Friday, October 31, 2008

If You Are Suffering From Insomnia Here Is An Interesting Article On The Mistress Of Reality TV

Bravo TV is the factory that pumps out high quality reality TV like Project Runway, Top Chef, Shear Genius and the Real Housewives. In Australia Arena TV content is a majority of shows from Bravo.

The person behind the success of Bravo is Lauren Zalaznick. She not only continues to commission highly entertaining TV, but is also targeting the right demographic.

Among women ages 18 to 49, Bravo is the fastest growing of the top 20 entertainment cable networks, and its viewers are the most educated and upscale (about a quarter of them make more than $100,000 a year), a demographic that advertisers are desperate to try to reach.

The New York Times here has an indepth interview on Lauren examining her career and how she operates. I found it very interesting.

Wayne Cooper Found Guilty And Now On A Good Behaviour Bond

Fashion designer Wayne Cooper and occasional guest judge on Australia's Next Top Model has been found guilty and been placed on a two year good behaviour bond for pushing his wife in a domestic dispute.

The police were called to their Tamarama house earlier this year and the couple now estranged. Sarah Marsh has also been talking to A Current Affair and said that in the now famous dispute he threaten her with a knife.

It is possible Sarah is talking to A Current Affair for cash as the highly successful designer is only paying her $500 a week in maintenance.

Full story on the Daily Tele site.

Reality Tidbits

Do You Think Wes Carr Wishes Rhys Bobridge Had Kept His Photo Album Closed?
Wes Carr the favourite to win Australian Idol this year cool muso credibility continues to decline. Last Monday night he showed us some very polished Michael Jackson moves and today here is a picture when he was on Young Talent Time in the '90s.
In the picture is another reality TV star Rhys Bobridge. Rhys was the highly popular runner up in Season 1 So You Think You Can Dance Australia.
Both boys were in the show together. Rhys kindly went through his photo album and gave us a photo of the boys in costume. They both look cute.
They are not the only reality TV star that has graduated from the Young Talent Time bosom. Danni Minogue is now making a career out of judging on shows like The X Factor.
Rhys Bobridge also reveals what he has been up to since the completion of SYTYCD Au. He will be releasing a single called Hot Summer at the end of November.
Souce of story and photo:Courier Mail.
Ricki-Lee Coulter Reveals It Does Not Get Her Down When Told To Lose Weight
Ricki-Lee who is currently spruiking Hold Me Tight shaping underwear has said it does not get her down when she is told to lose weight for her career.
"I can't tell you the number of times people have told me if I just lost 10kg I could go much further in my career," she said, posing up yesterday. "But I'm determined to show them - and other average-size women - it is doable and possible."
Ricki-Lee will also be basing herself in Los Angles for two months next year to write material for a new album.
The newly single singer is certainly getting on with her life, maybe she can meet up with another reality tv popette while she is over there. Sophie Monk who is single after her break up of her engagement, has been dating up a storm in LA.
The latest sightings have been Sophie snuggling Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine at the Chateau Marmont.
More info on Ricki-Lee's future plans are on the Daily Tele website.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Amazing Race - Season 13 - Episode 3

The teams are in Brazil but is the surrounding poverty the big issue no it is about a sports bra being "pushed" off a window ledge.

Christy accuses Starr of pushing it off? I tend to tend to agree with Starr what was the point of that it is not like the bra will give them an advantage in the race. Now if you could spike someones drink with laxatives that might get you ahead.

Ken and Tina, the estranged married couple are first to leave the pit stop at 12.51am. They have to fly to La Paz, Boliva, and must get to a statue and look through a newspaper to find their next clue.

The geeks are second to go. I love these guys.

Everyone got on flights to Boliva and were trying to cope with the altitude as well as sleeping on concrete on a freezing cold night.

The frat boys were the first to discover the clue hidden in the newspaper. The blondes were the last to find it - but did run a strong rest of the leg.

After getting to the hat store to buy a traditional Bolivian hat it was time for the detour.

The choices were Musical March - where you must collect musicians to form a band
Bumpy Ride where you must get on some dodgy bike and travel on some bumpy ride. At the end of this detour they have a U-Turn where they can make another team do both detours.

Terence and Sarah and the geeks stuffed up and hopped into cabs when the clue specifically said you had to travel on foot. Do you go back or just cop the time penalty at the pit stop?

Points to Tina who overtook Terence and Sarah on the bumpy bike ride. Terence nearly had a breakdown and made a crack at Sarah.

Nick and Starr flew past Kelly and Christy on the bikes this humiliation was compounded by a huge stack, which meant Nick and Starr got to the U-Turn first. Starr really wanted to U-Turn the girls but then strategy wise decided not to.

Next was to get to Los Titines and the Geeks were in first place - they had not realised their mistake at this stage.

Tina and Ken made it to the Roadblock first. Where they had to wrestling a cholita (a woman). And were off to the pit stop first for the second week in a row.

Terence and Sarah hopped out at the wrong spot when they spotted a red and yellow flag, and Aja and Ty had taxi issues with no petrol and overheating.

The geeks had trouble with the wrestling due to lack of coordination and fitness resulted in sucking on oxygen. It was getting ugly for him.

Aja took the time at the roadblock to make mischief by telling Kelly and Christy that Starr had wanted Aja and Ty to U-Turn them. There is going to be a scrag fight at the pitstop tonight.

Toni and Dallas overtook a few teams to go for the pit stop second, and the blondes came in fourth after Terence and Sarah who had a great cab driver.

At this point the geeks realised they had fucked up and their necks were on the chopping block, and they copped a 30 minute penalty. The divorcees were now saved from elimination and the geeks were going home, even Phil looked disappointed as was I.

Buddy TV here has an interview with Mark and Bill about their time on the amazing race.

Make Me A Supermodel - Don't Let Your Partner Go On A Reality TV Show

Rhys must feel like a fifth wheel in the model household with Courtney and Billy loved up and Tom and Shanina circling each other like cats on a hot tin roof.

Tom's girlfriend must be pretty upset, especially with Billy blabbing to the camera's that Tom crawls out of her bed at 5.00am.

Courtney and Billy have a strategy to try and take the gloss of the favourites Tom and Shanina and this involves telling the viewers what they are up to when the cameras are not there seems to be their main modus operandi.

Hopefully this will backfire on them, as Australians don't like dobbers especially when it is done with such smug looks on their faces.

Hannah who was up for nomination for the first week obviously was not popular with the populace and was eliminated. Could this be because everyone remembers the vileness of Kassandra and Hannah together?

I felt sorry for her as I thought she was one of the strongest. At this point the show has just turned into a popularity contest and a pretty or handsome nice person will win.

The nauseating coupling of Billy and Courtney continued at the photo shoot with the them still saying how good it was that Shanina and Tom were caught out by a camera they did not know was on. If they had put this much effort into slowing climate change they would have saved a couple of polar bears by now.

