Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Matt Corby's Hair Looked Great At Easter

I thought I had not done much that was festive on Reality Ravings. So I found footage of Season Five's Australian Idol runner up Matt Corby playing at a Christian festival at Easter this year.

I love the haircut. Someone must have videoed it on their phone so keep the volume down as there are a lot of screaming girls.

Reality TV 2008 The Year In Review

Since it is the end of the year I thought it was time to give my totally biased reality TV awards.

Best Australian TV Show

Winner: Project Runway Australia - It was the best Australian re-creation of a US show I have seen. The contestants were both talented and entertaining. The host, judges and the mentor were just as good as their US counterparts.

Unfortunately people who don't have Pay TV were unable to see it, therefore the ratings of this show were not what they should have been.

Equal Runner Up: So You Think You Can Dance Australia and Australian Idol

SYTYCD Au just missed out on taking my winner prize because of a few teething problems at the start of the series.

It took a few weeks for this show to hit its straps, with a very nervous host Natalie Bassingthwaite, some dodgy choreography, and the judges not gelling, in particular Bonnie Lythgoe. These glitches should be ironed out in Season 2 and I expect it to be an absolute cracker of a show.

Well Australian Idol is almost compulsory viewing, and this year there was some great talent particularly the winner Wes Carr. The mentors we had like Chris Isaak, and Cyndi Lauper were much better then the geriatric mentors they had on the American show (think Neil Diamond, and Andrew Lloyd Webber).

The only criticism were the judges I think they may need to mix it up a bit in 2009. Dare I say it Kyle Sandilands was easily the most entertaining. With Dicko and Marcia both sleep inducing.

Honourable mention - Farmer Wants A Wife, Australia's Next Top Model, and The Chopping Block.

Worst Australian Reality TV Series

Winner: My Kid Is A Star - This channel 9 production was abysmal. In fact it was so bad it was almost in the it is so bad it is good category. The production values were cheap and shonky. The talent of the judges and kids were non-existent. It ended being shown in the humiliating time slot of 12.00pm on Saturdays. Previous post here on why it was so bad.

Runner Up: Big Brother - Even with the new hosts of Kyle Sandilands, and Jackie O did not help this show. The show had gotten so far away from the original premise of watching strangers live in house together that it was now unwatchable. There were to many FHM wannabees, and really stupid people. Also too much producer interference with games, and twists and turns for me took the entertainment value out of it.

Thankfully it won't be on our screens next year.

Honourable mentions: Dancing With The Stars, and It Takes Two.

Best Overseas Reality TV Program

Winners: The Amazing Race - Season 13, Survivor Fans V Favourites, So You Think You Can Dance, and Project Runway Season 4.

I am not being very discriminating. However The Amazing Race is one of my favourite shows, and going through the Ukraine and Russia was entertaining. Also watching the Superbad team get through each week even though they were hopeless was amazing.

Survivor Fans V Favourites was Survivor back to its best. There were blindsides, changing alliances, multiple sagas over the immunity idol, and even a romance. I don't know why Channel 9 buried this in a 10.30 timeslot.

So You Think You Can Dance continues to entertain with great dances, even better choreography, and judges who know how to entertain on a reality TV show.

Project Runway Season 4 - This was the first season I had really watched the show, and it was fabulously entertaining particularly with the winner Christian Siriano, and Chris March.

Runner Up: Any Bravo TV program particularly, Top Chef, Top Design, The Rachel Zoe Project and The Real Housewives of New York City.

Honourable mentions: American Idol, Ladette to Lady, and America's Next Top Model three zillion cycles.

Worst Overseas Reality TV Program

The Celebrity Apprentice - the celebrity's are not celebrities and the format is tired.

Best Australian Reality TV Host

Kristy Hinze - Project Runway Australia. From the first episode she looked confident and comfortable on camera.

Worst Australian Reality TV Host

Jodhi Meares - Australia's Next Top Model. A clear winner as she did not turn up to her own show's live finale. Also could not ad lib at all. The judges out shone her.

Best Overseas Reality TV Host

Ryan Seacrest - American Idol. I was going to say Jeff Probst, Phil Keoghan or Tom Colluchio from Top Chef as they are the ones I really like. However Ryan this year with his witty adlibs really deserves the title as he has the much more difficult job. In fact I really liked him this year and he gave me some real laugh out loud moments.

Honourable Mention: Cat Deeley and Padma Lakshmi

Worst Overseas Reality TV Host

Winner: Elizabeth Berkley Step It Up And Dance. This show is only just screening in Australia, but this botoxed blonde was unable to invoke either warmth or wit.

Runner Up: Donald Trump who has really become a parody of himself.

Best Reality TV Villian

Winners - Kenley Collins - Project Runway 5, who managed to get everyones back up with her total self confidence and abrasive manner; and Jade Cole the egomanical model from America's Next Top Model Cycle 6.

Runner Up - Demelza Reveley eventual winner of Australia's Next Top Model. Demelza was caught out bullying another contestant Alamela. The producers managed to beat it up to ensure high ratings for this Foxtel 8 show.

Best "Oh My God What Is Happening Here Moment"

Winner: Paula Abdul judging a song that had yet to be sung. Theories that Paula Abdul was given scripts to read on Amercian Idol buzzed around the internet for months. If you need a recap on what happened go here.

Runner Up: Watching the live Australia's Next Top Model finale and realising Jodhi Meares was not there.

Best quote from a Reality TV show

Hands down winner to Andrew from Top Chef Chicago "I have got a culinary boner." Bravo have even made t-shirts with it on it.

Runner Up also goes to Andrew when taking about Spike said "I'm not gay but I would let him bang me."

What do you think were the Reality TV highlights in 2008?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For So You Think You Can Dance Fans Only

So You Think You Can Dance Australia will commence on Sunday 1 February.

But for So You Think You Can Dance fanatics who think that is far to long go to this US blog sytycdism which covers everything you could ever want to know about SYTYCD.

It is a comprehensive blog which has footage of the dancers, updates, and interviews with former contestants of the dance show.

Hours of entertainment.

Paula Abdul Has a New Boyfriend


American Idol judge Paula Abdul has a new boyfriend, name unknown at this stage. He looks like a cross between uber chef Anthony Bourdin and George Harrison.

Apparently they went on a date to Beso her ex-boyfriend's restaurant. Is she trying to make him jealous.

Full story on Idolstalker.

In other reality TV romance news winner for cycle 3 of America's Next Top Model Eva Marcille is engaged to Lance Gross, an actor. Full story here.

