackson said “ Just Ok.”
Simon Cowell said “Forgettable”

Jason’s second song was September Morning. It was dull, dull, dull. Both of his songs sounded the same.

Randy said: “Just Ok”
Paula said “ I thought you had taken the same liberty on both songs”
Simon said “ We don’t recognise you, no attempt to make the arrangement your own, both forgettable.”

David Cook first song was I’m Alive. Neil said David gave him goosebumps and he had the right material, attitude and voice.

David’s version had a rocky edge to it and he played his electric guitar. It was just ok for me a tad boring but that could have been the song not the performer.

Randy said “Very good in the Zone, doing your thing”
Simon said “Just above average.”

His second song was great All I Really Need Is You. He playing the acoustic guitar, whilst singing smouldering vocals and eyes to these romantic lyrics. I can imagine the girls at home swooning at home. Smart song choice and performance.

Randy said “Huge David Cook fan.”
Paula "So proud of you, you pulled that off, I feel that I am already at the American Idol.”
Simon said “First song ok, second song brilliant. Sounded like it was written this year.”

Brooke White’s first song was I’m A Believer. She played guitar as well and appeared very nervous, which was making her voice shaky, and flat. Is she on The Biggest Loser as well as every week she seems to drop weight? She looked stick thin tonight.

Randy said “ A bit Karaoke.”
Simon said “A nightmare” Brooke yelled out no it wasn’t - yes it was Brooke.

Her second song I am Myself was much better she accompanied herself on the piano. In a pre song chit chat she revealed to Ryan she had the lyrics written on her hand I am not sure how she thought she was going to be able to prompt herself whilst playing the piano. However it was not bad rendition of the song in a kind of country way.

Randy said “Nice job”
Paula rambled I had no idea what she said I think it was something about vulnerability.
Simon said “This is the Brooke I like, it was not incredible but a millions time better then the first song.”

David Archuleta sang next. Neil said “He is a kind of a prodigy”.

David’s first song Sweet Caroline not a personal favourite of mine, but the way he mixed up the song made it ok.

Randy said “You’re the bomb”
Simon said “Amateurish”

His second song was America from the Jazz Singer. Did David pick this song as he had seen how popular nationalistic songs are with the Idol audience. Kristy-Lee Cook saved herself with God Bless America earlier in the competition when she had been particularly vulnerable. He even had the US flag on the screen flapping away in the background. Personally I thought the song was dull.

Randy said “In the zone, another good performance.” I think he means the middle of the road zone.
Paula said “Voice is so on point”
Simon said “That was a smart choice of song, ticked all the boxes, very good.”

Syesha Mercardo was a big hit with Neil Diamond he asked her for a hug.

Hello Again was her first song. Her voice was strong, but the song is boring.

Randy said “Not amazing but stronger”
Simon said “Old fashioned.”

Her next song was Thank the Lord For The Night Time. It had a good beat and it was a nice contrast between her two songs. She did a good job but it did not blow me away.

Randy said “ Finally realising who you are, you are in the zone.”
Paula said “I love her”
Simon said “Very good actress/singer, I think you may be in trouble tonight.
“I don’t think you had a really memorable second song like some of the others.”

I think bottom two will be Jason Castro, and Syesha, with Jason being eliminated.

Simon summed up the episode nicely by saying “This is officially the strangest show we have ever done. It is kind of a bit chaotic.”

Australia's Next Top Model - Exit Interviews

Left: Supposedly Charlotte Dawson looking mutton spice at the MTV.

Here is an interview with Kristy after her elimination last night. She is still bitching that Alamela had two goes at the shoot, and if she hadn't she may have been the one eliminated.

Click here to read it.

Here is an interview with the first girl eliminated Karmilla - it is a bit boring but what do you expect she was only on the show for a minute. Click here for the interview.

So You Think You Can Dance - Reality Tidbits

Greatest Conspiracy Blog Ever on SYTYCD.
Marndizz Goss Blog has this great theory on how So You Think You Can Dance was a scam. Now I am a conspiracy theorist but this person beats me hands down.

Her theory which goes into some detail, says the she did not even think the final was live, as there were no public tickets available, which is unusual for those type of show.

She also raises how the routine prior to the announcement of the winner was the one between Jack and Rhys, and how the girls had not had a similar dance together. I have to pay that.

Anthony Ikin Tore Shoulder Muscle - So Had An Excuse For Bad Disco Routine In Finale

It was reported yesterday that Anthony Ikin tore his shoulder muscle right at the start of Laura and his disco routine. Which would explain a lot as it looked pretty shoddy. Poor bugger as Laura is probably the biggest (tallest) girl in the competition to lift. Her part of the routine was not to good, but then she was probably wondering if she was going to get dropped doing the lifts.

Nigel Lythgoe told Bonnie Lythgoe Not To Dance In Group Dance at the Finale.

Now this was a spurious rumour that was posted by a reader on It said that Nigel told Bonnie not to dance in the routine as she would make a fool of herself. Nice to know that even after their separation he is still trying to reduce her self esteem.

Interview with Rhys here

Interview with Jack Chambers here he states the person he would turn straight for would be Beyonce - I cannot get that image out of my head, she would squash him.

Interview with Demi here and one with Kate here.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Brother the much advertised diversity is being eliminated.

Terri the 53 year old baby boomer got rumbled by the Gen Y's or more specifically the male Gen Y's to be eliminated from Big Brother after only spending 8 hours in the house.

Big Brother surprised the housemates on the first night by first making them stay outside all night ala Survivor, and secondly told they would have to eliminated someone at sunrise.

Personally I would have eliminated on IQ though I think it would have taken me more then 8 hours to work out the dumbest.

Australia's Next Top Model - Episode 2

I am undecided whether I would prefer to stay in the Big Brother or Australia’s Next Top Model household. Both would be quite trying.

The girls were given a box of butterflies so that could only mean one thing - transformation day.

They were taken to a hairdresser in the city to be greeted by Jodhi who says she has problems with models with bad haircuts when she looked like she had not brushed her hair at all.

Leiden was going platinum blonde.

Alexandra was not happy about what they were going to do with her a Cleopatra look she has already done twelve months ago.

Caris started crying because she was not used to living with so many people.

Delmelza the 16 year old was not backward in coming back forward about Alex and Caris.

Alex was still upset when she got home sobbing down the phone to her boyfriend about the haircut. Maybe they should have given her a spiral perm that would have given her something to really cry about.

The first challenge of the episode was to be a catwalk challenge.

It was going to be an easy audience as it was navy boys and the catwalk was a ship. Alex was still bitching at Jonathan about the haircut.

Judges for the challenge were Charlotte Dawson, Jonathan Pease, Jodhi two special judges Jordan and Steph from last season ANTM. Also the Captain of the ship got to judge as well.

The 16 year old Delmelza was the favourite especially when she flashed her knickers to all the old pervs.

Belinda without glasses looked like she was going to fall off the catwalk. She kept on getting paid out by the judges for not having her contacts which were meant to be sent to her by her mum.

Jodhi after the show told them how well they had done, she is so different to Tyra. Tyra with Miss J would have torn their walking to shreds. Which I agree, if they are told they are good will they improve? And I thought some overdid it.

Delmelza unsurprisingly won the sailors choice, and Alex won industry award. They got to go on an $11,000 shopping spree.

Shops sponsoring this were One Teaspoon, Grab Denim, then the Trelise Cooper’s studio.

When they got home Delmelza and Alex gave them the dregs and handed over four items. The other girls bitched about the stinginess of the gift. But to be fair it was their prize.

Next was their first single photo shoot. It is a beauty shoot with Napoleon - he had so much make up on. Napoleon bless him breathed some life into what was becoming a rather dull episode. Jonathan is a bit of a charisma free zone.

They had to sit on a chair with a boob tube and get water sprayed on her.

Kristy was being criticised about her angles “she is not the face of my brand”.

They loved Rebecca. Alamela was lost, scared - Napoleon said I am getting bored.

Jonathan wanted Leiden to concentrate on here feminine side. They did not want her to do sexy as they compared her to a praying mantis where she looked like she would devour her partner afterwards.