I mean they are all around 19 how serious can a relationship be at that age? I know I know it always seems to be so dramatic when your in your teens. Though I do feel sorry for the soon to be ex-girlfriend.
Tom realising it was on film called his girlfriend and said he had been caught giving a peck on the shoulder to Shanina. He wailed down the phone "That is all that happened." Not knowing that Billy and Courtney have been spilling the beans to every available camera.
Anyway none of their scheming worked with Courtney and Billy landing in the bottom three with Rhys. Billy was crying the bravado all gone. Hopefully he will be eliminated.
Just an aside does Jackie Frank have a lisp? And did Courtney look really dumpy on the catwalk?

Reality Tidbits

Australian Idol Competition - You Could Sing With One Of The Idols.
To coincide with Xbox 360 launching a new title calle Lips there will be competition starting this Sunday on Australian Idol (well in the ad breaks) where the prize is singing with one of the Idol's.

Lips is a singing game, it measures both your performance and vocal ability, with wireless motion-sensitive microphones so you can jump around the room as you belt out your favourite songs.

I would advise not mixing this with a drinking game as things could get veeeerrrrrryyyyy ugly. I won't be entering this comp, I will just concentrate on winning the MacDonald's $50,000 Top 10 song comp.

Denise Richard's: It's Complicated Has Been Picked Up For A Second Season.
Charlie Sheen's won't be very happy that his ex-wife will be pimping her kids on TV for another season of her hit show Denise Richards: It's Complicated. Prior to the first season Charlie went to court to stop her from putting the two girls on the show, however he lost.

The show is a staged reality show shown on E.

More information about the show can be found on Reality Heaven./

Interview With So You Think You Can Dance Mary Murphy.
Canada is currently screening their first season of SYTYCD. Mary Murphy is guest judging on the show. Here on Dose is an interview where she gives her thoughts on the Canadian version plus other SYTYCD background information. Apparently Nigel Lythgoe has the final say in who goes home in the US Version.

Reality TV Highlights for Thursday 30 October

Tonight on Make Me A Supermodel Gail Elliot will be a guest judge. She will be judging the models on their budget buys for the Melbourne Cup.

Up for elimination is Hannah, Courtney and Rhys.

Make Me A Supermodel is on Channel 7 at 7.30pm.

The Amazing Race also looks like another cracker of an episode with the episode being titled Who Pushed The Sports Bra Off The Ledge? Starr apparently is the suspected culprit. What I want to know is how did divorcee Christy bra get there in the first place.

The Amazing Race is on Channel 7 at 8.30pm.

Channel 9 has some observational reality TV on tonight with RPA at 9.30pm and Amazing Medical Stories at 10.30pm.

Some might think Are You Smarter Then a Fifth Grader a reality TV show, I don't I classify it as game show, but if you do it is on Channel 10 at 7.30pm.

On Pay TV tonight Arena has the Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency at 8.30pm, followed by The Bachelorette at 9.30pm.

E has Pam: Girl on the Loose at 6.30pm, Girls at The Playboy Mansion at 8.30pm followed by Victoria Silvstedt: My Perfect life.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Elite Modelling Agency Is Downsizing But Alice Burdeau Has Survived.

Who knew but even the economic crisis is affecting modelling agencies. Fashionindie reports Elite had cut 60 girls from their books, but Australia's Next Top Model winner Alice Burdeau is still there.

However no news on whether season 11 American Next Top Model contestants Katarjyna and Anya made the cut.

Big Brother Runner Up Facing Assault Charges.

Rory Ammon a runner up from Big Brother is facing criminal charges because of an alleged assault on a cyclist. The full story can be found here.

Christian Sirano - Project Runway Season 4 Winner Update
Christian Sirano the young whipper snapper who took out the previous season's title appears to be the most successful winner with a post Project Runway career. This article on WSJ outlines what he has been doing. Because of the tough economic times some of the places that were going to buy his collection have cancelled, however he is still making a living out of endorsements.

Oh and anyone who thought going on a reality TV show was stupid, prior to Project Runway Christian was working on a make up counter at Bloomingdales.

Another Reality TV Couple
American Idol winner Carrie Underwood is apparently dating The Bachelor's Dr Travis Stork. For full details on this hook up go to Buddy TV.

Project Runway - Season 5 - Episode 5

I am really finding it hard to look at Heidi Klum without cringing now that I know her husband Seal has names for her boobs. For those who want to know he calls them Franz and Hans. Now I know men have been known to name their genitals but who names breasts?

After Heidi told the designers they were going to design for a high powered and chic professional woman. Blayne was hoping it would not be Hilary Clinton as "she would not look good in a neon pantsuit."

Stella wanted Sharon Osbourne 'cos "she is the queen of rock".

However it was Brooke Shields. But they were not to design for her but for her character on her show Lipstick Jungle.

They had to create a night look for Brooke's character on Lipstick Jungle. The look has to carry her from day to night. The winner's outfit will be worn by her on Season 2. So that answered my question on whether the show had been renewed.

The designers were going to have to work in pairs, with Brooke picking six designs she liked. They were given $150 for materials.

Suede who was partnered with Terri, and he was not coping with the design or the fabric. Terri was exasperated and said "no one is going to suck on my titty, he needs to man up."

The winner of the challenge was Keith with his design of a pattern colour top with a brown floaty skirt.

But I preferred Jerrel's.

The person eliminated was Kelli with her outfit which Michael Kors quite rightly called slutty.

Exit interview with Kelli on Buddy TV.

Another Australian Idol Voting Scandal? Was Roshani Robbed?

Is another Australian Idol voting scandal emerging? Roshani Priddis fans are saying they had difficulty getting through on the voting lines on Monday night.

The Tamworth Leader was inundated with calls from people concerned their inability to get through on the busy phone lines either by text or to the 1902 5555 phone number may have resulted in Roshani’s departure.

A disgruntled viewer who sent a “Roshani” text at 7.41pm told The Leader a minute later, at 7.42pm, he received a text back from the 191010 number which said: “The service you have requested is not currently available. Please try again later. You have not been charged.”

The issue of voting anomalies has previously be raised by Brook Adamo's father. See previous post here.

Fremantle media say everything is above board.

Today Tonight has already tried to beat this story up - it will be interesting to see if they do so again.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Chopping Block - La De Da's v Anancapri

Why are some owners of restaurants complete and utter morons? It appears that people think you can just open a restaurant with no experience and expect them to work.

The two owners tonight were both dumb. Terry the co-owner of Anacapri did not show any enthusiasm and looked confused most of the episode.

If Gordon Ramsey had been in the kitchen of La De Da's with Kim the Chef she would have had a complete nervous breakdown and been carted away in a strait jacket.

