Friday, May 30, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Project Runway Australia - To Air In July - Is it going to Take on the Olympics?
Traditionally TV stations have pulled any tv show that has looked like having above average ratings during the Olympics, however it looks like there will be something to watch other then the 100 metres butterfly, and the hammer throw.

Arena will start showing Project Runway Australia in July so therefore it will definitely run into the Olympics.

Filming is continuing with a bit of relax time at a sponsored L'Oreal related function where the only straight guy in the village, oops meant show, Brent Zaicek a designer from Sydney, said filming has been so hectic he has only been able to speak to his 13 year old son once since moving to Melbourne.

Zaicek is the only self taught designer in the house. Full story here.

Caridee winner of Next Top Model Apparently Attempted Suicide

It has been reported Caridee has attempted suicide after the breakup of her boyfriend. She was found sitting on the loo saying she had taken 10 pills she had for anxiety and depression. She has had a full recovery. Full story Here.

Ricky-Lee Coulter proves there is life after Young Divas.
And the winner of the Ricky Lee and Kate D'Arruago feud is Ricky-Lee. Ricky-Lee's career continues to improve since quitting the Young Divas last year. She will now have a presenting role on this years Australian Idol with James Mathison, and Andrew G. Apparently she will have a support, mentoring, interview role backstage.

This is one of the changes the producers have made to the format to try and increase ratings from last year. The others has been sacking the judge Mark Holden, and auditioning in London.
Link to story here.

Leiden joins other former reality tv stars on the Dole Queue.
Leiden Kronemburger reveals in post elimination interviews that she has not had a job in 12 months! This is quite incredible considering we are nearly at what is termed as "full employment" also I thought there were a shortage of retail workers.

Leiden who did not endear herself to the judges last episode due to the lack of effort she showed in a couple of tasks, will continue to look for work. Maybe motivation is the issue rather then lack of skills. Full story here.

If she had had a better attitude she could have taken out this season title.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Charlotte Dawson Allegedly In A Reality TV Sex Tape

Charlotte Dawson may have managed to combine two of my favourite things, reality tv, and sex tapes (please note dear reader, I never managed to see any sex tapes not even Paris Hilton's but I like these revelations as they always amuse me.)

It has been revealed that Charlotte Dawson judge on Australia's Next Top Model may have been in a sex tape a few years back on a New Zealand reality tv show The Player.

Charlotte who at times has mentored the model's on the show is using the much used "I cannot recall excuse."

A few years ago when Charlotte's career here tanked, this coincided with the breakdown of her marriage to Scott Miller (now on drug charges), she scuttled back to her homeland New Zealand.

This is when the sex tape supposedly occurred.

The New Zealand Herald reports:
Now based in Australia, Dawson told the Herald on Sunday she was so drunk the night the so-called sex tape was filmed that she didn't remember what happened.

"It's always been this urban myth of what happened in this apartment," she said.

"I remember being there, I remember being drunk."

Dawson, who was wearing thigh-high patent leather boots on the night in question, said she remembered being on one contestant's shoulders while pointing a knife at the camera and saying "**** you Julie Christie".

"I'm not proud of that night, I'm not proud of that time in my life. It was one out-of-control night."

Dawson denied she and the other woman had sex with the two contestants at the apartment but two sources told the Herald on Sunday that the tape did exist.

Dawson had been at Auckland's Boogie Wonderland club with a group of friends, including Nicky Watson and her ex-boyfriend Matthew Ridge and some of the male contestants. Dawson, a friend and two of the contestants went back to the City Life apartment, where multiple cameras recorded the footage.

Christie said in her email that the group would have known the cameras were there. Dawson said Christie has held the existence of the tape over her.

"I will not be bullied about something that happened four or five years ago. My career is going well and I don't want someone like Julie... trying to ruin my life. I don't deserve it so I will fight back."

Hilarious - if they can get an excerpt Charlotte could give the girls a lesson on what not to do on reality tv.... also may liven up the series a bit.

It makes the faux lesbian kiss between Leiden and one of the other girls look positively lame.

Full story here.

Project Runway Australia Updates

Kelly Rowland to Be a Guest on Project Runway.

Project Runway Australia have scored some international credibility with Kelly Rowlands, former Destiny Child's singer, to have a guest spot on the program.

She will be asking the designers to design an outfit for her, I assume that means she will be on the judging panel for this episode.

Now if we can only get Tim Gunn out here...

Link to story here.

The Claws were out between Jayson Brundson and Peter Morrissey on set on Project Runway.

Jayson Brundson who used to work for Peter Morrissey as his creative director had beaten Peter Morrissey to the permanent judging spot (the equivalent of Michael Kors) on Project Runway Australia.

However Peter was given a guest spot position and apparently it was very cool on set between the two of them.

I suspect it was Morrissey seething with jealousy at Jayson Brundson's success since leaving him. Jayson has turned into one of Australia's most prominent designers with international success with dressing Princess Mary, and gaining a coveted window position in New York's Henri Bendel's.

