Sunday, August 31, 2008

Australian Idol from 100 to 24

Just as well Casey Freeman did not get through to the top 24 as usually lots of TV time ensure a singer an advantage when they hit the semis, but I think it would have been the reverse for this space cadet.

There were a few new things about this season's top 100 week. They dumped the singing in groups which was challenging for the singers, but always gave great TV, with fights, dramas, and people really ballsing up. They followed this years American Idol's formula, where each person sang a song and you either made it straight through to the end of the week when you sing again, or you get a second chance the next day, or you were sent home.

However there was one difference at the end of the week they were singing in front of a live audience. I think one of the reasons Idol producers did this was to gauge audience reaction to some of the performers. This worked in Tom Williams favour. The 16 year old from South Australia with the mini Matt Corby haircut had definite pitch problems all week but managed to make the top 24 due to the amount of squeals coming from the audience.

I could not work out why they did not put that scottish mum from Perth out of her misery earlier. Her voice was screechy all week, and she was sitting there with Caralyn to find out who was going to get the final spot, they were trying to make it suspenseful, but you knew she was not going to get in and I really did not need to see another few minutes of her blubbing.

The James Sidebottom drama that was in today's papers where he blew his top 24 spot because he said he did not want to win was a bit unfair. Not that I think he would have won, but at least he was honest and did not come out with the usual cliches' like "Music is my life", "It is my ambition to win Idol" and "My life would be nothing without music." You shouldn't have to gush to get in.

Tomorrow night is the semi's start with Wes Carr, the bearded hat wearing singer/muso who really should just get a ticket straight to the top 12, his only danger is that everyone else will think he is a shoo in and will vote for someone else.

For the full list of the 24 is:
Brooke Addamo,Thanh Bui, Nicole Banks, Wesley Carr, Natalie Colavito, Olly Corpe, Luke Dickens, Jaden Dowd, Amanda Grafanakis, Chrislyn Hamilton, Teale Jakubenko, Matthew Parsons, Sigrid Moar, Irae Schwenke, Madam Parker, Mark Spano, Sophie Paterson, James Spargo, Roshani Priddis, Mitchell Steele, Kayla Vanzetta, Jonny Taylor, Brooke Wilkie, Tom Williams.

It's Official Marcia Has Been Lying To Us For the Past 5 Seasons of Australian Idol

Marcia Hines has finally admitted she did not always tell us what she really thought in seasons gone past on Australian Idol.

In an article in the Sunday Telegraph today she said "I can't hold back because a lot of the things, musically, that Mark [Holden] would have said, I've got to say them,'' Hines said.
"I relied a lot on his ears and now I have to say what has to be said.

She has also admitted with the departure of Mark Holden she will need to step up.

Marcia and Dicko were nearly on the chopping as well this season so Marcia has had the make over with botox etc, and will also have to make over her image as a judge. Everybody knew that Marcia never gave any criticism, constructive or otherwise and it was boring.

So to avoid her hitting the underemployment or worse doing promos for late night shopping TV, she is going to have to be more sizzling.

Full article here.

Dicko will also reveal his nasty side tonight when he throws James Sidebottom out of the Top 24 because he does not want to win Idol. This story is obviously planted to get viewers to tune in. James is the not so great looking chiropractor from Melbourne. Full story here.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Australian Idol - Top Ten best perfornaces

In the first week of season 6 Australian Idol it is a good time to look at highlights from seasons past. Mr Melodius's blog has done just that. He has outlined what he thinks are the top 10 performances (with the footage) from the past seasons, and he pretty much nails it on the head. I would have included a Ben McKenzie number. He includes the talented Bobby Flynn, and the girl who had a lot of promise Chanel Cole. Chanel had the honour of being the only Idol contestant that Marcia Hines did not like.

Maybe the top 10 worst performances list needs to be done. The Casey Donovan number where she forgot the lines, any Lee Harding number, and the Damien Leith disco number would have to be included.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Australian Idol - Sydney Auditions Part 1

It was Sydney and a few queries need to be raised:
Firstly there were shots of all these people lining up to audition at Australian Technology Park, but when has that ever had a view of the harbour and the Opera House, or were they mysteriously teleported to perform for the judges at Taronga Zoo. Continuity person needs to get the sack. Also Natalie Colyton appeared to have had a hair cut between the beginning of the montage and singing before the judges.

Why is Ricki-Lee getting so much air time as compared to James and Andrew G? She is not as entertaining or witty.