Alyce and Belinda got favourable reviews. Delmelza did not do well, and was upset in the loos.
Alamela was a given another chance but did not do much with it. Jonathan thought she would be lucky to survive the elimination.

It was Leiden’s birthday and the girls went to a club to let their hair down. The under 18’s organised a party at home. Leiden and Sam pashed for .5 of a second. Alex pashed some very ugly guy.

Alex when she got home phoned her boyfriend to confess saying she was dared to pash this guy. He started crying. He reminded me a bit of Nneena’s desperate boyfriend. It was pathetic.

Elimination time:
Guest judges Jackie Mirren photographer, and Napoleon with the usual suspects Charlotte Dawson, Jodhi Meares, and Alex Perry whose shirt was undone to the waist.

Leiden upset as she is not model ready, said she did not want to be there.

Alyce criticised for being so fake, Napoleon really did not like her.

Rebecca called first I am not sure if that has the same significance as the US version, that you have the best photo from the shoot.

“Well done honey” appears to be is Jodhi’s signature quote. She really needs to get rid of the cheap clipboard she is reading her lines from. I must admit she is not a natural TV talent, she never appears relaxed. I think Charlotte would be better in that role.

Kristy and Belinda were bottom two.

Belinda told to step up. Kristy told she looks like a model but just shown more of the same.
Kristy was eliminated. Then she bitched about Alamela saying she must have been crap as they had to give her a second chance in the shoot. She said she would like Emma to win.

Big Brother - The First Scandal

Rima the vertically challenged contestant has apparently got porn photos circulating around the internet.

The explicit shots come from a porn website that refers to itself as a public art project that makes a bold statements about nudity, fame and the internet. The site displays naked self-portraits, shots of “women in control of their own image. It’s also performance art, it’s fun, it’s liberating, and it’s reality.”

Chances of Channel ten leaking this story themselves to boost ratings???? High.

Full story here.

First Dog On The Moon from has this amusing cartoon

Reality Tidbits

The Difference Between Two Newspapers Commentating On The Todd McKenney Incident.

The Daily Tele article here takes a more cynical view of the incident with them saying when the police arrived and searched him he told them the vial was GBH. Also witnesses said he was dancing until 5.00am in the morning.

Whilst the SMH(hard copy only) have taken a more compassionate line saying that the Sydney Star Observer had reported last week there was a increase in drink spiking incidents in the gay and Lesbian community.

Aussie American Idol Contestant May Be Coming Out For A Promotional Visit.
Michael Johns the Aussie blues/soul/rock singer who was a shock a elimination a few weeks ago may be coming out to Australia next week for a quick promotional visit for Fox 8.

Another highlight for the singer has been being invited to the White House and meeting Condeleeza Rice, Secreatary of State who apparently was a big fan.

He also said he has some record labels interested in him and an album may be out next year.

Full story here.

Big Brother to have a snap eviction
Their first night was more Survivor then BB after the 14 contestants were told they were staying outside the house for the night. Also they were told they had to choose one person to evict today. It will be interesting to see who they pick.

Full story here.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Kid is a Star - Has Been Moved to the Equivalent of TV's Siberia.

Today it was announced the awful My Kid is A Star has been moved from the Wednesday 7.30pm timeslot to Saturday at midday - at this time it will be lucky to hit six figures in the ratings.

For the three fans out there are three half hour episodes left.

Project Runway - Episode 5 - Season 4

Why does Heidi Klum stand with her legs cross? If she was on Next Top Model you could imagine Tyra chastising her, before eliminating her for looking like she needed to go to the toilet.

The episode opened with Sweet P upset that Chris was gone “It will bring a void in the house” I agree.

The Challenge:
New models for the challenge. These were woman who had all lost a significant amount of weight. They were wearing clothes that no longer fitted and the designers had to create a new look with their favourite old clothes.

The outfit must be suitable for everyday life and also showcase themselves as a designer.

Models and Designers were randomly drawn.

No one wanted to work with the model wearing the dreadful wedding dress. Steve was not happy when his name was drawn.

They have 30 minutes to talk to their model.

Steve said the every day look “Was a considerable challenge when you have 10 yards of polyester satin”

They then had $10 for extra fabric and other stuff.

Steven bought black stretch cotton. The trimming was going to come from the wedding dress. Now is this in the spirit of the challenge?

They had 12 hours for get their designs finished.

Then some drama occurred, Jack Mackenroth was ill with a mercer in his lip this was not necessarily related to his HIV, however his doctor wanted to treat it aggressively.

Tim Gunn and Jack went for a private chat and Jack decided to leave the show and go get medical treatment. Very upsetting for him, plus the other designers. (For those who are fans of Jack, he may be back on another Project Runway series as apparently he has auditioned again.)

The work room had a very sombre feel to it after that.

Then there was the surprise, Chris March who was eliminated last week was back - I must say I was not unhappy to have that happen.

Chris was having to take over from Jack, with only 6 hours left, so he was given the option of working through the night.

Tim Gunn had to be stern with Chris and told him not to go costumey when he started talking about his sailor design.

Tim also told him to make all the decisions now as he had made a lot of bad decisions at 3.00am.

Steve piped up “Names we want names”.

Tim Gunn then said “I might come and visit you [Chris] at 4.00am, after I have made my 3.00am poor decision.”

At least Project Runway has real wit. Kyle Sandilands could do with some lessons in that particular topic.

The next morning arrived and there was Chris passed out on the couch. And then the usual pre-show mayhem commenced.

Steve was having difficulty finishing his outfit.

Jillian didn’t use the materials that she was given, personally I thought this was wrong as it did not encompass the spirit of the challenge.

Ricky unsurprisingly cried again over as he was so happy about the outfit and what effect his work has on people.

Kevin decided to help Steven to finish his outfit. He was so desperate he had to break out glue to get it finished apparently a big high fashion faux par.

Steven’s outfit made his model look like a maid working in an apartment on Fifth Avenue. It was dour.
The judges tonight were Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Patrick Robinson head designer of the Gap. Of course the inscutable Heidi as well.

Sweet P’s was a cute halter dress.

Jillian had made another halter dress. I did not think it fitted that well. But I was in the minority on that one.

Ricky’s jeans and shirt really suited his model but it was nothing earth shattering.

Chris with his sailor inspired skirt was ok - I liked the skirt but the top did not match it. In fact turn it into a mini and it would be something Amy Winehouse would wear.

Christian’s was very good and funky.

Kevin’s pants and top was really fab as well - very modern.

The it was judgement time

Six left were standing the top and bottom three. These were Chris, Jillian, Elisa, Kevin, Christian and Steve.

Kevin skirt and legging outfit drew praise from the judges. Nina said “great make over“. Michael said “You have to be careful with the leggings, everyone has them, so missed out on ingenuity.”

Elisa layered outfit attracted criticsim. Heidi said “It did not look like the model.“ Nina agreed “It is all very Elisa but not Tracey.” And with the black knee high boots she was wearing with the outfit it was particularly unflattering.

Jillian did not attract too much criticism for not using the material/clothes she was given, as the judges did like the dress. Personally I think this was unfair to the other designers who had adhered to the challenges philosophy.

Steve attracted criticism for his design. Nina said “It looks like [you took the dress] from a wedding to a funeral. Michael said “You had something interesting to work with - you had beading. Steven did not agree.

Christian’s drew praise as it was contemporary and “Looked like it fitted her personality.”

Chris’s outfit again drew criticism with Michale Kors saying “It is a little Shirley McLaine when she played a hooker with a heart of gold.”

The winner of the challenge Christian. Kevin was a bit miffed. It means Christian cannot be eliminated in the next challenge.

Final two were Elisa and Steve.

Elisa was again told the look more about you then client.

Steve was told he turned a joyful wedding dress into something a French maid would wear. It was cliché and boring.

Unsurprisingly Steve was eliminated.

I am going to miss Steve’s sardonic sense of humour. Maybe Ricky can get sick next week and we can get him back.

Big Brother - Is This Year Really Going To Be Any Better?