Also he was on an episode of popular reality tv series Runway to LA which starred Charlotte Dawson and Jordan Loukas.

It must be hard for Peter to see his protege out do him in all facets of his career.

Link to article here.

For the Project Runway obsessives only....

Filming of Project Runway was in Melbournes' Rathdownne Fabric and Remnants earlier this week. Blogger Pins and Thimbles was there, and said they were filming the third episode. Apparently to be seen in July.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Jodhi Meares Forced To Face Fears For Finale of Aust Next Top Model.

Jodhi who was acknowledged to have choked at last years live finale of Australia's Next Top Model will now have to do it all over again. At the time Jodhi had said she would never do live TV again. Well clearly her bosses at Fox 8 had a different view.

This years live finale is to be bigger and better then last year. It will be in Luna Park with 2000 VIP guests.

The problem with Jodhi and live tv is that she very rarely adlibs and never goes off script which does not make good live TV.

Full story here.

American Idol Season 8 Viewers Give Their Ideas On How to Improve Idol.
Now it is time for the wash up of Idol after the fabulous finale where David Cook overcame the wholesome Archuleta. This year again there was a fall in ratings, however it does still make it the highest rating show on US TV.

Viewers have posted there opinions on how to improve the show for next season. Dicko would love one suggestion as one punter said they should give the judges of America's Next Big Rock Band a go at the judging table.

However a very interesting and provocative suggestion is as follows:
My big recommendation is one that Idol will never take: Get rid of the phone-in votes and instead base the eliminations on overnight iTunes sales. Since Idol is supposed to be a talent competition to determine who has what it takes to be crowned a genuine pop star, this method would actually and legitimately prove which contestants have the ability to move some product.

This could have a completely different spin on the competition however the winner would be itunes as currently in the US you don't have to pay to vote, but obviously would to download the song.

Full article here maybe Australian Idol may want to take up a few of the suggestions.

David Cook and Lacey fling appears to have petered out.
David Cook is doing what all good rock stars do, and makes sure he is taking the opportunity in partaking in the numerous women that are flinging themselves at him. Lacey Schwimmer from SYTYCD appears to be off the menu, but his predilection for reality tv chicks appears to continue with him confirming he has been on a date with American Idol Season 2 contestant Kimberley Caldwell.

Jordan Loukas inspired by Jodhi Meares.
Jordan Loukas who won fan favourite in last season Australia's Next Top Model has decided to take inspiration from the shows host Jodhi Meares and start a swimsuit label.

Jordan who has had mixed success since the show clearly has decided a different career direction is needed. Her and another ANTM graduate Simmone Duckmanton will start their own swimwear label. The girls are apparently designing the pieces themselves, but now word if they have any financial backing or if it is just them. Good luck.

Full story here.

Australia's Next Top Model - Has Demelza been resurrected?

Has Demelza gone from being the wicked witch of the west to Glinda the Good Witch in a matter of two episodes?

Two weeks ago Demelza was the leading girl in the bitchketeers in bullying Alamela. But now Alamela has been eliminated has Demelza now being edited in a different light. Is it possible she may even win the competition. Leiden and Jamie who were punted both said they hoped would take the title.

To be fair the competition is not for Australian Best Samaritan.

One person who is going to wake up in a few years or months time and realise she blew it will be Leiden. Leiden who was abominable last night in attitude at the dance lessons (are there so few choreographers in this country that the SYTYCD ones are now on ANTM?) which culminated in a catwalk sulk at the Cargo Bar.

She deserved to be eliminated. However if she had given 100% I suspect she could have nearly taken the title.

Hello Leiden who is the hottest model at the moment? Agnes Deyn. Leiden has a similar vibe, and she did take good photos. Especially as there is no standout contestants with the ones that are left. Favourites at this point must be Caris and Demelza.

However last night was meant to be the episode of the trout pout. The media were fed the line about how disgusted they were Alex putting collagen in her lips. The judges including Charlotte "Ms Botox" Dawson and Jodhi "Real boobs" Meares said that she should not have done it as she was so young and she could not move her lips properly. Every other fashionista tsk tsk about it as well. The reality is if Alex did not have the trout pout she would not have made it into the final thirteen.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Australia Next Top Model - Episode 5

Definition of irony Jodhi Meares at the beginning of the Australia's Next Top Model episode saying that neither Fox 8 nor ANTM condones the bullying that was seen on the TV last week by the bitchkerteers to Alamela. The fast forward to end of episode and Alamela was eliminated. So who really was the winner out of the bullying episode. Three bullies still in and the victim eliminated. Hmmm.

Were they worried they would get another bout of outraged viewers ringing in. Now Alamela was never going to win, however I don't think she was the worst left. Alamela was never going to be great selling tampons (by the way loved the beaver) it was just not her look. But really was she the worse in the ad? Demelza talked through gritted teeth, Rebecca was pretty ordinary, and whoever did the make up on Caris for the ad needs to be sacked now, all I could look at were her lips.

Anyway it seems the girls have moved onto a new victim - Sam. Demelza can kiss any hope of being voted Australia's favourite model.