Kelley Abbey To Be The Australian Judge On Superstars On Dance

Yes it is yet another post on Superstars of Dance, the show that may or may not be shown in Australia.

However in super cool news Kelley Abbey, singer, dancer and choreographer will be the Australian judge on the show.

Kelley showed when she was occasionally a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Australia that her comments were accurate, insightful and entertaining.

In fact I thought she should have been a fulltime judge instead of Bonnie Lythgoe. But we won't go into that debate now.

Jason Gilkison is coach of the team, and Henry Byalikov formerly of SYTYCD AU and Dancing With Stars will be one of the competitors, as well as a soloist tap dancer, and a contemporary dance troupe.

Full list of representatives from each country is on TV Guide.

Monday, December 29, 2008

I Don't Know Why I Keep Talking Up Superstars Of Dance

The Superstars of Dance and American Idol appear to be the only two reality shows getting any news lately. Fingers crossed one of the Aussie Ladettes gets knocked up by the gardener at Eggleston Hall in England to give us a bit of new years entertainment.

Anyhow even though there is no news on whether an Australian TV station has bought the dance show which starts in the US next week the NBC publicity machine is starting to crank up.

Monsters and Critics have an indepth interview with the shows producer, Nigel Lythgoe, and the host, he who Irish dances, Michael Flatley.

The interview outlines the format of the show there will be quarter finals, semi finals, and a grand final. It will not be filmed live. I think this must be because they are professional dancers who have engagements to fulfill.

The Chinese team seem phenomenal with not only the Shaolin monks performing, but also a ballerina who pirouettes on pointe on top of her partners head.

And for those who like a bit of gossip Bonnie Lythgoe is apparently divorcing Nigel. Or maybe he is just being a gentleman to make it sound that way.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia 2009 Promo

The promo is out for next year's So You Think You Can Dance Australia. It looks fantastic.

It starts on February 1.

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 8 on Channel Ten

It was make over day, always a favourite episode of mine as they do make the models look better and there are always tears.

This is the first episode that I have seen of this cycle is it me but some of these girls look like plain janes. Without make up half them looked like secreataries. Diana is a particular case in point.

Jael who was to go from short blonde hair to long. However after 8 hours of getting weave put in, the decided it looked bad so they chopped it off. Understandably she was upset. With what she wears once she gets eliminated she can become a bondage mistress.

Later in the show she got news that her friend died of a overdose. But she did keep it together for the photoshoots.

The first challenge was a Cover Girl one where they had to make themselves up. Cassandra who was looking great with her new afro was disqualified for being outside the timeframe.

Brittany won the challenge where the prize was a Seventeen Magazine shoot. She chose Sarah and Jael to go with her.

Now Brittany was starting to piss some of the other girls off due to her crying, her whinging that her hair hurts, and then a stomach bug. It was interesting that she had a bug but could still smoke!

Renee decided to whip up the Brittany hatred. However Brit did not help herself when she was moaning about having to be naked in icecream shot. She was worried what her mother would think. She is 21 for chrissakes time to forget what her parents will think. But she looked sensational on camera.

Diana the plus sized model had a terrible time trying to make her body look good. Whereas the other plus sized model Whitney had no problems doing this. Black girls with booty always look better then white girls.

Brittany took out the best shot, and bottom three were Jaslene, Diana and Cassandra. Jaslene was near the bottom due to her personality or lack of it. I would have thought that fact that she looks like she has an eating disorder may also be an issue.

Cassandra was eliminated as they thought she had limited potential to become a model. Do you think Diana should have been sent home instead?

Here is an interview from YouTube where Cassandra answers questions that viewers have sent in.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kristy Hinze Is Marrying A Billionaire And She Is Buying Cheap Woolies Sausages For A BBQ???

For god sakes Jim Clarke please give your fiancee, Project Runway Australia's host Kristy Hinze a black AMEX card.

Here she is with shopping carrying the el cheapo sausages from Woolworths. Did she serve them up at her engagement party in Sydney the other night?

She could have at least gotten the Woolies organic ones, or the Peppercorn Gourmet types. Or for a much better solution sent a minion to Pinos in Kogarah for some quality snags.

The Herald Sun has further details on her engagement party.

Reality Tidbits

Blend TV Give Their Round Up of The Winners on Reality TV Shows in the US.
Blend TV talk about the best winners on US TV in 2008. David Cook from American Idol, and Nick and Starr from The Amazing Race both get a mention.

The Amazing Race Season 14 Spoiler
Pure Amazing Race have a article from a person who saw The Amazing Race teams in the upcoming season 14 blast through Bucharest airport in Romania.

Jessica Mauboy Will Sing At Sydney's New Years Eve Celebrations.
The SMH reveals Australian Idol runner up Jessica Mauboy will be singing at the New Years Eve Celebrations in Sydney. This year's winner Wes Carr will also be performing.

Jessica also reveals her resolutions for next year are to go to New York and London.

Alice Burdeau Confirms There Is Still Life After Australia's Next Top Model.

Photobucket Winner of Australia's Next Top Model in 2007 Alice Burdeau is still in demand as a model overseas. Here she is in an advertisement for Blumarine Cruise.

Further pictures can be found on ANTM Live Journal. Don't expect to see her back in Australia soon posing in the Big W catalogue.

On the same ANTM Blog they have this year's winner Demelza Reveley posing for Ferrero Rocher chocolates (picture below) and there really is no comparison between the two. Alice is all quality and Demelza is really just a pretty girl.

Come on Ricki-Lee Coulter Get A More Outrageous Rider Then Chips!

Adelaide Now reports that when Ricki-Lee was in town to perform at the Playford Community Carols night she was transported in three different coloured Hummers to and from the event.
She also stipulated in her rider three bottles of sauvignon blanc, four packets of chips and soft drink. Now I find this disappointing - why didn't she demand bottles of french champagne and bottles of vodka. Or a sushi made from tuna only found in a particular part of the Pacific Ocean.
Personally I think she has been far to accommodating. Though apparently her manager is not. The article states she is quite hard-nose, but Ricki-Lee is still very nice.
Unfortunately Ricki-Lee won't be back on Australian Idol in 2009 as she will be concentrating on her music career.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The 10 Worst Performances On American Idol

American Idol starts in just over two weeks in the frivolity of it has started.

Entertainment Weekly gives their view on the ten worst American Idol performances ever. I am not sure if it is the definative list.

You can view it here.

Are there any that you would add?

Is The Superstar Of Dance GoingTo be Shown On Australian TV?

Whilst Australian TV is now in a lull due to it being non-ratings period, it is completely different in the USA where it is business as usual.

