Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - Episode 2

I am undecided whether I would prefer to stay in the Big Brother or Australia’s Next Top Model household. Both would be quite trying.

The girls were given a box of butterflies so that could only mean one thing - transformation day.

They were taken to a hairdresser in the city to be greeted by Jodhi who says she has problems with models with bad haircuts when she looked like she had not brushed her hair at all.

Leiden was going platinum blonde.

Alexandra was not happy about what they were going to do with her a Cleopatra look she has already done twelve months ago.

Caris started crying because she was not used to living with so many people.

Delmelza the 16 year old was not backward in coming back forward about Alex and Caris.

Alex was still upset when she got home sobbing down the phone to her boyfriend about the haircut. Maybe they should have given her a spiral perm that would have given her something to really cry about.

The first challenge of the episode was to be a catwalk challenge.

It was going to be an easy audience as it was navy boys and the catwalk was a ship. Alex was still bitching at Jonathan about the haircut.

Judges for the challenge were Charlotte Dawson, Jonathan Pease, Jodhi two special judges Jordan and Steph from last season ANTM. Also the Captain of the ship got to judge as well.

The 16 year old Delmelza was the favourite especially when she flashed her knickers to all the old pervs.

Belinda without glasses looked like she was going to fall off the catwalk. She kept on getting paid out by the judges for not having her contacts which were meant to be sent to her by her mum.

Jodhi after the show told them how well they had done, she is so different to Tyra. Tyra with Miss J would have torn their walking to shreds. Which I agree, if they are told they are good will they improve? And I thought some overdid it.

Delmelza unsurprisingly won the sailors choice, and Alex won industry award. They got to go on an $11,000 shopping spree.

Shops sponsoring this were One Teaspoon, Grab Denim, then the Trelise Cooper’s studio.

When they got home Delmelza and Alex gave them the dregs and handed over four items. The other girls bitched about the stinginess of the gift. But to be fair it was their prize.

Next was their first single photo shoot. It is a beauty shoot with Napoleon - he had so much make up on. Napoleon bless him breathed some life into what was becoming a rather dull episode. Jonathan is a bit of a charisma free zone.

They had to sit on a chair with a boob tube and get water sprayed on her.

Kristy was being criticised about her angles “she is not the face of my brand”.

They loved Rebecca. Alamela was lost, scared - Napoleon said I am getting bored.

Jonathan wanted Leiden to concentrate on here feminine side. They did not want her to do sexy as they compared her to a praying mantis where she looked like she would devour her partner afterwards.

Alyce and Belinda got favourable reviews. Delmelza did not do well, and was upset in the loos.
Alamela was a given another chance but did not do much with it. Jonathan thought she would be lucky to survive the elimination.

It was Leiden’s birthday and the girls went to a club to let their hair down. The under 18’s organised a party at home. Leiden and Sam pashed for .5 of a second. Alex pashed some very ugly guy.

Alex when she got home phoned her boyfriend to confess saying she was dared to pash this guy. He started crying. He reminded me a bit of Nneena’s desperate boyfriend. It was pathetic.

Elimination time:
Guest judges Jackie Mirren photographer, and Napoleon with the usual suspects Charlotte Dawson, Jodhi Meares, and Alex Perry whose shirt was undone to the waist.

Leiden upset as she is not model ready, said she did not want to be there.

Alyce criticised for being so fake, Napoleon really did not like her.

Rebecca called first I am not sure if that has the same significance as the US version, that you have the best photo from the shoot.

“Well done honey” appears to be is Jodhi’s signature quote. She really needs to get rid of the cheap clipboard she is reading her lines from. I must admit she is not a natural TV talent, she never appears relaxed. I think Charlotte would be better in that role.

Kristy and Belinda were bottom two.

Belinda told to step up. Kristy told she looks like a model but just shown more of the same.
Kristy was eliminated. Then she bitched about Alamela saying she must have been crap as they had to give her a second chance in the shoot. She said she would like Emma to win.

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