PS How dumb are most of them? Scary is this what late teens are like now?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Big Brother Evictee Rebecca Morgan Bags Out The Communal Bed.
Rebecca who voted herself out of BB yesterday clearly didn't want anyone spooning her in the house, as she intensely disliked the communal bed. She said the lack of personal space really got to her.

However she did say that the handling of Travis's shingles has been done well.

Full article here.

Big Brother new format is also struggling for ratings, with last weeks budget out rating it. Well that is probably a positive thing. With Corey Worthington having now left the house, the producers will probably try and get some liquor into the house to try and liven it up.

In A Shock Move Guy Sebastian and new wife Julie decide to party the night away on the wedding day.

Guy Sebastian, who was once Australia's most famous virgin, apparently partied the night away rather then doing what most people expected by consummating the marriage. I suspect they realised that they have the rest of their lives to do that, and if you are going to pay good money for a party why not enjoy it.

By the way loved the wedding dress.

Link to article here.

The good news is The Chopping Block is Back.

Channel 9 have commissioned another series of the seriously underrated, entertaining show The Chopping Block. However one thing will be missing Catriona Rowntree. They are not going to have a host. Not a bad idea as she did not add anything to the program. Hopefully Matthew Moran, and the critic have re-signed. But how will the critic be able to disguise himself for series two?

Full article here.

Project Runway Australia is proving to be tiring already.

In an article here it says the first days shoot for Project Runway Australia went for 20 hours, and one contestant needed medical attention due to an intense migraine.

However good reports are coming out about the show's host Kristy Hinzes.

There looks like there is going to be one interesting contestant on Project Runway with Helen Manuell a Melbourne designer who is not afraid to give full and frank opinions. As we all know a reality tv is only as good as its talent.

For her views on Pamela Anderson and Naomi Robson click here.

Other contestants revealed are Leigh Buchanan, a designer from Eastern Pearson, Juli Grbac, and Mark Antonio will be flying the flag for Queensland. Article from the Courier Mail here.

American Idol Contestant Apparently Likes to Bite.
The Jeff Pulver Blog reveals some negatives and positives about Michael Johns who previously was known as Mike Lee. The blogger who first met the singer in 2000 thinks that his band EP was one of the best he has ever heard from an indie band. The negative Michael was pissed and bit someone really hard.

Hopefully the positives will outweigh the negatives.

Woman's Day have a nice little puff piece/interview with Michael Johns from when he was out here the other week. He talks about how is wife is his idol.

Crikey Bucket New Ltd for Taking It Easy on Australia's Next Top Model.

In today Glen Dyer was critical that News Limted ie the tabloid press were taking it easy on the bullying that has been portrayed on Australia's Next Top Model.

Please note there is a spoiler in the attached article.

A model outrage. When will the News Ltd tabloids really investigate what is going on at the Foxtel program, Australia's Next Top Model ? I know it’s a related program: News Ltd owns 25% of Foxtel, and they are loath to do any sort of real investigation of anything to do with the Murdoch family. So when last week's publicity about bullying on Australia's Next Top Model became known, the story got a small News Ltd mention. But if it had been on another network or high profile program or presenter, or in the education system, then the tabloids would have been all across the story, screaming for blood. But because it's a Foxtel program, it’s a protected species. Even Seven's Today Tonight ran a clip that highlighted the bullying. But News Ltd tabloids didn't call for anyone to be sacked or for the ringleader to be evicted. Why not!? But is there a more intriguing story? I'm told there’s an ironic twist to the program that will emerge. It involves the winner, or the person said to be the winner. The person said to be the winner of the program was involved in the bullying... Let's hope there's a change of mind and there's now a strategic eviction, in the interests of showing everyone that you can't win through bullying and harassment. Just imagine if this had occurred on Big Brother last night: it would be all over the News Ltd tabloids, which would be in full howl!

It is interesting that Crikey is taking some umbrage at this, as it is nothing new for tv stations to have sweetheart deals with magazines in the same media stable. Woman's Day and Channel 9, and New Idea and Channel 7 are two such examples. There will be not criticism of by the weeklys but just puff pieces.

News Limited have ensured maximum publicity of the show, and wrote about the Top Model three days in a row, trying to maximise the bullying coverage.

Project Runway - Episode 8 - Season 4

Why does Project Runway work so well? Is it the witty, bright and talented contestants, that you laugh with and hope they do well? Is it the interesting challenges, the debonair and sardonic Tim Gunn? Or the judges who are all able to give out good one liners.

Project Runway is like a great cocktail, all the right ingredients mixed right for a good hit.

This weeks challenge was related to the model’s hair. They had to create an avant garde look that goes with an outlandish hair style. The designer is able to be as creative as you want. Chris, the costume designer was very excited as this was way up his alley.

Tim Gunn comes in to add the details to the challenge. The look does not have to be practical or wearable, however they would have to work in teams of two which were determined by a draw.

