Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Idol - Final 8 - Songs That Inspire

The genre for tonight was songs that were inspirational to the singer. They may have been inspirational for them, however I am unsure how inspiring they were for the audience.

Michael Johns was in the supposedly unlucky first spot with an Aerosmith song "Dream On". He obviously felt the cravat had been a good luck charm last week, so the same look was used this week.

The falsetto was good, and I know I should be patriotic, but one good week out of four is just to inconsistent. I am starting to think he is not as talented as he thinks he is.

As Randy Jackson said " This is one of the important weeks on the show" "I don't buy you as Aerosmith"

Paula Abdul said "Perfect song choice" and "Those high notes, my Chihuahuas might come and join you onstage" At first I thought chihuahuas was a euphemism for the two saline balls bulging out of her too small dress, then I realised she meant her dogs.

Simon Cowell said "I don't like it when you do an impression of a rock star... I thought it was a little wannabee."

I would not be surprised if he is in the bottom three for the first time.

Next was Syesha Mercado singing "I Believe" which was the American Idol's song that Fantasia sung when she won the competition.

Was Syesha going for the nostalgic for Fantasia vote? As soon she started singing it I could just remember Fantasia's fantastic rendition and this one was just not as good.

Randy said "Fantasia has one of the best voices that has graced this stage, and she had a special connection, I didn't find with you."
Paula said "Most shining nights."
Simon said "Technically I thought you sang it well. Thought it lacked big wave of emotion."

Jason Castro sang Israel Aki (sic) version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" complete with ukelele. Jason needed to put in a big performance this week otherwise he was going to be very vulnerable, and he did. His voice was stunning as was the variation and depth of it.

I think it was the standout performance of the night, even though it did have a tinge of Tiny Tim in it.

Randy said "Dude Jason Castro is back in the hunt - Blazing molten hot."
Paula said "Great job"
Simon said "First time I heard the song I was not sure, second time I liked it and third time [hand gesture towards Jason] loved it"

Kristy Lee Cook sang "Anyway".

For once it was not the usual trainwreck and was her best song, best performance and best stage presence yet. There was still a few wide legged stances but otherwise good song in her country genre. Can Kristy Lee go on the win the competition??? Only joking of course she cannot. The ironic thing is she will probably get voted out this week.

Randy said "I loved it - couple of pitch issues."
Paula said "This was your best"
Simon said "I thought you were very good indeed", and "Tonight you looked like a star"

Idol favourite David Cook sang "Innocent". He reminded me of an 1980's pop star, a fusion between Nik Kershaw and Howard Jones. His song was very boring, and his performance was a bit affected. He irritated me when he jumped off stage to sing in front of the judges table. To add to the irritation he then did a Bono type manouvere where he put out his hand to the camera to reveal Give Back written on it.

As Simon so accurately described it as "a pompous performance."
Randy too thought it "Was not one of your strongest weeks."

Carly Smithson sang a Queen song "Show Must Go On". Is Queen the band de jour this year in Idol, who hasn't sung them.

I thought her performance was a bit musical theatrish.

Randy said "Just Ok for me - disconnected for me."
Paula said " You voice is pretty perfect, I didn't feel engaged with you."
Simon said "You looked good", and "Unusual choice of song, you oversang it, and lost control of the song towards the end." and "Came across as an angry song - you could be in trouble this week.

David Archuleta sang 'Angels' by Robbie Williams. These two singers are just opposites, Robbie so bad boy sexy, whilst David is clean cut teenager. However it was a nice rendition, and he played the piano well. I would like to see him do something other then a ballad though.

Randy said "Hottest moment whole season."
Paula said "Fantastic"
Simon said "Best song choice of the night. You are going to sail through to the next round."

Last for the night was Brooke White singing the Carol King number "You've Got A Friend'. Brooke got right into it early '70's fashions with a long sleeve mini dress, and the long blonde hair.

She just looked too earnest the whole way through, and when she shed some tears at the end I again detracted points.

Randy said " Just ok for me"
Paula said "A perfect way to close the evening, your very definitive."
Simon said "Like a pleasant walk in the park. Original no. Pleasant yes."

My bottom three predictions are Michael Johns, Syesha Mercardo, and Carly Smithson.


soobee said...

Really, Michael Johns in the bottom three? Maybe. It's hard to tell, b/c the only truly great performance was by Jason. The others were fair to poor. (David Cook, buddy, what the hell?!) I think Carly is going home. Brooke might, b/c she is always on the brink (and she needs to just shut up!). Kristy Lee was very strong, as was Syesha, but neither contestant is popular, so I don't know...

Anonymous said...

Have you heard Israel Kamakawiwo Ole's Somewhere Over the Rainbow? The music, the arragement, yes. But ALSO the voice! Rich and soothing.

soobee said...

You know, I had heard it at some point, but I don't remember where (thanks for the link). It IS beautiful, and I think Jason did it justice. What happened to the other contestants, though? Maybe they were caught up in Idol Gives Back furor, since it was such a busy week. I don't know........

Reality Raver said...

Anon: Thanks for the link it was a nice way to start the day!

Is there anything NOT on You Tube these days.

Is Idol this year the year of doing "obscure" versions of classic songs? If so I don't really mind as it is showing me new bands/artists I have never heard of before.

Soobee: Spoilers would be appreciated this week as we are not getting the elimination show until Sunday due to Idol Gives Back tonight.

soobee said...

Yes, they seem to be doing the more obscure versions of songs. Sometimes it works really well (David Cook's Billy Jean, Jason's Somewhere Over the Rainbow),and sometimes not. The problem is how inconsistent the performers are this year, though. They are much more talented overall than last year, but they just don't bring it from week to week. Jason smashed it this week, but he was awful last week. So...go figure!

I promise to write spoilers ALL OVER THE PLACE. :) We find out tomorrow night. I'm still guessing that Syesha, Kristy Lee, Carly, or Brooke goes home this week. My money is on Carly, actually, b/c she is not that popular and ruined her song this week, as well as admitting it. What a mess.

I'm sort of looking forward to Idol Gives Back. It's such a great cause, but it's also so full of celebrities that I feel sick after a while (like the Oscars, only the speeches aren't as long ;-)). I am pretty much only watching for the SYTYCD'ers this year, to be honest. :)

Anonymous said...

reality raver, you are welcome :) The Israel K version of SWOtR was used in a commercial last year (or in 2006?) and I had to purchase it from itune because it's so beautful.

Yes, something is not on YouTube...the new commercial for US SYTYCD Season 4! :( I don't really watch Idol so I missed the commercial last night, but I will definitely be watching IGB for the SYTYCD dancers and commercial tonight.

Anonymous said...

Found it! Not on YouTube but...

SYTYCD4 promo

Not as exciting as I thought :P

soobee said...

Not that exciting, BUT at least we have one now. :) You'd think Nigel could have been a little more creative, since he's at the Idol tapings every week, but I guess he's busy. ;-)

Reality Raver said...

The highlight of the SYTYCD 4 commercial is Neil Haskell crotch flying towards the camera. LOL.