Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Brother - Is This Year Really Going To Be Any Better?

I knew it was time to change channels after watching the first 40 mins of Big Brother tonight when the conversation in the lounge room had turned into a debate over what would be more interesting to see in the house.

A Harold and Maude type romance between Travis the 20 year old and Terri the 53 year old, or Rima the veritcally challenged contestant who I quite like having an extra marital affair with one of the boys.

Is this the sort of conversation BB has managed to reduce me to???

Also Kyle I found being snide and patronising to the contestants just off. It is a pity Kyle does not know any other type of humour except the put down. Jackie was just his glamourous looking side kick.

And speaking of Kyle he looked like he could do with not eating as many pies at work.

Tim Brunero's article here has a list of who has entered the house. Personally I think they have tried to pick to many extreme and over the top individuals. The diversity is not in age there is one 53 year old and one 32 year old and the rest are younger then 25. I am not sure if all the supposed manipulation is going to work to make enjoyable tv.


Anonymous said...

This is utter crap. I cannot believe how awful Kyle is. What a complete wanker!

I pity those housemates.

"One of of of us..."

BB= exploitation

Reality Raver said...

I am going to try and watch it but I don't think I will become addicted.

The show started out eight years ago as a social experiment of what would happen when you put a group of people in the house in a gold fish environment.

A lot of the contestants last night just seemed to be attention seekers.

Anonymous said...

Tacky Ho glamourous? ROTFLMAO!

Reality Raver said...

Anon Personally I am not a fan of Jackie or Kyle. But she had the hair, the makeup the dress going, I was being a bit tongue in cheek.