The teams were:
Kit and Ricky
Sweet P and Rami
Chris and Christian
Victorya and Gillian

Budget $300, and they must pick which model’s hair is going to inspire the collection. A team leader must be chosen and they had two days to complete.

Christian was team leader, as was Kit, Rami and Jillian. There was not a lot of enthusiasm to be the team leaders know that previously their neck’s have been on the line.

Rami is frustrated with Sweet P making the pants, and tensions were starting to arise, which persist throughout the two days. Rami does not manage well and just got pissy and hence upsetting Sweet P, as well as making her tense.

Tim Gunn came in a sprung a surprise - There will be another look walking down the runway tomorrow. Each person must now must have a ready to wear look that is inspired by the avant garde. $50 to spend and they get another extra 1 hour.

Rami and Sweet P were really starting to fracture, resulting in tears and “my arse in on the line,” “No my arse is on the line.” Tit for tat.

Jillian and Victorya were again having time problems and Jillian realised that as Victorya had immunity from last week, that if they were at the bottom she was automatically eliminated. Jillian and Victorya had not even started the second dress by the end of the second day.

Tim Gunn comes in with 6 hours to go - Nathaniel Hawkins the head of the Tresemme salon and announced the winning team looks and models will be featured in a Tresemme ad for Elle magazine.

Kit and Ricky’s dress looked like Little Bo Pee, and the little dress they did as their ready to wear look was like a something you would see in a downmarket chain store.

The judges were Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Alberta Ferretti, and the indomitable Heidi Klum.
Rami and Sweet P’s avant guard looked mis matched with a Grecian looking dress over tailored pants in completely different colours.

It was no surprise Rami and Sweet P, and Ricky and Kit had the lowest scores.

Christian and Chris, and Jillian and Victorya had the highest scores.

Christian and Chris dress was this over the top ruffled dress, and the ready to wear look was much more conservative. Personally I thought it was too different.
The judges were blown away by the dress but mixed about the ready to wear.
MK said “Beautifully crafted,” but the ready to wear was “shirt great but skirt a bit of a throwaway.”

All the designer’s loved Jillian and Victorya’s. It was jodhpur type pants, a intricate shirt, and an amazing black coat with tartan lining. Also considering Jillian had quickly sewn the ready to wear dress which was black with bits of tartan, I thought both looks were sensational.
Michael Kors said he could see women really wanting to wear these designs, and I concur.
Rami and Sweet P were always going to be in trouble.

Alberta Ferreti made Sweet P feel validated by saying she “Loved Sweet P dress”.
Michael Kors also thought Sweet P dress more avant guard then the supposeded avant garde designed.

Kit and Ricky designs quite rightly got hammered it was something out of a fairy tale. Neither was wearable nor well made.
Alberta Ferretti said “It was a little Scarlett O’Hara in a cheap way”
Heidi Klum said “ Doesn’t look well made.”
All the judges agreed “Everything looked amateur.”

Christian and Chris team won and Christian gained immunity as he was team leader.

It was down to Rami and Kit, and Kit was eliminated.

Why is Ricky like the cat with nine lives and still around? Everything he has done has been crap. He does not even have a personality to engage you. Better designers have been eliminated but him and tears and cheap badly made clothes continue to limp through week after week.

My Kid is A Star - TJ won

I just rang Channel 9 to find out who won - I was put through to about 3 different people to find out so clearly not a popular TV show within the actual network itself.

However TJ won she was Christina's child. The cute one, who was competing against Claudia. I can see Christina being like Dina Lohan in a few years, as she was pretty strict on TJ on the show.

Hopefully she will put the $50,000 in trust for TJ.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Help - My Kid Is A Star - Who Won????

I cannot freaking believe it I have sat through every episode of this thoroughly crap show and I forgot to tape the finale.

I only realised when I walked past a shop just after midday and it was on their tv's. Needless to say I was not go to stand there and watch it as that would have looked too tragic.

So who won? Hopefully Tom as him and his mother were the only likeable team on the series.

I don't think we will be seeing this show on our screens again. However to be fair I don't think it was the format's fault I think it was Channel 9 and the producers.

  • This is what they did wrong:
    $50,000 prize money, basically said to the viewing public that this was all the producers thought it was worth.
  • Tacky mansion, and limo's just highlighted cheapness of the show.
  • Cameron Daddo was non descript, and hosting without shaving and in tshirts showed his heart was not into the concept.
  • Talent of judges - Danny Bonaduce was good, however he was flown out for 2 days to film, Marki Costello was ok in the beginning but became far to screechy in the end, probably from hysteria of what she has gotten herself into. Max Markson started out enthusiastically but seemed to fade in each episode. The highlight was Harry M Miller smirking when he has to judge the children.
  • Talent of children and likeability of parents - None of these kids were truly talented, and I will be surprised if we see any of them again. The parents which was what the show was really about were unlikeable, except for Mara, Tom's mum, who was not deluded about her son's talent.
  • The editing even before the dropped it to half an hour episodes was appalling. You never got to know any of the contestants, therefore you felt no emotional attachment to them (to me this is key in reality tv). You only saw snippets of them performing so it was difficult to decide what they could actually do.