Dare I say it is Kyle Sandilands now the most entertaining judge on the panel? With his absence due to pneumonia the repartee between Dicko and Marcia was limited to "It's a no from me", "It's a yes from me" combined with Dicko giving them a standing ovation, is this his equivalent of a Mark Holden touchdown - riveting stuff... The most amusing moment were the nude ninja's in their g-strings. Yes the episode was that dull.

Nicole Sero allegedly an actress, singer and dancer was the classic case of her being unable to sing. Not sure about the acting either, however if her meltdown after her audition was an act she needs to get to Hollywood now. Unfortunately I don't think she was acting her classic line was "Casting agents could be watching this" as she sobbed into the camera.

Seventeen year old Matthew should have gotten through just because of his ability to play a didge and guitar at the same time. He was great, but he needs to get rid of the facial hair where he has a beard without a moustache - I thought only men in the '70's wearing safari suits wore that style of facial hair.

Wes Carr was the highlight with is rock star charisma, great voice, and the hat was fab too.

By the end of the day only 10 singers got through and the final audition episode is screened tomorrow, Friday night and I am starting to wish I was going out.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Australian Idol Auditions Go To London

So with all the hoopla of Australian Idol going to London it merited just over half an episode and it was montaged so quickly you barely got to see anyone nor see what the two guest judges Tina Arena, and Darren Hayes was like. The three seconds I saw of Darren Hayes I liked..

Six were being sent home for the top 100.

Sophie Patterson was a standout and hopefully she will get through to the semis.

It says it all when Adelaide auditions only merits 15 mins of air time, whilst Sydney will get two nights - obviously no big musical scene down there.

There was a Tom Williams who looked younger then last year's Ben McKenzie who auditoned. Was Tom scared that Australian Idol was going to get axed before he could get on the show so faked his ID? This kid does not even shave yet, but he did get a ticket through to Sydney.

We are now over half way through this marathon week of auditions and I am starting to get a bit jaded so if you need something a bit extra to get you through the week their is an amusing Australian Idol drinking game here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Australian Idol - Perth Auditions What Have We Learnt So Far

After three nights of Australian Idol auditions what have we learnt:

Some asian boys are wanting to be the next David Hung;

Kyle dribbled everytime a half decent girl walked into the room it was abit disturbing when they were under 18. However he is not the only reality tv star who likes young girls. In today's paper it was revealed that 34 year old Johnathan Pease from Australia's Next Top Model had to deny he was dating an 18 year old school girl;

And singers with weaker voices can get through to Sydney if they are playing a guitar or have a good sob story eg the scottish mum from Perth whose husband works on an oil rig - her high notes were screeches that made ears ring.

Bad Marcia emerged in Brisbane and called a girl's voice vulgar (not sure if that was proper terminology) so she was not feeling the sistahood on this one. I want Marcia to toughen up but I thought this 16 year old girl was not the one to do it on.

Then morality Marcia emerged when a girl dressed in what looked like a sperm and sang a song about liking your pussy.

Chrislyn a larger girl handled questions about her size with aplomb. Really why can't there be a larger pop singer. Ok Casey Donovan has not yet made it but I think there were other issues going on.

Kyle took one 16 year old boy to task regarding his eyebrows and asked whether he would be willing to pluck. Interesting considering he did not raise this issue with Marty "Agro" Simpson last year.

The new London auditions tonight looking forward to seeing Darren Hayes and Tina Arena as guest judges, as it was rumoured that if Marcia and Dicko don't perform this year they will be flicked for younger judges. Not that Dicko has any problems attracting support from the younger set if as a 17 year old was gushing over him saying, I love you and motioned for him to call her. Even Dicko squirmed and looked embarrassed, Johnathan Pease would have been in his element.

Project Runway Australia - Petrova gets to Basque in the Myers glory

With the loss of the bigger personality Helen Manuell, and Leigh losing his mojo this week there were not as many laugh out loud moments in last night's Project Runway Australia's episode, however it was still entertaining.

This week's prize was a beauty as the winning designer would see their design sold in Myers under the Basque label. The Basque women is 30, career minded, likes black but also likes a bit of colour (how many times did we hear that said by the Myers lady?). The outfit was to take the women from the office to dinner.