American Idol commences on January 13 and is being fast tracked by Fox 8 to be shown here hours after it has been screened in the US. But the reality TV guru Simon Fuller with his side kick Nigel Lythgoe have a new show, Superstars of Dance is premiering next week on NBC.

My head may have been caught up with the Xmas festivities and I may have missed it, but has a an Australian TV station bought the rights of it yet? And if so are they going to fast track it.

It sounds like it is going to be great with Shaolin Monks and Irish River Dancers (And I am not just talking about the host Michael Flatley.

As Australia is one of the teams competing it would be great if we could see it as near as live as possible.

More information on Superstars of Dance is here.

Anyway if we don't get it televised here is some Shaolin Monk action from YouTube.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Have a wonderful break with your friends and family.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Simon Cowell's Lawyer Are Bullying Bloggers Because He is Precious About His Chest

News and tech blog Inquisitr have received an email from Simon Cowell's lawyers telling them to remove the photo of Simon topless in Barbados as publication constitute an egregious violation of Mr. Cowell’s substantial rights of privacy, including specifically under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights as incorporated into the U.K. Human Rights Act of 1988.....

Personally I thought it was quite a good photo and he looked pretty hot in it, but maybe he is embarrassed that we now know he waxes his chest.

If he is so concerned about his privacy why doesn't he shut up his ex girlfriend Sinitta, who he is currently vacationing with.

Every time I open the internet she is gibbering about Simon and how great in bed he his or the latest on his breakup with Terri Seymour.

In her latest interview on Mail Mirror she again is gibbering about his sexual proclivities. Apparently sex clouds his judgement, and the ins and outs of his last relationship.

I think their is a bit of hypocrisy or vanity occuring here.

Previous post on Simon's chest here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mark Spano Not Getting A Record Contract With Sony BMG

In the social pages of the Sunday Telegraph today it was revealed that Mark Spano who came third in this year's Australian Idol will not be signed up by Sony BMG.

Mark Spano who had a lot of female's heart a flutter when he sang Kings of Leon's megahit Sex On Fire must not be seen as a hitmaker for the recording monolith.

However he can be consoled that he has the support act on the upcoming Chris Isaak tour. For those who missed his performance at the final here it is.

In other Mark Spano news Ricki-Lee Coulter has denied she moved to Melbourne to be near him, apparently they are just friends.

However Ricki-Lee won't be spending a lot of time in the southern city as she will be in LA working on her new album. This also means she will not be back for next season's Australian Idol. I cannot really decide whether that is a positive or negative thing.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Simon Cowell - Man Boobs or Muscly Pecs?

I know this blog is being reduced to the lowest common demoninator, but here is a photo of Simon Cowell on Christmas holidays in Barbados.

Yes he apparently he is single now, but girls don't get to excited as his ex-girlfriend Sinitta is on holidays with him. She sang some dodgy song in the '80's and then was never heard of again until now.

Anyway are those man boobs, pectorals, or implants? Please discuss.

Source of photo Bauergriffin

Are Project Runway Challenges This Obtuse?

Reality Tidbits

Author Kathy Lette Using Gordan Ramsay's Philandering To Promote New Book.
Popular author Kathy Lette has been opportunistically using the reality TV chef's philandering on his wife Tania to promote her book. She has sent her book To Love Honour and Betray (Til Divorce Us Do Part).

And has said Lette said she believed Tana Ramsay was handling the crisis the wrong way.
"I don't think she should be doing that whole standing-by-my-man routine," Lette said.
"When you have made your entire fortune from perpetuating the myth of being the ultimate family man ... it's hypocrisy."

Full story in the SMH.

Kristy Hinze Furthering Her Education
In the Daily Telegraph it reveals the Project Runway host is furthering her education by sitting for the SATs, which is the equivalent of the HSC. Kristy left school early to further her modelling career. A decision that paid dividends in the long run.

She must be very good at time management, as she has a busy career, a new fiancee to tend to, and million dollar houses to examine on Sydney Harbour. Full story here.

Wes Carr To Perform on Channel Ten's New Years Eve Coverage.
But alas it will not be the Michael Jackons number. Wes says " is a party trick."
Full story The Daily.

Carly Smithson From Last Season's American Idol Talks About Life Post Idol.
The LA Times has an interesting and indepth article with Carly Smithson and what life is like once the tour and the press junkets are over.

Donald Trump The Executive Producer Of The US Version Of Ladette To Ladies.
Donald Trump appears to continue to dabble in reality TV. He is the executive producer of the US of version of Ladette To Ladies. It will be called The Girls of Hedsor Hall. To be screen in 2009. Reality Blurred has further details on this and other reality TV shows to hit the US next year.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Nick and Starr Win The Amazing Race

Well thank god the frat boys did not limp over the line for the million dollars, however it was not their stuff ups but a bad taxi driver that killed them in the final leg of the race.

Nick and Starr were hot favourites to win but Ken and Tina did push them all the way to the winners podium.

However the biggest drama was in Russia when Toni and Dallas who were just about guaranteed a top three spot lost their money and passport. I thought it was crazy at the Roadblock which was a problem solving challenge Toni let Dallas who, how can I put this delicately, is not real bright.

In one of the cabs he lost is money belt. In Buddy TV Dallas talks about him losing the passports, and reveals that he and Starr are still seeing each other.

Also here is an interview with Nick and Starr. Congratulations guys great team of brains and physicality.

Did The Death Of Jodhi Meares Dog Tenzin Really Merit A Large Article In The Daily Tele?

Did the death of Jodhi Meare's dog really such a large article in today's paper. The former Australia's Next Top Model host has not had a good year.

She did not show up for the live finale of the show, her former husband had a child and now this.

Anyway I don't know why they were writing about. But then again why am I? Considering she is no longer working on reality TV this will be the last time she is written about on this blog.

Daily Telegraph.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Parvati The Winner Of Survivor Fans V Favourite

Parvati managed to outwit, outplay and outlast everyone to win Survivor Fans V Favourites, the best Survivor season ever.

I was glad Parvati won in the end over Amanda, as she did make more strategic moves then her. However I would have liked to have seen Cerie win.

However some issues were raised in the final episodes:

  • What was Natalie's question to Parvati how her flirting technique translated into the bedroom about? Was she saying she wanted a more then platonic relationship?

  • What colour was host Jeff Probst's hair in the reunion special it looked like they had left the black dye in far to long?

  • Why do the contestants look better when they are out on the island? Amanda looks much better au natural.

  • And Ozzie's little love speech at Tribal Council was embarrassing, but at least he did not propose at the reunion special.