All Matt Moran asked her to do was cook a chicken dish and she had a meltdown. This resulted in the other cook Kelly becoming head chef.

Kim was not the only meltdown in this episode.

Both Anacapri's and La De Da's are in Swansea an area which most recently acquired notoriety when their local State Member, Milton Orkopolous was thrown in the slammer for young boy and drug charges.

Matt Moran said that Anacapri was one of the worst meals he had ever eaten, and he had a hissy fit over the chicken schnitzel which he played up to the cameras by throwing them into the water.

Terry the co-owner of Anacapri was a bit of a dolt. He appeared to be not that motivated to change. And was gobsmacked that anyone could not like chicken schnitzel.

The pregnant waitress who had previously sobbed to the Sunday tabloids that she had been chased down the street by the camera crew, was shown to have stormed out of the resturant under her own volition.

Both business's had issues on the night of the reviewers, Alan Saunders, visited for the second time. Anacapri had service issues, and La De Da's had a complete kitchen meltdown. Both owners were not really that much help.

Terry turned up to the verdict scene alone clearly his staff did not give a stuff by this stage or he had not paid them. Predictably La De Da won. Personally I would not eat at either establishment.

Here is an article from today's Newcastle Herald where Terry states the chicken schnitzel's are back and their biggest seller. He did not say whether his business was making a profit yet.

Also it implies in the article that Kim is now back as head chef, she had been demoted by Matt Moran to second chef in the series.

Roshani Priddis Doing The Media Rounds

It is the duty of all Australian Idol contestants post elimination to turn themselves into media sluts on the Tuesday to talk about their experience on Idol and spruik their future plans.

Roshani Priddis is no different. Obviously she wants to continue her music career and would like to work with Paul Mac or Guy [Sebastian].

She was also disappointed with the harsh criticism she was given on Sunday night because of her song choice. She thought it was one of her better performances. Sorry Roshani it wasn't and it was the worse performance of the evening.

Here are some of her interviews:
TV Week

Who Mag


Sad News - Jennifer Hudson's Seven Year Old Nephews Body Found.

It appears Jennifer Hudson's $100,000 reward for the safe return of her nephew will come to nothing as his body was found in Chicago.

Julian King's body was found in a SUV in West Side Chicago. It appears as if this was all for naught, as the FBI found the body in question early this morning in a parked SUV in the west side of Chicago. The license plate number matched the description given in Julian's Amber Alert.

This compounds the tragedies of deaths over the weekend of Jennifer's mother and brother. William Balfour has been arrested in relation to those murders, and he is Julian King's step father.

More news on Buddy TV Website.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Why Did Ricki-Lee Leave Her Husband?

In an article in Woman's Day Ricki-Lee reveals why she left her husband. She said she fell out of love with him and they wanted different things.

"I started to fall out of love with him and I wasn't happy in the end," she says, fighting back tears. "But it was still hard for us to end it."

It is easy to forget how young she is - as she is only 22. Far too young to be hooked into marriage.

After the Aria's there was speculation that Ricki-Lee and Teale Jakubenko, a contestant from this year's Idol had something going on. Previous post on that story here.

UPDATE: In the full article in Woman's Day Ricki-Lee denies any romance with Teale. She said it would be wrong as she mentors the Idol contestants.

Reality Tidbits

The Biggest Loser Host, Ajay Rochester In Court Next Month.

Ajay Rochester will face court next month after pleading not guilty last week to 23 welfare charges. The single mum has been accused of receiving Centrelink benefits when she was not eligible for them.

Ajay is a single mum with an autistic son. She allegedly received welfare payments between December 2001 and December 2005.

Jennifer Hudson Is Offering A $100,000 Reward.

Ex American Idol alumni Jennifer Hudson is offering $100,000 for the safe return of her seven year old nephew. Jennifer whose mother and brother were murdered over the weekend by her brother in law is now back in Chicago with her family.

The brother in law has been arrested however the whereabouts of the seven year old is unknown. The brother in law is being uncooperative with Police. What a prick.

Australia's Next Top Model Auditions Completed.
Australia's Next Top Model auditions have finished, with the last one held in Newcastle on the weekend. Alex Perry and Priscilla Leighton-Clark were the two judges that fronted that audition.

Now all the girls who applied have to wait until December to find out if they are one of the 13 to make it onto the show. In Australia we don't have the in between show where forty girls will turn up and talk to the judges and then their top 13 is decided.

Here are some photos of some of the girls who turned out at Westfields Kotara on the weekend.

Australian Idol - And Now There Were Five

The Monday night hour long Idol show is just a lot of filler.

Do I really want to hear the bottom three songs again, why don't they get the person who wins the Cadbury star moment to sing again.

Also Chris Brown why is he so big and why does he need an entourage of 36? I know some teeny bopper will make a voodoo doll of me but thought he was very overrated.

The bottom three was inevitably Luke Dicken, Teale Jakubenko and Roshani Priddis, with Roshani deservedly going as she was the weakest link last night.

Next week Michael Jackson night, now that is going to be interesting. I predict Luke's performance will be a train wreck.

Speaking of trainwreck's Ricki-Lee mentioned her Idol train wreck to Roshani Priddis. It was Beatles night and she sang We Can Work It Out. She was eliminated after it. For those who have forgotten here it is below.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

American Idol - Final 6 - Rolling Stones Night

You wonder what the king of cool Mick Jagger would think about Australian Idol contestant's mauling his songs. But then again Mick who is a notorious tightwad might just be glad to get the royalties.

A couple of thoughts on tonights show:
  • Yes we know Wes is hot but do we really need the lighting to make his hair and face red at the beginning of the song? and
  • Roshani Priddis needs to ban the producers from playing the footage of her working in a call centre type situation, as it only reminds people of those annoying phone calls they get from India just as they are sitting down to dinner. Not something that is going to win her votes.

    Wes Carr - Jumping Jack Flash
    I really wanted Wes to put his gravelly tones to "You Can't Always Get What You Want" so I was disappointed. This disappointment was compounded when Teale butchered it later on in the show.

    Wes really sexed it up tonight and to think he has performance anxiety (not in that way) as you would not know it once he is on stage. Points should also be given to Wes for making me listen to a maraca and NOT think of Peter Allen.

    Roshani Priddis - Wild Horses
    Roshani appeared to have done a Hillsong rendition of this song, and I think she is in danger of going home this week. Her pitch was all over the place and only Rolling Stone aficionado's would have heard of it.

    Kyle was right when he said her outfit looked like "the dog had savaged the takeaway chicken container."

    Also she has to lose some of her intensity in her pre-performance interviews. Take a leaf out Luke Dicken's laid back approach as that is working for him. Grab a cow to milk or something.

    Luke Dickens - Honky Tonk Woman
    I cannot believe Luke is highly likely to make top 3. I cannot believe that he is one of the performances I look forward to watching each week.