Though I thought some of the designers were a bit perplexed by the Basque women. I am a Basque women, and indeed have a few well worn pieces in my wardrobe. Is it because they are designed for the 'real' women not the size 8's that most designer outfits are designed for. In fact I think Petrova was a bit scathing about the 30 something Basque women. She clearly thought we were borderline frumpy. I thought her winning design was lovely but I would not wear it.

I thought Juli's design was fabulous - the three quarter length jacket and pants would make a great summer suit, and the magenta lining was fabulous and thank god she took of her sparkles off the suit - they looked hideous or as stated "Mother of the bride".

Juli appears to be making her appearance on the show raise her profile she has just shown at Brisbane Fashion Week and got great reviews. Here is a link to a photo of her with one of her designs.

Leigh clearly lost his mojo this week but I thought if he had gotten black and changed the material of the shirt (florals are not Basque) the design would have been ok. Jayson Brundson was scathing when he said " Just add a scarf and corgi and you have the queen".

Lui's was struggling to fit is 'Akira' type style into the more conservative/commercial brief and took the Basque brief literally when he churned out an all black outfit. This did not go down well with the Basque women 'likes a bit of colour" Myers rep.

Brent's design was ok and I quite liked his much maligned floral and white tuxedo shirt, with the waist coat and pants. The judges just thought it did not bring anything new to the table.

I suspect the judges based their decision on who was to be eliminated not on who had the worse design (as Leigh would have been eliminated on that criteria) but on other factors. As Liu and Leigh are two of the more talented designers, and Brent has had his ups and downs, in fact I am surprised he made it this far, they decided it would be would more advantageous for the show to keep the former two in now we were at the pointy end of the competition.

Finally - Who is dressing Kristy Hinze? Most of her outfits are hideous last nights turquoise dress was just plain awful and made her look big if that is possible. It ranks up there with the night she wore a fake fluffy coat which made her look like she was on the streets of Kings Cross. Also she speaks in monotones - however she is innocuous and her role is small.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Henry Roth Giving Out Fashion Advice

I was bemused to read that Henry Roth, the very good mentor on Project Runway Australia was giving out advice on what sunglasses were fashionable. Article here for those that care.

I love the advice he gives to the designers, however I would not call him sartorial like Tim Gunn his US equivalent. Was it only last week Henry was wearing a striped shirt, with a tie with spot or circles on it, and the colours did not appear to match either.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel To Use Stephanie Rice to Improve Lacklustre Ratings

Make Me A Supermodel, Channel 7's answer to Australia's Next Top Model hosted by Jennifer Hawkins had disappointing ratings when it screened prior to the Olympics. It kicks off again this Thursday and they are hoping for an improvement.

They must be nervous as they have roped in glamour golden girl Stephanie Rice to be a special cast member of the show. She is signed to Channel seven I hope for her sake she can avoid the tedious Dancing With The Stars. Article about her role on Make Me A Supermodel here.

If you want to know more about the finalists who will bunking down in a luxurious house in Mosman click here.

Australian Idol - Season 6

Kyle Sandilands managed to kill of Big Brother will he do the same to Australian Idol?

The Olympics are finishing and now it is time for the sixth season of Idol to start. This year there is a lot of pressure due to the continued falling ratings of the show.

The changes that have occurred:
  • Mark Holden dumped so there are only three judges;
  • The sexy Ricki-Lee Coulter added in as an additional host;
  • The top 100 will have a live audience to sing to;
  • Marcia is apparently going to be meaner this year;
  • There will also be voting (more money making) on a Monday night so the voters decides who in the bottom three goes home.

Channel Ten has decided to immerse us in Idol for the next two weeks with hardly a break. There are auditions all this week. The top 100 hundred next Sunday, and then four nights of semi-finals. Personally I think it may be to much and only the diehard fans and reality tv bloggers will be the ones who will sit through it all.

Tonight was the Melbourne auditions and being back to the three judges is already an improvement and the chemistry between them is good. There have been rumours that producers contemplated not having Marcia Hines and Dicko and to replace them with someone younger like Darren Hayes and Tina Arena, so the acid is being put on them. I still cannot work out why Kyle Sandilands is the favoured child of Channel 10.

The auditions were the usual mixture of the deluded, the attention seekers, and the talented. As usual the interesting bit in these shows is trying to pick which of the singers will make top 12.

Project Runway Australia - Spoiler Alert

Sweet Juli Grbac one of the five designers left in Project Runway has married her long time beau this weekend in a dress designed by herself of course.

