Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Kid's A Star - Episode 3

“Good show but not a lot of talent” was Max Markson’s assessment of the show the kids put on at the Dural Memorial Hall which was one of the challenges for the teams tonight on My Kid Is A Star.

Channel nine obviously thought the singing was so bad they put another soundtrack over most of the performances. How can we assess what talents the kids have if we never see them do anything for more then three seconds?

But apparently it is not about talent these days but branding. The mantra tonight was the “Challenge did not suit my branding” Why can’t they say it doesn’t suit my talent? Is talent so irrelevant these days? In these days of Corey Worthington and Paris Hilton who are brands I suppose it is.

Well I was not going to watch this show again, but after being flamed by one of the contestants of the show, in my previous blog here I decided to give it another shot.

I was surprised that Channel 9 haven’t pulled yet, but apparently they have reduced the episodes to half hour only from next week.

Danny Bonaduce obviously could smell the stench of failure in the air as he turned up for two days work, took the money and ran.

Tonight the kids were going to tested on their acting. They had to learn lines then they were going to be tested with a surprise special actor.

Kristina was getting a tad hysterical as it was TJ’s weak spot as she has never done any acting. What does she do but do cute. Her singing is just ok. Maybe she can get a few TV commercials in before she hits puberty.

At the studio the special guest actor was Alyssa Jane Cook - when did she last have a paid acting job? Certainly not this century.

The Restless Days it was called - it was a cheesy as the premise of the show. Prior this episode I thought maybe one of the kids may strike it lucky and get a role on Neighbours or Home and Away, now I am not so sure.

Kristina was crying because TJ stuffed the lines. I thought it was out of line and would not have made her daughter feel good.

How many of these parents are living this dream through their kids? Thereza is one. She said that for her son Sam performing was not his cup of tea. Also she said he was deep and needed to internalise things none of this light and fluffy stuff. I think Thereza sees him a mini me of her complete with matching blonde highlights. He definitely did not look like he wanted to be there. In fact does he speak?

Someone who does appear to want to be there Amber loved the challenge and said she could feel the acting. Amber well I couldn’t, but to be fair the script made Days of Lives look like a highbrow BBC historical drama.

Max and Marki both agreed Amber nailed it, and Tom got a honourable mention.

Next was this all Australian Song show the parents had to organise for 200 people waving Aussie flags at the local hall.

There were tiffs between the parents that were too tedious to mention.

We have no idea about what these kids can do as we were shown barely two minutes of the concert.

The winning team from that challenge were Dale and Shane so this meant they were safe from elimination.

Tonight Thereza and Sam were eliminated and it was the most animated I had seen him all series.

He even came out with the line of the night by saying this show “Was my first hit television show.” Unfortunately he was not being ironic.
“It was my first hit television show?” Mmm no it wasn’t.

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