Friday, December 28, 2007

The Amazing Race - Final 8

I had to genuflect last night when one of the Kentucky's Mary said "I'm a couch potato, I watch reality TV all the time."

Gosh was she describing me? Lucky for her she managed to get on one of her favourite shows, and is acquitting herself admirably. Thinking I would hate her and her red neck ways, I think she is a genuinely sweet person.

After the last episode where Duke and Lauren was eliminated (sorry about not posting but everything xmas just overwhelmed me) after getting lost and having to do the crap detour of building a birdcage. They could not even get there before the two gay guys from New York, Tyler and James , 30 min penalty for riding on the back of motorbikes had run out.

Tyler and James managed to sob throughout the 30 minutes before Phil would let them on the mat. Quite frankly I have seen 5 year olds that would have shown more composure in this situation.

Anyway back to this week.

Erwin and Godwin who were first to arrive last week were first to leave this week at 10.55pm from the paddy field in a village outside Hanoi.

There first clue is they are to go the Ly Thai Gardens in Hanoi and listen for their first clue.

All teams were leaving within half an hour of each other, except for the gay guys who were 40 mins behind.

We were also informed the lovely Rob (NOT) had suffered heat exhaustion during the 12 hour rest period, but he was ok to continue. Personally I think he may have had yet another brain explosion that caused the overheating.

Erwin and Godwin again got a bad taxi driver so lost their lead.

Kimberley was telling psycho Rob "I don't need you to freak out" as she knows that he inevitably will.

The talking clue was always going to be difficult, until some smart cookie decided to get their cab driver to listen to it. Like lemmings all the other contestants decided this was a great idea and followed suit.

Rob started overheating again when he thought he was being toyed with by the taxi driver, so he and Kimberley hopped out of the cab.

As Kimberley said "He freaks out on them and then they freak our on us!"

Anyway there was no need for any of the contestants to worry, as they were to go to a bus station which was closed and did not open until 5.00am. So all were on equal footing again.

They then caught a bus to Ha Long Bay.

Where they found their road block -"Who has strong arms and strong legs" they were to ascend a cliff.

The weird thing was Sarah the one legged triathlete decided to do the task instead of her partner Peter. I would have thought the clue would have put her off considering she lacked one the of essential objects. Needless to say when she saw the cliff and task ahead she started freaking out.

The frustrating thing for the competitors only 3 could get up the cliff at a time.

Rob was first up, so were first to leave to go the cave to get their next clue which was the detour.

Under or Over. Under was getting a junk out to the water then getting in a sampan and rowing to a spot where there was pearling and pulling 30 pearling baskets out of the water.

Over was again the junk and then rowing the sampan to a local market to pick up banana's to deliver to a couple of village houses.

All but the Alabaman single mums picked the pearling, which did seem the faster of the two detours.

The problem was not the tasks but the rowing. Nearly all contestants had issues with it. The two gay guys from New York were just in some nightmare, which resulted in the end after they completed the task one of them swimming and pulling the boat back to the junk.

Rob and Kimberley maintained their lead and got to the pitstop first to be greeted by Phil, to be told they had won two jet skis. Lucky for Kimberley it was not a Travel Velocity holiday, as I get the feeling she won't want to travel with him after this.

Second Peter and Sarah came in. I like Sarah she has guts, and is honest, but saying there are somethings that have not impressed her with Peter in the competition and her feelings for him has changed. His temperament is not as bad as Rob's but he still has a quick temper.

Third were an unlucky Tyler and James, as they were in second place but their Junk captain in the race to the finish had forgotten to pull up the anchor, hence they were overtaken by Peter and Sarah.

Erwin and Godwin came fourth.

Kentucky's a good fifth considering she has been running around on a sprained ankle.

The Alabaman single mums were sixth, and the beauty queens after numerous stuff ups including not reading the clue properly therefore not realising they needed to row back to the Junk to take them back to the pitstop rather then rowing themselves finished a lucky seventh.

With Tyler and Terry finishing last and being eliminated from the race.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Australia So You Think You Can Dance Tidbits

So You Think You Can Dance Website has some of the Melbourne hip hop artists names that got through to Sydney. They also have interesting information snippets regarding the auditions.

If interested click here.

Natalie Imbruglia apparently auditioned to be compere of Australia's So You Think You Can Dance.

Obviously we know now that another Neighbours alumni got the job, Natalie Bassingwaite will be running around with the hoofers.

Full article here.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bobby Flynn to launch his first album

The enigmatic Bobby Flynn will be launching his album at the Ruby Lounge in Belgrave, Victoria on Thurs 6 March at 8.00pm.

I am sure the album will be great.

For tickets at the show click here to get to the moshtix website.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Carly Simon Reveals song "Your So Vain" is not about Warren Beatty, but is about Simon Cowell

In breaking news Carly Simon has decided to dedicate her '70's anthem 'Your So Vain' to Simon Cowell after his comments in the media this week.

The millionaire music mogul Simon Cowell believes that he doesn’t need to bother with cheesy chat-up lines - because he can just smile and the ladies just come running.

It was always rumoured the song was about noted lothario Warren Beatty, however it appears Mr Cowell has well and truly taken over the mantle as biggest ego in Hollywood.

Simon who is currently on vacation in Barbados with his long term girlfriend Teri Seymour, and his mother also says “I don’t need to use chat up lines I just look at a girl and smile, and if she responds that means she’s interested.”

If you need to read more on this American Idol judge click here.

Carl Risley Not To Posted to Afghanistan

Carl Risley may have life after Australian Idol, with news he has signed up with Ralph Carr, Vanessa Amorosi's manager.

Ralph Carr will work on a record deal for the good looking crooner. This may stave of any official posting to Iraq or Afghanistan in the near future!

The full article is here.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

American Idol TV schedule released.

This year on Fox 8 Australia will for the first time be getting American Idol screened shortly after it has been screened in the US.

At first I thought this was a good thing.

However they have the released the schedule and it is going to take about two months before they get to the final 12.

I feel it is milking it a bit, but maybe this has to do with the current writer's strike in the US where shows are unable to go into production as there are no scripts.

The first show screens in the states on Jan 15 but the top 24 are not revealed until Feb 13 - a whole month, and then the first final 12 show is not until March 11.

The full schedule is here.

Ricki-Lee Moving on Up Since Leaving the Young Divas

Ricki-Lee Coulter again showed why it was such a good career move to ditch the Young Diva's and go for a solo career.

Ricki-Lee was the highest Australian on the Take 40 most streamed songs for 2007. Her hit dance tune Can't Touch It (No. 6) was a big result for Coulter, beating The Veronicas' and Delta Goodrem.

The Young Divas did not even make the cut.

In other news regarding Ricki-Lee she has signed for the breakfast show on B105's radio, as well as supporting Hilary Duff at her Brisbane show on the 31 January.

Must beat doing the corporate christmas circuit that the Young Divas' are currently doing.

More news on her breakfast show signing here.

Matt Corby has he signed with Sony BMG or hasn't he?

It would appear from a report in the today's Daily Telegraph that Matt Corby has not as yet signed with Sony BMG.

The newspaper report said:

But a SonyBMG spokesman said it was decided not to rush Corby into the
Australian music industry.
"We have an arrangement with Matt that will give
him plenty of space to develop and find his own thing.
"Looking at a record
is way down the track. He will take his time and we will have another meeting
when he is ready to show us what he's got," the spokesman said.

Maybe they want to see what his music is like before they sign him. But what happens now - if he wants to can he sign with another label or have Sony BMG optioned him?

Or maybe Sony BMG want to see what his songs are like before stumping up the cash. Apparently Matt's songs are more roots, and rock based rather then pop based.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Runway to LA - Final Episode

The episode opens with Charlotte Dawson, life coach, telling Jordan Loukas that she was going to a second casting with Ed Hardy aka Christian Audiger.

This time the casting was to be in his shop.

Charlotte says" Do what ever he want you to do and give 100%" , and then "Really blow his mind" then she dumped her alone at the Ed Hardy store.

At this point I perked up thinking I was going to see some casting couch action in a town which is notorious for it. However that did not happen.

This is where Christian and his head stylist Ray pretend to be in deep conversation with the camera on them, Jordan walks in.