    I didn't think this was his strongest performance, but he is smart with picking songs from the Triple M playlist. The judges gushed over him, but I think he will be bottom three this week.

    Teale Jakubenko - You Can't Always Get What You Want
    I cannot believe he is still here and even worse he is butchering my favourite Stone's song You Can't Always Get What You Want.

    He actually thinks he can make it to the Opera House. I am presuming he will fade into oblivion after Idol.

    The judges praised his rendition just because of the logistics of compressing a seven minute song into a minute and a half. It was all chorus and I did not like the acoustic version at all.

    He made it as bland as Kraft single when I like the song with a bit more bite like vintage cheddar.

    Chrislyn Hamilton - Get Off My Cloud
    The girl is sassy. She kept with the traditional Rolling Stone's melody and her voice had the husky blues tones. Chrislyn sings like Roshani would like to with those effortless high notes.

    Chrislyn does have to be careful with doing the crazy eyes into the camera - not a great way to connect with the audience at home.

    Mark Spano - Angie
    What is it with the judges this year and touchdowns? Can't they think of their own way to get the point across that they thought it was a standout performance? And really was this a standout performance?

    I thought it was good, and by playing the guitar it gave Mark a bit of muso cred but will I remember it by tomorrow night I don't think so.

    Bottom three predictions - Teale Jakubenko, Roshani Priddis, and Luke Dickens.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gordon Ramsey Hell's Kitchen A Big Earner.

As I was watching Hell's Kitchen USA I wondered why did Gordon Ramsey agree to this shite where he has become a parody of himself. Well I now know why - he gets paid 157,000 pounds per episode.Well I would sell out for that.
The Sun has an article that outlines his media fortune.

Jennifer Hudson Mother Shot Dead

Jennifer Hudson who was made famous on American Idol and later winning a best supporting actress Oscar for Dreamgirls, mother and brother has been shot dead in domestic incident in their home in Chicago.

Her mother who still lives in the south side of Chicago was the person that encouraged Jennifer to audition for American Idol.

Jennifer after hearing of the sad news was making her way home from Los Angles to Chicago.

Full story here.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Is Fremantle Media Backing McCain To Get Into The White House?

Now we all know Fox News is so Republican biased it is laughable, but are Fremantle Media also McCain fans?

Two employees from Fremantle Media's shows have been assisting the presidential campaign.

It has been revealed that Senator McCain spent $US8672.55 ($12,900) last month for the services of the American Idol make-up artist Tifanie White.

While Mrs Palin spent more, the Arizona senator, 72, who has prominent scars from battling cancer, requires more work than does the more naturally telegenic Mrs Palin, 44.

Her travelling make-up artist is Amy Strozzi, who was nominated for an Emmy Award for her work as head of make-up on So You Think You Can Dance. Ms Strozzi was paid $US13,200 by the McCain-Palin campaign last month alone, according to the campaign's latest financial disclosure report filed this week.

I am not sure what the executive producer and all round reality TV guru Simon Fuller's new wife would think of this, as she has donated money to the Democrats campaign.

Australian Idol Contestants Performing At Parramatta Westfield's Tomorrow.

Want to meet Wes, kiss Mark or give Chrislyn a hug of support. Well the six contestants left in this year's Australian Idol will be at the centre court at Westfield's Parramatta between 10.30am and 12.30pm. There will be the ususal performance and autograph session.

More details here.

Make Me A Supermodel - Will Hannah Be Eliminated?

Next week's show will be interesting as Hannah who has had a bitchy side, especially when Kassandra was in the house is in the bottom three for the first time.

This will be the first time her popularity with the Australian audience will be tested. Courtney and Rhys were the other two nominated.

Darwin girl Sara was eliminated last night. She was used to being in the bottom three.

Who Magazine here has a interview with Sara after her elimination. She was not surprised to be gone.

Ricki-Lee Is Proud Of Her Curves And So She Should Be

Ricki-Lee Coulter host of Australian Idol has not faltered since the recent separation from her husband. She is now in Who Magazine with other celebrities taking a stand against being thin and embracing her curves.

She looks fabulous. I would have to question whether the other two in the picture could be defined as curvaceous as they look pretty slender to me. To be fair Antonia she is curvier then her sister Nicole.
Source of story and picture Daily Telegraph.
In other Australian Idol news beatboxer Joel Turner from Season 1 was in court the other day giving a victim impact statement. He said his second album Out of The Box failed to sell well as he was unable to promote it due to getting a broken jaw at a housewarming party.
The person who assaulted him court case his currently being heard. Full story

I Would Have Thought With Russ Hinze As Your Granddaddy You Wouldn't Have A Pop Complex

Congratulations must go out to Project Runway Australia host Kristy Hinze on her engagement to 64 year billionaire Jim Clark. The 34 year age gap appears not to bother them.

Photo of Kristy and Jim from

Just so we are clear that it is not his money she finds attractive she has said about him:

"I never thought I was going to date an older man when I first met him," she told The Australian Women's Weekly. "To me, it was different to hang out with someone with something to say that was so interesting and important and who was truly, incredibly intelligent. He's handsome and has so much charisma - and he's so funny."

Jim Clark is not on the record on their relationship so it is unclear whether it is her gorgeous long legs and stunning looks that were the attraction or her sparkling conversation.

Funny how only billionaires with the above mentioned qualities get to marry attractive women three decades their junior. Unless of course if the men get their brides from the Philippines. This is not something I advocate by the way. But of course both of these marriages have something in common and that is money.

If it is not the money for Kristy and she has some granddaddy complex I am very surprised as Russ Hinze was powerful but not very attractive nor suave. For those who are too young to know Russ, he is the one at the front.

Full story on the SMH Website.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Amazing Race - Season 13 - Episode 2

It is only the second episode but Terence gets the award for the most neurotic person for the series. He bumped his head very slightly and you would have thought a serious brain injury had occurred.

Another highlight was the ageing Ken and Barbie, whoops I meant Tina thought she had talked the airline into using a bigger plane for the flight to allow her to get a seat. She kept on running around telling everyone she was owed.

What is it with these American's? The southern belles hand over two tiny pieces of candy to the ticketing dude like they are giving out caviar and say "here have some American candy" like they were bestowing him some great gift. He just cracked up at them, they of course did not realise.

Terence and Ken started arguing in the queue to get on the plane. I cannot believe Terence is an endurance athlete as he does not seem to have the mental steeliness. Unhinged would be the adjective I would use to describe him.

Normally teams have bad luck with cabs they break down or get lost, but this was the first episode in the squillions of seasons I have watched where I have actually seen a team push a cab before they have even got in it. They were at the airport for christsakes there were plenty of taxi's. And they wondered why they were last.

Once at their destination and getting their clue the teams had to find dune buggies.