This show could work, with better prizes to attract higher quality talent. A more charismatic host and judges why did they need to drag 75% from overseas to be on it, Cameron Daddo has no profile here anymore especially in the under 30 market.
Edit so we see what the kids can do, and if you need to make money to improve production values, let the tv viewers decide who is going to be eliminated.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Brother - An inhouse romance starting to simmer.

Ok so we are about 3 weeks into Big Brother, and we are starting to get to know the housemates and have settled in for the long haul.

But now we are ready for some inhouse romance, and it appears that one is starting to simmer.

Renee who has been spooning with Rory a few times has now switched her affections to Nathan, and it appears he may be interested.

She has told the housemates she thinks Nathan is hot, and he has now offered her a backrub, which in BB terms is the equivalent of going steady. Article that talks about romance here

However blogger Aussielicious would advocate Renee would have been better sticking with Rory due to showing he has the goods when it comes to the all important shower scenes.

American Idol Final - The Two Davids - Who is David and who is Goliath?

The inevitable American Idol final has occurred - the two Davids. Now which one is going to go into the final as the underdog?

I think little David Archuleta will be going into the final as the David who will have to slay the Goliath (David Cook).

David A gets to sing second after winning the toss of the coin - apparently his father Jeff Archuleta told him from the audience after he won the toss to sing second. Also EW reports that Jeff Archuleta was the only person barring the judges table that did not stand for Syesha Mercado's last song. How did this guy raised such a sweet kid - clearly the mother did it.

Am I the only person who liked Fantasia's performance - yes it was out there, but so entertaining. For once a performer with personality.

Here is a good interview with David Cook, who talks about how he auditioned for Idol, and how he made his song choices.

Also with the fall in ratings this season (but lets not forget it is still America's highest rating show) will the producers twig with the formula next year? EW here has some interesting ideas on how to improve Idol. Some ideas will be ones that have already most people would have thought about, including getting rid of the weekly ritual humiliation of the group song.

Sporadic Blogging for the Next Week or So

Due to other commitments for the next 10 days, blogging will be sporadic.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol - Final 3

With David Archuleta’s dad banned from backstage and rehearsals will the favourite start to choke or will he blossom without being dominated?

Will Syesha Mercardo be a dark horse for the competition as she is truly peaking at the right time?

Will David Cook after a mediocre week for him last week put his own spin on some songs tonight to ensure he makes the final?

Tonight there are three songs, on the judges picked, one the producers picked, and one they got to pick themselves.

Round 1 - Judges Choice

David Archuleta judges song was Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes” chosen by Paula Abdul. On hearing what the song was he said “Oh God Paula is on the sauce again, because this song is shite. I am only 17 for christsakes” Well that is what I wished he said. It sounded like a national anthem, and about as riveting. But clearly I am about the only one not getting Archuleta as there was squeals and cheers throughout.

Randy said “You can sing anything. Your in it to win it.”
Paula said “It was a pure and stunning performance.”
Simon said “It was very good, no surprises, bit predictable. It was good, I don’t think it was outstanding.”

Syesha Mercardo’s song was chosen by Randy Jackson. It was the Alicia Keys song “If I’ve Got

She was happy with it, as she is a big fan as Alicia.

She had the diva hair, the diva dress and the diva song. She looked supremely confident on stage, and she sang it very well. God can she really get to top two?

Randy said “Amazing job. I am so happy you are peaking at the right time in the competition.”
Paula said “Look absolutely stunning.”
Simon said “You sang it very well. I wish Randy had picked something for you that you weren’t going to sound like the original…. You look gorgeous by the way.”

David Cook’s judges choice “First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack. Simon picked it because it is a great song and different. It gives David an opportunity to do something different with it.

Some blonde woman who I hope was his mother stood up the whole song and looked adoringly at him. Phew it was his mother.

He was amazing, and Simon again was proven to be correct in his pick of song. The tone in his voice was great, and he gave great eyes down the camera.

Randy said “I have been a David Cook fan since day one. I just wish Simon had picked something less predictable then this old song, because I want you to rock baby.” Cue to crowd booing, and Simon rolling his eyes.

Simon said “This may sound a little bit biased but I think this is one of your best performances to date. This is what makes you brilliant you take risks and you are original. I think round one went to Simon and Cook.”

Round 2 - Contestant Choices.

Ryan Seacrest chats to David Archuleta on the stool. Of course Ryan did not ask about the father. David’s song choice was “With You” by Chris Brown ( Am I a complete dag I have never heard of this guy.

He decided he wanted a more youthful song. Fabulous. In fact it was the boppiest I have ever seen him. Much better then round 1.

No panning to Dad in the audience I note.

Randy said “I am not sure it was the right song to sing. I didn’t believe it.”
Paula said “I think you should be singing songs like this. Just shorten up the phrases a little bit.”
Simon said “It was a bit like a chihahua trying to be a tiger. Not really you I thought the dancing…..”