This is where I think this show needed a bit of cash for comment subtitle. Clearly the Producers have made a deal with Christian Audiger, be it money or publicity, so it is getting a bit boring that they are presenting this as a real modelling opportunity when it is obvious the whole thing has been set up for her.

The purpose of this casting wast to get the Audiger shop on TV. Yes it looked great. They did not even bother to get her to catwalk again. She was then sent outside while Christian and Ray conferred and came to their final decision. Which shock horror they were going to let Jordon to be in the LA Fashion Week show.

In line with their agreement and it must be a good one was that Jordan and Charlotte could take any clothes they wanted from the shop. That would have been cool, and they took stacks of stuff. I am sure no other model in his show was offered that.

Next Jordan does an Ashley Paige swimsuit shoot on Venice Beach surrounded by male models. Different props were standing on the top of a human pyramid, standing on a surfboard in high heels, and freezing her tits of in the water whilst groping spunky boy.

Then some of the shots are sent to Jordan's hotel. As Charlotte peruses them Jordan remarks "Her face was expressionless". That is because of all the botox Jordan.

However after pretending to hate them Charlotte gave them the 2 thumbs up.

Next it is time for the Ed Hardy show, and it was quite a spectacular, celebs like Brandy, and some midget rapper called Bow Wow, and even The Hoff.

Christian then announced that Jordan would open the show. A huge honour one that usually goes to the highest profile model. I presume this was another part of the contract between the producers and Ed Hardy.

Jordan looked great, but very nervous. I would have liked Miss Jay to critique her catwalk style.

Anyway now that is over, it was time to come home from LA, with Jordan promising she would be over there soon.

She did not outline when she would be going, and last I had read about her she had been cast in some bands music video.

Good Luck Jordan.

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 9 - Episode 2

The episode opens with the audience being shown what the girls do in their spare time. Clearly they don't eat so other entertainment must be found like practising your catwalk.

Bianca the bold, and brassy black chick from Queens was telling Kimberley that her walk was good when it was awful.

Bianca said " She was just being competitive".

Other girls were giving Heather, the contestant with Aspergers who looks like a brunette version of Uma Thurman, a make over. Needless to say they made her look a cross between a tranny and a hooker, quite an achievement.

However it was time to go to their first task, so into the claustrophobic eco bus they climb.

They are taken to a 'haunted' house were Miss Jay greets them, and tells them they are in a fashion madhouse.

Clearly last week's butch look for Miss Jay was an aberration, and he was kitted out in a nurses uniform. The universe felt normal again.

The task for today was for the girls to wear a straight jacket with high heels and catwalk, and Miss Jay would critique them.

Heather who has trouble with her walk normally was always going to have trouble with this task. Saleisha probably had the best walk, but apparently she has had prior modelling experience, which I think is making the girls jealous.

This jealously boiled over when Bianca and Saleisha had a huge catfight back at the house.

By the end of the series Bianca will have fought with everyone!

The next day the girls were taken to see Roy Campbell fashion producer (gay - are there any straight guys in fashion apart from Wayne Cooper, and Alex Perry?) and Colleen Quen a designer who would be showing for the first time in Paris shortly.

The girls were going to have to model her couture gowns and the person who she judged to bring the spirit of the dress she would be inviting the winner to be one of her models at her show in Paris.

The girls at this point got very excited.

Some of the girls were great like Ambreal, however Victoria looked petrified. The winner of the challenge was Saleisha, which of course went down like a lead balloon with Bianca.

Their photo shoot this week was called "Learning the Ropes of High Fashion" The girs were to wear beautiful evening gowns whilst hanging from a rope rock climbing.

Jay Manuel was the fashion director. I really like this guy he gives constructive criticism without being bitchy.

The elimination was going to be based on these photos.

This weeks judges were the usual Twiggy, Miss J, their leader Tyra, Nigel Barker, and special guest Roy Campbell.

Tyra did this fake french accent which was just embarrassing. However they then got down to critiquing the girls.

Heather - did great the shots were amazing. You know as soon as their is some sort of catwalk elimination she will go, however she is stunning when photographed.

Ebony - still to stiff. This girl has to be anorexic she has bones sticking out everywhere.
Kimberley - Disappointing photos.
Saleisha - liked the photos, however she looks like the girl-next- door.
Bianca - looked angry.
Jenah - Big tick they loved.
Lisa - her legs are amazing.

The bottom 2 were Bianca, and Kimberley.

Bianca - the judges did not like the photos. Kimberly they see a gorgeous girl, however only a pretty girl in the photos.

Kimberley was eliminated. So Bianca gets to fight on and in the house for another week.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Next Top Model - Season 6 - Episode 4

If the only thing that Nneena gets from Next Top Model is breaking up with her boyfriend, then she has won. Having that hot male model brushing up against her would be a good consolation prize.

Between the terrorising of Gina by Jade, poor Nneena was taking harassing phone calls from her boyfriend John.

The Producers had a great shot of the loser(ie. John) saying goodbye to Nneena at the airport. You could see the anxiety in his voice and face, as he knew that as soon as she got away from him she would realise what a control freak he was.

"Your not telling me what I want to hear", and " I don't know what you are up to" should be used in the the Australian Government's next domestic violence campaign.

Honey I would be changing my mobile number and address and NOT telling him where I had gone. Lets hope he is not a gun freak as he had that 'If I can't have you noone else can' vibe about him.

The episode commenced with Jade being like the mean girl at school and picking on the meek Gina. Gina just not realising how to deal with those type of people did not just stand up to her.

Tonight Gina's lack of self esteem really got to me. She just interprets and reacts to every scenario wrongly. She really needs to pull herself together.

First up for the models is a tutorial by Janice Dickinson (is she really a female?) on the difference between commercial and editorial positions. Was Janice on Extreme Makeover prior to being on this show? Her face is horrendous. Anyway I think this will be the last we see of Ms Dickinson on this show after she called Tyra Banks fat last week.

That controversy is still raging on in the states.

Gina's lack of self confidence again came through, with a "I don't know if I can do it" remark. For that Janice made her stand up the back and hop on one leg and laugh.

They then all went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant, none seem to be eating much.

Janice was there bonding with Jade. Jade reckons her and Janice click.

Then Janice says who is hassling you in the house, and Gina rats out Jade. Jade looks shocked - not sure if she was faking that out of embarrassment. But she need not have bothered feeling bad, as Janice went for Gina and said "Don't rat out others," and " Just zip it."

Predictably Gina had a meltdown in the car on the way home.

The first task was to go to a photo shoot to test their commercial posing. It was sponsored by Sears, and all girls had four changes of clothes for the four seasons. There would be a prize for the best photos at the end of the day.

Jade was first up, and most of the girls did good shots, Brooke, and Gina's were probably the worst.

Nneena won the task, again she has won three, and got to keep all the clothes from the shoot. You would need a room to keep them all in.

Next they went and met Tyra in her dressing room between shows.

Tyra gave her usual pep talk about how she followed her dreams, and then asked them what they wanted to do after modelling.

Everyone gagged when Jade said she loved kids and wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher. As Dani said if my kid were in her class I would home school them. Agree.

Tyra also revealed how much she wanted kids. Maybe she needs to let men stay over the night, and not worry about her weave and wig then she would have a better chance of achieving that goal. For more information on Tyra's sleep over policy click here.

The model's next shoot was for them to show their editorial posing, whilst acting out their career goals. The fringe benefit of this shoot was modelling with a cute male model.

Jade with a long blonde wig and cane looked like a cross between Alice in Wonderland and a french maid.

The majority of the shots taken of the girls were great, but both Brooke and Gina struggled with the poses. I think as the competition is hotting up these girls are just not cutting it.

Nneena had a blast on her shoot, cosying up to her hot male model. They were sizzling. It culminated in her having to run away as Joanie quaintly put it "he pitched a tent". Nneena surprisingly did not report that in her daily phone call to her boyfriend.

It was judgement time, and their little task today for the judges was to do three commercial poses, and then using fireman uniform props do three editorial poses. Gina fluffed them.

However the most bizarre thing about the judgement time was Twiggy's two plaits. How old is she? Maybe she was auditioning for the Spice Girls as mutton spice?