Detour time - Beach It - Must travel to a beach and find the traditional boat and move it 140 yards


Docket - Find a container terminal in a dock yard.

Most of the teams did Beach It. Terence abused Sarah, Nick slutted out his sister Starr with kisses.

Terence and Sarah finished first, but totally stuffed up trying to find a taxi as they did not follow the arrows. They were at this point in 9th place.

The divorcees Kelly and Christy had some sort of brain explosion and after they finished their detour of Beach It in a timely fashion thought they had to get a container and then started digging around a flag much to the bemusement of the Brazillians.

The Geeks who had actually done the container challenge in the Docket Detour were now in first place.

Roadblock - One person must search for a clue one that is in plain site. They must supply the correct destination to the painter.

The geeks again applied brain power and just wrote down all the names and read them out to the guy. Tina copied their modus operandi. These two teams raced each other to the pit stop, with Ken and Tina making it first.

The divorcee's again stuffed up at the Roadblock by letting their taxi go.

There were a lot of dumbos at this challenge, Nick and frat boy just stood and stared at the wall for awhile.

Last team to arrive was Anthony and Stephanie, and yes they were the ones who pushed the taxi out of the airport.

Siblings Nick and Starr kick of the episode at 4.11am and take off to the airport to fly to another part of Brazil and head to a village.

Project Runway Season 5 - If you were wondering what Suede's Dress Looked Like Manufactured.

Suede in episode 2 this season on Project Runway won the challenge of designing a cocktail dress and the prize was getting it manufactured and sold on

So what does it look like? Below is the Suede original.

And here is the manufactured version.

I have got to be honest I am not sure about it. More info about the dress here.
Would you wear it?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Project Runway - Season 5 - Episode 4

Project Runway Australia should have done the challenge that was on Project Runway tonight which was to design an outfit for the Olympic team for the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics. The Sportcrafts designed uniform (pictured above) for our athletes was a train wreck and far to corporate.

Is Blayne a freak or a stoner boy? He wants to go tanning every other day, and he looked like he was on edge because he was not able to do so.

Stella otherwise known as Cheroin by , was sticking to black and I am sure had to be stopped from buying fake fur. Chances of her winning the challenge zero. To be fair her outfit actually looked quite good in the end compared to the others at least hers was athletic.
Stella's outifit right:

Everyone was bitching about Kenley's laugh. I am not sure it is that bad, but I suppose if you are trying to concentrate.

Blayne was told by Tim Gunn that his jacket was a bit Sargent Peppers. Blayne had no idea what he was talking about.

Guest judge is Apolo Ohno a winter Olympian.

Top three were Teri, Korto, and Joe.

Bottom three was Jennifer, Daniel, and Jerrell.

Jennifer was told off by a stony faced Nina Garcia, or was it the botox, about her design because she missed the whole concept of the challenge completely.

Michael told Daniel his outfit was from the "country of cocktail".
Korto's winning outfit:

The winner was Korto, and Jennifer was eliminated.
Jennifer's disaster:

Reality Tidbits

Charlotte Dawson's Boyfriend Out On Bail.
Charlotte Dawson will be back to her Australia's Next Top Model judging duties tomorrow in Adelaide now that her boyfriend Matthew Rhodin is out on bail. His mother put up the $100,000 to get him out. He is currently up on fraud charges of over $7 million.

Link to story in The Australian.

Two Dubbo Dancer's Are Through To the Top 100 on So You Think You Can Dance Aust
Charles Bartley and Ashleigh Tegart from Dubbo are two names of dancers who are through to the top 100 week in Sydney. Charles is currently studying at Brent St Studios, so it will be interesting how many of that alumni make it in on Season 2. Marko Panzic, Hilton Dennis and Rhiannon were three dancers from there in Season 1.
It will be interesting if in the future the Melbourne dancer's that attend Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance will have an advantage at the auditions. I can see a Today Tonight conspiracy theory story coming up.

Dubbo News has more information about this pair.

Stephanie From Farmer Wants A Wife Has Dyed Nick Out Of Her Hair
Stephanie Page who some thought was treated badly by Brown Brothers heir Nick Brown on this year's Farmer Wants A Wife appears to have not just washed him out of her hair, but dyed him out as well. Steph who on the show was bottle blonde has now become a much tamer brunette.

The picture was taken at some singles function - so she must still be looking for love.
Two New Blondes Are Going To Meet This Year's Farmers
Speaking of Farmer Wants A Wife this year there appears to be no shortages of blondes with Cairns girls Ryley Molloy and Allana Cini to meet a couple of the farmers at the speed dating part of the show.
Good luck girls but maybe a change of hair colour should occur as the two girls who have managed to get long term relationships from the show have been brunette. These being Kim and Chris, and Rob and Jo.
More info about Ryley and Allan here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Chopping Block - Emads V Gloria'a

The battle tonight was between two Sydney institutions Emad's a lebanese restaurant and Gloria's a Portuguese one.

I have in fact eaten at both. Most people in Sydney would have been through Emad's doors at one point clutching a cheap bottle of wine.

It was a place when I was younger I went to quite a lot, but like what must have happened to a lot of their clientele I have moved on.

Gloria's I have been to as well, but only once as the food was appalling.

Both are in need of a make-over. Just as well no health inspectors ever checked the dust on the parachute at Emads when they took down from the ceiling it was disgusting.

Matt Moran came in and spun his magic. However I thought Emad's food looked great, especially the new main meals. Whereas the cooking at Gloria's didn't seemed to improve much except for the presentation.

Emad's won the $20,000 and they deserved it.

I might just walk back into Emad's again one day soon.

Sophie Patterson Leaves Australian Idol Graciously.

Sophie Patterson who was eliminated from Australian Idol last night said the format of the show has helped her.

This makes a nice change from Jonny Taylor, Tom Williams and Thanh Bui who left the show and whinged about various facets of it.

"I think it's been really interesting doing the different genres and it’s great for the show and it’s great for people to watch to see (contestants) sing something that they know,” the 23-year-old told .

Another exit interview with Sophie can be found on Who Magazine website.

In other Idol news apparently 17 year old Chrislyn Hamilton was drinking white wine at the Aria's the other night. Now apparently she can do that if there is a guardian present. The question is who was the guardian?

Todd McKenney Needs To Employ Some New PR Chicks.

Ok so your trial for drug possession is coming up, so Todd's McKenney's PR team decides some positive spin needs to occur to garner sympathy for him.

Now if the best they can do is a story where he was attacked in the supermarket by a bloke with sausages because he wasn't nice to Pauline Hansen, maybe he needs to think about getting a new public relations team.

"I was buying meat for a barbecue when this guy accused me of not giving Pauline Hanson, who starred in the first series, a fair go - and hit me with his sausages!" he says.

If you want the full story you will have to buy this week's New Idea because I certainly won't be.