Syesha Mercardo chose “Fever” by Peggy Lee. She liked the vibe of the song, and use a chair.
Her voice and arrangement sounded great. But so overacted a bit like a musical. The chair was irrelevant.

Randy said “A very interesting song choice, you sang it amazingly well.”
Paula said “I surprised you picked this song, I am not sure it shows me who Syesha is as an artist.”
Simon said “I think you will probably regret that choice tomorrow, as you had the opportunity to choose a song to show you are a contemporary recording artist, instead you did quite a lame cabaret performance.”

David Cook picked Switch foot “Dare You To Move”. Played his guitar. He has really benefited by the new rule change this year with the instruments. He hasn’t used it to much like Jason Castro did.

Randy said “Great song choice. A little pitchy baby.”
Paula said “I just thought you got to the beginning when it ended.”
Simon said “It was pretty much what I would have expected and I thought all three of you had an ok middle round.”

Round 3 Producer’s Choice.

David A got to sing “Longer” by Dan Fogleburg. A solid song by him but again no surprises.

Randy gushed “Another hot one from you.”
Paula said “Very lovely.”
Simon said “I thought you sung it very well, and I thought the song and lyrics was s very gooey. I do think you have done enough to get into the finals next week.”

Syesha sang “Hit Me Up” by Rhianna. It was good, a bit screechy in parts. A lot of pelvic thrusts - I thought this was a family show?

Randy said “It was just ok for me.”Paula said “You did the song very well. I don’t think it defines you as an artist. I don’t think it will be good enough to get you in the finals of American Idol.”
Simon said “The problem with that song it is a little bit forgettable, it did not give you the defining moment I would have liked at the end of the show.”

David Cook sang “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.”

It was great, though he did some weird thing at the end of it.
Randy said “It was ok for me. Predictable.”

Paula said “See ya in the finals.”
Simon said “One of the great songs of all time, and David Cook wins the night.”
David didn’t look real happy as he was wondering if Simon had just wrecked his chances of making final 2 by anointing him.

I think the final two will be the Davids. But I am so over David Archuleta. I don't get the attraction to him. He is boring and he never changes. But it would be a shock to see Syesha there in the end.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 7 - Season 4

Tonight’s challenge is making an outfit for a woman’s most important day and cope with precocious teenagers.

They had to make prom dresses for 17 year old school girls with assorted body shapes.
Christian Siriano thinks the prom is “horrible tacky and gross.”

In a reverse situation from the usual the student’s got to decide who they wanted to work with.
Tim Gunn gave them the directions for the challenge. They had to take in the students views as well as the designers showing of their style.

They will have until midnight and the next day to finish it. Then had 30 minutes with the students.

Highlight so far were photo’s of designers at their prom.

Then we had the standard Ricki crying scene about how his mum made all his sisters prom dresses, and how great it would be to win Project Runway.

Ricki did come up with one of the lines of the night with “When I had a girlfriend I made her a prom dress, that should have been a clue right there.”

Christian was having an episode because of the tackiness of his dress. His student had studied design for a couple of years and had very strong opinions in a white trash way which was surprising considering she was black.

He made a change from the original design.

Victorya hated hers as it looked like something an elderly Italian divorcee would wear, so changed it and the student liked it.

Day two the models are sent for a fitting. This time they brought their mums. Kevin student’s mum was not keen on his dress.

Christian’s student does not like the dress, but is also taking credit for designing it. Rami thought Christian should have taken a bit more control.

He was giving up and thought he would be going. Tim Gunn gave him a pep talk saying he had the wrong attitude.

Rami decided to be adventurous as he had immunity. Tim Gunn was concerned the green dress was too old for the girl.

Kevin did not hem the dress, Chris was trying to warn him that it was not a great idea as it will look unfinished.

It was time for the fashion show with the usual judges Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and the special guest judge Gilles Mendel.

Sweet P described it as Hollywood glamour. Giles said it was a pretty dress. Nina thought it was a bit sophisticated for a 17 year old.

Kevin dress got criticised. Nina said she did not like the red. Michael said the dress was matronly, and he was distracted by the hemming. Heidi thought the dress looked cheap, as inexpensive not tarty.

Victorya dress was received well. Michael said “I think it is chic and young at the same time.” Nina loved the choice of colour. Young, modern and appropriate.”

Christian dress got mixed reveiws. Christian blamed his student for the over the topness of his dress. He said she wanted ruffles, lace and rhinestones. Nina Garcia said she did not like the blame game, and that he should have managed that.

Ricki got hammered. Heidi said “Pretty but boring”

Rami was criticised Heidi said it was too sophisticated. All the judges thought it was adult

Victorya won the challenge so will have immunity for next week.

Ricki was safe for another week. Why????? Each week his clothes have been unmemorable and his personality is bland.

The last two left were Kevin and Christian. Kevin was out.

Australia's Next Top Model - Alamela Being Bullied By The Dapto Dogs

Alamela the kooky Australia Next Top Model's contestant from Byron Bay nearly left the series after being bullied by the Dapto Dogs Demelza, Alyce, and Rebecca.