Reality TV World has an indepth interview with Parvati where she talks about having found the idol on Exile Island but leaving it there, and saying she never gave a second thought to voting for Natalie over Cirie.

Channel 9 will be showing Survivor Gabon over the summer, it would be great if they would screen it at a civilised hour. Why Fans V Favourites was buried in the 10.30pm zone was stupid - this season would have drawn in old Survivor fans plus new ones.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Project Runway's Kenley Collins - Narcissitic Personality Disorder?

"I wasn't trying to be elegant Hei-di" spat out Project Runway's Kenley Collins in tonight's episode of Project Runway in response to host Heidi Klum's criticism of her dress.

In the penultimate episode before New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park the task was to make an evening gown that has an organic feel based on being inspired by flora at New York Botanic Gardens.

However tonight's episode was more about contestant Kenley Collins rather then the fashions.

Kenley appears to have a talent for rubbing the people the wrong way. But she is completely perplexed on how she manages to alienate her peers.

It got me thinking does Kenley have a narcissistic personality disorder?
Mental Health defines narcissistic personality disorder as a condition characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, need for admiration, extreme self-involvement, and lack of empathy for others.

Individuals with this disorder are usually arrogantly self-assured and confident. They expect to be noticed as superior. Many highly successful individuals might be considered narcissistic. However, this disorder is only diagnosed when these behaviors become persistent and very disabling or distressing.

Vulnerability in self-esteem makes individuals with this disorder very sensitive to criticism or defeat. Although they may not show it outwardly, criticism may haunt these individuals these individuals and may leave them feeling humiliated, degraded, hollow, and empty. They may react with disdain, rage, or defiant counterattack.

Their social life is often impaired due to problems derived from entitlement, the need for admiration, and the relative disregard for the sensitivities of others. Though their excessive ambition and confidence may lead to high achievement; performance may be disrupted due to intolerance of criticism or defeat.

Ok so that is my diagnosis via google.

But love her or hate her she sure has made Project Runway Season 5 entertaining.

Teenagers Wanted To Live With Other Families For New Reality TV Show.

Bummed out that when you are 18 you will not be able to audition for Big Brother. Well now you if you are 16 or 17 you have the chance to audition for a new reality TV show which will include a trip overseas.

Channel Seven is looking for 12 Aussie teenagers to spend 10 days in Africa, Asia, America or Europe living with somebody else’s parents. The show is called World Strictest Parents.

The teenager must be willing to live with "a different family on the other side of the world."

TV Tonight has more details or just go straight to the Channel Seven's production company.

Yes I Know The Survivor Final Was last night...

However due to its latenest I have not watched it. I will do so tonight.

Is There Life For Sophie Patterson After Australian Idol?

Well it would appear Sophie Patterson has hit the big time by judging a christmas decoration competition in the Victorian town of Pakenham.

Hopefully these frivolities are only a little diversion from writing songs and performing. Hopefully we will see her playing some gigs soon. Does anyone know if she has signed a record contract yet?

Anyway if you are interested in who won the christmas competition click here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gordon Ramsay Denies Being With Aussie Lover Julie Vidovic

Either Gordon Ramsay is full of bollocks or the supposed Australian shag of his Julie Vidovic is.

Gordon has come out saying he had never heard of her. So is Julie an opportunist trying to make some cash out Gordon's infidelities?

If Gordon is denying all his affairs, I think he also denied the Sarah Symonds one, and it is found to be true what does this do for his credibility? But maybe he is just trying to save his marriage.

Property consultant Julie Vidovic, 42, has claimed in a magazine that she slept with Ramsay on two occasions this year.

She has claimed she met Ramsay at Sydney's The Ivy nightclub when she was drinking with former Manchester United footballer Dwight Yorke, a friend of hers.

Apparently she has sold her story to New Idea. By denying Julie's claim has Gordon just ensured the story runs for another day?

Source of story Daily Telegraph.

Previous post on Gordon and his english mistress in a post called Gordon Ramsay Must Wish He Was French.

Make Me A Supermodel - Rhys Has Got A Contract With Lonsdale.

There is life after reality TV for Rhys Uhlich the winner of Make Me A Supermodel as he has now got a contract with Lonsdale.

He is not the only one who has been successful since the end of the show. Shanina Shaik will be soon heading to New York to try her luck there. No news on whether Tom Penfold her now boyfriend, (who I presume has a bitter and twisted ex-girlfriend), will be going with her.

One of my readers said that Tom has been signed to Vivian's, as has another Supermodel talent Hannah McCarthy.

Source of story and photo Daily Telegraph.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Congratulations Wes Carr For Making It To Number 1

Video clip of single "You"

American Idol Season 8 - Will Paula Abdul Have A Breakdown on National TV?

Is Paula Abdul accusing American Idol producers putting her in harms way by allowing her now dead stalker Paula Goodspeed to audition for the show some sort of publicity stunt to get people to watch the new season of Idol? (Previous post on Paula flipping out here.)

With Idol ratings falling in 2008 this could be a strategy to get people interested in the soon to be starting eight season.

This allowed the former producer of Idol Nigel Lythgoe to then come out and defend the show generating more publicity.

Will this supposed conflict bring in the punters? If it doesn't American Idol producers have made other changes to the show.

Reality TV Mag writes about the changes. They include:

  • A fourth judge - Kara DioGuardi a songwriter is now a judge, possibly increasing Paula's paranoia.
  • Fewer audition weeks featuring “fewer bad singers and more ‘aspirational’ singers”;
  • Instead of a Top 24, the show will feature a Top 36 which will eventually be narrowed down to 12.
  • The Wild Card round will return while the charity-based Idol Gives Back isn’t on the schedule for this season.

Fox 8 will be screening American Idol fasttracked from the US from the 14 January 2009.

Anyway you make your own judgement on whether Paula has gone loopy or if it is a publicity stunt by looking at the You Tube clip above.

Mark Spano To Play Support To Chris Isaak's Tour In March 2009

Well Mark Spano must have impressed Chris Isaak when he was mentor on this year's Australian Idol, as he will now be his support act for his upcoming tour in March 2009.

This is some good news for Mark Spano in a week where he is due in court for driving whilst having a suspended license. Yes Mark You Did A Bad Bad Thing.

For those who need to relive Mark's performance of that Chris Isaak classic Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing click on the video above.

Source of story Daily Telegraph.

Kristy Hinze Has Some Serious Bling On Her Finger.

Is Kristy Hinze looking very happy because SMH The Guide critics voting Project Runway Australia the best reality TV show on TV in 2008 or the size of the rock on her finger?