Ricki-Lee and Teale Jakubenko - She Can Rebound With Someone Better Then That

Syd Confidential alluded that Ricky-Lee at the Arias went to the Idol's table and specifically sought out the blandest Idol contestant ever, Teale Jakubenko. Interestingly it was on a night where Teale had just sung to his girlfriend in the audience.

Insiders said there was no romantic connection and the pair share a "Brisbane bond". What a lame excuse. Anyway hopefully it is a load of bollocks she can do better then that.

Ricki-Lee has split with her husband of one year, Jamie Babbington. She said "I want to tell my fans that I'm good and thanks for looking out for me."

To the person who emailed me complaining that an Aria photo of Ricki-Lee should be posted to counter act the hideous of the Natalie Gauci one here you go.

Photo Credit: Daily Tele.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Australian Idol - And Now There Were Six

It was hard to tell who had hit the Aria parties harder Luke Dickens or Gabriella Climi. Six time Aria winner Gabriella who was the special guest singer on Australian Idol looked tired and a tad emotional. At times I really had no idea what she was gibbering on about. At least she admitted some of her acceptance speeches were shite because they were.

Bottom three was Teale Jakubenko, Sophie Patterson, and Mark Spano. The only surprise being Mark. Was his female vote turned off by his Diana Ross type moves?

Imagine Teale and Sophie having a conversation it would be super dull. Sophie even revealed she had been studying accounting prior to her auditioning for Idol. She would really slot into the stereotype of one.

Anyway Teale was first Idol to be safe. Was Mark Spano going to fall for the seventh place curse? No Sophie was eliminated and it really was her time to go she never lived up to all the hype surrounding her.

Cheyenne Tozzi Steps In For Charlotte Dawson Who Was Possibly Trying To Get Bail Money

Shire uber model Cheyenne Tozzi was called in as a replacement judge for Charlotte Dawson at the Townsville casting call for Australia's Next Top Model.

Charlotte stayed in Sydney to be near jailed boyfriend Matthew Rhodin. Matthew who is up on fraud charges, spent the weekend in jail as he had yet to post the $100,000 bail. I wonder if Charlotte will help come up with the cash?

Anyway all reports from Townsville was that Cheyenne, who is only 19, acquitted herself very well.

Full story on Daily Tele.

Natalie Gauci - Is There Anything Right About This?

Now all last year I was blaming Sheridan Tyler for Natalie's disasterous clothes on Australian Idol, but after looking at this fugly outfit clearly I was very wrong indeed. Is she on the drugs Britany Spears was taking when she was having her meltdown.

She said it was bought in an op shop in London for 6 pounds. Shepaid that much for it I could have got it from Best and Less and Spotlight for $5.00.

I am speechless.

Australian Idol - Season 6 - Soul Night

Aria night is always a trick for the unwary when Channel Ten move the show back an hour to 6.30pm. Two other things happen on Aria night, Andrew G hosts the show alone, and the show will finish on time.

Tonight was soul night and the guest mentor was Guy Sebastian. Lucky for him he got to plug his Memphis album again. It was a nice change from aged rock stars whose careers were on the declinine.

I liked his advice that when he was on Australian Idol he picked a bit in each song to be a "moment". Well it worked for him some of his performances I still remember.

Mark Spano - You Just Keep Me Hanging On.
This is a soul song? Anyways just to remind us how butch Mark really is they had him sitting leaning up against a wheel of a car in his pre-song interview.

Mark did not look comfortable with soul, not helped by what he was wearing the tie made him look like a school boy. Also the choreographed moves with the back up singers just reminded me of a bad version of The Supremes.

Sophie Patterson - Papa Was a Rolling Stone
To think this girl was my favourite singer from the auditions. Last night when she opened her mouth and started singing it was like fingernails on a chalkboard. She is the same each week, strappy little dress, high high heels she can barely walk in, the little nose wrinkle at the beginning of the song, and the same warbly tones.

I would have liked to have seen her groove the song up a bit more and some tight black pants would have been more appropriate rather then the pretty doll dress.

Dicko said she mutilated the song. Teale Jakubenko is the only thing saving Sophie from going home.

Luke Dickens - My Girl
Now Luke is guaranteed to have a hangover after the Arias. He knows how to be rock and roll ok he just doesn't seem the type to turn down a free beer. After being told he needed to put more light and shade in his voice, which you knew he had no clue what that meant, he delivered tonight an assured performance.

Anyway I thought he was great and certainly was in the top 3 performers on soul night. He will be safe for another week.

Dicko gushed and said "he had a recording voice." Also that his rehearsal song was better. It was must have been sensational.

Teale Jakubenko - Ain't No Mountain Higher
Teale reminds me of the kid at school trying so hard to get into the cool group at school. He's trying his heart out but he is just not going to make it as a pop star. It is becoming uncomfortable to watch. His voice is just not strong or varied enough.

Again the stylist's had him in a tie and suit jacket. Luke had refused the tie which was a good thing.

It is time for you to go Teale.

Chrislyn Hamilton - Get Ready

Well this was her night and she looked and sang it great. Though I was not sure about the hip flick towards tiny John Foreman. If Chrislyn doesn't make it on her own I am sure she will make a great back up singer.

I will be surprised if she does not win the Cadbury's Magic Moment this week.

Wes Carr - If I Were A Carpenter
I would not have thought this song was soul either. Now Wes was going to get caught up in the suit jacket and tie look. No he looked all rock star in a waistcoat and shirt. He played the guitar and it was excellent. Really it is going to be a surprise if he does not win. His album will be out before last year's winner Natalie Gauci.

All the judges gushed - it is like they have a marketable Bobby Flynn.

Roshani Priddis - Reflections

I had such high expectations from her and they just were not matched. Sometimes she works to much on her performance and her voice is compromised because of it. Also the song choice was boring and pitch problems did not help especially in the higher registers. A certain bottom three.

Bottom three predictions - Sophie Patterson, Teale Jakubenko, and Roshani Priddis.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Ricky-Lee Coulter To Be A Divorcee at the age of 22.
The men in Australia will be rejoicing today now it has been revealed her marriage to Jamie Babbington is over. Ricky-Lee's publicist cited "distance and time apart" for the split. Ricky-Lee moved to Sydney to be a co-host on Australian Idol.

The couple were together for seven years. So she must have been 15 and he was 24 when they started going out. I am not sure what I think of that.

Full story on Daily Tele.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia auditions in Brisbane Today
Brisvegas dancers were out in force today for the auditions of SYTYCD Au. Season 1 winner Jack Chambers was from Brisbane, he will be permanently moving to New York in March. Part of his prize money has gone towards buying an apartment on the Upper West Side. Nacho Pop and Jack were also at the auditions today.

Brisbane Times has more details.