I knew it was time to change channels after watching the first 40 mins of Big Brother tonight when the conversation in the lounge room had turned into a debate over what would be more interesting to see in the house.

A Harold and Maude type romance between Travis the 20 year old and Terri the 53 year old, or Rima the veritcally challenged contestant who I quite like having an extra marital affair with one of the boys.

Is this the sort of conversation BB has managed to reduce me to???

Also Kyle I found being snide and patronising to the contestants just off. It is a pity Kyle does not know any other type of humour except the put down. Jackie was just his glamourous looking side kick.

And speaking of Kyle he looked like he could do with not eating as many pies at work.

Tim Brunero's article here has a list of who has entered the house. Personally I think they have tried to pick to many extreme and over the top individuals. The diversity is not in age there is one 53 year old and one 32 year old and the rest are younger then 25. I am not sure if all the supposed manipulation is going to work to make enjoyable tv.

Australian Idol - Dean Geyer Engaged

All those girls who had the mega crush on born again christian cutie Dean Geyer will be weeping themselves to sleep tonight now the new is out that he and Lisa Orgliasso, one of The Veronicas have announced their engagement.

They have been dating since April 2007.

Dean Geyer the second most famous virgin in Australia after Guy Sebastian must be looking very much to his wedding night.

The engagement occurred at the MTV awards.

Full story here.

So You Think You Can Dance - Tour

For those who are interested in seeing the So You Think You Can Dance Tour go to this link here

For anyone living outside of the eastern states, and the ACT then it is going to be tears before bedtime, as the tour is not going to Adelaide, Perth, Darwin or Hobart.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - And the winner is.....

We were now at the pointy, pointy end of the competition, well no judge said that but you knew one of them wanted to.

We then had the eagerly awaited opening number number with the all the top 20 dancers, with also the judges and choreographers.

It was high energy with Bonnie still showing she was flexible with a good high kick, however she then botched it after that with one the steps with Jason Gilkison.

Kelley Abbey, Matt Lee, and Jason Coleman had their moment in the sun together doing some jazz hip hop type moves. They were good, but top points would go to Kelley.

Natalie Bassingthwaite shimmied out and I felt like a proud parent watching a child graduating from school. We have seen her struggle with the basics but she seems to have come out the other side unscathed and much improved. She looked the best we have seen her all blinged up, and I never thought sequins and feathers went together but her dress just screamed party. Also props to her for not falling flat on her face while wearing 10 inch heels.

After a review of the auditions process we then had Dein Perry and his tap dogs. The routine started like a duelling banjos routine. It was tapping and drums - my only complaint is on the stage show didn’t they take their shirts off?? They were then joined on stage by some young tap dancing boys (tap pups which included Dein‘s son). It was cute but have seen tapdogs do better.

Then after a recap of top 100 week, there was a futuristic space routine with Khaley and other top 100 dancers. It was fun and boppy, but camera man was going all over the place. Personally I thought Khaley was the better B boy then JD. Simon and Shannon from Project Moda were the choreographers and it was a very good routine.

Next was a musical number with the kids from the stage show Billy Elliot. After the routine one of the pre-pubescent boys took the opportunity of being up close to Natalie and had a good long looks at her legs.

Then it was time for the top ten to dancce to a “I got rhythm” remix choreographed by Jet and Nacho Pop. It was a mix of tap, hip hop, and jazz. Then they announced the top ten tour in arenas around Australia.

Then the top four dance to a high energy Kelly Abbey routine where they all got to do mini solos throughout. Then Natalie announced the three that were moving forward, which resulted in Demi being eliminated. She came in fourth and she should be proud considering she had not formal dance training. Natalie started getting weepy, but luckily she could throw to the Demi montage.

Jason had tears in his eyes as he gave her some glowing praise. Bonnie then did the cheesy thing and asked Demi to sign to her deaf sister “I am Demi, and I am a B girl and a great dancer.” It did not really work.

It was time for the supposed favourite routines from the top 20. But it was more about ensuring that most of the dancers got to have another dance on stage.

First up were Stephanie and Marko’s jive from top 20 week choreographed by Jason Gilkison they were dressed as punks. I wouldn’t have put it in my top routine, but it was better this time around.

Then it was Camilla and Seramsah dancing their martial arts routine choreographed by Project Moda. They must have been thrilled dancing together again after their mutual bagging each other out after they were eliminated from the show.

Laura and Anthony were next with the Aleeta Blackburn disco number. On second viewing it raised the question on how did Laura make it into the top 20 her dancing technique was very ordinary. This was worse then the first time around.

Rhys and Jemma next up danced the Viennese waltz to a Celine Dion number another Jason Gilkison routine.

Then we had to sit through JD’s and Rhiannon’s infamous tango which they botched badly the first time around. Rhiannon sauced it up but it did not really showcase JD. For those who care it was a Fabios Robles routine.

Kate and Hilton dancing the Fox trot another Jason Gilkison number. Is this guy getting paid copyright for his routines tonight?

Then it was Kassie and Graeme’s turn to dance their Sarah Boulter routine. It was a very nice contemporary routine. I will give one thing to Graeme he does know how to do lifts - I hope Jack is taking notes.

Then Henry and Vanessa danced their African Samba which was very very good.

I note that out of the three squillon hip hop routines we were made to sit through this series not one made it into the highlight routines tonight. No Nacho Pop routines I wonder freaking why? Have they finally realised how underwhelming they were? Oh do I need to tell you the Samba was a Jason Gilkison routine.

Are they trying to suck up to Jason G to ensure he comes back next year to choreograph on the shows?

Damien Leith next sang a cover of a Mad Mad World, just as I was getting a bit bored, Caleb the 15 year old who was not allowed audition because he was underage came out to dance. And wow what number can I dial so he can win. Just think Danny Tidwell but rawer. Natalie then announced a $10,000 scholarship with a 2 week workshop at the Sydney Dance Company.

Then it was time for another elimination - it was time for Kate to go. She was not shocked.

In her goodbye speech Kate said “ Thanks to my Idol since I have been ten years old Kelly Abbey.” Camera pans to Kelley not looking to happy with that comment considering Kate is 29.

Next was Leona Lewis singing her hit song, she must have flown from LA as soon as she finished appearing on American Idol last week.

They then brought out Rhys and Jack, and then did their two montages prior to announcing the winner. Which was a good idea as last year in the US version you did not see Danny’s or Sabra’s, as they just announced the winner and that was it.

I keep on forgetting Rhys had to go through the choreography round to get to the top 100, and now he was top two.

Jack and Rhys then danced together in a fun and bouncy routine by none other then Jason Gilkison.

Then it was time to announce the winner …..

Ok drum roll and the winner is Jack Chambers - no surprise there. I was so disappointed for Rhys. But in the routines seen tonight Jack was the better dancer out of the two.

But to help us overcome any disappointment Natalie announced the show would be back next year.

Reality Tidbits

Cosi Has Been Told He Will Be Bashed If He Turns Up To This Weeks The Biggest Loser Finale.

An article in the Adelaide Times has Cosi claiming that Bryce and one other unnamed contestant would bash him up if he came to the finale. Channel Ten has hosed it down. Personally I think it is a load of bollocks and just Cosi beating it up for some publicity.

Chloe Lattanzi Another Hot Mess on Rock My Cradle.

Here is this weeks performance from Chloe Lattanzi on Rock My Cradle singing Korn's "Freak On A Leash". Rock My Cradle which is shown in the US on MTV is a reality TV show that has stars of famous children in a singing competition, with viewers voting who goes.

You get the feeling in a few years Chloe is going to write a Mummy Dearest type book which will make Joan Crawford look like Mother Theresa. What has Olivia Newton-John and Matt Lattanzi done to cause such deep rooted emotional issues and also why are they encouraging a singing career?

Anyway I hope she stays on as her performances are the highlight of my week. Come on David Gyngell buy it to screen on Channel 9 it would be compulsive viewing. Link here to the performance

Are Kyle Sandilands and Tamara Jaber the Chavs of Australia?
For years I have been stunned by both Kyle and Tamara's lack of taste first there was the magazine spread showing their Gold Coast type mansion, but now it has been revealed they are going to have a wedding that will rival any english footballers wives matrimonial day. reveals Tamara will have nine attendants and her dress will be designed by Joanne Panzarino who specialises in "feathers, frou, frou, and frills."