The engagement ring that her billionaire fiancee Jim Clark gave her is huge, but I will leave it up to the three million wedding blogs out there to describe the cut and design of it.

They will be getting married in March in a three day fiesta in Palm Beach Florida.

Kristy Hinze is in Australia this week to shoot the winter campaign for Sportscraft, however she will be back next year to host season two of Project Runway Australia.

Souce of story and picture Daily Telegraph

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Will An Australian TV Channel Fastrack Superstars of Dance From The US?

Superstars Of Dance is the new reality TV show currently being produced by Simon Fuller, and Nigel Lythgoe of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance fame.

Now with those credentials this show could be a cracker. But be warned Micheal Flatley, he of Irish dancing fame, will be host.

The premise of the show is eight countries will compete against each other in a sort of dance Olympics.

Australia is one of the countries competing. Henry Byalikov who was in So You Think You Can Dance, and Dancing With The Stars this year will be competing for Australia.

Jason Gilkison who was one of the stand out choreographers from Season 1 So You Think You Can Dance Australia will lead the team.

The Australian Dance Theatre are going as Nigel Lythgoe is a fan of their choreographer Garry Stewart as is two people from Gilkison's Burn The Floor.

Apparently free to air TV and pay TV are both vying for the series, however I am not sure if a contract has been signed or if part of the agreement is they will fast track the show from the US.

Fox 8 had success with American Idol last year when they played the episode about 10 hours after it had been on in the US. Because it is non ratings period here it would not surprise if the TV stations sat on it. It would be ridiculous if this happened, as all SYTYCD fans will just download it if they have to wait.

Source of story Adelaide Now.

Does Gordon Ramsay Only Like Blondes?

Julie Vidovic has been revealed as the mystery woman who allegedly shagged reality TV chef Gordon Ramsay in Sydney.

Gordon who recently got caught having an on and off mistress of seven years Sarah Symonds would appear to have a penchant for blondes. So all brunettes and redheads who would like a crack at Gordon (and these would be numerous in number) should head to a hair salon.

My theory of his blonde fetish may be confirmed next Friday night when the final episode of this series of Hell's Kitchen airs with blonde Christina going head to head with Petrozza. We will have to see who will take out the title.

Source of story and photo SMH.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Top Ten Reality TV Seasons.

Jarrett Wiesalman wrote an article here in the New York Post on what he thinks is the Top Ten reality TV seasons ever. It is totally US based and he mentions shows like Sorority Life - Season 1 that I have never heard of.

He thinks the best America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 is the best due the wonderful egomanical Jade. That I would have to agree with.

To Australise the list I would add the following:

Australian Idol Season 5 - This season had Bobby Flynn, Dean Geyer, Lisa Mitchell, Jessica Mauboy and Damien Leith.

Big Brother Season 1 - this first season was the best as an audience we didn't know what to expect, and the entertainment was the social experiment of a group of people who did not know each other. So no producer interference except for copious amounts of alcohol and who could forget Sara-Marie's bum dance.

Project Runway Australia Season 1 - This is one series that gives the US version a run for its money. Great judges, great personalities who had talent as well, bring on Season 2.

Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 - Lots of hook ups, plus a nutter called James.

And last the reality TV show that started it all Sylvania Waters.

Which show's season's are your favourites.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Amazing Race - Team Superbad - Can I Buy A Lottery Ticket With You Guys?

The Superbad team have got to be the dumbest but luckiest team in The Amazing Race history.

In a week where the level of idiocy from males on reality TV hit new highs with ice cream scooper Eric giving his immunity necklace away to then be voted out on Survivor, these boys come in come in a close second for the reality TV morons award.

They started the leg without shoes as they left them on the previous leg when they dressed up as a cow, but this was just the beginning of their woes

As Ken (of the Ken and Tina team) said "They are good at the travel [between the clues], but suck at the challenges."

The stumbled and staggered at the detour. They started on the marching detour when one couldn't do the socks, they then flipped to the serving Borchst detour, then back to marching, then back to the borchst.

Then they finally stagger into the pitstop last and it is a non-elimination round. How they made top four and will be in the running for 1 million dollars is a reality TV travesty.

Wes Carr Shows That He His Extremely Media Savvy.

Wes Carr shows that unlike former Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan he is extremely media savvy.

In this interview in the Herald Sun Wes manages the following:
  • To plug his girlfriend Charlotte Gregg's TV show Out Of The Blue, which is tanking.
  • To diplomatically address the issue of the "unpleasant power struggles" that Ben Gillies from Silverchair talked about when discussing their former band Tambalane;
  • To show he has music credibility by refusing to have covers on his upcoming album; and
  • To pitch a mockumentary.

If his music career does not work out he could always go into media training.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reality Ravings Is Currently Undergoing A Revamp

Reality Ravings will undergo a revamp in the New Year.

I would appreciate any feedback on the blog to improve it.

Please forward any suggestions, criticisms, or just what you do or don't like about the blog. Ideas regarding layout would also be appreciated. For example email me links to blogs you do like the style or layout of would help.

My email address is

Ideas For New Reality TV Shows.

Jack Marx, a blogger for, who clearly has to much time on his hands has come with a list of ideas for new reality TV shows.

Some are very amusing I particularly like Imogen My Embarrassment! - pinup girl Imogen Bailey entraps unsuspecting gentlemen with one humiliating prank after another, Almost June Amorosi – singer Vanessa Amorosi has until the end of May to orchestrate an affair between herself and the Deputy Prime Minister; and Boy In The Plastic BublĂ© – much-troubled 80s pop star George O’Dowd spends some quiet time inside an inflatable effigy of popular jazz singer, Michael BublĂ©.

Full list here.

Reality Tidbits

Farmer Wants A Wife Ben Has Now Split From Sydney Nanny Sarah Walton.

Ben the dairy farmer from Jambaroo struck it luck in love on Season 2 of Channel 9's Farmer Wants A Wife. However the fairy tale romance is now over with Sarah Walton moving out of the farm to take up a job in Sydney.

Clearly the early starts on the farm were not what she wanted, and Ben is now looking for a local girl.

The only couple still together a the now engaged Rob and Jo, previous post here.

Full story

Wes Carr Had To Reshoot Video As It Was Deemed To Be Too Dark.
Poor Wes will have a bit less cash from his hit single Yes as he had to reshoot the video to the single as it was thought to be to dark. The shooting of a video costs about $20,000.

It should be on the video shows by this weekend.
Full story on Herald Sun.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Has Paula Abdul Flipped Out?

Has the death of Paula's stalker Paula Goodspeed finally pushed her over the edge? Paula has come out spraying at the American Idol producers.

