Monday, April 14, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - The final four revealed

The difference between American Idol audience, and the So You Think You Can Dance live audience was quite pronounced tonight.

When Graeme Isaako was thanking his heavenly father in his elimination speech, the heathen Australian audience got confused and wondered why they had did not know that his father was dead. Finally it clicked in who Graeme was talking about, and about three people clapped.

Same speech in the US at an Idol taping probably would have brought rousing applause.

Which got me thinking had Australia's most famous mormon votes been diminished because of the removal of 200 women and children from a polygamist sect in Eldorado Texas this week?

Somehow I don't think so it was just his time to go.

The sultry moulin rouge group number was choreographed by Jason Gilkison and it was pretty good. Jason also filled for Bonnie Lythgoe as she was away at her sons wedding in Las Vegas. Bad timing considering Dad is doing American Idol as well.

It was not an arduous night for Jason as he got to speak only three times.

There was usual fake flirting between Natalie Bassingthwaite and Jason Coleman, and Natalie did look like she was wearing a nightie by Victoria Secret. Jason thought it would be getting a lot of males in their lounge rooms excited. Yes all four who have a purple taffeta fetish.

The opening remarks by the judges were all very similar they were all "so excited". Come on guys compare notes before you go on stage, Australian Idol judges all have very different opening gambits.

Then we had the routine by Cirque du Soliel. The routine incorporated a giant and a slight girl and the routine was a cross between dancing and acrobatics. It was entertaining, but I was still peeved that Sabra and Kameron were not dancing. Did anyone see them in the audience?

The we had the six finalist do solos. Vanessa's was probably the best she had done. It was to an african theme. Maybe she was trying to recreate the magic of the samba she did with Henry.
Kate's was nice, and Demi's was high energy.

Jack showed that he was the best male dancer left, and Graeme contemporary routine was good, but I had seen it all before.

Rhys who I love because he is just himself, came out in jeans which he must have borrowed from gay icon of the '80's Marilyn. His routine was good as well.

Then to my disgust we had a three minute number from Sean Kingston, a very ordinary american hip hop artist, who is out here spruiking his debut album.

Then it was elimination time. The first girl into the top 4 was Kate, and the first boy was Rhys. Does this mean they received the highest votes?

Then Vanessa and Graeme were told they were eliminated. No surprise there, everyone would have been more shocked if they had NOT been punted.

Vanessa was told by Jason Gilkison that she was one of the hardest working dancers in the competition.

Graeme was told he was the full package, and Jason Coleman gets quote of the night with this quote "You've effected a lot of people in a lot of ways and not just the screamers."

I forget that Graeme is only 18 so he probably will be around for awhile especially if he can sing.

I think Australia got it right this week.


Anonymous said...

Cirque du Soleil were sososososososo amazing and beautiful. I loved it. Now THAT'S how you combine acrobatics and dancing.

I didn't see Sabra and Kameron, but I did see Courtney, Henry and Jemma in the audience.

Anonymous said...

The routine incorporated a giant and a slight girl and the routine was a cross between dancing and acrobatics.

That sounds this piece?
Jacques Heim is a Cirque choreographer but I think those are Jacques Heim dancers.

Vanessa and Graeme, no surprising elimination then. Can't wait for the Top 4 show.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, link didn't work in the last message. Here it is...

DWTS Spotlight

Reality Raver said...

That was sensational - I did notice the giant and girl in it with some same tricks. Thanks for posting it.

It is interesting to see the much better production values on the US shows.

At least ours are better then Bulgarian Idol which are really bad.