I can just see Posh and Beck's type thrones at the reception.

Big Brother - An Afghani Muslim Is Bright Enough To Pull Out Of Show

In today Sunday Telegraph it is revealed that an Afghani Muslim who was to enter the Big Brother compound has decided to pull out of the show citing "family reasons". I suspect they realised they did not want to be set up on a national tv show and have their religion perceived in a negative light.

The producers are clearly trying to tick all the boxes to try and create controversy in the house with a 53 year old Pauline Hanson lover who has already said she disapproves of some people who come into the country. Unfortunately Terri will be in a media ban lockdown and will not see that her idol Pauline has again allegedly been caught taking electoral funds. Clearly a jail sentence for electoral fraud did nothing to rehabilitate Pauline's criminal tendencies.

The muslim inmate probably realised that with no control over editing it could have ended in disaster. At least the shopping list has gone this year so they would not have had to put up with the younger inmates disdain when they argued for halal meat rather then alco pops.

A regular reader of the blog who also happens to be Hilary fan ( I am presuming Clinton not Duff) picked what the producers were going to do once Terri the racist was announced. They wrote an aboriginal person (tick), a muslim person (tick even though it did not eventuate I will pay it as it was the producers intention), and a hillsonger (?Travis) would enter the house. Her comments can be found at this blog post here.

So yes you definitely got two out of three, so the drink is on me. However I suspect Travis is in there for another subplot entirely. See See previous post on Travis here.

Another housemate has been revealed a 22 year old guy named Saxon. So much for mixing up the ages so far with have three early twenty somethings, and one fifty three year old. How about some 30 and 40 year olds Big Brother

Todd McKenney Found Passed Out In Park With Drugs - Alleges Drink Spiking

In an article in the Sun Herald today it says that Dancing With the Stars judge, Todd McKenney was found passed out in Rushcutters Bay Park at 3.30pm, an ambulance was called and they revived him.

Which begs the question how long had he been passed out there, and how many of those eastern suburb joggers in this fairly busy park ran passed with out stopping to see if he was alright? Memo to self if going to have a drug overdose do not do it in the uncaring Eastern Suburbs even if wearing designer gear.

McKenney alleges he was was a victim of drink spiking, but lucky for him the drug he was allegedly spiked with was found on his person - GBH - so no need to get those blood tests to find out what had been taken. He has been charged with possession. He states he will defend these charges vigorously.

McKenney was at a friends party when the 'incident' occurred.

I am sure he took these actions at the time:
  • Obviously at the time he started to feel progressively sick whilst drinking his vodka and tonic he found a friend or person to tell them something wasn't quite right;
  • Obviously when his behaviour appeared to be not normal for him, his friends wondered what was going on, and tried to make sure he was ok.
  • Obviously the person who spiked the drink thought he might like some more later and left some on his person. Clearly that was a world first - a generous drink spiker.
  • Obviously he is ensuring that the NSW Police interview people at the party to find out if the drink spiking occurred to anyone else.

He will front court on May 16 and he will bring the usual array of character references, which clearly helped when he was fronting another magistrate on Driving Under the Influence charge whilst driving a probationary licence.

Mix 106.5 can expect a much needed boost in listeners to here Todd talk about it. Or will he pull the much used it is before the courts excuse.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Defination of Irony??

David Mott, the Head of Programming at Channel 10 said this about the success of So You Think You Can Dance in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

He attributes the success to the show's "life affirming" quality. Unlike other shows in the reality genre it focuses less on "train wreck" performances and more on praising genuine talent.

He says the days of "nasty aggressive, type shows, which which look at people's bad sides only" have passed.

I had to laugh that he did not see the irony of the above statement considering Channel 10 have programmed Big Brother to start on Monday, a show that trades in all the said negatives quoted above!

Click here for SMH article.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Big Brother Third Inmate Revealed - A Born Again Virgin?

Travis a squeaky voice flamboyant 20 year old had been revealed as the third flatmate in the Big Brother household.

He has revealed he his a church going and a virgin.

Ok call me a cynical bitch who has lived in the inner city of Sydney for far too long but you do the maths.

Here is what is revealed about him thus far on the Big Brother website:
  • He has a unique look and is flamboyant and excitable;

  • Travis is a virgin who attends church and is anti-drugs.

  • But being a virgin doesn’t mean the ladies don’t like him… Travis is a girl’s best friend.

  • His fave movie is “The Devil Wears Prada”.

  • He’s had three girlfriends so far.

Is anyone else thinking gay?

Probably not allowed to contemplate his sexuality due to his religious beliefs. I hope they put some hot out gay guy in the house to see how he copes with that temptation. Now that would be something to watch religious beliefs v sexual tension.

For more info on Travis go here to the BB website

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Reality Tidbits

Bonnie Lythgoe Proves That Her Judgement is indeed poor.

In this article here Bonnie Lythgoe proves she had poor judgement when it comes to So You Think You Can Dance contestants. She states she would have liked to have seen Anthony Ikin in the top four. "I just loved Anthony" she states.

I thought Anthony was a one dimensional dancer, yes good tricks, but I don't think he ever imparted the emotion of any dance routine.

Judges and Choreographers to Dance On the Finale night.

An article here states that the judges and choreographers will take the stage with the contestants for the opening number on Sunday night. As long as Bonnie is not in a slinky salsa outfit it will definitely be interesting to watch.

The 15 year old Caleb Bartoli who amazed judges with his performance during the auditions but was not allowed to continue because he was below the 18 year old age restriction will also be on the final show.

Reality Tidbits

My Kid's A Star Continues To Haemorrage Viewers.

Channel Nine's, My Kid's A Star at 7.30pm on Wednesday night had a horribly low 659,000 viewers. This made it 4th in its timeslot, again - it's the worst show on TV. This is a drop from the previous week it was of 780,000.

Apparently it will be turned into a 30 minute episodes from next week.

Channel 9 are appalling at them moment, there greatest rival Channel 7's CEO David Leckie is in a coma and they still cannot make up any ground in the ratings race.

Australian Idol Auditions in London Prove To Be A Success With Six Expats Heading Home for the "Top 100" Week.

Dicko, Darren Hayes, and Tina Arena were the judges at the Tate Modern in London this week to listen to Australian's living in the England audition for the show.

Tina Arena who has previously bagged out the show and format as a way of discovering talent, clearly she does not see the irony of herself being "discovered" on Young Talent Time. But now Idol producers are paying her the cash she decided to jump on the bandwagon. I will be interested to see what she has to say, considering her cover of To Sir With Love will be one of the worse songs heard on radio this year.

To names to watch out for are Scott McLintock, and Sophie Patterson. The top 100 week will be filmed in July in Sydney.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol - Elimination Night - Final Five Revealed.

Can Brooke White please be voted off soon. Tonight she was even more painful then usual. When it was announced she was safe and Syesha was in the bottom two, she looked quite rightfully shocked but continued to have a pained look on her face for the rest of the episode.

It appears this week the US viewers were voting for their favourites and not on last nights song performances. This was shown with Jason Castro and Brooke White both avoiding the bottom two tonight.

Bottom two were Syesha Mercardo and Carly Smithson. With Carly being eliminated. She handled it with grace and good humour, whereas Brooke still was standing on stage and moping.

Next week another baby boomer mentor Neil Diamond.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Kid's A Star - Episode 3

“Good show but not a lot of talent” was Max Markson’s assessment of the show the kids put on at the Dural Memorial Hall which was one of the challenges for the teams tonight on My Kid Is A Star.

Channel nine obviously thought the singing was so bad they put another soundtrack over most of the performances. How can we assess what talents the kids have if we never see them do anything for more then three seconds?

But apparently it is not about talent these days but branding. The mantra tonight was the “Challenge did not suit my branding” Why can’t they say it doesn’t suit my talent? Is talent so irrelevant these days? In these days of Corey Worthington and Paris Hilton who are brands I suppose it is.

