Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Anthony Ikin Blames Choreography For Elimination

Defamer has an article where it is revealed Anthony Ikin the most recent male dancer eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance implies if he had decent choreography he would still be in the competition.

Exerpt from the article below:
Apart from a handful of solo performances, the former sport aerobics champion is peeved that he never really got a routine he could sink his teeth into thanks to some less than earth-shattering choreography.

"And I think the judges knew that too because they made a lot of comments saying as much," Anthony told Confidential yesterday.

"But, you know, it's the nature of the competition and that's what you get yourself into. We can only dance the steps we are given. But I would have loved to have been able to dance a ballroom routine choreographed by Jason Gilkinson.

"But I didn't get to do a routine of his. Which is a shame."

Full article here.

Anthony sorry mate, but I think the Australian voters got it right, you showed us the same thing each week.

Another reality tv evictee Candice Falzone who was eliminated from It Takes Two last night has revealed she is now seeking a career in the media. The Daily Telegraph have an article here which says she has been talking to some people at Channel Seven, but she is still on the ironwoman circuit.

The Daily Telegraph who were responsible for the majority of the negative media Candice received last year couldn't resist the temptation but to mention the Sonny Bill incident again. At least they refrained from putting in the link to the notorious picture this time.

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