Apparently the bullying against her got so bad it culminated in Demelza throwing water bombs at Alamela before dumping a bucket of water on her head.

In this weeks NW Alamela said she considered leaving the series to get away from her tormentors.

"I had to think for a long time whether I'd stay or not."

"I wanted to leave, and then I realised I was there to pursue modelling, not so much for the experience."

"I just kept thinking I was going to get out [of the house] eventually. I don't know what was going on inside their minds. They tended to get bored and [bullying] was what they'd do in their spare time, like a hobby."

Alamela got through the experience with the support of the show's crew and was relieved when the trio were disciplined.

"It was really good to know that kind of thing wasn't going to be accepted and it was pointed out as being unprofessional."

"They did apologise in the end and I accept their apologies, but they're not the kind of people I'd ever be friends with."

Charlotte Dawson says she and the fellow judges were deeply upset by the antics of the three girls and verbally "tore them to shreds" during a 30 min confrontation.

"The producers don't really tell us what happens in the house, because our job is to judge them on skill and ability, and they don't want us to form opinions based on their behaviour."

"But in this case there had be an intervention. Their behaviour was getting out of control. We have a responsibility to protect this girl. it was upsetting producers, the crew."

Alyce one of the accused bully's states the situation has been blown out of proportion.

"It started as a bit of fun but it got out of hand. I hope it doesn't affect my future career, but I can't stress enough that there are two sides to the the story."

It makes you wonder where the rest of the girls in the house were when this was going on.

In the nastiest show in the programs short history which will be screened tomorrow night on
Fox 8.

Chloe Lattanzi Last Song On Rock The Cradle

In the final episode of Rock The Cradle, the US reality TV show where children of celebs compete in a sing contest, Chloe Lattanzi sung a duet with her mother. They sang "I Honestly Love You."

I think if Chloe does not make it as a singer, which is highly likely, she can become a porn star, as every song she sings she does heavy breathing and shrieking. This one is no exception.

Duet can be seen here.

Unfortunately Chloe did not win the show and this could be the last performance we see of her.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Biggest Loser Shannan Ponton With Jaime Wright - then Who Is The Brunette He Is Going To Bali With???

Ros Reines in her column today states The Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton is seeing Bondi bikini model Jaime Wright.

"It is early days" Wright says. "...He's a lovely man and this is something rare on the Sydney social circuit."

"I was hoping Shannan would help me with an event I am holding on Wednesday."

"But unfortunately he has to go to Bali next week."

Well Jaime may think he is lovely, but does she know that he has gone to Bali with another woman, a stunning dark haired beauty.

Onadrought disguised as a surfboard spotted Shannan and the mystery woman at Sydney International Airport as they are on the same delayed flight to the tropical island. The much delayed flight has meant passengers are currently holed up in the Mercure at the airport including Shannan and the girl.

At lunch they were spotted with intimate body language whilst supping on a bottle of wine, which was then taken up to their room.

Lets hope Shannon does not bring back a gift that is not worth giving.....

If there is anymore to tell I am sure Onadrought will report in post haste.

An update has come in an intimate gestures of feeding are occurring. I hope Jaime realised at this time they are not-exclusive. And to be fair to Shannan he needs to keep the brunette busy so she does not read the Sunday Gossip column.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

American Idol Top Four Performance and Elimination Show Combined

Sorry about late post, but unavoidable and untimely matters arose.

This week the final four had to learn two solo songs, one group number with choreography, and go to Las Vegas. I was exhausted for them before they started.

Final four were singing from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Ryan Seacrest said that this meant the Idol’s had a lot to choose from. So does this mean the producers have stopped handing out the fifty songs they can choose from?

David Cook was first up with “Hungry Like The Wolf” by Duran Duran. Considering Simon Le Bon was one of the biggest sex symbols of the eighties, it was going to be a call to see how he did it.
I was a bit disappointed by his performance, has Lacey sucked the mojo out of him (no double entredre intended) it was a bit karaoke, no real David Cook flair that I have gotten to know and love. It is sexy song with sexy lyrics, I would have liked it if he had shown a bit more raunch with it.

Randy Jackson appeared to be thinking the same thing “That was an ok choice, and solid performance. Just ok for you, not amazing.”
Paula predictably loved it.

Simon said “I thought it was good, a little bit copycat, is it good enough at the moment to get through to next week. At the moment, Yes.” But Simon he has been the only one whose sung!!!!

The last woman standing Syesha Mercardo was next singing “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner. I thought she did a fantastic job, only criticism which was the opposite of David was that she sexed up too much. Over choreographed, and trying to channel Tina Turner into her performance, but her voice sounded great.

Randy said “Syesha has showed up and is in the zone. Good timing showing the heat at the time in the competition when you needed it.
Paula said “You look like a star.”
Simon said “ A bad shrieky version, bad interpretation of Tina Turner.”