Well I was not going to watch this show again, but after being flamed by one of the contestants of the show, in my previous blog here I decided to give it another shot.

I was surprised that Channel 9 haven’t pulled yet, but apparently they have reduced the episodes to half hour only from next week.

Danny Bonaduce obviously could smell the stench of failure in the air as he turned up for two days work, took the money and ran.

Tonight the kids were going to tested on their acting. They had to learn lines then they were going to be tested with a surprise special actor.

Kristina was getting a tad hysterical as it was TJ’s weak spot as she has never done any acting. What does she do but do cute. Her singing is just ok. Maybe she can get a few TV commercials in before she hits puberty.

At the studio the special guest actor was Alyssa Jane Cook - when did she last have a paid acting job? Certainly not this century.

The Restless Days it was called - it was a cheesy as the premise of the show. Prior this episode I thought maybe one of the kids may strike it lucky and get a role on Neighbours or Home and Away, now I am not so sure.

Kristina was crying because TJ stuffed the lines. I thought it was out of line and would not have made her daughter feel good.

How many of these parents are living this dream through their kids? Thereza is one. She said that for her son Sam performing was not his cup of tea. Also she said he was deep and needed to internalise things none of this light and fluffy stuff. I think Thereza sees him a mini me of her complete with matching blonde highlights. He definitely did not look like he wanted to be there. In fact does he speak?

Someone who does appear to want to be there Amber loved the challenge and said she could feel the acting. Amber well I couldn’t, but to be fair the script made Days of Lives look like a highbrow BBC historical drama.

Max and Marki both agreed Amber nailed it, and Tom got a honourable mention.

Next was this all Australian Song show the parents had to organise for 200 people waving Aussie flags at the local hall.

There were tiffs between the parents that were too tedious to mention.

We have no idea about what these kids can do as we were shown barely two minutes of the concert.

The winning team from that challenge were Dale and Shane so this meant they were safe from elimination.

Tonight Thereza and Sam were eliminated and it was the most animated I had seen him all series.

He even came out with the line of the night by saying this show “Was my first hit television show.” Unfortunately he was not being ironic.
“It was my first hit television show?” Mmm no it wasn’t.

American Idol Lloyd Webber Night

What was the point of having Andrew Lloyd Webber on the show? Are the songs relevant to the Idol contestants or in fact their target audience? Apparently Idol is losing viewers in the younger demographic could it be because the mentors are so old? Mariah Carey looked positively youthful compared to Lord Webber and Dolly Parton.

Randy thought it was going to be the toughest night of the season. For the viewers or the singers Randy?

Simon said the singers have to make themselves memorable and contemporary.

Syesha Mercardo sang "One Rock and Roll To Many" from Starlight Express. Lord Webber's advice was to “Have a laugh with it”. She asked whether to do the animated or unanimated version. He said the animated version.

Seemed to turn it into the sexy version. Is there any verse to this song or was it all chorus?
Voice was good, performance I thought was a bit overacted but then I guess it is musical theatre.

Randy Jackson said “This is your element, I think you could be a Broadway star, best performance by you by far.”

Paula Abdul said “Real good at that”, and “You brought the house down”

Simon Cowell said “That was very sexy,”, “I think this is one of your strongest performances so far.”, and “Randy right you are more comfortable in this area.”

Jason Castro song choice was “Memories” from the musical Cats.

Andrew Lloyd Webber looked dubious about the song choice. He said he had thought he would never see the song sung by a male, and as it is usually sang by old glamour puss.

Jason sat on the chair singing mixed with a bit of gasping for air. The beige suit he was wearing just about said it all about the performance - beige.

Randy said: “A little bit of a train wreck,” and “Not your thing dude”

Paula said “Everyone used to hearing song by a female balladeer,” then she had verbal diarrhoea and did not make any sense.

Simon said “Longest two minutes of your life, it came over a young guy being forced by your mum and dad to sing a song at a wedding you did not want to attend.”

Brooke White was next singing “Where do we go from here” from Evita. Andrew said this girl does not have a clue about what she is singing about. Had to explain the song to her. Oh god another opportunity to for her to cry on Idol.

Clearly she thought if Madonna who does not have the strongest voice in the world could sing it, then she could. This was her first mistake.

Then came the next one. She lost the lyric and had to get the band to restart. Her face showed she was struggling with the notes. It was just too earnest for me. At least there was no tears.

Two bright notes the dress with the butterflies on it she was wearing, and the fact she was so bummed by her performance she did not interrupt or chat back to the judges.

Randy said “This wasn’t great, there were parts that were good.”, and “Vocally a little tough.”

Paula said “You must never start and stop,”, and “You didn’t overact,”

Simon said “You were so tense trying to remember the song your voice was strained. It was uncomfortable” and “You are going to be disappointed when you watch this back,”

Simon backed her in about stopping and starting. He thought it was a brave thing to do.

David Archuleta was next who was probably weaned on the Webber music catalogue first was hugged by his sisters on stage. There were so many I lost count of them. No wonder is father is pushy stage dad they probably need the money to feed them all.

He sang “Think of Me” from Phantom from the Opera another girl song.

Well he fulfilled Simon’s wish sang well and contemporised it. But was it memorable? It was the usual David Archuleta performance - inoffensive.

They panned onto Andrew Lloyd in the audience at the end of the performance who was clapping but looked inscrutable.

Randy “ Dude it was the bomb this boys the one to beat.”

Paula “It was absolutely perfect, you took the risk and quite able to turn it into a pop ballad.”

Simon said “I thought it was pleasant but one of your weakest performances over the live shows. A bit forgettable for me.”

Carly Smithson was going to sing “All I Ask Of You” from Phantom of the Opera. But Andrew Lloyd Webber suggested she sing “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

It was groovy and it was probably my favourite performance from Carly since she has been on Idol. She should be safe tomorrow night.

Paula gave her a standing ovation.

Randy said “I am not sure if it was your best performance but it was definitely good.

Paula said “Loved what you did in the chorus. "

Simon said “Even though it got a bit shouty in the middle. It was actually one of my favourite performances of the night.”

David Cook “The Music of the Night” from the Phantom. Andrew Lloyd Webber said this is the most sensual and sexy song I have written in my life.

I hate Phantom but he gave good eyes to the camera and hit the high notes. He did have a bit of a glow about him. Was he thinking of Lacey?

Randy said: “Dude that was an amazing vocal performance.”

Paula said “You are so well rounded as a performer.”

Simon said “I think you made the most of the song you were given”

Bottom three will be Brooke, Jason and Syesha. With Brooke being eliminated.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - Episode 1

The new crop of models were divided into the not so bright, and the wannbe intellectuals.

Alexandra Girdwood the 20 year old Uni student from Sydney started off the episode reading Kafka (well if having it over your face whilst sleeping is considered reading), but by the end had revealed she wasn't as articulate as first thought. When she was talking about her inability to talk to the other girls about fashion as they shopped at Westfield rather then trendy boutiques she said she did not "breach these conversations" with the other girls. MMM I think the word she was looking for was broach.

I must admit I was shocked that quite a few girls did not know who Winston Churchill was. Now I know we have quite rightly moved away from our British centric school history curriculum but really this is ridiculous.

Anyway this isn't a quiz show and IQ is irrelevant it is about having the looks, figure and personality to be a top model.

One thing I found about the girls tonight, and to be fair it was the first episode, were their lack of personalities, only two really stood out, Belinda Hodge an 18 year country girl from Melbourne her kookiness, and Alexandra because of her bitchiness. The other girls just seemed very young. In fact 16 year old Demelza seemed more mature then some of the older girls like Rebecca, and Alyce.

First up they were called before the panel of Jodhi Meares, Charlotte Dawson, Alex Perry, and Priscilla Leighton Clark in pairs. In America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks dominates these situations, whereas Jodhi has a more laidback role with Charlotte spitting out the one liners.

Leiden Kronemberger a 19 year old unemployed girl from Sydney and Jamie Lee a 21 year old office assistant from Adelaide who has a tanning addiction were first.

Jamie who does have a good body wants to model Victoria Secret, and Leiden want to bring a new fashion look in.