However the article in the Brisbane newspaper here reveals whether Juli made the finals of Project Runway.

Juli last week won the challenge of designing a dress for the poor man's Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and she wore at one of her performances. It was a stand out dress of the episode. Helen Manuell unfortunately was eliminated and the show will be a bit less colourful because of it.

I am surprised Brent is still around, and if Helen had not helped in in the first episode it would be doubtful he would still be there.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Project Runway - Where Are They Now?
Article from Newsday here which shows what some of the designers from the four seasons of Project Runway are up to.

Big Brother - What Are This Years Contestants Now Up to.
Former Big Brother contestant, but now fanatic and BB commentator, Tim Brunero, has written an article on what this the final year of BB contestant's are up to. For those interested click here.

Farmer Wants A Wife - The are now casting for Series 3
After the continued success of Season 2 of Farmer Wants a Wife - Channel 9 are looking for farmers for series 3. Considering two of the six farmers from last years series found a mate they should get some quality girls and guys applying. It seems to have a better success rate then RSVP.

Some Sort of Bitchfest Has Erupted in Melbourne Over Jason Coleman's New Dance Studio.

So You Think You Can Dance judge Jason Coleman has made some enemy's in his quest to build a super dooper dance academy in Melbourne. Has he been inspired by another SYTYCD judge Debbie Allen who has her own dance academy in the US. Jason has been accused of poaching students. To be honest I am finding it very hard to care. However for those that do the article is here.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nigel Lythgoe and Sophie Monk dating - Is This A Beat Up

What the hell I will take the egg beater to it as well. Bauer Griffin Online has photos of Nigel Lythgoe and Sophie Monk arriving together by private jet from Las Vegas into LA. Apparently they had a limo take them to Caesar's Palace so of course they must be shagging....

Nigel is nearing 60 and Sophie is 28 so he continues the age old rule of multi millionaires that you should not be with anyone over 30 once you divorce your first wife (his wife Bonnie Lythgoe and him are separated).

Theories on why Nigel and Sophie are together include:
  • Both are both stars of reality tv - he So You Think You Can Dance, her Popstars so maybe they have that in common;
  • She has enjoyed a high profile and deluxe lifestyle with Benji Madden and wants to continue this lifestyle and Nigel is the way to ensure this happens, as lets get real did she really date Ryan Seacrest or was she a beard?
  • Maybe he is the producer of her rumoured reality tv show which she will star as a young starlet trying to make it in Hollywood - not sure if her proposed playboy shoot for $1 million dollars will be included on this show.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Project Runway V Stylista Which Means Nina Garcia V Anne Slowey

Here is an interesting article from the NY Mag which talks about the feud between to Elle fashionistas Nina Garcia, Project Runway judge, and Anne Slowey, 'star' of the new reality TV show Stylista. The premise of this show is wannabe fashion editors battling it out for a job at Elle.

However the article gives a overview of the recent changes to Project Runway and also how Runway has evolved.

Interesting revelations in the article is:

Tim Gun was not paid for Season 1, and was only paid $2500 for each episode in Season 2;

Anne Slowey and Nina Garcia shared the judging spot in Season 1, and the producers decided they just wanted Nina for season 2;

How Nina managed to make the transition from Elle to Marie Claire when Project Runway moved from Bravo to Lifetime; and

the different factions at Elle.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jason Gilkison Choreographs For US SYTYCD

Much debate occurred in the first season of Australia's So You Think You Can Dance about the quality of the choreography and the fusion styles they were asked to produce with some pretty ordinary results.

However one thing was agreed that Jason Gilkison was the stand out choreographer who would stand up to par in the US version. Well apparently they agreed and Nigel Lythgoe got him for the show to choreograph a pase doble and viennese waltz. Both of which got the thumbs up from Mary Murphy and Nigel.

Full story here. Unfortunately Raver is unable to tell you whether we have seen them here as I am a sleep deprived mess and watching the show at very weird hours so he could have actually been on last Friday nights show. Anyway congratulations - now lets get some of the US choreographers out for our next season.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mia Michaels from So You Think You Can Dance Gives a Backstage View Of Her Top 16 Group Routine

The talented and kooky Mia Michaels gives a back stage view here on Your Tube of the fabulous group routine the top 16 did on So You Think You Can Dance this week on Australian TV. Mia lets us in on her method behind her madness - something to do with maths, I did not really understand.