Furonda, Dani, Joanie all sailed through to the next round, and predictably Brooke, and Gina were the bottom two.

I thought they may keep Gina for another week, just for the friction in the house, however I was wrong, and it was time to leave for Gina. I have a feeling Brooke won't be long in following her.

Sydney Moning Herald votes on best TV shows of the year

The Sydney Morning Herald today announced its annual Couch Potato awards for 2007

This year they allowed the public to vote for the first time.

In the reality TV category the critics said that Dancing With the Stars (Channel 7) and Next Top Model (Fox 8) were the best shows.

However the voting public had a different view and voted for So You Think You Can Dance.

I have to agree with the voting public - So You Think You Can Dance is much faster paced, professional, and entertaining then the drawn out pedestrian nature of Dancing With the Stars. Maybe the critics have been watching a different season then I was.

Reality Tidbits - miscellaneous

Natalie Gauci's debut Album 'The Winner's Journey' tanks.

Apparently it did not make top 10 and on debut only made number. Not great considering Damien Leith's went to number one pre-xmas.

Her Winner's Journey only sold 11,489 copies nationally, compared to the 89,000 albums Damien Leith sold in the first week after releasing his collection of Idol performances

Monty from the Daily Tele gives his opinion why this has occurred.

I feel a bit sorry for her, however some of the song selection from all them not just her was not great.

Channel 7 Is Dreaming
In a bizarre newspaper blurb, it said that Channel 7 were hoping to get Hugh Jackman to be the compere of Dancing With the Stars next season.

I know he is in town filming Australia with Nicole Kidman, and then another Wolverine movie starts here and in NZ but can you really seeing him slumming himself on Dancing With the Stars.

For God sake David Leckie get a grip do you really think a major super star like Hugh is going to want to do this show, let alone would Channel 7 have the budget to pay him. David I think you just better get Larry Emdur.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Would you nick Dicko's wee?

In a it would only happen in America yarn. Apparently someone has pinched Paula Abdul, American Idol judge urine sample.

Apparently the guy nicked it as a keepsake - that is just sick.

If you really need to know more about this click here

Matt Corby Signed by Sony BMG

Matt Corby, Australian Idol runner up will be signing with Sony BMG this Tuesday.

Apparently Corby had been in talks with other record companies but eventually settled on signing with Sony BMG as they have agreed to give him artistic freedom.

I had always thought the Idol contracts stated that Sony BMG had first choice of the top 12, then other companies are free to negotiate with them.

Maybe those clauses were unenforceable.

Full story here.

Friday, December 14, 2007

American Idol - Nigel Lythgoe interview on how they are going to improve the show.

On an American website Buddy TV there is an article with Nigel Lythgoe on how what they are going to do to improve the show, and therefore the ratings for Season 7 on American Idol.

Nigel who does a great job as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance is also a producer on American Idol.

The show will be shown on Fox 8 here from January at the 'same' time it is shown in the States.

This year for the first time in American Idol allowed contestants to audition with instruments, however they are still undecided if they will let them play them on the show.

I hope they do as this will make it much more interesting, and the first year they did this in Australian Idol it was a rating bonanza. Did not work so great this year however.

He also states they will cut back on the guest judges and edit so the audience is able to get to know the contestants better.

Someone was telling me that it is free to vote for American Idol, which I find interesting. Can anyone confirm that this is still true? Does that mean fans and family just keep on repeatedly voting for the same person. Therefore when they say they have had 20 million votes some people may have voted over a thousand times?

Currently I am undecided if it is a good or bad thing. However I am looking forward to the new season of American Idol - Simon Cowell just cracks me up.

Stocking Filler for Natalie Gauci and Matt Corby fans

If you are wondering what to get for a Natalie Gauci and Matt Corby fan for xmas a DVD will be released on the 17 December called The Final 2.

The blurb states "The DVD will feature all of the best performances from the show by the final 2 contenders of the 2007 series - Natalie Gauci and Matt Corby!"

So I doubt the infamous rock night performances will be on there. The Idol franchise is looking to squeeze as much money as possible from this poor year of Australian Idol, and must think by having Matt Corby on the DVD as well will boost sales.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Amazing Race - Episode 2

The Amazing Race is now down to 10 teams, after the shock elimination of two teams in the first episode. I wonder if this is some sort of budget cut back from the production company?

The teams took off at 9.00pm at night they were to go to the capital of Mongolia Ulaan Batur to find their next clue.

Five of the teams were to be on the bus that left at 12.00am, and the other five's bus left at 2.00am. This time gap turned out to be immaterial as they were all to get on the same train at a mongolian/chinese border town.

The Kentucky couple said they had led a pretty sheltered life as they had never met an asian person or known a gay person. They thought both were great. What they probably did not realise is that they did know gay people they just were not out!

When they arrived at Ulaan Batur it looked incredibly cold, which got me thinking how do these people pack everything for ever climate without having a 20 kilo pack. Also I wonder if there is an opportunity to wash clothes along the way or do you just stink?

Once they had found the temple the watched small ceremony and got their next clue. They were to drive to Terej and go to the river bed to ride a horse to their next clue.

Unfortunately for the contestants Mercedes were not sponsoring this leg of the race, and they were having to drive old Russian cars which looked a bit like four-wheel drives.

You knew there was going to be some disasters, as there is a reason why there are no Russian makes on the international market.

So off they all raced. Dustin and Candace, the beauty queens, got lucky and managed to stumble across an American who knew where they needed to go. As did someone else come across and expat for directions. Why were there so many expats in the town? Is is oil or Government organisations? Just seems a strange place to go and work.

Tyler & James the model ex junkies got a flat tyre and had to wait for some locals to come to the rescue.

Kentucky's got bogged. Not sure how they managed that, but a replacement car was brought in.

So it was then onto these horse or mini horse to get to the detour clue. Kimberly fell off and did not get back on as she was too scared.

One of the beauty queens fell off and got dragged along for a bit but with no damage done, except perhaps for pride.

The detour was a choice between two tasks, one was to take down a yurt, making sure it was tied the correct way and placed on a camel, and the other was to take a buffalo (not correct name for the creature) and wagon and fill up four barrel's of water.

This is when the meltdowns started. Sarah and Peter started on the yurt then decided it was too difficult to do the knots so went and did the water carrying task but managed to get the most recalcitrant cow of the whole lot as he kept on taking off. So in the end they went back to the yurt task, which they completed to come third at the detour.

Candice and Dustin flew through the detour, however she lost her traditional Mongolian hat which was required to ride the horses back to the cars. So they were nearly last to leave the field as it took awhile for them to find.

Duke and Lauren, father and gay daughter ended up being first to leave the detour as they completed the packing up the yurt easily.

Rob and Kimberley supposedly in a relationship, just spent the whole detour yelling at each other. I don't see this relationship surviving long after the completion of the race.

Next was to drive to Hotel Mongolia in Gak Hurst to find there next clue.

It was a roadblock where archery, a lighted flame and a target was involved.

Disaster struck the Korean brothers on the way as their car broke down as just about everyone passed them except the last two teams. They were having their own woes back at the detour. The Alabaman single mums had picked the water task but were taking their time, and the cheerleaders were packing up the yurt. I don't know what happened to the cheerleaders I think there car may have broken down or they got horribly lost. Both of them finished the detour at the same time but both their cars would not start.

Anyway back to the roadblock Peter the triathlete, managed to hit the target quickly and they ran to the pitstop to take out first prize. This was a trip for 2 to Mexico. Then came Tyler & James, and third were Lauren and Duke.

At this stage the cheerleaders and single mums had got there cars started and were driving towards the roadblock, but for some reason the cheerleaders thought they were going the wrong way and turned around.

The mums drove by them, the cheerleaders just kept on driving the wrong way until they finally decided to ask for directions.

It was getting dark by the time the single mums arrived to shoot their archery. The cheerleaders who were having a very bad day finally gave up trying to hit the target in the dark and went to the pit stop to be told by Phil they were eliminated.

Runway to LA

Runway to LA shows that Americans do reality TV better then Australians.

I know that reality TV is that you set situations up so you can then film what happens at them, however this show feels too set up. Well this particular episode did.