Charlotte Dawson's Boyfriend Is Doing Jail Time.
Now what is it with Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson and her propensity for men who have difficulties with the law. Her former husband Scott Miller currently has drug charges laid against him, and her current squeeze Matthew Rodin just spent the night in jail on fraud charges.

$100,000 is required to get him out of jail. Now Charlotte seems like a sensible woman she needs to ditch this guy and fast. Does she really want to be schleping to Long Bay Jail each weekend if he is convicted? The charges relate to a $7.5 million fraud.

The Australian has the full yarn.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 Spoiler Alert.
NY Mag has a little article saying the overseas trip for the Cycle 12 models is in Sao Paulo.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Donald says "Your Fired" To George Dubya - Well Kind of Sort Of.

Well as I have said before I love it when politics and reality TV mix.

Donald Trump today called on George Dubya Bush to be impeached for leading the US into Iraq on lies on the bases there were meant to be weapons of mass destruction there. However as we all know this won't happen.

It is ironic the former president Bill Clinton was impeached for receiving fellatio, with the only people he hurt was his family. Whereas you can put a country into anarchy, spend billions of dollars and have thousands of body bags and that is ok.

Only in America. Don't even get me started on Sarah Palin.

The Donald article is here.

Todd McKenney Wants His Drug Possession Charges Dropped

Dancing With The Star judge, Todd McKenney wants his drug possession charge dropped. His case which went to court today has been postponed until December, because a mystery woman witness was unavailable.

I thought the Marcus Einfeld case had the monopoly on mysterious female witnesses.

Earlier this year McKenney was found semi-conscious in a park with GBH in his pocket.

Full story here at the Daily Tele.

My thoughts on his predicament can be found in a previous blog here.

Make Me A Supermodel - Why do they always have models posing with snakes is it phallic?

I wonder if there will be any complaints from the RSPCA after tonight's episode of Make Me A Supermodel after the models manhandle numerous different animals. My admiration for Hannah went up after she did not even blink when being told that the snakes in the water tank she was about to crawl into were getting "restless".

Also she had a disobedient piglet for her runway walk, the look on her face was priceless, she looked so pissed off as she strutted down the runway. However this expression works well in the world of fashion.

I thought Jackie Frank's criticism of Shanina for letting go of her deer on the runway was a bit harsh. She said " What about if there had been 200 people in the audience and the deer got spooked and ran into them." (I paraphrased that). I mean really would you put a recalcitrant deer on a runway - wouldn't it detract from the clothes?

In a non shock move Issac was eliminated how he stay on for so long was a miracle. I suspect the girl vote.

One person whose strong girl vote may have evaporated this week was the good looking Rhys. There will be lots of teen girls who will be peeved he has a girlfriend, and he was gushing over her. It was then I was reminded he was a surfer, as she reminded me of a character out of Puberty Blues.

The uncomfortable situation award must have gone to Tom when his girlfriend turned up. Even worse when they were back at the house considering the amount of time he has been filmed lusting after Shanina. Unfortunately the girlfriend did not go for the jugular on this issue. That would have made great reality TV.

Bottom three are Sarah, Billy and Courtney. It must be time for Sarah to go, even though Billy smarminess annoys me.

The Amazing Race - Season 13

The teams this series is the usual assortments of families, and dating couples, however this season there appears to be no gay team (I am from Sydney I notice these things), unless you count the two geeks who could be in the closet.

Anyway it was the usual schmozzle at the airport and then they were off to Salvador Brazil to find a sandwich shop.

The Geeks were leading at this stage and they then had to push a contraption loaded with candy somewhere. The question needed to be asked on how much of the candy had to stay on it as there was alot falling off.

New York dating couple, Terence and Sarah took the lead due to her ability to speak Portuguese.

Is Terence going to be the new Johnathan (of Victoria and Johnathan fame), as he was pissed off that Sarah was talking to other teams. "I want her to connect with me." and "You cannot climb and talk, I can." were two of his classic lines. I hope they stay in for awhile.

It was important to get there as quickly as possible as you needed to get a ticket to get the time they were leaving in the morning.

The next morning was detour time.
Hard way up - Must climb entire staircase on their hands and knees.

Soft way down - must climb down cargo net from a elevator, only three teams can be on the net at the same downs. Most people were picking this one. This one would only be hard if you were afraid of heights.

Frat boys were the only ones to do the stairs and the question at the top was how many stairs have you just climbed. Whoops turn back round and do it again. By the way the answer was 53.

Then it was time to go to the pit stop. First to arrive were siblings Nick and Starr, with estranged couple Ken and Tina right behind them. These two teams have formed an alliance Nick and Starr are going to call them mum and dad. They do have American football in common. Ken is a former NFL player, and Starr is a Dallas Cowboy Cheer girl, and Ken's wife Tina looks like a former cheer girl herself. In fact she did a few cheer like bounces after she climbed down the rope ladder.

Last team to arrive were the old hippies they were eliminated.

My current fave teams are the geeks and the frat boys.

Take note Channel Seven say they have fast tracked the new season of The Amazing Race from the US - however we are still a couple of episodes behind so beware of spoiler on websites.

Buddy TV here has an exit interview with the eliminated team of hippies Arthur and Anita.

Also and interview with Phil Keoghan is here.

Reality Tidbits

Luke Dickens The Dark Horse To Take Out Australian Idol.
Now who thought politicians were the only ones to use babies to win votes? Apparently Wes Carr is not the sure bet we thought he was of winning Australian Idol this year.

Livenews_ states that Luke is the dark horse to take out the title. Apparently the odds are shortening for him to win. Australian love an underdog.

Just an aside is Livenews sponsored by Sportsbet as it is always being quoted on their Idol articles. Not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact if Sportbet want to sponsor this blog....

Axle Whitehead To Present An Award At The Arias, Obviously All Is Forgiven
Axle Whitehead the man who proved you don't even have to make it to the final 12 to have a career post Australian Idol will be given a second chance at the Arias this Sunday.

Axle who notoriously flashed his genitals at the Arias two years ago, was sacked after the incident from his job on Channel 10's Video Hits. This turned out not to be a negative thing he went back to his music and released a well received album this year.

The ironic thing is that you can find anything on the Internet, however I have never been able to find footage of the incident. Not that I really want to see his bits, but for the sake of the blog...

Full story here where he explains the flash was a subconscious attempt to sabotage his television career so that he could return to his first love, music.

How very Freudian.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway Season 5 - Episode 3

I mean really who should have won tonight's challenge on Project Runway? Yes Kenley dress was original and well designed, but as Sarah Bernhardt said who would actually fit into it if you were not a model? Anyone with hips large then a walnut would look obese in it?

Leanne's was just beautifully designed and oh so elegant.

On the other hand how did Blayne's monstrosity, photo above, miss the bottom three?

Here is an exit interview with Emily. There are no spoilers on the page.