Mia is ambiguous in her choreography, but she is not so ambiguous in her love life. A lot of bloggers and fans were in a tiss when in an article she revealed she was NOT gay but is not closed to it (clearly she knows she has a huge gay following). Read about that here in fact a person commenting on the article thought she was dating a billionaire.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reality TV Judges Give There Opinions On What Is A Winning Reality TV Formula

An interesting article in The Guide, which states that the judges are the real stars of reality TV shows not the contestants. There is validity in this opinion.

The article has the judges from the major Australian reality TV shows discussing what they think the winning formula for a show is. Considering some judges currently have their heads on the chopping block think Dicko and Marcia if the ratings do not improve for Australian Idol this year getting the formula right is crucial.

Paul Mercurio from Dancing With The Stars is one judge who will be reflective when he reads this article, as he has been dumped from the show. Not that it will be any loss he and Mark basically blended into each other. However lets hope they don't replace him as three judges is enough the show drags on far too long.

Article from The Guide here.

Australian Idol - What happened to last years contestants?

With this years Australian Idol to start on the 24 August, it is time to look at what happened to last years contestants.

TV Week has kindly done the leg work for me:

Natalie Gauci - She won in 2007, however her The Winner's Journey was the first Idol debut not to make the top 10, and her single "Here I Am" was the first not to go to number one. Natalie has been writing songs and recording demo in LA and Europe, and is now back home preparing to record her next album. She remains signed with Sony BMG.

Matt Corby - Last years runner up did not sign on with a record label. Apparently he regrets his decision to even participate in the show, telling a Christian music website that doing Idol was "definitely not" worth the cost. " If you're really good enough.... you get there, " Matt said. His is still keen to chase his music career dreams, playing gigs around Sydney, headlining Christian music festivals, and writing and recording an indie EP.

I suspect he will fade into obscurity once the new heart throb teen comes along. Also really is he as talented as Bobbie Flynn - I think not.

Carl Riseley - He has landed a record deal with Universal Music Australia, his debut album The Rise peaked at number three on the charts, and he embarked on a tour of Australia with his big band. Carl is now living in Melbourne with his girlfriend Rachel, and recently filmed a guest appearance in the Disney Channel's As The Bell Rings.

Marty Simpson - The fourth place getter has been playing gigs and surf festivals along the east coast. Marty also wrote a song with Australian Crawl lead singer James Reyne, and has an album called Roots, Rock, Reggae due for release this summer. Expect to see him play on an elimination night.

Tarisai Vushe - After giving some great reality tv diva performances the Zimbabwean-born singer has returned to her African roots. She toured with the South African band Malaika and now fronts her own band, which was originally called Tarisai And The Tractors, but thankfully has now been renamed The Method.

Daniel Mifsud - He signed with Workstation Records, toured with Ricki-Lee Coulter and is working on an album and a TV pilot, which he's hoping to sell in America. "I actually started thinking about [the show] during Idol last year" he says. "It's reality-based , but not musical."

Mark Da Costa - The Christian rocker says he fell into old hapbits like drinking and partying after Idol. "My life became a bit of a mess, " he admits, "so I went back to church and met the woman of my dreams." Mark has decided to swap music for a career in real estate.

Ben McKenzie - My personal favourite. Ben says "[He] has made a huge transition from the 16 year old who auditioned to an 18 year old doing everything I possibly can,". He has a band called Baudelaire, made a film called Submerged and is now an in-demand photographer, but Ben denies he is a renaissance man. " There are only a few things I can do, everything else I am hopeless at."

Lana Krost - She has not done much since exiting from the show, she has posted her Idol performances on her my space site, and plans to add some original material as well.

Brianna Carpenter - She is back at Uni and has recorded an album called Harlequin, and recently filmed a clip for the single "Jacqueline", which she performed at her first audition.

Holly Weinart - The first to go, Holly sold the car she won on Idol to fund an EP by her band The Sellouts. They've since split up, but Holly has written material for her first solo album, set for release in March.

Jacob Butler - He has quit his job at JB Hi-Fi to sing fulltime. "I've been playing solo acoustic shows in Melbourne, " He also hopes to release an album with his band Betamax, next year.

As can be seen above you don't have to win Idol to further your muscial career. Lets hope this year is a cracker.

Pauline Hanson and reality TV - this is so wrong

I know in previous posts I have mentioned that I have liked it when reality tv and politics mix - however not in this case where it is being mooted that Channel 7 has approached Pauline Hanson to be on a reality tv show as a single women looking for love.