In an article on the SMH Website Paula Abdul accuses the Fox network and American Idol producers knew Paula Goodspeed had stalked her, and allowed the woman to audition for the show anyway.
In an interview with Barbara Walters Paula revealed her thoughts.

"I said this girl is a stalker of mine and please do not let her in," Abdul said.

"It's fun for them to cause me stress," Abdul said. "This was something that would make good television."

When Walters asked why Abdul remains on a show that put her in peril, Abdul replied: "I'm under contract."

Hollywood Grind which also wrote about the Walter's interview said that Paula also her appearance of being on drugs or alcohol on both Simon and American Idol.

I think Paula is sounding a tad paranoid, next she will be saying Goodspeed didn't kill herself, but the Idol producers were involved.

Only point Paula has is they should not have let Paula Goodspeed on the show as she clearly had a mental illness, and taking the piss out of people who are vulnerable is not good TV.

Rachel Zoe Does Not Look Amazing Here.

The good news is that the fabulous Rachel Zoe show has been renewed by Bravo TV for a second season.
The bad news is that if she thinks that having chest bones sticking out is a good look should she really be classified as one of the worlds best stylists. Rachel above at a fundraiser looks skeletal, but points for having the only real breasts in Hollywood and not botoxing her face.
If you are not watching her reality TV show it is highly recommended. Taylor her assistant is a complete scrag, and Rachel is surprisingly nice. I am still trying to decide if her husband Roger is gay.

America's Next Top Model Judge Nigel Barker's Wife Has Weirdest Baby Bump.

It must be the angle of the camera but this baby lump looks lopsided. Not that it matters now as the baby girl has now been born to Nigel Barker, and his wife Cristen.

They have named her Jasmine and she is a little sister to brother Jack.

Last night on America's Next Top Model Cycle 11, Lauren was eliminated. This cycle is not as good as some of the others due to the blandness of the contestants. Even a tranny couldn't make it interesting.

Lauren a blonde sorority girl was one of the blander ones.
An exit interview with Lauren is here at Buddy TV

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shannon Ponton - Is He About To Be The Biggest Loser?

The Biggest Loser publicists are again working overtime with news Shannan Ponton was abusive to his glamour girlfriend Jamie Wright. Just as they managed to deal with the host's Ajay Rochester's guilty plea to Centrelink charges (previous story here ) now they have this story to hose down.

Shannon and Jamie moved in together after a whirlwind romance but things went sour when she claimed he frequently called her a "pathetic bitch" and "a nobody" and that she feared at times he would become violent.

He denied this. However unlucky for him several ex-girlfriends are now backing up Jamie's claims.

Now most tabloid newspapers would be happy to have one ex to quote, but to get four is amazing. The The Sunday Telegraph here and the ex-girlfriends state that he has a history of emotional abusive behaviour. Now not all of these can be bitter and twisted.

Now what are Channel Ten going to do about these new claims? Could he be taking extra vitamins to maintain his buffed physique that have anger as a side effect?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shanina and Tom A Love Item - Tell Us Something We Did Not Know

The Herald Sun reveals that Shanina Shaik and Tom from Make Me A Supermodel have come out and declared they are in a relationship. This will come as no surprise to fans of the show.

Shanina, who came runner up in the show, and Tom had been trying to keep their attraction to each other on the show a secret, because he had a girlfriend. How they expected to keep it a secret when there were camera's everywhere would reveal that neither of them are that bright.

However Shanina who will be heading to New York next month to pursue an international catwalk career has revealed:

"You could say it's official between us, but it's still new," she said. "Tom and his ex-girlfriend are not together any more. They both decided it was for the best (they split)."
The lovebirds have been holidaying at Phillip Island with Supermodel winner Rhys Uhlich.

Shanina has been signed by Martin Walsh to Chadwicks.

Courtney Chirop who came third has also signed to Chadwicks. If any one knows if Hannah McCarthy or Tom have been signed to an agency please contact me to let me know.
However some good news for Hannah is the night she was eliminated from the show her boyfriend James Campbell asked her to marry him. She of course said yes. Full story at The Daily.

Rhys Bobridge New Single - Hot Summer

Here is the video of Rhys Borbridge's new single Hot Summer. It is pop and reminds me of Janet Jackson's style in the '90's.

Same Same has an interview with Rhys where he says he is working on an album.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Wes Carr Auditioned For Australian Idol Because His Pub Audience Was More Interested In The Football.

Here in the Courier Mail is an article where Wes Carr, the winner of Australia Idol reveals why he auditioned for Idol. Combine 20 in the audience and football on the TV and you have it.

However Defamer has a much more humorous interview with Wes, and asks the questions you really want to know like whether he is dating Ricki-Lee.

The Amazing Race Casting Director Says It Is A Relationship Game Not A Race Around The World.
In an interview on Reality Blurred Lynne Spillman the casting director of The Amazing Race said she casts on the strength of the stories of the relationship and how the race will test them.

“We want to know where they are, how their relationship is going to change on the race. You’ll see happy dating couples, but they’re usually at a crossroads of, you know, moving in together or getting engaged. You’ll see happily married couples but they’re a little bit in a slump or they’re about to retire. They always have a story where the Race is going to change something, and people don’t get that when they apply,” Spillman told me.

Also she will not cast Survivor cast members unless they have a high profile like Rob and Amber.

Luke Dickens To Perform At The Young Cherry Festival.
Australian Idol Runner Up will make it to his home town for the Cherry Festival this weekend.

The Young local paper reveals Idol Luke Dickens makes his triumphant return home, meeting fans from 10am until 11.30am at Joyce Mayne before heading to the Big W car park at 12pm to shear what everyone believes will be his last sheep.
Luke will also be performing on stage with his own backing band and available for photographs and autographs for a gold coin donation to raise money for Sydney Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.

Blayne From Project Runway Reveals What He Is Up To.
Blayne the fluro freak from Project Runway Season Five reveals what he has been up to post Project Runway in this article in the Star Bulletin.

The Rachel Zoe Project Will Be Renewed For A Second Season.
Hooray this is fantastic news. Taylor Rachel's assistance is great reality TV as she is such a bitch.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Amazing Race - Season 13 The Final Five

Is there a romance blossoming on The Amazing Race between Starr and Dallas? It is not the first time there has been on the road flirtations, but nothing as never eventuated. As an aside are these the weirdest name for a couple yet?

They were off to Kazakhstan and what a way to showcase a country by going to a chicken factory. I don't think this will bring an increase in tourism to the country.