They then had to get into Tigerlily bikinis for an all over body assessment. Charlotte Dawson like Jamie "better with her clothes off."

Then it was off to shoot ten frames with a photographer.

Leiden as Charlotte put it "Looked like she was told to look like a dog giving birth to puppies."

Kamilla Markowska a 17 year old law student from Adelaide, and Alamela a 17 year old student from Byron Bay were next. Kamilla was a bit bland and also looked like she had an eating disorder very bony in the bikini but the judges gushed about the body. Whilst Alamela looked very thin also, and she did appear as if she were an intelligent model, but her manner slightly irritated me.

Rebecca an 18 year old customer service from Wollongong and Alyce unemployed from Kiama who are friends were next in and they were told they had two of the best walks.

Caris Eves a 19 year old Uni student and Demelza a 16 year old student were told they needed to lose weight otherwise they would not get work if they did not fit into a size 8. Yes Caris probably did have a little bit of flab on the thighs but gee it wasn't too bad, and I have know idea what was wrong withe Demelza's body.

Alexandra when it was her turn to front the panel again showed her lack of intelligence or savviness when she went before the panel by saying her favourite Australian designer was Josh Groot. Real smart with Alex Perry fashion designer with ego sitting right in front of you. He duly noted the slight.

Also her answer when asked to outline five things where she was more superior then Samantha Downie a 20 year old uni student from Melbourne, the girl who was before the panel with her and she said she was whiter then her. Charlotte Dawson thought this was an offensive thing to say.

Then it was off to the Port Hacking mansion, where the girls were having to sleep in bunk beds. The over 18's in one room, and the under '18's in another. On the beds were the product placement goodie bags. If I was the shoe company I would be a bit peeved as their was no camera shot of the shoes brand they were holding up.

The first challenge was to shoot the promotion advertisement for the show.

Johnathan Pease was to be style director. He is no Jay Manuel. The person directing the shoot was Travis Keneelly the Fox 8 creative director. I didn't really see them giving the girls much direction when they were doing stuff the directors were unhappy with.

The girls all had a superhero character to play as the promo was a spy theme. The challenge winner would obtain an exemption from this weeks elimination.

Rebecca had the difficult job of have a snake draped around her as she was jungle girl.

Emma was a pilot and her modelling inexperience showed.

Belinda snowboarded and with her glasses off and make up on she really reminded me of Sophie Monk. She absolutely nailed her shoot.

Alamela played a ninja schoolgirl, but she just wimped it and couldn't get aggressive enough. Travis was not impressed by the amount of film he had to use to get the shot.

Alyce playing a commando did her shoot in one take which made her look good to Johnathan and Travis.

I thought this pair were not giving enough direction to the girls. Johnathan and Travis were bitching between each other more then telling the girls what they needed to do.

Alyce was the winner of the challenge.

Alyce later that night had a nervous breakdown that some one did a number two in the upstairs toilet. The house rule were you could only do them downstairs. There was fear and loathing and people were woken up. I don't know why they thought it was a model it could have been one of the camera man.

The next challenge was a shoot for the Vogue forums wearing Collette Dinnigan clothes. It was to be a group shot and as Vogue editor Kirstie Clements said " No over posing or overacting".

Belinda went and talked to Kirstie Clements which resulted her in saying "I thought Belinda was an interesting prospect." She meant that in a positive way.

Emma whose height and legs were fabulous as the judges said " she did not know how to work it."
Kamilla was "Very pretty but boring"

Kirstie Clements favourites were "Belinda as she has a modern look," "Caris a dark horse," and Leiden "surprised her and not a bad look."

It was judgement day the usual suspects of Charlotte, and Alex were there and the two guest judges were Kirstie Clements and Vogue photographer Jason Capobianco.

The girls were asked to nominate three contenders in the competition. All included themselves in the answer except Belinda "as she needed to learn more". Good modest answer which went down very well with the judges.

Jodhi then told the girls one by one who was safe whilst reading lines from a clip board. I note Tyra appears to do this off the cuff.

The last two standing were Emma and Kamilla no surprises there, and Kamilla the 17 year old law student from Adelaide was gone.

The first episodes are always hard to assess as you are still getting to know the 'characters' it would appear Alexandra is setting her self up as the Paloma of the series which should make interesting viewing.

Also the comparisons to the US version is inevitable, yes Tyra can be irritating but at least she has a presence which is something I think Jodhi Meares lacks.

Australia's Next Top Model Media Frenzy

Australia's Next Top Model commences tonight on Fox 8, and the media frenzy continues unabated.

The Sydney Morning Herald here has an article talking about how with the overseas success of last years winner Alice Burdeau has inspired a higher quality of entrant this year.

Executive Producer Josie Mason said "A lot of girls who were already with agents saw last year that you can be in Top Model and it can actually propel your career."

Mason also comments on the issue of eating disorders with the contestants:

We handle it on a case-by-case basis and we're very careful," she says. "[Host Jodhi Meares] is very passionate about girls being healthy and fit and one of her big things is that you have to last often a 16-, 18-hour day, and if you're not eating there's no way you're going to be able to do that ... What surprises me is how much these girls can eat. They can put it away."

There was no sign of that when The Guide visited an early challenge, a shoot for Perry in an Alexandria warehouse. During the lunch break, the crew's plates groaned with food while the models floated by with a lone piece of sushi or finger sandwich. To be fair, they were in the middle of a shoot and it's hard to imagine Perry looking kindly on a model stuffing her face.

Don't expect to see a plus size model on the show soon if Alex Perry has anything to do with it:

When asked what he thinks about the US version's efforts to promote plus-size models, he snorts with derision: "Get. Over. It. Get over it. They haven't got an Alice. In how many seasons? You know what? You can wrap up that fat model story anyway you want - they're not meant to be."

Jodhi Meares also has an interview in this weeks Woman's Day. Link here.

Jodhi's comments on the format of the upcoming series:
It's a similar format but I think it's more exciting. The challenges are more exciting. There has been a lot more going on. I think it is a more even playing field this year. It's not as obvious — there were more 'stand outs' last year. This season has been much harder on the judges and there definitely are more split decisions each week. We're all disagreeing, all the time — it's been very difficult. You'll see more sparks flying. Mainly from me — I get on my soapbox and start yelling at the two of them — the gargoyles! They rev me up and tease me relentlessly too.

Charlotte Dawson one of the judges appears to be having a big week co-hosting the Astra Awards last night, ex-husband Scott Miller being arrested for being in a drug ring last week, and moving out to a new flat as she had broken up from her partner Ed Harbour. But you have to give it to her in the picture here from last night shows her looking fab.

In this weeks New Weekly (NW) hard copy only Charlotte Dawson gives her own summary of what the she thinks of the contestants below.

Leiden: "Leiden's got that Angelina Jolie quality about her. She's a tomboy, so we're trying to refine her."

Alexandra: "Alexandra's extremely confident and thinks she knows her fashion back to front. However, she doesn't take criticism well and tends to pass the blame."

Emma: "She's really, really beautiful, but she's the most awkward of all the girls. She doesn't believe in herself or her beauty, although the other girls think she'll be the winner. She needs more confidence before she can go further."

Kristy: "She'll be a good working model"

Kamila: "She's a pint-sized ballbreaker with an awful lot of ambition."

Jamie: "Jamie's one of the nicest girls. She's got a great face and photographs really well, but she has a very athletic body and muscular legs. All the boys will love her."

Demelza: "Pop her in Miss Universe and she'd win it. She has the potential to be the next Jennifer Hawkins. She's a bit young at this stage, but she's incredibly beautiful so it will be interesting to see how she blossoms."

Alyce: " Alyce can annoy us with her giggling, so we'll have to knock that out of her. She's a really sexy girl but tends to over-pose."

Alamela: "Alamela is a purely beautiful human being. She has a unique work ethic but sometimes I wonder if she's secretly an axe murderer."

Bec: I think she's incredibly beautiful and has the ability to channel Megan Gale if she puts her mind to it."

Sam: "Sam is quite something. Her in front of the camera really is magic."