This is just so wrong. First we had Teri on Big Brother who won as a Pauline Hanson accolyte, and now we may have the woman herself on TV.

I have to hand it to Pauline she really can give lessons on how to milk what should have only been 15 minutes of fame.

Link to Daily Tele article here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Project Runway Australia - Petrova needs to get down and kiss Helen Manuells butt in gratitude.

Last nights episode on the fabulously entertaining Project Runway Australia was riveting as the designers had to work with the already eliminated designers as their muses to designer a winter outfit that was white, structured and tailored. The big carrot however was the eliminated designer in the winning team would be allowed back into the competition.

The much maligned Helen Manuell (yes I know she has her painful moments) had to take her partner Petrova to task as she was trying to take over the design by pointing out she was the designer still in the competition and Petrova was to assist her. She quite rightly pointed out she was the designer still in the competition so if she was going to be eliminated it would be her mistake that would do it. Also Petrova got into a funk when Helen unpicked her sewing and redid it. She was right and it was something Julie have heeded to by trying to satisfy the many whims of her partner Deb which almost saw her eliminated.

Anyway Helen designed a funky suit which matched the brief perfectly and Petrova is now back in the competition. I hope she gave Helen a big thank you.

This week TV Week had an interview with Helen Manuell which queried whether she was the new queen of mean taking over from Omarosa from The Apprentice. However Helen strikes back.

She states that she was presented as a diva. "Rightly or wrongly, I don't know, but at the end of the day, if the others can't do their stuff... well, of course they've got to blame someone. They've blamed me and I have to be honest - I'm getting a little sick of it."

On the suggestion she acted like a martyr by helping people finish their pieces she responded "I choose to help people. They can see me however they want. Maybe it's their shortcomings that make them see me as a martyr, but I didn't see myself as one. It's pretty black and white - if I want to help, I will."

Her response to why she rubs people the wrong way. "I'm larger then life and I say it how it is. If people don't like it, well, go and crawl back into bed. I've had a lot of diversity in my life, and if I don't trust my instincts at my age, I may as well not be there. Everyone else is stressing and I don't stress. If they see that as my shortcoming, good luck to them."

She was asked how she felt when people on the show saying they could not stand her. "I was surprised that there was that level of... that people didn't actually like me. And you think, "How much can you help people? Why not like people just because they're good at their job?" I did my job, I did what I was there for."

On the most hurtful things that were said on the show - "I know Leigh said quite a few things, and so did Juli and Brent, but they warned me things had been said. Leigh's "beached whale" comment in the second episode - he was mortified he said it. He told me it was tongue in cheek and I said, "It's OK love - if you didn't say it, I would be the first one to say it."

On the accusations she was a name dropper in the Brownlow Medal challenge - " It's all in the editing. I knew when I started doing the show I would be portrayed as the arrogant bitch, but it's a TV show and I was cast as a character. [The producers] knew my skin would be thick enough to cope with whatever dirt was thrown at me.

Helen is glad she did the show and would do it again but would go harder. "Go hard or go home! I'd be really catty. KNowing what I know now, I would give them so much more."

She will be at the finale and she is looking forward to it. "It'll be interesting. There'll be a few people who are a little sheepish. The fur will fly at the finale."

Villain or victim you decide.

Farmer Wants A Wife Wrap Up

The fallout from Series two of Farmer Wants a Wife continues she with the lethal tongue Stephanie (you remember the stomach churning kiss) who was hoping Brown Brothers farmer Nick would knock her her door, wants an apology from him.

The very eligible bachelor Nick sprung the surprise twist of the series when he picked 19 year Kristy over 22 year old Stephanie who in the previous episodes it had been edited to look like they were developing a romance.

Nick said in an interview that he thought Steph was more after his money rather then him. Stephanie who probably has a bruised ego is insulted by this and is demanding an apology from him. I doubt he will give it - but for the girls out there who liked Nick it is time to go for a wine tasting at the winery, as apparently his relationship with Kristy is now kaput as she is back with her ex. Though Nick has expressed an interest in Natasha one of the girls from the group date.

This years series was successful with Rob and Jo now living together and marriage on the cards. But also Ben and Sarah are just about shacked up and serious and virtually living together down at the Jamberoo dairy farm. Sarah reveals in this week TV Week that she is thinking of moving down there in a couple of months. She did not reveal whether she has been getting up to participate in the early morning milking sessions.

