Monday, April 21, 2008

Project Runway Season 4 - Episode 4

"Project runway should have its own perfume," said costume designer and Project Runway contestant Chris.

"A mixture of tears, sweat and chinese food" chimed in another of the male designers. It made me wonder just unhealthy it was to be on this reality tv show. You never see them eat or take breaks on this show.

And then it was off to meet German supermodel Heidi Klum. If she hadn't been a model or host of this show she would have made a great dominatrix. That stern glint in her eye has everyone cowering.

I don't think Kristy Hinze will be portraying the same demeanour in the upcoming Australian series.

After the usual model swapping that last week's winner Jack is allowed to indulge, in Heidi sent them off to the Parson Design Centre to get their next challenge.

Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn, who hopefully will be out for the Logies, were there with 12 photographs of hideous fashion trends from the past 20 or so years. Some I remembered and may have even worn.

Then each of the designers had to pick a photo of the outdated trends, pleather, neon, cutouts were just a few examples of the fashion hiccups.

Jack was first to pick as he won last weeks challenge, then it is random.

The challenge:
Working in teams of three, to make three looks that were cohesive and current. They were able to pick who they wanted to work with.

Each team has a budget of $225 and 2 days to complete the challenge. 1 hour to sketch before going shopping.

Also each group had to pick a team leader, now why you would want to be team leader is beyond me you knew that if you were in the bottom teams your head was on the chopping block, and if you won what did you get - no trip for two to some swanky Mexican resort - you get nothing.

You knew in some teams were going to get ugly, as those shoulder pads.

However Steve from Chicago provided some light comic relief with his eeriely accurate impersonation of Tim Gunn.

Victorya is having a meltdown about Ricky being team leader and not her, so starts trying to take over and being subversive, and Ricky doesn't have the balls to rein her in.

Jillian bitching about Kevin to Rami concern over him not finishing. Especially as he appears to be getting close to the deadline without finishing his shorts. It appears he kind of disappeared somewhere. Where to, who knows?

In the end Kevin finally got this fabulous high waisted shorts together.

Tim Gunn swans in 2 hours from the end of deadline to cast his eye and critique it.

As they are nearly finished I am not sure how the advice it "needs to be cohesive" is going to help, as you cannot change you design at this stage of the competition.

The next day they have a few hours to finish up and get the model ready for the Runway.

Judges were the ususal Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and special guest judge was the amazing Donna Karen.

Team Jillian were out first their fashion trends were overalls, poodle skirt, and 70's flare. Personally I don't think overalls and 70's flares were fashion disasters.

The collection was fabulous with the cohesive look bound together by the fabric denim. It was funky and fun. I think her experience working for Ralph Lauren has helped Jillian alot, especially in how to put a collection together.

Team Chris collection was shoulder pads, dancewear, and baggy sweaters. I think they had the hardest trends to deal with. Leotard with shoulder pads? I don't think so. Therefore it was not that cohesive, and the beige colour reminded me of the season where everything in the shops was oatmeal. Hopefully that trend won't make a come back. However Sweet P's take on the baggy sweater was excellant, she has been been pretty consistent so far, except for her disaster man's outfit last week. But that was technique rather then design.

Team Christian collection was based on zoot suit, pleather, and fringe. Very cohesive both in fabric and design, but the fabric all together was a bit bland. But the cuts were fabulous.

Team Ricky had neon, cut-outs, and underwear as outerwear. This was the worst collection. I thought both Elisa's and Ricky's looked badly made. In fact Elisa's looked wrinkled. He said the reason why his dress wasn't finished was because he was helping the others.

The clear winner was Team Jillian, and Christian's team score also qualified them to move onto the next challenge.

The judges said team Chris missed with cohesive design and they did not like stephen's dance wear look, but they loved Sweet P's dress. Chris's dress was described as "beauty pagent with camel" by Michael kors. The shoulder pads got a big criticism.

Team Ricky was told by Nina she "liked Victorya's dress". Victorya did admit that Ricky helped her.

They did not like Ricky's dress. Then Victorya put the boot into Ricky about his leadership skills.

The contestants were then put on the spot and asked who they think should go. Elisa with were kookiness neatly sidestepped any cold shoulders she may receive back at the apartment by nominating herself.

Heidi cracked the whip at Sweet P because she was being indecisive about who to pick. Fear of Heidi won out over fear of the team and she nominated Stephen.

Chris was then eliminated.

I thought this was a bit harsh as Ricky has been flailing about in the bottom for weeks and their designs were fairly disgusting plus he wasn't the greatest leader.

So a contestant who has some of the best one liners is gone, and Ricky who continually cries is left in. Unbelievable.

I will miss his one liners.


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