I think this episode could have been subtitled "The Ed Hardy Promo Episode"

This episode Charlotte Dawson, and Jordan Loukas were still in LA, and the first scene were the two of them exercising/running through a canyon. Charlotte whinged that Jordan was not showing any humour or personality whilst exercising. Who does? Jordan appeared in a Ed Hardy top.

Next Charlotte says that Jordon is going to attend a networking party with fashion people, models, and musos. Apparently they were Charlotte's contacts. Well they turn up to the Roosevelt Hotel, and Charlotte then tells Jordon she will in fact be hosting the soiree, and will have to circulate. Charlotte will be watching on a monitor from a room.

The party was small with only 15 people, you wondered where they wrangled them from. Some probably did not even know why they were there.

I would have thought that prior to LA they may have tried to do some confidence building skills with Jordan, as it was quite embarrassing having to watch her make pretty poor small talk around the party.

You get the feeling if Paloma or any of those girls from America's Next Top Model had been at that party they would have been working on it.

Some guy saved her with some chat about salsa dancing, then Charlotte rang her and called her to the room.

Jordon had a meltdown, when she got in the room, and said I cannot go out there again and kept on crying.

At first they were going to put an ear piece in Jordan's ear so Charlotte could talk her through it. Then I think the producers took Charlotte aside and said you better go out there with her, as the 'special guest' had arrived.

It was none other the Christian Oderjai the designer/owner of Ed Hardy.

They are at the bar and Charlotte forces her to talk to him, finally it it agreed she go for a casting for his show next week.

This bit was obviously set up, and must be a part of the contract of the promotion of his clothes on the show.

Charlotte then takes her down to Sunset Boulevarde to practice catwalking. After that it was onto Hollywood Boulevarde to cat walk in a bikini, considering there are so many freaks in that area Jordan did not look out of place.

The people dressed up as super heroes kept on following her.

Next up was a visit to Perez Hilton, who apparently had writing about Jordan before when he was at a fashion parade in Australia and she had a wardrobe malfunction - boob fell out of dress. Unfortunately I could not find the article on his website.

Perez tells her she should thank him for the exposure, also if she wants to get along in this town she should expose her boobs and beaver.

Charlotte disagreed at this point. He also said "Develop a thick skin", "Self-promote and be confident without being cocky".

He did not tell her to get a high profile boyfriend, this always helps to get media space. Maybe she needs to date an Australian cricketer, as this has kept Lara Bingle mediocre career going.

It is time for the Ed Hardy posting, and she is arriving there with hairy armpits, and skanky nails.

Christian is there. As is Ryan the runway trainer, why are all runway trainers gay and male?

She is dressed in a cute little outfit with beret, however they are not impressed with her walk. You could tell the assistants were extremely underwhelmed as they thought she looked to young. I never thought that was a liability in modelling.

Then she was put in some lingerie, and told to walk really sexy. Again she did not blow them away. They were concerned about her nervousness and how that makes her go within herself. They were unsure whether to cast her.

Christian aka Ed Hardy was going to give her one more shot he invited her and Charlotte to an event tomorrow night, as he wanted to see how she went.

Again the Ed Hardy promotion was on when he picked them up from their hotel in his car. Then they went to the party and walked the red carpet. Jordan got to face the paps with Christian, and once in the party he made her do her cat walk which she did do much better. But it was still up in the air whether she would get to do the show. How promos for next week shows that she does do it.

Next Top Model Cycle 9 - Episode 1

Watching skinny girls on America's Next Top Model two nights in a row is enough to make you either starve or comfort eat. Unfortunately I have been doing the latter.

But that is exactly what Janice Dickinson has accused Tyra Banks, show creator, and also the mini Oprah (in more ways then one) of. Janice told high rating morning TV show Today that Tyra Banks is fat.

Janice obviously does not subscribe to the saying "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" as Janice has been a semi-regular guest on Next Top Model. I expect this will be the last we will see of her on this show.

Last week after a week in the Caribbean on a cruise ship the girls were whittled down to a final 13, and flown to model house in LA.

The interesting ones appear to be Heather with asperger syndrome, which throughout the program they told us 10 times what it was. I think we got it the first time. For those who missed it it is a mild form of Autism ie difficulty in following appropriate social norms and interactions.

The interesting contestants at this stage are Ebony tough girl from Chicago who the girls have taken a dislike to. Victoria a Yale student who I think has a eating disorder, and Lisa an exotic dancer from New Jersey.

The episode starts with Jay Manuel, fashion shoot director, telling them that this cycle is going to be "the green season".

So there mode of transport will be a winnebago that run on 100% biodiesel. If you had claustrophobia it was not going to be helped by this van as it had no windows. Also for the safety conscience no seat belts.

The other green initiative they were implementing was keeping the showers to a maximum of 10 minutes. These girls would drain the Sydney dam in a week with those showers. How long were their showers in the first place?

The first shoot was to promote anti-smoking. To make it seem non glamorous. I am not sure if this was a green policy or to do with the fact over 90% of models smoke. They have to do something with their mouth if they are not eating.

The aim of the shoot was to do one before shot that was glamorous with a cigarette, and then one after shot with the hideous effects of smoking shown. Eg chemo, lost baby, ulcers, premature ageing, coughing up blood.

Saleisha and Heather had to do a two person shot to show the effects of second hand smoke - it looked like a lesbian soft porn shot.

Bianca a girl from queens and Lisa the New Jersey girl were fighting backstage, which resulted in tears when Bianca said what type of role model are you because of your exotic dancing. Jay Manuel had to come back and tell them to settle down and be nice to each other.

After the shoot they were back at the house in the pool, and I thought it was ironic in one of the scenes behind a girl was a packet of cigarettes. Mixed messages for the young fans out there.

Heather with her aspergers was having difficulty mixing with the other girls. This of course was not helped by the girls talking loudly about her so she could hear.

The next morning out on the balcony out popped Miss Jay looking decidedly butch and preppy, telling them they were off to an Old Navy store.

There Benny Ninja some midget posing instructor who has been on previous cycles of the show was there to tell them they had 10mins to find an outfit and they would be judged on it by the panel at elimination time.

Benny's only other role was to time the 10 minutes with a stopwatch and bob about the store like a munchkin going "only 3 mins" left and then his cameo was completed. I wonder how much he got paid for that!

I pity the poor people who had to clear up after the mess of clothes the girls left on the floor.

The judges were the usual suspects Twiggy (apparently this is her last season), Miss Jay again looking butch, what is happening to him has he had some sort of epiphany or did he just look at past episodes and see how ridiculous he looked.

Nigel Barker, british photographer, and judge, and of course Tyra.

It is then announced that whoever picked the best outfit would win $1000, and be in an Old Navy shoot. So Saleisha was understandably stoked that she won. She also had been quite sensible with her choice of just a simple sun dress. She did not try to over accessorise.

The it was elimination time. Bianca needed more life in hers. Ebony was just too stiff. Heather looked stunning, as did Lisa.

After a fierce debate where Nigel said that Ebony was his favourite look, the bottom two were Ebony for bad photos, and Mila, a giggly white girl.

In the end Mila was eliminated as she was just a pretty girl not a model. She was shocked as she told the cameras she had thought she was going to win this season's Next Top Model.

The girls went back to there now nicotine free house to prepare for another day.

Natalie Gauci's Blog from the Daily Tele

Here is the link to the live blog Natalie Gauci did the other day on the Daily Tele website/

Nothing salacious or revelatory on it, unless you are interested about the fact she used to have a dog who pissed on her couch.

In other news in todays paper, it said the Idol's North Qld gigs had been cancelled due to give Natalie and Matt Corby a rest! Is this code for poor ticket sales? As I have said previously in a pre-christmas, high interest rate environment, the ticket price seemed a bit high.

If you want more information on the cancelled concerts here is the link

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ex-American Idol Contestant Trying to Revive Career With A Sex Tape

TV week reports former American Idol contestant Jessica Sierra (never heard of her apparently finished 10th in the fourth season of Idol) has now got a sex tape doing the rounds. Maybe it will help revive her career and get her some much need fans on a new reality rehab show Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew. Gosh I hope one of the TV channels picks up this show. Skanky celebs withdrawing from crack - hilarious.