Howie the most boring farmer of the series is still single. The local girl Bron he dated after he told the two girls he picked to go on the farm that he was not interested is now not on. "We sort of cooled things off soon after the final catch-up, "Howie said. Also he said there was an advantage of being on the show as he is now recognised so it's is something to talk about. God knows he needs a good conversation opener as he does lack personality.

Michael the dopey but good looking sheep farmer has kept in contact with Simone since they finished filming, however there is no romance. Simone on the show told him that she was not interested in a relationship with him and he had looked disappointed or maybe embarrassed. As who really wants to be 'dumped' on national tv. He said that he wishes he had spent longer looking through the applications, "maybe taking a bit more time to really think about which girl was going to be more compatible". He is also putting out a call to the women who weren't in his initial top 10. "They can still contact me and we can go from there, hopefully."

Psycho James is still single - surprise surprise. I still don't get why Toni was into him, I suppose a clanging biological clock can do that to you. Apparently she has been phoning him but he has not been answering her calls. He said "I don't really want to listen to the whingeing and whining,"

Since the show James has had one letter from a woman interested in him - is she insane? But he has not followed it up. "The girl that did contact me... oh my god, I must have been a bad man in a previous life, fair dinkum!" I still don't get why he rates himself such a catch. He is a not very good looking egocentric semi-invalid who does not know the meaning of the word compromise. I don't expect him to hear wedding bells anytime soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - And Now There Were 18

Are the Pussycat Dolls the human equivalent of Bratz Dolls? They both a popular and of dubious merit and tweens are there only fans. Any way we are not here to debate popular culture I am sure other blogs do that much more articulately then me.

Tonight the bottom three were Jessica and Will, Courtney, and Matt, and Raven and Jamie.

Nigel was not happy that Jessica and Will were in the bottom three, and castigated the voters.

Raven the eldest of the competitors who said she had never danced professionally was eliminated, as was her partner Jamie.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - Season 4 - Top 20

To get into this years top 20 in the US version of So You Think You Can Dance you clearly had to have a strange and unusual name - Marquis, Kherington, and Rayven just to name a few, and they weren't even the hip hop dancers.

It was good to see that Nigel had had his haircut for the beginning of the competition as he was looking a little unpolished for the auditions and Las Vegas week. Also he seems to have got his fake tan going. Mary Murphy and Dan Karaty were the other judges, and what a refreshing change they make from the blandness of the Australian judges.

It was time to meet the couples that would be stuck together for the next few weeks, if they weren't eliminated of course.

Rayven and Jamie
Rayven (is this name real?) a 28 year old ballet dancer, and Jamie who is a west coast swing dancer had to tackle hip hop first both outside their genres. How would they cope? It was more a saccharin hip hop routine then the boy in the 'hood style choreographed by two new choreographers to the show Napoleon and Tabitha. It was not the most exciting hip hop routine I have seen, and by the end of the show I suspect I would have forgotten it.

Nigel said that he liked the "soften" up style and he also wondered if the routine would be memorable. Clearly we are on the same wave length which I find vaguely disturbing.

Mary whipped up the crowd up and called it cotton candy hip hop.

Dan Karaty thought it was "not quite there" and "there was no funk" was he being hypercritical because he is a hip hop choreographer who has not been given much choreography gigs on this show?

Susie and Marquis
How did Susie the high school teacher get to the top 20 from her audition I would not have sent her to Vegas. Maybe she is an all rounder as well as a ballroom dancer. Marquis is a contemporary dancer. They were doing a smooth waltz - would this be the kiss of death for them, this is never popular with the voters.

Awkward would be one adjective to describe it - the only excitement was when I thought he was going to drop her. Also not sure the pink hair went with the blue dress. I think we need to see them in another routine to see if they have any charisma.

Nigel (who appears to be going first this year on the judging panel - is there a reason for this?) said it was difficult choreography from Hunter, but yes Nigel the viewers can tell when someone butchers a lift. He said he liked it. Nigel and I are now not on the same wavelength.

Mary thought they pulled it off and they blew her away.

Dan thought he was watching an almost perfect ending to a love story. He loved it.

Kourtni Lynn and Matt
Kourtni a contemporary dancer who I think will easily make it to the top ten, is partnered with Matt another contemporary dancer should be a strong team. They are doing a Mandy Moore jazz routine who I love.

