Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Kid Is A Star - Episode 2

Channel 9 have got to can this show, as I cannot watch another episode of this woeful tripe.

Reasons why I won't watch it again:

  • If Cameron Daddo cannot even bother to shave, why should I bother to watch it?
  • The kids have little talent, and the parents are dull and deluded. If you were stuck on canteen duty with them you would not be happy.
  • The editing is repetitive, tedious, and sloppy, culminating in the elimination scene when they had the bottom four standing there we only saw them telling three of the parents why they hadn't made the grade. Louise (the Joceyln Wildenstein of the Gold Coast) was skipped completely.
  • They shot it in 2 weeks but are pretending they were there for six weeks.

The first challenge was for the parents to take headshots of their kid and to try and project their brand.

The best quote from this was :
Natalia(Mother) to Amber(daughter) "Be the girl next door," and the response "But that is not the brand I want." Lindsay and Britany have a lot to answer for.

We were later told that there were performers in their family. Natalia's cousin is Troy Dann an outback performer. Yes and he is????

Next was a busking challenge - where the kids had to busk for 30 minutes and the person who got the most money would be immune from elimination.

The money raised would go to charity.

We again get to see the kids talents or lack of them and it is a wonder the long term buskers did not orchestrate some sort of retribution for them being on their patch.

Elaine and Abbey won the challenge. But the other mothers were bitching because she said the money was for charity, when they felt the money should be given on the merits of the performance.

Louise complained that people were stingy and were not giving money when she said she was wanting to send her son to New York to continue training. I don't think people would want to give money to a mother who has obviously spent thousands on cosmetic work! Her breasts are worth $10,000.

It was elimination time, and Ashleigh and her mum were eliminated. Expect to see her turn up to an Australian Idol audition once she has turned 16.

I did notice in the final scene an intimate exchange between Tom and Amber, what next puppy love between Dale and Sam?


Anonymous said...

i was on this show and
you really don't know what your talking about!
you have never met us!
and real mature picking on us kids aren't you tough!

Anonymous said...

Please please please tell me this is a real post and not one of RR's buddies having a lend of us????

If you REALLY were on the show, it's very VERY sad that you are sitting around reading reality blogs about it all... I guess the offers haven't flooded in since the show started airing????

In fact I'm gunna go out on a linb and suggest that you are in fact a parent not a "kid".

If you (and/or your kids) didn't want to be judged I guess it was a pretty silly move to go on a reality TV show, wasn't it???

Call me Nostradamus but I'd say a fair bit of therapy is in yours/their future....

Oh dear...


Reality Raver said...

Dear Anon who was on the show.

A couple of things if you are going on a reality tv show to be judged on you or your childs 'talent' where in fact one team is eliminated on this concept weekly, I don't think it is unreasonable for the very small viewing audience to offer up an opinion on what they are seeing.

All due respect I don't think any of my posts are picking on the kids. In fact in the first one I write I was vaguely disturbed about children being utilised in this way and whether the younger ones were emotionally able to handle it.

If you cannot handle a little light criticism then how are you going to take the constant criticism that is meted out in show business.

And aren't you tough posting as anon. Why not tell me and my readers how being in the house was different to how it has been edited for TV.

Oh and since we probably won't get to see the last episode who won?

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Raver, picking on the deluded bogans from 'My Kid Is (Not) A Star'.

What's truly amazing about this totally shite program is that the no-talent participants obviously have no idea that the whole cynical premise of the show is to allow channel 9's audience to laugh at them.

Fortunately the Australian viewing public has proven above this by voting with their remotes.