Caris: "My secret favourite. She is actually a nice girl and I get good energy from her. Caris is exceptionally beautiful, but she has braces and a bad student diet, so she has a bit against her."

Belinda: "She is an absolute diamond in the rough. She's never worn high heels before and is really kooky but has an endearing personality and a lot of potential."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Project Runway Season 4 - Episode 4

"Project runway should have its own perfume," said costume designer and Project Runway contestant Chris.

"A mixture of tears, sweat and chinese food" chimed in another of the male designers. It made me wonder just unhealthy it was to be on this reality tv show. You never see them eat or take breaks on this show.

And then it was off to meet German supermodel Heidi Klum. If she hadn't been a model or host of this show she would have made a great dominatrix. That stern glint in her eye has everyone cowering.

I don't think Kristy Hinze will be portraying the same demeanour in the upcoming Australian series.

After the usual model swapping that last week's winner Jack is allowed to indulge, in Heidi sent them off to the Parson Design Centre to get their next challenge.

Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn, who hopefully will be out for the Logies, were there with 12 photographs of hideous fashion trends from the past 20 or so years. Some I remembered and may have even worn.

Then each of the designers had to pick a photo of the outdated trends, pleather, neon, cutouts were just a few examples of the fashion hiccups.

Jack was first to pick as he won last weeks challenge, then it is random.

The challenge:
Working in teams of three, to make three looks that were cohesive and current. They were able to pick who they wanted to work with.

Each team has a budget of $225 and 2 days to complete the challenge. 1 hour to sketch before going shopping.

Also each group had to pick a team leader, now why you would want to be team leader is beyond me you knew that if you were in the bottom teams your head was on the chopping block, and if you won what did you get - no trip for two to some swanky Mexican resort - you get nothing.

You knew in some teams were going to get ugly, as those shoulder pads.

However Steve from Chicago provided some light comic relief with his eeriely accurate impersonation of Tim Gunn.

Victorya is having a meltdown about Ricky being team leader and not her, so starts trying to take over and being subversive, and Ricky doesn't have the balls to rein her in.

Jillian bitching about Kevin to Rami concern over him not finishing. Especially as he appears to be getting close to the deadline without finishing his shorts. It appears he kind of disappeared somewhere. Where to, who knows?

In the end Kevin finally got this fabulous high waisted shorts together.

Tim Gunn swans in 2 hours from the end of deadline to cast his eye and critique it.

As they are nearly finished I am not sure how the advice it "needs to be cohesive" is going to help, as you cannot change you design at this stage of the competition.

The next day they have a few hours to finish up and get the model ready for the Runway.

Judges were the ususal Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and special guest judge was the amazing Donna Karen.

Team Jillian were out first their fashion trends were overalls, poodle skirt, and 70's flare. Personally I don't think overalls and 70's flares were fashion disasters.

The collection was fabulous with the cohesive look bound together by the fabric denim. It was funky and fun. I think her experience working for Ralph Lauren has helped Jillian alot, especially in how to put a collection together.

Team Chris collection was shoulder pads, dancewear, and baggy sweaters. I think they had the hardest trends to deal with. Leotard with shoulder pads? I don't think so. Therefore it was not that cohesive, and the beige colour reminded me of the season where everything in the shops was oatmeal. Hopefully that trend won't make a come back. However Sweet P's take on the baggy sweater was excellant, she has been been pretty consistent so far, except for her disaster man's outfit last week. But that was technique rather then design.

Team Christian collection was based on zoot suit, pleather, and fringe. Very cohesive both in fabric and design, but the fabric all together was a bit bland. But the cuts were fabulous.

Team Ricky had neon, cut-outs, and underwear as outerwear. This was the worst collection. I thought both Elisa's and Ricky's looked badly made. In fact Elisa's looked wrinkled. He said the reason why his dress wasn't finished was because he was helping the others.

The clear winner was Team Jillian, and Christian's team score also qualified them to move onto the next challenge.

The judges said team Chris missed with cohesive design and they did not like stephen's dance wear look, but they loved Sweet P's dress. Chris's dress was described as "beauty pagent with camel" by Michael kors. The shoulder pads got a big criticism.

Team Ricky was told by Nina she "liked Victorya's dress". Victorya did admit that Ricky helped her.

They did not like Ricky's dress. Then Victorya put the boot into Ricky about his leadership skills.

The contestants were then put on the spot and asked who they think should go. Elisa with were kookiness neatly sidestepped any cold shoulders she may receive back at the apartment by nominating herself.

Heidi cracked the whip at Sweet P because she was being indecisive about who to pick. Fear of Heidi won out over fear of the team and she nominated Stephen.

Chris was then eliminated.

I thought this was a bit harsh as Ricky has been flailing about in the bottom for weeks and their designs were fairly disgusting plus he wasn't the greatest leader.

So a contestant who has some of the best one liners is gone, and Ricky who continually cries is left in. Unbelievable.

I will miss his one liners.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Links to media stories

Famous magazine has some great photos of the final four dancers in this week.

The online mag here has some great behind the scenes photos from the shoot.

New Idea here has an interview with Demi.

So You Think You Can Dance News.

With the finale of So You Think You Can Dance on next Sunday the hype of who will be the season one winner continues. Also the final four know what they say in the media now may cost or gain them votes.

An article in TV week reveals three of the final four had reached breaking point throughout the series and had considered calling it quits at some point.

Kate says that being in the bottom three tow weeks in a row was enough to push her to the edge. "I wouldn't have given it away, but I did think it was a bit hopeless?" she admits "I thought, 'What do I have to do?"

Demi and Jack both said that it was closer to the finishing line when they considered giving up their SYTYCDA dreams for good.

Jack said "I've got a shoulder injury and the last two weeks were really tough for me,"
"My body's starting to tell me 'Please just stop,' but my mind's running. I was losing a lot of sleep and, at that point, I was thinking, 'Oh, God, I just want to go home.' But I love this so much that I kept pushing myself."

Demi said her inexperience at learning choreography almost proved her downfall as the numbers of the dancers on the show became smaller.

"Mate, I'm petrified of the finale," she says. "There was a point when we started doing two routines at the same time, and I thought, 'I can't cope with this - there's too much to learn.' But you get over it."

Also in TV Week they had four short articles on each of the final four dancers:

Summary of each:

  • Jack has never believed the hype of being a front runner;
  • He thought because it was a personality contest as well he was going to be overshadowed;
  • "I've been true to who I am throughout the show, and I think that's worked for me,"
  • "People said , 'Oh you should try to get on camera, show your face more and act up.' But you can read a fake a mile away and, as I've become more comfortable with the cameras, I've started to open up more."

Jack answer when asked who will win - "I'd like to see Kate win because she is so wise and experienced, and has brought something to the show that nobody else has. I just feel it's her time to shine and I think she has the potential to win."

Jack answer to what he would do with the prize: "My ultimate goal is Broadway, so going to New York would be my kick in the butt. I'd really like to win- but, of course, I'll try to make it there with or without the prize."

  • Demi had a dream two weeks before the top 20 were chosen that we were all in the top four.
  • She doesn't think she is psychic but intuitive.
  • Jack (her original partner) was a big help in the first five weeks, she said "It's second nature for him to pick up choreography, and for me it was harder. But I'm getting better."

Demi's answer to who will win: " I have a sneaking suspicion that Jack will win. He's adorable, everybody loves him, he's switched on and focused, and he really wants to grab the prize - I can see it in his eyes. He has the fire!"

Demi's answer to what she would do with the prize money: "Financially, it would be a dream come true for me because I've never had the comfort of having money and not stressing about living. If I did win, I'd give some money to the top 10 [contestants]. I'd share a bit, but I'd definitely save some for myself and my family!"

  • Being top four has finally made him feel accepted.
  • "Sometime when I'm walking down the street, I get the blokiest guys yelling out of their cars. If that happened where I'm originally from [in Adelaide], I'd be ready for anything, but now it's actually praise and not verbal abuse. I didn't expect the 'fandemonium' - the screaming and the excitement. It's been amazing."
  • "Winning would provide a real sense of validation for someone like myself, who hasn't always been well received by society,"
  • "It's a really amazing thing to have who you are appreciated, loved and welcomed into people's households through a television screen. It gives me a little bit of hope that the world is changing for the better."