She is so stuck in the eighties which I love - though sometimes I think if I hear Soft Cell's Tainted Love again I am going scream. However this pairing sizzled in their black leather.

Nigel said he needed more personality from Matt and for him to relax a bit more.

Mary thought they did a great job, but not the hot tamale train.

Dan thought it was a so so performance, but loved the choreography.

Chelsea Trail and Thayne
Chelsea T is a contemporary dancer as is her partner Thayne who has only been dancing for 6 year. They were to dance the cha cha to a Tony Meredith routine.

Chelsea showed she is a performer but I felt she could have wiggled her hips a bit more for the cha cha. With this routine they will be safe for another week.

Nigel said thought they were both terrific - he liked the hips and would have liked to have seen more footwork.

Mary gave them two tickets on the hot tamale train.

Dan said they owned the stage.

Chelsie Hightower and Mark
Chelsie and Mark who has a unique style which I liked will be interesting to watch. They were doing Mia Michaels contemporary dance. Mia criticised Mark in rehearsals and said he was not getting it. She was looking dubious about whether he could pull it off.

I loved it and liked Chelsie more then I thought I would and I was surprised she was a ballroomer. He was great, and Mia ended up giving him the thumbs up.

Nigel gushed over Mia, which of course she loved.

Mary thought it was a unbelievable in a good way.

Dan said what an experience it must be to go someplace in Mia Michaels head. He thought it was amazing.

Twitch and Kherington
Twitch is a hip Hopper who got knocked out of Vegas last year by the wonderful Hok is partnering contemporary jazz dancer Kherington. They were doing a Tyce D'Orio broadway routine.

Sensational the only person who would have hated it would be the stage hand who would have to sweep up the red feathers she was shedding all over the stage.

Nigel thought Kherington looked fab and danced well, and he thought Twitch looked like a Broadway dancer.

Mary loved it as did Dan.

Comfort and Chris
Comfort is a hip hop dancer, has a big personality so hopefully will make up for Chris's lack of it. They are doing the jive to be choreographed by Tony Meredith. She is going to be popular.

I loved the beginning of the routine when they did there little solos under spotlights. Comfort was perturbed about dancing in "bra and beads"

Nigel said Chris's technique better and told Comfort needed to bend her knees a bit more, but she needs to get used to heels.

Mary said Comfort had "what it takes", and thought it was "a respectable job"

Dan thought Chris did a wonderful job keeping up with Comfort. They need to develop a chemistry together.

Katee and Joshua
Katee a contemporary dancer and Joshua a hip hop dancer were dancing a hip hop routine choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha.

It was meant to be a routine about his last night before he went off to war. Joshua was always going to rock this routine but how good was Katee she was a surprise package for me. I really liked it.

Nigel thought it was really good, and he raved about Napoleon and Tabitha, and he said it was his fave routine of the night.

Mary thought it was tremendous also she loved it as she has a loved one in Iraq. Onto to Dan who also has a brother in the armed forces remember the Wade Robson peace routine which Dan complained about??? No more Wade this year after that (his choice he didn't need that crap). However Dan did not mention it but said he thought they were great.

Jessica and Will
Jessica a contemporary dancer, and Will also a contemporary dancer who was mentored by Denise Allen will be dancing the tango choreographed by Hunter Johnson.

Not the sexiest or sultriest of tango's I have ever seen but I hope they stay on as I would like to see them do something else.

Nigel said thought they looked professional and thought they coped well with the choreography. He told Jessica "she needed to hold position".

Mary said it was "strong, passionate and on fire", and thought "Will owned it", and thought they were the couple to beat. Not sure I agreed with that.

Dan said they were hot like fire.

Courtney Galliano and Gev

Courtney is a contemporary and hip hop dancer Gev were dancing a Doriano Sanchez disco routine. Is she a former Solid Gold dancer? Why don't they show reruns of Solid Gold on pay tv.

Disco can always trip up the unwary. It reminded me of a scene from Saturday Night Fever. It was not perfect but I liked it. Courtney needed to learn to keep her mouth closed.

Nigel however did not like it. He thought there was "no get down and boogie feel". He showed his age when he said Earth, Wind and Fire wants everyone to get up a boogie.

Mary did love it, and said they danced it better then Saturday Night Fever.

Dan enjoyed it, but not the best disco he had seen.

I think the bottom three will be Susie and Marquis, Rayven and Jamie and Will and Jessica.