Survivor Fans v Favourites - Episode 3

When is an alliance an alliance is always the question being asked on Survivor. And last night's episode spent most of the time devoted to the machinations going on in the Favourites tribe.

There were nine contestants left in their tribe so you did not need to be a member of mensa to realise you needed an alliance of five to dominate until the merge.

Cerise was the swinging member between the alliance of two couples, Ozzie, Amanda, James and Parvati, and the other four of the group.

Johnathan thought Cerise was tight with them, but when Parvati and Amanda promised to take Cerise to the final 3 with them she decided to stick with them. That alliance was arguing whether to vote out the intelligent Yau-man or manipulative Eliza.

Whereas the other group was wanting the flirty Parvati out.

Now even Survivor amateurs know your alliance has to vote the same way to ensure it survives. So when the elimination votes were tallied there were six votes for Yau-Man, two for Parvati and one for Cerise.

What had happened to Johnathan, Eliza's etc alliance? It is week three and they are in a shambles. Lets hope they can regroup by next week.

Here is an exit interview with Yau-Man (if you don't look at the photos at the top of the page too closely there won't be any spoilers). He explains why Ami voted for Cerise as she wanted to keep in good with the two couples once she realised they did not have the numbers for Parvati.

Reality Tidbits

Australian Idol's Luke Dickens Had A Baby Boy
Luke Dicken became a father earlier then expected. His wife Brooke had the baby boy on Monday night during the live verdict show.

The baby was not due until December. I hope the baby is well. Luke will continue on the show.
Source: Daily Tele

Wade Robson To Teach Two Day Workshops At Carriage Works in Sydney on the 11 and 12 of November.
Wade Robson who has choreographed some of the most amazing routines on the US version of So You Think You Can Dance will be in Sydney next with his wife Amanda to teach two day workshops at Carriageworks.

He will also be doing a two day workshop in Melbourne on the 8 and 9 of November at the Mercure.

Personally I think they will be amazing as his style is so original. Wade is Australian but went to the US at a young age as he was discovered by Michael Jackson.

However Michael is not the only troubled superstar he has worked with, as Britany Spears has asked him to choreograph her new world tour. He previously choreographed her shows when she was an up and coming performer.
Wade Robson (Right)
Ticket for his workshops can be bought at Ticketmaster and are $148.50 for a two day pass. Personally I think this is great value.

Source : Daily Tele

Is This The Biggest Non Story About Demelza Reveley Ever???
Now I am not the greatest fan of Demelza, but this story on appears to be the biggest non story ever.

They say that in a period where Aussie models like Alice Burdeau and Myf Shepherd are the toast of the International catwalks Demelza was forced to stay home. Her agent Priscilla Leighton-Clark, also a judge on Australia's Next Top Model said Demelza was "not ready". However in good news for Demelza as agents in New York love her and Priscilla will send her when "she can cope."

I am not sure what they are trying to say in the article, another dig perhaps?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Season Return Of The Chopping Block

Matt Moran was back on TV to try and knock some struggling restaurants into shape in The Chopping Block.

The premise was the same as last year, a secret critic reviews the restaurant, then Matt Moran gives advice about the menu, a $5000 makeover occurs, then 48 hours later the critic comes back to dine again.

The winner of the $20,000 is the place that gets the most stars from the food critic.

The first season never rated as high as channel 9 would have liked, so it is good that they are persisting with it, as it is an entertaining format.

The main change is Catriona Rowntree is not the host anymore. Matt Moran does that role. David Grant who was the critic season one was unable play the role anymore as his identity had been revealed.

Noted food writer Alan Saunders replaces him, and on first viewing he is not as acerbic as David was, but he should improve as he gets his TV legs.

The show was set in Shellharbour tonight with an 'Italian' restaurant Angelinas versus Tandoori Place.

Both of these business are struggling, and the problem usually boils down to management/owners not taking enough control. It amazes me that owners who have put thousands of dollars into the their own business that they are not control freaks and let their staff get away with lax practices or kitchens to pump out substandard food.

The action in this places always takes place in the kitchens. Angelina's had a determined, but over confident chef, and Tandoori Place had an experienced but lazy chef.

Matt Moran has a great knack of being warm whilst criticising the staff, he is no Gordon Ramsey and that is a good thing.

After a Matt Moran touch up Tandoori Place won. Angelina's lost due to Alan Saunders not receiving his food two hours after he had set down. The owners wife was using the docket machine and she was stuffing up. Why have someone doing something they have never done before on such an important night? Also where was the owner of Angelina's he was not managing either the floor or the kitchen.

Will the chef was devastated. My advice for him would be buy the business off the owner as with his enthusiasm he would improve place further.

Australia's Next Top Model Auditions - Even If You Are Not Reed Thin You Can Apply

Sarah Murdoch the new host of Australia's Next Top Model says that her aim is to find a plus size superstar model.

In an article in the Daily Telegraph Mrs Murdoch said:
"I am really pushing for a plus-size model this series because I am a big
believer in healthy body types and encouraging girls to be the right body type,"
the Bonds ambassador said.
"It's not about getting an overweight girl but
someone who is healthy because one size doesn't fit all."
America's Next Top Model has had plus size contestants on the show for quite a few seasons. On the season currently being screened on Fox 8, plus size model Whitney is staying in the competition just by her fake fingernails.

A plus size model is not really fat, but is of 'normal' body shaped and they model plus sized clothes. Needless to say there is a big market in the US for them.
Whitney from ANTM

It will be interesting see how far a plus sized model will be able to go in the Australian series. It would be hilarious if they won as Kirstie Clements would have to give her a photoshoot in Vogue. Quelle horror.

The auditions for the show commenced in Sydney yesterday, and Tim Brunero on Livenews has amusing interviews with some of the girls to auditioned at Westfield Parramatta.

I am sure there was some serious editing to make them ditsier than they actually are. Well I hope so.

What Is It With This Year's Idol's And Their Victim Mentality

Thanh Bui the latest Australian Idol Contestant eliminated believes the judges were really hard on him.

This follows on from Tom William moaning that he was eliminated not from lack of talent but because the judges were biased against him. Previous post here.

What is wrong with these guys where they are so deluded they think the judges are able to control the voting audience like we are the stepford wives??

In an article on Livenews Thanh said:

"I’ve been through this before… the touring and signings and appearances and
crazy timetables because we toured in six different countries,” Bui told“But what goes with that territory is that people expect more
form you and the judges… they were really hard on me, it was either touchdown or nothing, there was no middle ground for me.”

Other quotes from an exit interview on included " I know that I'm not the weakest performer there and even on Sunday night I know that I wasn't the weakest performance on the night,''

Look guys if you want to feel loved join a Landmark course. The judges are not there to raise their self esteem.

Also Mark Holden would not have given Thanh Bui a touchdown for his John Farnham cover. Guys get over yourselves.