Article below:

Less than 10 days after she was arrested for disorderly intoxication,
resisting arrest and violating the conditions of her parole, ex-American Idol
contestant Jessica Sierra is at the centre of a sex-tape scandal.
In the
video, Jessica can be seen posing nude in a hotel bathtub. A major porn company
plans on releasing the video before the end of the year — just in time for the
premiere of American Idol's seventh season in mid-January. Jessica is
conveniently set to take part in the upcoming reality rehab show Celebrity Rehab
With Dr. Drew.

Is she going to be the new Tara Reid?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Next Top Model Season 6 - Episode 3

After last weeks elimination of Wendy from New Orleans (apologies from Raver for not blogging due to sickness) and Jade feeling fragile because she made the bottom two it was time for the heat to be turned up on these scrawny girls.

Why do we never see them eating, apart from Gina with a toasted sandwich this episode we saw them put nothing into their mouths. There is all this product placement cereal around the kitchen, but none of the boxes are open.

Furonda, and Sara must have eating disorders as they have bones sticking out everywhere.

Gina (the asian girl) continued to be needy by stalking Danielle the black girl from Arkansas around the house. By the time Gina said "Can I watch you shower," Dani was totally over her. God I knew how Danielle felt as Gina perpetual whine and low self esteem is starting to irritate me.

The first task this show was the dreaded catwalk critique by Miss Jay, who for a semi drag queen knows how to strut it down the runway. How much of a cross dresser is this guy? He does not seem to pad up his chest though, maybe they think that would be crossing (no pun intended) a line that the American audience would just not cop.

The girls had to get dressed up in evening gowns to practice their walks. Danielle had a long scarf dress on which was impossible to walk in without tripping. Also Gina's meringue type wedding dress looked so heavy how the hell could you sashay in it.

Kari the cute barbie doll type from South Dakota was having difficulty with the walking and being away from home, which culminated in a teary telephone call to her parents.

The next day there was Tyra Mail. With a location and some latin term on it, which the girls for all of two seconds thought they might be going to Spain. Then they pulled themselves together as they know the overseas shoot occurs much later on in the show.

They were going to a catwalk, and they were introduced to a LA designer Jared Gold. They were going to have to dress in his designs and be judged by his design team, all of which seemed to be Vivienne Westward clones (ironic considering the task on Judging day).

Finally the girls got to find out what the meaning of the Tyra mail is with Jared showing them these colourful cockroaches (real) that would be attached to their clothes.

Gina started freaking out, and Jade sensing weakness went in for the kill and start harassing her about it.

Gina should have been thankful she wasn't on the catwalk for Tsubi or is it now Ksubi when they put rats down the side of the runway for shock/PR purposes. Now that would have been freaky.

Jade strutted out confidently, and at the end of the catwalk kissed the cockroach which had the semi gothic judging design team in lathers of excitement. Every Emo in town will want one of those to wear to their next full moon party. Jade did look great, as did Danielle.

Gina became frozen and had to be pushed out onto the catwalk. If she could have held it together it would have been good, as I thought she looked fabulous in the clothes.

Kari did poorly, the look just did not suit her wholesome vibe.

Jade won the challenge, and the prize being VIP tickets to a fashion show at LA fashion week. She picke Nnenna (so she should as Nnenna has taken her on two occasions), Mollie-Sue, Leslie, and I think one other.

The next day they were up and out the door by 6.15 for a photo shoot with Jay as director of the shoot. I like this guy he is nice but direct and I just found out he also hosts Canada's Next Top Model.

Today the shoot's theme was modern day fairy tales, and the girls were going to be photographed falling. The rationale for this is if you are on the catwalk and you fall you have to continue your "look".

First up was Jade as Little Red Riding Hood - she looked great, and as the judges said it was like the wolf. This girl has a great look, but 26 years of age is like 50 in model years.

Sara who was dressed as Gretel looked a bit like a blow up doll with something stuck up her butt.

Nnenna was dressed as a princess. Some of the judges thought she looked great Tyra thought she was mediocre.

Leslie dressed as the wolf - did look good, her catwalk technique is dreadful. This girl is getting very little TV time.

Danielle as a modern day snow white, whoops Snow Black, just looked gorgeous.

Brooke was dressed as the emperors new clothes. The judges keep on telling her she has to learn her angles as her jaw is so big. But they are still in raptures over her. I don't feel it with her.

Gina - Not good as Sleeping Beauty as the judges said she was smiling with her eyes wide open.

Kari - dressed as Goldilocks I thought her pictures were ok.

Furonda as Rapunzel was so stiff it seemed like she had not thawed out from the previous weeks ice shoot.

Joanie got to be Cinderella she got the thumbs up for the shots but not the hair on head do.

Mollie-Sue was dressed as Little Boy Blue, I love her waif look, however her photos were not fabulous, too stiff. I suspect she is not long for this competition.

Also prior to the judging the girls had to do a walk in skyscraper heels and just to really mind f**k them were shown the Naomi Campbell fall on the Vivenne Westwood runway

To give the girls some credit I would not have been able to stand in them without toppling. So those who did this without their knees touching the catwalk should be applauded.

Brooke, and Joanie got through it without a wobble.

Jade wobbled but recovered very well. Kari fell her woes were continuing. Dani fell, got up smiled (which the judges liked), but again fell at the end, and crawled off injured.

The nurse and doctor were called and diagnosed a sprained little toe and she was given crutches????

Tyra said to the other judges that this was the hardest to watch task any contenders on the series had ever been given. I wonder if it was stressing Tyra out as much as this rumour/article that has been circulating that states she won't let guys stay overnight because she is worried her weave/wig may fall out and they would freak out. For those interested the article is here.

Anyway it was judgement time. Jade was given her photo first, closely followed by Danielle both girls were way out front this episode.

The final two were down to Gina, and Kari. Kari was given the flick which I thought was unfair as I thought Gina had done nothing right this episode. However affirmative action is big in the States, so that may have been the reason.

Natalie Gauci tour dates - some venues tickets $70

On the Sony BMG website is list of Natalie Gauci's tour dates. A reality ravings regular informed me that the tickets in Wollongong were $70.

I am afraid that is to rich for my blood. I think the Kylie Minogue tickets last time were barely more then that, and you got a whole stage show oh and a worldwide superstar with masses of hits.

Is Natalie going to have a stage spectacular going?

Anyone who goes to a concert I would love to hear what you think. Apparently Matt Corby will be the support act for a lot of these performances.

Reality Tidbits - miscellaneous

Girls still phoning for Farmer Wants a Wife

In a Herald Sun article it states there has been hundred's of phone calls to the Channel 9 switchboard with woman wanting to put themselves forward for the boys that were on the series one of Farmers Wants a Wife.

Apparently Jon is very popular with approx 100 women making inquiries.

Ricky-Lee appears to be winning the scrag fight between her and Diva Kate D'Arrugo

Ricki-Lee has overseas interest. Ricki-Lee former Idol contestant signed a major record deal in the United Kingdom. Coulter has also signed a deal to release her album, Brand New Day, in Japan.

Dance label Ministry of Sound will release the album in the UK and Europe - a major coup for an independent Australian artist.

When Ricki-Lee left the Young Diva's there was a bit of sour grapes from young Kate. It seems Ricki-Lee has made the correct decision to go it alone on an independent label, and a remix of one of her songs may be in the European dance clubs shortly.

Picture of Natalie Gauci ex

In today's daily telegraph there is a picture of Natalie Gauci and her ex boyfriend who broke up with her during Idol.

Apparently she is still hoping for a reconciliation and suggested he meet up with her in India.

He looks quite cute.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Survivor China - Episode 1

China seems to be the place de jour for reality tv shows this week. With Survivor holding their new series behind the bamboo curtain.

It must have been disappointing for some contestants who had been hoping for a tropical island, but it did appear with the rain forest and hideous thunderstorms they were going to get a tropical environment.

Because of the different environment the first scene of them arriving on boats to the island did not occur.

They were going to some Buddhist temple, where they had to walk up the stairs with their suitcases.

There there were Buddhist monks and followers there to greet them.

Jeff Probst then advised them they would take part in a Buddhist welcome ceremony. Jeff made sure he pointed out it was not a religious ceremony but a welcoming ceremony.