There was tension when the contestants were spread across three different flights, but since the chicken factory didn't open until 7.30am, everyone had plenty of time to catch up. The frat boys Dan and Andrew who had been the most unlucky with their flight just made it.

It was Roadblock and they had to search amongst the 30,000 chickens to find the one of six golden eggs.

There was also a fast forward which Nick and Starr and Sara and Terence decided to do. It involved eating sheep bum fat. Both challenges were pretty crappy.

Sara in the taxi to the fast forward said she was not sure they had made the right decision, but Terence thought this was what the race was all about to take risks to win. If they lose the fast forward there was definitely going to be fear and loathing on that team.

The golden egg challenge was easy. But Terence hit a brick wall at the sheep eating challenge as he was a vegetarian. He said he was not going to do it. Now really what did he expect they were going to get served at a restaurant? It is always some sort of stomach churning flesh.

If this is Kazakhstan cuisine no wonder it has not taken off in Sydney.

Sara gave the phrase "If looks could kill a new meaning". He did start eating it, but he was always going to fade.

Terence in the end bailed after seeing Nick and Starr had nearly finish. And a gold star to Starr who just gulped it down beating Nick easily. I know there are people on the race who don't like her but I do. She is the strongest player on this current series.

The detour was play like mad or act like fools.

The play like mad detour was to learn to play two traditional instruments then go to a park and busk until they had earned a certain amount of money. No one did this one.

Act like fools they must dress like a cow and walk through the town to find the milk store and drink a glass of milk.

The frat boys again having bad luck with a driver who did not know where he was going, so it looked like Sara and Terence would make it back into the race.

Nick and Starr made a hat trick of coming in first for the third time in a row.

Toni and Dallas went past the stall and Ken and Tina got there and drank the milk but missed the clue at the bottom of the cup. Then when they did realise they then went and returned the cow costume.

Seriously when are these teams going to learn to read their clues properly. Dan and Andrew have luckily stumbled through this whole series, but made another vital mistake when they took a cab to the pitstop, when it specifically said you had to get their by foot. Even after having to retrace their steps they managed to beat Terence and Sara to the pitstop.

Dan and Andrew should have been eliminated due to them being utter morons, however the other teams must be happy that such a strong team was eliminated tonight.

Here in an interview on Buddy TV Terence and Sarah reveal they were only seven minutes behind, as well as discussing the way they were edited on the show.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rachel Zoe Wonders Why She Has Stomach Pains

On latest episode on The Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel complains of having stomach pains for the past year and goes and has an endoscopy.
However I could have diagnosed it for nothing - they are called hunger pangs.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel Kassandra Suing Over Raunchy Pics

Kassandra Zandt, a contestant on the recently finished Make Me A Supermodel, is consulting lawyers about raunchy photos that have been published in the downmarket men's magazine Zoo.
Where does she expect them to appear? Black and White magazine? Why is she surprised the photos of her posing provocatively in black underwear were published?
A Zoo spokesperson said she had signed a release form. I don't know why she is so upset, she was a former swimsuit pageant girl where exactly did she think her career was heading? I suspect in a few years she would be grateful for a Playboy spread.
Full story here.

The Chopping Block - Morri's Place v Pizza Piazza

It always amazes me when the restaurant owners on The Chopping Block are shocked when their failing business is criticised by food critic Alan Saunders.

You wonder why do they think they have few customers?

Morri's Place in the Melbourne suburb of Armadale serves European comfort food is run by a older couple Morri the chef and Michelle his wife. They don't have as many food issues as Pizza Piazza.

The big issue is presentation at Morri's and with main's in the high 20's you do want it to look a bit better then homecooking. The menu is here.

Pizza Piazza a restaurant in Chapel St, Windsor was a mess. What did Fred the owner actually do? He did not cook, nor did he appear to help front of house. The whole of the menu came out of the freezer. Matt Moran thought the taglitelle seafood pasta "tasted like piss."

The big thing they had going for them were gluten free pizza's. This should be a big draw card. But the critic at first thought it was too soggy. However Matt Moran sorted that out, by advising that it be finished on the stone in the oven. This did mean that they could only serve gluten free pizza's.

Sun the chef there did try, and knew how to cook once he got some decent ingredients, but it was not going to be enough to win the $20,000. Morri took it out, and he seemed more pleased with the win rather then the cash.

what does Fred actually do at his restaurant?

Johnathan Pease From Australia's Next Top Model Is A Creep.

When mothers allow their daughters on reality TV modelling shows, they have to worry about eating disorders, cigarettes and booze. Do they now have to worry about sleazy men who are also on the show?
Johnathan Pease the 'shoot director' on Australia's Next Top Model really needs to start dating someone closer to his own age. Apparently he has been seen getting hot and heavy with Kristy Coulcher who was a model/contestant on this season's Australia's Next Top Model.

She is 20, he has just turned 35. This is so wrong.
Johnathan has a track record with barely out of their teen girls, with him previously dating April Rose Pengilly, and also there was a rumour he took a school girl to a social event.

He makes my skin crawl. Why is it a 16 year old who has sex with a 15 year old can get charged with carnal knowledge, but a grown man who is 14 to 15 years older is able to do whatever with no sanction?
It will be interesting to see who he targets next season or hopefully Sarah Murdoch won't put up with such shenanigans on her watch.
Source of story and photo: Daily Telegraph.

Wes Carr Not A Dud - Australian Idol Producers Let Out A Sigh Of Relief.

Wes Carr has hit the charts with his new single 'You' in the number 3 position. This is a much better start to his post Idol career then last year's winner Natalie Gauci.

Wes has sold nearly 1000 more downloads then the Gauch, but he had the advantage of a tailor written song, rather then the one song must fit all contestants approach of previous years.

Full story on Daily Telegraph.

Also here is an interview with Wes from Who Magazine.

Update: Livenews reckons may not be that great compared to the sale of Guy Sebastian who sold over 120,000 of Angels Brought Me Here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Gordon Ramsay Must Wish He Was A French Chef - As A Mistress Would Then Be De Rigeur.

Famous reality TV chef Gordon Ramsay must wish he had kept his apparently large appendage in his pants after mistress Sarah Symonds sold her story to english tabloid News Of The World.

After denying last week that he did have a dalliance, it has been revealed that Sarah was not his only indiscretion. The Daily Telegraph were in lather when they found a local angle that there is possibly a Sydney women involved. They hopefully put in today's paper the phone number for her to contact the paper to reveal all. If this girl wants to reveal her night with Gordon she will be selling her story.

Unlucky for the Hell's Kitchen chef the country of his birth is very wowserish about infidelity, however if he was French this puritanical frenzy would not be occurring.

