Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Brother - An Afghani Muslim Is Bright Enough To Pull Out Of Show

In today Sunday Telegraph it is revealed that an Afghani Muslim who was to enter the Big Brother compound has decided to pull out of the show citing "family reasons". I suspect they realised they did not want to be set up on a national tv show and have their religion perceived in a negative light.

The producers are clearly trying to tick all the boxes to try and create controversy in the house with a 53 year old Pauline Hanson lover who has already said she disapproves of some people who come into the country. Unfortunately Terri will be in a media ban lockdown and will not see that her idol Pauline has again allegedly been caught taking electoral funds. Clearly a jail sentence for electoral fraud did nothing to rehabilitate Pauline's criminal tendencies.

The muslim inmate probably realised that with no control over editing it could have ended in disaster. At least the shopping list has gone this year so they would not have had to put up with the younger inmates disdain when they argued for halal meat rather then alco pops.

A regular reader of the blog who also happens to be Hilary fan ( I am presuming Clinton not Duff) picked what the producers were going to do once Terri the racist was announced. They wrote an aboriginal person (tick), a muslim person (tick even though it did not eventuate I will pay it as it was the producers intention), and a hillsonger (?Travis) would enter the house. Her comments can be found at this blog post here.

So yes you definitely got two out of three, so the drink is on me. However I suspect Travis is in there for another subplot entirely. See See previous post on Travis here.

Another housemate has been revealed a 22 year old guy named Saxon. So much for mixing up the ages so far with have three early twenty somethings, and one fifty three year old. How about some 30 and 40 year olds Big Brother

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