But Leslie - the christian radio announcer had a meltdown and said she could not do it as it felt to much like worship. She said that the bible said that you could not bow down to another God. So she felt it was wrong. Clearly did not think she was insulting these Buddhist's at all. I suspect the Producers may have done this on purpose as they knew out of the 16 contestants from a strong christian country like the US one would arch up.

The contestants were then told that part of Buddhism was giving up all your worldly possessions and they were only going to be taken to camp with the clothes they were wearing.

One blonde girl piped up she did not have a bra on. You could just see the male competitors that were not gay rubbing their hands in glee. My partner also got excited about this. Was this payback for the naked Richard Hatch?

They were then split up into to teams Yellow team Zhan Hou, and Red team Fei Long. They were given a copy of the "Art of War" and a map.

Finally they were on the boats paddling on the river to their camps. For Jeff and the production team sakes I hope there was an Aman lodging nearby for them to hangout in.

They arrived at their camps and there was some complimentary rice, but not sure how you were going to cook it without fire.

Now this is like series 120 of Survivor, now when are the competitors going to learn that the first thing you do is start building a shelter. Oh no yellow team were fluffing around "bonding". Also they did not listen to Chicken - a chicken farmer who had lived in the wilderness about where to put the shelter. He suggested near the trees. Other people wanted it out in the open which the majority agreed upon.

Rule number 1 listen to old crazy guys they normally know a thing or two about outdoor survival.

Chicken then sulked and refused to give any advice when asked after this which was not going to make him popular with his mates.

So the yellow team then built a shelter in the middle of a mud pit. Ashley the pro- wrestler on day 2 then got sick and was not much help. Probably not helped by being rained upon by a storm on the first night.
Yellow team were a mess.

Red team had built a better shelter, therefore were at an immediate advantage.

Day 3 and it was time for a challenge. The red team decided it was best to read the relevant chapter of the Art of War, which advised them to pick a leader. Aaron the surfer dude was given it.

It was an immunity challenge and the first team to finish would also get fire. It was a dragon race which include physical stamina, athleticism for one of each team, and a puzzle at the end.

The black grave digger led the red team to an easy victory.

When the yellow team got back to camp Peigh-Gee the asian jeweller wept probably because she realised she was with a pack of duds. "We need to work harder" Yes that would be correct.

With the elimination coming up there appeared to be no strategising that was seen on tv. Both Peih-Gee and model dude wanted to be leader of the group. Both appeared to have no leadership skills except bossiness.

At the elimination Chicken said "Do you want the guy who does not fit in, or the guy who works hard?" He also gave this sage bit of advice " If we we don't open our eyes we will be seeing you(meaning Jeff) a lot".

However the yellow team showed they did not want the guy who does not fit in and Chicken was the first to be eliminated from the game.

Jeff did give the yellow team flint now so they could start a fire. But could they decide where to put the fire pit. Of course not

It was at this point that my Fox IQ had an episode and stopped recording episode 2, so I missed a lot of the episode including the immunity challenge. If Rupert Murdoch does not get his shit together with this machine, I am going to go to TiVo once it enters the market.

Anyway I was pissed as I was enjoying seeing the yellow team implode. My instincts had been correct as I quickly turned to Channel 9 to learn the yellow team had lost the immunity challenge, and that Dave the model leader, and Ashley the pro- wrestler heads were possibly on the chopping block. Episode 2 and there was already open hostility in the team. Was this some type of record? Everyone voted for Ashley, except Ashley who voted for Peih-Gee. Ashley was not happy about it as her flame was extinguished and her chance at $1 million went with it.

The Amazing Race - Episode 1

Great a new season of The Amazing Race with the wonderful Phil (who must have the best job on TV and is also a New Zealander) back hosting. I was ready for exotic locations, fighting couples, and scheming competitors.

Channel 7 were billing this as a new series, and yes it was for Australian viewers, however it must be a few series behind the US as two of the couples have already been seen on the Best Of Amazing Race Series which had been screened earlier this year.

It was the usual diverse couples:
Pete and Sara triathletes - however Sara only has one leg, and Pete also works with prothesises. So they have lots in common.

Bilal and Said - muslims from Cleveland - the show is trying to build bridges in a post Sept 11 environment. Not helped by the fact they refused to shake the women's hands. Apparently not allowed in the Koran. I will convert to any religion whose religious text forbids women to do housework, unfortunately that one hasn't been written yet. Maybe it is a cult I should start. If the Scientologist can become a worldwide religion based on the fact we descend from Aliens, I think a religion based on no housework, cooking or washing could gain a following.

Rob & Kimberley - Are a dating couple. Is this the new Johnathan and Victoria - if you cannot remember Johnathan famously nearly hit Victoria at a pit stop. They were just ugly from start to finish. I wonder if J & V are still together.

Dustin & Candice - Miss California and Miss New York beauty queens, both look like twin barbie dolls, however they must do ok in this series as they make to the Best of Amazing Race series.

David & Mary - Married hillbillies from Kentucky - Again this pair made it to the Best of series. So should stick around for awhile. For some reason I quite like this pair - the way they interact with each other and the other competitors. Having said that they are clearly not rocket scientists.

Irwin & Galwin - Korean brothers from San Francisco, who appear to have the smarts plus the physical side sorted.

Duke & Lauren - Father and daughter team. Father wept and said he was disappointed she was gay. So are on the show to try and rebuild their relationship.

Vipaul & Arti - Indian couple who have been married two and half years. Want an adventure before settling down to have kids.

Kelly & Jaime - South Carolina cheerleaders. More eye candy for the male viewers.

Tyler & Jay - Models and former drug addicts from California. Will either of them hook up with the beauty queens or the cheerleaders?

Len & Carlin - black single mums and friends from Alabama.

Tom and Terry - the inevitable gay couple from New York. This show never has a lesbian couple on it only male gays. Avid viewers of this show may be able to correct me on this point.

Anyway the episode starts off in Seattle with the contestants being flown to the starting line in sea planes. Phil states there is going to be lots of surprise twists in this series.

The start was predictable they have to run to the bags where their first clue was waiting for once no one fell over getting to it.

The clue said they were to fly to Beijing China. They had two flights to choose from either United Airlines or Korean. Only 6 people on each.

So then the usual happened. Some people couldn't get their cars going (mercedes must be sponsoring the show again) I don't know how they will go when the inevitable manual car turns up in one of the episodes. Then some people get lost, get on wrong freeways etc, then cannot find where they are meant to park the car. Even in the first five minutes it showed that Rob & Kimberley were going to make interesting reality tv viewing, with him sniping at her at least five times.

At the airport Bilal and Said refused to shake the cheerleaders hands so clearly no alliances will be formed there. Maybe they may have better luck with the Kentucky couple with Mary saying " In Kentucky the men make all the decisions," though she does add this will need to change during the race.

The United Airlines flight was the one to get onto as it was suppose to arrive in Beijing an hour prior to the Korean airlines flight. However United was delayed so the six people on that flight did not get as much of a head start as they would have liked.

They were to go to the Golden Door restaurant for their next clue. You knew it was going to be ugly and it was going to involve some sort of food. It was a roadblock and the contestants had to eat fish eyes. Which in hind sight at least it was not pig penis.

Most people got through quite easily just swallowing, however there was some dry retching.

The beauty queens got hideously lost at this point and competitors from the Korean flight caught up to them.

Also the Korean guys had issues getting their as well (maybe Chinese antipathy to other asians?) or maybe cab drivers worldwide don't know where they are going.

They were then to go to the Meridian Gate at the Forbidden city. Where there were cards with three departure times 7.00am, 7.15am, and 7.30am plus a last team to arrive card.

Last place was being fought out by Bilal and Said, and the Korean guys, with the Korean guys just getting there before them.

I had just been wondering if the muslims guys were going to have difficulty with immigration at the different countries the race would be going to hence being at a disadvantage (as western airports are notorious at targeting this ethnic group) and then they were eliminated.

Gosh that was a bit rough they had not even got to do a detour.

Anyway next day contestants had to go down the road and get onto motorbikes and find a pedicab manager there they would be given their next clue.

Detour -

The contestants had the choice between labour or leisure.

Labour - was doing some brick work, and leisure was learning a special chinese routine.

The majority pick labour as they know these can be physically demanding but you do get them done, whereas the other can go on infinitely. Both of the challenges looked difficult and complex.