The then French President when asked to comment on former John Major's British Cabinet, who at the time were resigning in droves due to sexual indiscretions said "I would be surprised if a Minister of mine did NOT have a mistress."

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rhys Bobridge New Single Out Now

When you are a performer on a dance show do you expect to come out and get a record contract?

Well you do if you are Rhys Bobridge the runner up of the inaugural season of So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

Rhys who signed with Warners Music has released his new single Hot Summer this weekend. It will be a tune we will be hearing a lot of as Channel Ten has bought the rights to use it promote their summer line up.

He will release an album next year. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Source of story and photo Sunday Telegraph.

Ladette To Lady - It Looked Like The Producers Got It Right.

When Australia buys the rights to an overseas reality TV show you wonder sometimes if we can get the casting right or if we will have enough 'talent' in that specific area.

However there was never any doubt that there would be enough slappers in Oz to ensure a season of Ladette To Lady.

The show based on the english original is about turning slappers or skanks into ladies. The ladettes usually have issues with alcohol, boys or have a potty mouth or all of the above.

Anyway the Ladettes from Australia apparently caused a ruckus on the flight from Australia to Newcastle, England and wouldn't Channel 9 be loving the publicity they are generating. Or they planted the story themselves.

The story in the SMH says:

"They[the ladettes] were loud and obnoxious, shrieking and cackling in everybody's faces. They were skipping up and down the aisles. One elderly lady was so upset by their behaviour, she burst into tears."

The girls are now at Eggleston Hall being turned into ladies. The show will air in 2009.

Full story and source of photo here.

Ricki-Lee Coulter Romancing Mark Spano -I Know She Was Meant To Mentor the Idol Contestants This Year But This Is Ridiculous.

Thank god Rick-Lee separated from her husband this year otherwise there would be nothing to gossip about. Ok well maybe Gordon Ramsay.

First it was rumoured she was having a dalliance with Australian Idol contestant Teale Jakubenko (see previous post here ) , however he must have just been providing a decoy.

It is now rumoured she is having a romance with another Australian Idol hottie Mark Spano.

Ros Reines in her gossip column in the Sunday Telegraph reveals:

The couple's relationship came into focus after Coulter split from her husband and then Spano broke up with his latest girlfriend, a make-up artist.
However, after the split he talked about how the love of a good woman had changed him.
Both have denied that anything was going on and, if Coulter didn't blush so deeply when she was asked, it would almost be believable.

Source of story and photo: Sunday Telegraph.
UPDATE: Apparently Ricki-Lee has put out a denial - story on

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gordon Ramsey Got His Fingers Burnt - But NOT In The Kitchen

Gordon Ramsey must be feeling like those contestants on his show Hell's Kitchen after he has given them a bollocking - totally humiliated.

It has been revealed everywhere that he has been having a seven year affair with Sarah Symonds, a professional mistress.

Details of their tryst have been revealed in that quality rag They kindly told us that Gordon likes to dabble in amyl nitrate.

Now a few questions were raised in my mine about the article. How in the hell does he find the time to have an affair, and how do you drink two bottles of wine in 75 minutes?

Anyway Tania his wife is standing by him at this point. And I presume Ramsay is trying to hunt down the person who leaked the story to the tabloids. I wouldn't want to be that person once he finds out who it is as they will be totally roasted.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Did Shanina's Cheating Cost Her The Supermodel Title?

Shanina Shaik must have been wondering last night whether the cheating scandal, where she bribed Tom with sexual favours to help her with a challenge cost her the title of the show Make Me A Supermodel.

Shanina looked suitably shocked and upset when Rhys name was called out as the winner.

Yes he was the nicest but was he the most deserving winner? The teeny boppers that vote in this show may have not liked that Shanina as she was also the third party in a love triangle.

More savvier (ok I mean older viewers) would realise the angst that Tom was showing over cheating on his teenage girlfriend was just the usual puppy love hiccups that occurs, NOT some huge betrayal of her.

I know it would have felt like that for him and her, but looking back they will wonder what the drama was all about. It would appear they have broken up by now by what he was saying on the TV.

Shanina will take heart from the fact that Demelza Reveley, winner of this year's Australia's Next Top Model, who was protagonist in a bullying scandal has gone on to continue her modelling career.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reality Raver Is Away For Ten Days - So Posts Will Be Sporadic.

I know in the week of Australian Idol final - I cannot believe it myself.

There will still be some posts - however timely recaps probably won't occur.

So if you need a reality fix read the archives.

Which One Is The Real Rachel Zoe?

The size zero on the left. Harpers Bazaar in a feature of uber stylist Rachel Zoe photoshopped her up to a size 8 and apparently Rachel was happy with the result.
The Harpers Bazaar interview covers a lot of topics with Rachel Zoe, and she even makes a joke about that asparagus incident.
I have been watching The Rachel Zoe Project and loving it. Rachel is likeable, the same cannot be said for her assitant Taylor.

The Biggest Loser - Will Ajay Rochester Go To Jail?

Clearly Ajay Rochester did not hire Todd McKenney's barrister, as yesterday Ajay Rochester, the host of The Biggest Loser pleaded guilty to defrauding Centrelink on 23 occasions.
She apparently took the payments between December 2001 and December 2005 when she knew she shouldn't have.
Rochester will be sentenced on January 13 next year. She did not appear in court yesterday.

The Biggest Loser is currently in production. This should mean Ajay will maintain the hosting duties for this year. We will have to see if Channel Ten will make any comment on these new developments.
Source of story and photo Daily Telegraph.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top Chef - Has Anthony Bourdain's Brain Been Addled By Years Of Drug Use.

An article from blogger Amuse-biatch (this is the best blog name I have seen in at least six months) states that Anthony Bourdain does not think the gorgeous Padam Lakshmi is the sharpest tool in the shed.

The Miami Herald News said:
"...Bourdain said he was a huge fan of host and fellow chef Tom Colicchio but snubbed co-host...Padma Lakshmi. Jabbing at the beauty’s intelligence, he said she wouldn’t be his first choice for Barack Obama’s cabinet...[sic]or to host a show."

Gee Anthony comparing her to other female reality TV hosts she looks like she is a member of mensa.

In other Top Chef news last night on Top Chef Season 4, Nikki was eliminated after the horrendous 24 hour catering for a wedding challenge. The only person who was excited by the challenge was Andrew who said he had a "culinary boner".

Here on Yum Sugar is an interview with Nikki talking about her time on the show and what her future plans are.

For the menu and review of her restaurant 24 Prince click here.