Sunday, April 27, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - And the winner is.....

We were now at the pointy, pointy end of the competition, well no judge said that but you knew one of them wanted to.

We then had the eagerly awaited opening number number with the all the top 20 dancers, with also the judges and choreographers.

It was high energy with Bonnie still showing she was flexible with a good high kick, however she then botched it after that with one the steps with Jason Gilkison.

Kelley Abbey, Matt Lee, and Jason Coleman had their moment in the sun together doing some jazz hip hop type moves. They were good, but top points would go to Kelley.

Natalie Bassingthwaite shimmied out and I felt like a proud parent watching a child graduating from school. We have seen her struggle with the basics but she seems to have come out the other side unscathed and much improved. She looked the best we have seen her all blinged up, and I never thought sequins and feathers went together but her dress just screamed party. Also props to her for not falling flat on her face while wearing 10 inch heels.

After a review of the auditions process we then had Dein Perry and his tap dogs. The routine started like a duelling banjos routine. It was tapping and drums - my only complaint is on the stage show didn’t they take their shirts off?? They were then joined on stage by some young tap dancing boys (tap pups which included Dein‘s son). It was cute but have seen tapdogs do better.

Then after a recap of top 100 week, there was a futuristic space routine with Khaley and other top 100 dancers. It was fun and boppy, but camera man was going all over the place. Personally I thought Khaley was the better B boy then JD. Simon and Shannon from Project Moda were the choreographers and it was a very good routine.

Next was a musical number with the kids from the stage show Billy Elliot. After the routine one of the pre-pubescent boys took the opportunity of being up close to Natalie and had a good long looks at her legs.

Then it was time for the top ten to dancce to a “I got rhythm” remix choreographed by Jet and Nacho Pop. It was a mix of tap, hip hop, and jazz. Then they announced the top ten tour in arenas around Australia.

Then the top four dance to a high energy Kelly Abbey routine where they all got to do mini solos throughout. Then Natalie announced the three that were moving forward, which resulted in Demi being eliminated. She came in fourth and she should be proud considering she had not formal dance training. Natalie started getting weepy, but luckily she could throw to the Demi montage.

Jason had tears in his eyes as he gave her some glowing praise. Bonnie then did the cheesy thing and asked Demi to sign to her deaf sister “I am Demi, and I am a B girl and a great dancer.” It did not really work.

It was time for the supposed favourite routines from the top 20. But it was more about ensuring that most of the dancers got to have another dance on stage.

First up were Stephanie and Marko’s jive from top 20 week choreographed by Jason Gilkison they were dressed as punks. I wouldn’t have put it in my top routine, but it was better this time around.

Then it was Camilla and Seramsah dancing their martial arts routine choreographed by Project Moda. They must have been thrilled dancing together again after their mutual bagging each other out after they were eliminated from the show.

Laura and Anthony were next with the Aleeta Blackburn disco number. On second viewing it raised the question on how did Laura make it into the top 20 her dancing technique was very ordinary. This was worse then the first time around.

Rhys and Jemma next up danced the Viennese waltz to a Celine Dion number another Jason Gilkison routine.

Then we had to sit through JD’s and Rhiannon’s infamous tango which they botched badly the first time around. Rhiannon sauced it up but it did not really showcase JD. For those who care it was a Fabios Robles routine.

Kate and Hilton dancing the Fox trot another Jason Gilkison number. Is this guy getting paid copyright for his routines tonight?

Then it was Kassie and Graeme’s turn to dance their Sarah Boulter routine. It was a very nice contemporary routine. I will give one thing to Graeme he does know how to do lifts - I hope Jack is taking notes.

Then Henry and Vanessa danced their African Samba which was very very good.

I note that out of the three squillon hip hop routines we were made to sit through this series not one made it into the highlight routines tonight. No Nacho Pop routines I wonder freaking why? Have they finally realised how underwhelming they were? Oh do I need to tell you the Samba was a Jason Gilkison routine.

Are they trying to suck up to Jason G to ensure he comes back next year to choreograph on the shows?

Damien Leith next sang a cover of a Mad Mad World, just as I was getting a bit bored, Caleb the 15 year old who was not allowed audition because he was underage came out to dance. And wow what number can I dial so he can win. Just think Danny Tidwell but rawer. Natalie then announced a $10,000 scholarship with a 2 week workshop at the Sydney Dance Company.

Then it was time for another elimination - it was time for Kate to go. She was not shocked.

In her goodbye speech Kate said “ Thanks to my Idol since I have been ten years old Kelly Abbey.” Camera pans to Kelley not looking to happy with that comment considering Kate is 29.

Next was Leona Lewis singing her hit song, she must have flown from LA as soon as she finished appearing on American Idol last week.

They then brought out Rhys and Jack, and then did their two montages prior to announcing the winner. Which was a good idea as last year in the US version you did not see Danny’s or Sabra’s, as they just announced the winner and that was it.

I keep on forgetting Rhys had to go through the choreography round to get to the top 100, and now he was top two.

Jack and Rhys then danced together in a fun and bouncy routine by none other then Jason Gilkison.

Then it was time to announce the winner …..

Ok drum roll and the winner is Jack Chambers - no surprise there. I was so disappointed for Rhys. But in the routines seen tonight Jack was the better dancer out of the two.

But to help us overcome any disappointment Natalie announced the show would be back next year.


dinorawr said...

I've got to disagree, I thought Rhys was the better dancer tonight, especially in that Kelley Abbey top four routine, but it's all over now!

Did you see the ads during the show for the tour? Looks like, in Melbourne at least, it will be at Rod Laver Arena. Seems strange, to me -- I imagine it would be very difficult to see the dancing.

soobee said...

I cannot WAIT to see these. Did you all vote that night or beforehand (which I'm guessing)? Anyway, it would have been a HUGE shock if Jack didn't win, and I hope to see in the states (since one of the prizes was a trip to NYC, I believe). Thanks, RR, for all of the recaps this season. I'll try to post a few brief ones (like I do with American Idol) on the SYTYCD website once the season begins (next month!!!).

Reality Raver said...

No I didn't see the ad's for the tour I fast forward through the ads.

In Sydney they are playing at the Entertainment Centre in an Arena style show. Tickets are not cheap.

Apparently they will dancing the favourite routines of the series. If these are similar to the ones they were showcasing last night. Count me out.

Soobee lucky you to be now able to watch the US version. Unfortunately it will be months before it will be on screen here in OZ. Once it starts here I will go onto SYTYCD site to read your recaps.

soobee said...

I have to say, as much as I love SYTYCD (and I think it's obvious!!!), I found the tour very disappointing. It cost me $US 65, for really bad seats (floor, back of auditorium). Every routine was one you had seen on the program, including solos. So I'd rather rewind my DVR, personally.

As far as S4, I promise to report as soon as the show airs, though others might have more comprehensive reviews! :) I think the auditions week begins around May 26th, though maybe the week before. It runs right after American Idol ends. (Makes sense, since Nigel runs AI and judges on SYTYCD.) Busy guy. :)