The two couples who picked leisure got stuck in a traffic jam so lost a lot of time there so it was difficult to know whether it was that or the task that made get to the next stage later then most.

Vipaul and Arti got lost on their motorbikes and took awhile to get to the pedicab so were at a huge disadvantage.

When the contestants first hit the brick work they did not look at it properly and just started with the small brick and not the bigger outer grey ones.

Tyler and James with their new rehabbed brains were the first to work it out when they arrived and proceeded to easily do the task. It was hilarious to see the other contestants who were over half way done realise their mistakes.

The Alabaman ladies also got through this task quite well.

The next clue was to take a taxi to the Great Wall of China which they then had to climb up this rope to get to the pit stop.

Tyler and James made short work of this and were first to arrive and win the $20,000 first prize. Nice.

The Alabaman ladies struggled and at one stage looked like one of them would not be able to make it up.

Sara, the disable triathlete also looked like she was going to struggle as she had her running leg on, but she finally worked out a technique to get herself up.

Duke & Lauren who this episode had been sailing under the radar came in second by passing the two couples above. Then the triathlete couple came in third.

The Kentucky couple thought they were going to be eliminated as it took Mary ages to get up. They were very surprised to find they were team 10. They had not realised that Vipaul and Arti had been seriously lost which meant they were eliminated.

Reality Tidibits - Australian So You Think You Can Dance Part 2

The publicity machine for Australia's So You Think You Can Dance continues, however today the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance's (the performers union) were urging DANCERS to boycott the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance because of union claims Network Ten is forcing them to sign an "illegal" contract.

The article in the Sunday Telegraph.

A couple of the clauses the union has a problem with are:

  • A specification that performers must be aged between 18 and 36, and a ban on membership of the MEAA or any other performing arts union or guild; and
  • Excluding dancers from working for anybody other than Network Ten for a year after the screening of the competition's final episode.

This last clause does seem a little harsh. Maybe they are going to do a post show tour but I cannot see it lasting for a year.

This year apparently the savvier Idol finalist had lawyers looking at the contracts, to try and make them more in their favour.

It would be interesting to know any changes were allowed to their contracts.

Interesting to see in the photo accompanying the article Csaba Szirmai, and Eliza Campagna, two dancers who have been on Dancing With The Stars. It looks like they have made the final 20.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Anthony Callea may have found a rebound buddy

It has been reported in the Daily Terror that Anthony Callea may have found a shoulder to cry on since he broke up with his previous boyfriend.

Previous post on that drama here

Apparently Anthony has been spotted out two nights in a row in Melbourne with former Home and Away star Tim Campbell. Tim is now living in Melbourne as he is performing in Johnny O'Keefe's Shout. Apart from singing another thing they have in common is dating Idol people. The article states that Tim also went out with someone from the Australian Idol production crew.

Reality Tidbits - Australian So You Think You Can Dance

The Daily Telegraph today (unfortunately it was not on their online version) wrote that there may be a Lacey and Hok type romance between two Australia So You Think You Can Dance contestants.

The article said:
"Confidential understands two Adelaide recruits at the Sydney rehearsals of So You Think You Can Dance have been more interested in turning up the heat with each other this week.

The reality TV romance is currently being kept on the down-low (until ratings, of course) but set spies tell us the two have been white hot, on and off the dance floor.

While former E Street star turned judge and choreographer Kelley Abbey has been encouraging the troupers with the daily mantra "feel the joy in your dance" apparently this one couple have been feeling the joy with each other."

It will be interesting to see how this couple fairs, and whether a public romance will be advantageous or detrimental when it comes to the voting fans.

In other SYTYCD news gossip website Defamer has an article from a spy who saw some contestants at Sydney airport.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Reality Tidbits

Today it was announced that Anthony Callea has broken up with is boyfriend of 3 years.

The article which has a picture shows the two of them together. I must say the boyfriend Paul looks quite cute, but a bit older then him.

Apparently Paul was a "talent coordinator" on Australian Idol when they met. This year the Anthony was outed by Vic Larusso (weather man with a helicopter).

In another article from the gay press is an article on Ben McKenzie one of the more talented contestants from this year's Australian Idol.

There was constant innuendo from the judges regarding his sexuality. Which of course is not going to be help by being interviewed in the Sydney Star Observer

There were no Missy Higgins type confessions but he did promote his show at the Metro this Sunday 9 at 1 pm.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Guy Sebastian joins the Bandwagon and lashes out at this years Idol contestants

In today's Daily Terror Guy Sebastian criticised this years Australian Idol contestants as ".....people who were quite calculated in their use of the show and quite blatantly used it to get a platform for their careers,''

Couldn't agree more, how many times did we have to put up with Idol contestants like Marty, Matt, Brianna, and Holly, saying they much prefered to be playing originals rather then covers.

If they want to do that contest Triple J Unearthed contests rather then Australian Idol.

I suspect if they cannot do good covers their originals would be worse.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Bumped into the delightful Jordan Loukas

I bumped into Jordan Loukas at Marrickville Metro, and she was just gorgeous both in personality, and looks.

Firstly her skin was flawless, and perfectly made up. Maybe she was glowing from having been in the realm of the super soccer star David Beckham on the Monday night!

I asked her whether she felt she was being portrayed correctly on the show - she said yes, however she was wise enough to say that when you agree to go on a reality tv show you know there will be some editing.

I asked her what was next for her and she said she is interesting in music, modelling or hosting. So best of luck to her.

Also I asked about did she take offence at Charlotte Dawson calling her a 'Marrickville Ghetto Chick' - she appeared to be cool with that, and said Marrickville is a great place to live.

Jordan is back from LA - but I refrained from asking what happened as I will just watch the show.

Australia So You Think You Can Dance - first look at dancers

Channel 10 has released footage which shows some of the dancers who auditioned for Australia's version of So You Think You Can Dance.

It looks hot, hot, hot and I wonder if any on this tape will end up being in the final 20.

This tantalising look just continues to whet my appetite for this fantastic show.

So You Think You Can Dance looks like it is going to be huge here when it starts in February following on from the increase in ratings the US version received here this season.

Jason Coleman looks like he will be the outspoken judge, and Bonnie Lythgoe just looked gorgeous.

Check it out here.

Natalie Gauci single first Aust Idol single not to hit No. 1

Natalie Gauci this years winner of Australian Idol has hit another first since being the first winner who was a 'judges' choice to take out the title. She is now the first Idol's winner whose single has NOT gone to number 1.

This maybe because not as many people this year are watching the show therefore not as many will buy the single.

Or as the Daily Telegraph hypothesises that it may be due to the fact that the Idol's especially Matt Corby dissed the song.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Darryl Somers - Did he jump or was he pushed?

Darryl Somers has announced that he will not be continuing as host on Dancing With The Stars next year.

Many viewers who sat through season 7 will not be shedding any tears at this announcement. Darryl was even worse then the squillion of ads they managed push into the 2 hour show.

This feeling has been confirmed on the Daily Telegraph readers commenting on the announcement.

The Daily Telegraph states:
The veteran TV host spat the dummy over news a promised variety show pilot would not go ahead as well as the package offered to him for DWTS next year - which will only have one series instead of two, reports TV editor Marcus Casey.

Thank you David Leckie for not putting us through a tortuous variety show which I suspect would have been Darryl singing for the cameras with occasional guest appearances by Patti Newton.

Aren't those shows more suited for Channel 9?

Darryl also said he is ready for a "new direction", which is code for I don't know what I am going to do next, probably hair replacement commercials. Something he would be eminently qualified for.

This years finale though it had a respectable 1.68 million viewers it was the lowest audience they had had for a finale yet. A clear sign the show needs a revamp.

In other news it shows that the Dancing With the Stars does not necessarily mean the kiss of death.

With the well known rumour being confirmed that Sonia Kruger and Todd McKenney will be co-hosting the Mix 106.5 breakfast show starting from mid-January. It should be interesting to listen to it as the both have fast and sharp wits.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Runway to LA - Episode 2

Ok when are they actually going to get to LA? This was episode 2 and the only plane they had gotten on was to go to Melbourne.