Rhys's answer to who will win: "It's really too close to call, but as a dancer, I think Demi has grown the most out of anyone in the competition. She's never had lessons, is completely self-taught and never gives up. If I had a preference, I'd love to see Demi win."

Rhys's answer to what he would do with the prize money: "The prize would definitely mean financial security. I want to buy myself a place because renting sucks. And going to America would give me a great opportunity to work with some amazing talent and learn from some of the best."


  • Kate has found it difficult to give any attention to her long-term boyfriend.
  • "We've pretty much been separated since the competition began."
  • Even though he lives in Sydney all her time is spent living in the SYTYCDA apartment and rehearsing.
  • He is understanding and supportive.

Kate answer to who should win: "It's hard to say because "I'm with three people who have never even been bottom three. Rhys is fantastic, Jack and I really click as dancers, and Demi's unreal."

Kate's answer to what she would do with the prize: "Going to America and winning the money is obviously important, but actually winning the very first season of SYTYCDA would be pretty special. I'd really like to."

Baby Boomer's Now Taking Over Big Brother

Baby boomers who previously who have not been on reality tv shows, except as judges, will now have a inmate in the Gold Coast compound for this years Big Brother.

Terri the 52 year old grandmother was the first contestant revealed on Channel Ten So You Think You Can Dance last night

Apparently she has controversial views on immigration and is a Pauline Hanson fan. Great so now Pauline whose infamy was shown to have run out of puff after her unsuccessful tilt at the Senate last election will again gain notoriety again with a new Gen Y audience.

Clearly Terri is not going to be a rocket scientist, but it should make the house a bit more diverse and interesting.

However I have some tips for her going into the house as she will be the oldest one there to try to ensure some longevity.

1. Don't get drunk this behaviour from a 22 year old is vaguely amusing, on a 52 year old it will just look hideously messy, and voters will turn against you.
2. Do not start talking about your sex life, as it will just make audience queasy. Wrong I know but that is the reality of it. Leave the sex and over 50 year olds to Germaine Greer.
3. Don't strike up a romance with a 25 year old in house.
4. Don't clean up after the little blighters you are not their mother make them stand on their own two feet.
5. Avoid any topic you may have heard on the Alan Jones morning show, none of them watch Big Brother nor do they vote.

Also rumour has it that uber dickhead Corey Worthington is going to enter the BB compound. Why they are giving anymore airtime to this unattractive, non charismatice idiot is beyond me.

The media whinge about him, however they created the myth of him. However if Terri can see some of the home grown Aussie speciman we have developed in the country maybe she will see that by importing some people from overseas is not such a bad thing.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - The final four show

If the winner of the So You Think You Can Dance were based on crimes against fashion, then Rhys is the clear winner.

How many fashion crimes can you commit in one outfit? Bright canary yellow shorts matched with purple stockings if that wasn’t enough combine that with a sleeveless tied dye top, plus a Bjorn Bork sweat band.

Then we can move onto the sartorial judges, two were wearing hats and one was wearing sequins and faux crystals.

And Matt said for the fifth week in a row “I’m so excited”. Think up a new opening gambit please. It cannot be that difficult.

Tonight each dancer was going to dance with the other one. So we would be able a great overview of their talent to help us assess who to vote for.

First up Demi and Jack doing the cha cha to a Jason Gilkison routine.

This pair were the only original top twenty partners who made it through to the top four.
Demi looked spunky and hot, and Jack was just about flawless. Fun and funky dance, with enough traditional cha cha moves to please the ballroom Nazi, but I liked the slight disco feel to it as well.

Matt Lee said: “That was so sexy for me, bought the connection.”

Bonnie said “Way they came down the stairs just incredible.”, “Demi you can achieve anything”, and “Jack this cha cha was just sensational, every partner you dance with you mould together.”

Jason Coleman: “ Both had an amazing amount of joy’, “Jack everything about that from your hips, knees I really felt the ballroom stance…. Well done.” “Demi you eat it up in your face….you’re a fine fine dancer.”

Next couple were Rhys and Kate dancing a hip hop routine choreographed by Supple. Dressed as toy soldiers it was not amazing - there was no wow factor about it. Tonight I thought there was far to much hip hop with of the three routines being in that genre, and none were great.

Matt said :”Very, very difficult routine.”, “Unison lost it in the middle.”
Bonnie said: “ Extremely intricate….. excellent job.”
Jason talking to the under whelmed viewing audience said: "Complimenting Supple, interesting and diverse routine.”, “Want to point out how difficult it is to learn unison in two days.”, “I personally think both of you are brilliant.”, “Want people at home to know how difficult it is.”

Demi and Rhys were next with a Debbie Ellis contemporary routine to Snow Patrol song Chasing Cars. Apparently this was the first time Rhys had gotten to dance to a contemporary routine in the competition. So maybe the card draws are not rigged.

Matt said: “Demi you need to take as much time on the in between bits as the big movements.”, and “Rhys your arms just beautiful.”

Bonnie: “First time that Rhys had done a contemporary routine.” Then she just rambled on. In fact Bonnie’s performance/judgement was really annoying tonight. Is she going to be back next year? Can’t we send her to Bulgarian So You Think You Can Dance?

Jason: “Rhys good things come to those who wait… I really liked your flow.”
“Demi slightly short for me in form - but only dancer left in competition without formal training.”

Jack and Kate danced to an Alicia Keys number which was choreographed by Jet. It was lyrical jazz. Can someone explain the difference to me between lyrical jazz and contemporary.
It started out with Kate holding a peace flag was Jet trying to whip up some Wade Robson type controversy? With all the love in the air from the 2020 summit I doubt that it will. It was a beautifully danced routine. One of the best ones of the night.

Matt Lee: “You two just excel together.”, and “Just amazing congratulations.”

Bonnie said: “No one does it better then you two.”, and “Wonderful”

Jason: “Great couple I have high expectations of, and I was not disappointed.”, “Kate I love you in this soft lyrical world.”, and “Jack you are a great turner, you are a dancer that is always dancing in control, it never looks like your energy gets away from you.”

Demi and Kate then danced a hip hop type routine which was based on a silent film ala Charlie Chaplin - it meant to be slapstick. Really dull. It was like 1960’s variety hour and I expected to see Burt Newton come out after it to do a comedy routine with Don Lane after it had finished.

Natalie Bassingthwaite didn’t say who the choreographer was. They panned to Supple so I can only presume he did it. For the girls who are the underdogs in the competition this was not the routine you would really want to go out on.

Matt: “Kate you hit everything as hard as you do”, “ Demi liked the characterisation. Good job with what you got.” I think he was intimating the choreography was shite.

Bonnie: “Tricky routine demi you did great. Good job.”

Jason: “As cute as that was… it did not give me anything to do with at this stage of the competition.”

On the other hand Rhys and Jack had a hot Broadway routine from show Chicago choreographed by Adam Williams. This was the routine I had been waiting for to really try and assess who was the best dancer out of the two favourites of the comp. I think Jack came out on top.

Matt: “Jack this was the perfect forum for you.”, and “Rhys you tackle every genre. Both of you great job.”

Bonnie: “Boy, Boys, Boy just to see you dance together, the camaraderie between you has been excellent.”

Jason: “Rhys when you dance for me it is very safe to the core of the centre, Jack takes his lines to the extreme so has more flow.”, and “Jack came out of the routine slightly on top.”

Was he trying to guide the public to vote for Jack.

Last there was a pretty lame Group dance. It was a Latino hip hop number choreographed by Tijano Burg (SIC) . Kate and hip hop don’t mix, and everyone was just flailing about on stage. Routine did not blow me away. It was a disappointing end to the night.
Jason said in summing up “Think about the dancing you have seen over the past few weeks.”

Now it is time to decide how and why to vote:

Best dancer: Jack
Favourite dancer/personality: Rhys
Most versatile dancer: Demi
Best female dancer and most consistent: Kate.

At least I have a week to think about it.