This episode I actually found quite irritating. What with Jordan Loukas being called a Marrickville Ghetto chick - from my viewing her family lived in a very nice terrace, with no signs ice smoking paraphernalia in sight.

I know Marrickville Metro can get ugly on Centrelink payment day but I would not call it South Central, LA. The deadliest weapons you see are star war light sabres that toddlers get from the local $2 dollar shop.

The other issue if Charlotte Dawson is so upmarket why does she have more tattoos then a bikers moll?

Also Jordan's constant whining was getting on my nerves. Does she really want to end up flipping burgers at the local yeeros shop for the rest of her life talking about what she could have been.

Jordan seems to have seen the one and only episode of the Victoria Beckham welcome to LA series and is channelling her in a bad way like using her accent, not the not eating bit however.

As an aside I think they should do more episode's on Posh Spice it was a hoot that show.

First up Jordan met Charlotte to look over her picture portfolio which they did over a car bonnet somewhere ?Wooloomoollo to get the harbour view in the background. Wouldn't it have been easier to do this in a coffee shop? What was the point of that?

Some of the pictures are great, but Charlotte tells her she needs to tone up and lose her muffin top. So stop eating carbs honey. Jordan apparently has a fear of choking so only eating smooth things, hence the job at Boost Juice, she could get all the free smoothies she wanted.

Charlotte castigates her for knowing nothing about fashion, and takes her to Jayson Brundson's, top Australian Fashion designer, store to work in retail for the day.

She gets put in a little cocktail dress, which she has to keep on hitching up as it is to big on her. This is the bit where I wondered how staged it was, as she was definitely playing up to the cameras.

Also then Charlotte, and Jay, who Charlotte had told Jordan that he was in New York, watched her on a tv in another room.

Jordan annoyed me with her ohmigod I going to have to work in a shop attitude and clearly could not give a shit.

Charlotte was over acting huffing and puffing with how terrible she was. Clearly Jordan is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but would she be that stupid to come across as so lacklustre about the task with the camera's on her.

Finally Jayson goes in as a "pretend customer" and then Charlotte cannot stand it anymore as "it is embarrassing for Jayson". Agreeing to be on this show is embarrassing for Jordan, especially when she was bagging out his designs.

But Jordan seem quite non-plussed about the telling off from Charlotte. "I should have put more effort in" etc. She seems to make excuses about everything that she does wrong.

Also did not apologise to Jayson when he told her he had ruin his dress.

Next Charlotte takes her to Melbourne to be in a fashion parade at the Royal Melbourne Show. To try and add spice to proceedings Paloma is there and Charlotte tells Jordan that whoever is best she will take to LA.

Paloma was pissed Jordan got her own show and say "She was the more entertaining one" and at this stage of the episode I had to agree.

Jordan goes out on the cat walk and glowers at the crowd. After the first show Charlotte comes backstage and gives her some good advice, "use your props like the mirror ball etc".

Jordan does second show - no change. Again Charlotte comes backstage to give the same advice.

Jordan does third show - no change. Charlotte walks out supposedly angry. Actually I don't blame her. Jordan says "I just look fierce, and don't do anything at the end of the runway that is what I do." She did not want to do what Charlotte advised her to do then gets upset when she walks out.

"My two fathers rejected me and now Charlotte has" Jordan sobs. I think she needs to show some sense of responsibility. I had a feeling that excuse had been used a lot for every fuck up she has ever done.

I really want to like Jordan, but this episode I was finding it very difficult to.

The next day Jordan got taken for a make over including speech lessons to get rid of her Marrickville accent. Maybe they mistook the whine in her voice as a inner western dialect.

After she is all gussied up she is taken to a nightclub where Charlotte sprung on her she would be co-hosting a fashion parade with her, and gave her a script to learn.

This time Jordan did do well, even though the way Jordan was dressed (Sunday afternoon croquet game) was different from the Ed Hardy clothes she was promoting, which are young, casual and funky.

So Charlotte and her were back being best friends after that.
Next week finally they get to LA.

Farmer Wants a Wife - Final episode

It was the final episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, and the thing that was surprising about this show was the number of farmers that did find "love" on it. At least 50% have found a potential partner. So it shows that these reality tv shows do work in real life.

The show started off with the farmer's having to knock on the doors of the girls they had picked, and spend a weekend in their environment.

Chris was first up and it was obvious he was going to go to Kim's house, and in fact when he arrived her whole family were there to greet him. The party was ready with their corner bar fully stocked.

Expect wedding bells here to be covered by a weekly gossip mag within the next 12 months as this pair is in luuurrrrrrvvvvvvvvveeeee.

The surprising thing about this episode it was the first time they had shown Chris with any personality, he was sparkling in the group conversations in the end. Maybe it was all the endorphins triggering off in his brain.

Next up was Jon who had sent his two girls packing and brought in a third Deb.

However he decided to call on Jodie the nurse from Sydney he had really liked but as she did not like the isolation of the farm he had told her to go home.

Jodie said that once she had left the farm she had missed him and rang him to say she would be prepared to give it another shot.

However at the end when Natalie G was doing her excruciating interviews (is this is what she learnt in her journalism degree at Griffith Uni?) Jodie said they were no more then friends, and Jon agreed saying Jodie was not the ideal woman for him.

Gus knocked on quarantine officer, Brooke's door. This pair have always had communication issues with stilted conversation and they did not appear to be improving.

In fact I find her very guarded. Her body language over dinner was not great, as Alan Pease might say her arms were crossed. It was a pity Gus could not read the signs as he blundered in saying he liked her but he needed more feedback from her.

Brooke looked startled like a bunny in headlights, and said she thought he was a nice guy but she did not want to take it any further. I really don't know how genuine she was throughout the whole show in engaging with Gus, as she appeared to make no real effort, unless she is just really shy and boring.

Gus said he " Was disappointed by not devastated."

Drew knocked on Susie's door who is a 28 year old communications manager from Sydney. I felt so sorry for Tash the other cool chick. But Drew was on a winner either way. This pair were sweet and coy with their feelings with each other. I felt like a voyeur as they were trying to take it to another level with their cute but a bit embarrassing conversation on the couch in a bar.

I think Drew has made the right choice I think this pair is better suited to each other. I think Tash would have gotten a bit bored of the whole thing.

At the end they said they liked "hanging together" and she was a "top girl" I wish them both the best, and I hope they stick together.

I found it surprising that Drew said he had heard the "It's not you, but me speech," so many times. Is there something wrong with this guy that we don't know about? I think he seems great. Definitely my favourite.

Next was spiritual Brad, who had met a girl prior to his involvement on the show. However he picked Mel to spend the weekend with, and it looked like it was close to disastrous.

He said he found it difficult to bring out her "fun" side. I must admit I could not remember her smiling in any of the episodes. This girl is serious plus a little bit kooky.

Anyway instead of either of those girls going to the reunion place, it was the girlfriend he met prior to the show who came. Her name was Samara and they did seem like they were in love. I just don't understand why she would agree to be on the show. Maybe it was a show some sort of proprietorship.

Last there was Craig who limped in with a football injury and no girl. He declared he was in love but who was she, and where was she?

Well Craig went against his mother's wishes and picked Erin the 24 year old billing officer. They seemed to have some chemistry, and he did seem to have genuine affection for her son Lucas.

I am not sure what is going to happen to this pair. Either he will want her to be the traditional wife (clearly his mother did and still does most things for him), and after awhile she may not want to put up with that?

Or as she is quite assertive she may be able to whip him into shape. This one I would like to follow up on in 12 months time.

Erin was not there for the interviews at the end as she was in Canada for wedding and would be there for 2-3 months.

This got some bitching from the other participants. Kim saying "I would not want to leave someone that long at the beginning of a relationship" and others agreed it was a long time and questioned her feelings for him.

It only made me like her more, as it showed her independence, and in fact Craig seemed quite ok with it.

If he likes her why doesn't he fly over to Canada for 2 weeks to spend time with her?? Christ she is going to have to make the sacrifice of moving to the farm in the middle of nowhere if she wants to be with him.

This show was surprisingly enjoyable, and a big thank you to the reader who told me about it.

It was rating well for Channel 9 and is a certainty to be on our screens next year. Maybe by then Natalie G may be able to develop her interviewing skills a bit more.