Stoner dude Jason Castro predictably picked a Bob Marley song “I Shot The Sheriff”. I hate this song. I have spent to many holidays in Thailand where all you hear is Bob Marley both the original and in cover bands.

If there had been no back singers for Jason it would have been really, really bad, instead of just bad. Just showed up all the weaknesses in his voice.

Randy said “Dude, for me that was a really karaoke Bob, ok, nothing special about it. That just was not good me.”
Paula said “I wasn’t crazy about the performance or the song”

Simon was scathing, with Randy chiming in like a Greek chorus “That was utterly atrocious. That was a song you do not touch, the arrangement was atrocious. The performance and the singing was as bad as I have ever heard. This was a first round audition massacre. I don’t know what your thinking.”
Jason said “I was thinking Bob Marley, Yeah.” Time to get off the dope.

David Archuleta is singing “Stand By Me”. This guy is a fifty year old in a seventeen year old. It was the same sort of performance I have seen each week from him. However he did sound good. But he would bore me senseless at a concert.

Every teenybopper in the audience thought he was singing it to them. The squeals at the end must have blown out some peoples eardrums.

Randy was just about orgasming and raved on however in a nutshell he said “It was hot.”
Paula usual rambling that were hard decipher and went off on multiple tangents. “Your seasoned already.”

Simon said “You could have whistled the song and it would have been better then the last song. A very good choice of song, thought you struggled a bit at the end of it. But the best performance so far.”

David Cooks second song is “Baba O’Reilly” from The Who. As Randy would say “This was much more in your zone dude.” Does David Cook’s sex appeal increase when he is playing the guitar?

Randy said “Something a little different going on for you tonight. But that was more like the David Cook I’ve grown to love.”
Paula said “I want more, I want more David Cook.”
Simon said “Welcome back David Cook.”

Syesha Mercado was singing “A Change Is Going To Come.”. Syesha showed how light weight she was comparing her top 4 Idol moment to the civil rights movements of the sixties.
thought she looked great in a diva way, but I was bored halfway through the song.

Randy said “For me the first I love this one I did not love as much. I did not like the arrangement, I did not like the arrangement of the vocals. I felt all disconnected.

At this point Syesha channelled the ghost of departed Idol Brooke White and started sobbing on stage.

Paula said “How you orchestrate your vocals was great. You turned it into a superstar performance.”
Simon said “I have to agree and I have to agree with Paula. “I think Randy got that completely and utterly wrong, I thought you sang it really, really well.”

Jason Castro was singing ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ by Bob Dylan. Jason completely flubbed the lyrics uh oh. I thought he was trying to sound to much like Bob. I think Jason has a lot of talent, but I don’t think he is as musical as the other in regard to arrangements and originality.

Randy said “Jason is not in the zone tonight.
Paula said “It did not blow us a way, but you blow me away.”
Simon put the nail in the coffin by saying “I’d pack your suitcase.”

David Archuleta sang “Love Me Tender” by Elvis. You just know that the Disney bosses are already writing some teenage musical for this guy.

I liked the arrangement, but again it was very similar.

Randy said “Another great performance. Hot vocals of the night right there.
Simon said “You did not beat the competition tonight, you crushed the competition.”

Elimination Show.

The group song was “Reeling in the Years” God the choreography in these things are really bad. Jason Castro gave his usual half hearted stab at it. The David’s know it is cheesy but are professional enough to embrace it.

David Archuleta was first to be called, and regardless of his same same songs, he really is sweet and humble.

David Cook also made it to the couches. So it was going to be between Syesha and Jason.
And unsurprisingly Jason Castro was gone…. Your couldn’t sing so many bad songs for so many weeks and stay.

Michael Evicted From Big Brother Has A Brain Explosion When Questioned About Stripper Girlfriend

Michael one of the intruders who was eliminated from Big Brother yesterday, is having a brain explosion now that it has been revealed that his girlfriend is a stripper.

He states she was in sales and promotions, but just knew a lot of girls that were strippers at Kittens nightclub in Melbourne. It was even confirmed by the club that she worked there.

In an interview with Garth Montgomery of the Daily Tele is a lesson in how not to handle the media once they have gotten some unwelcomed gossip on you.

After Garth queried whether he was being a hypocrite about bitching about Brigette's wanting to make money out of her boobs the brain explosion begun.

Is there some hypocrisy in this given your girlfriend is a stripper? Garth asked.
She’s not a stripper, how do you know that. What? That’s so stupid. My girlfriend does sales and promotion. She knows a lot of girls who are strippers. She’s definitely not a stripper. The fact a strip club says it is a load of crap, and a friend could have been joking.

Things turned ugly with further quotes like these.

If you write that then I can get things done. I have a bit of pull, that’s how I got on the show. I can post things about you and question whether it’s true.

It’s crap, you’re just trying to come up with some gossip, is there someone higher up I can speak to?

Do my lawyers have to contact you?

What you’re saying is total…the fact you posted that is lame. I’m saying right now that she’s not a stripper. The fake my girlfriend has fake boobs and dolls herself up…I will write stuff about you and the Daily Telegraph.

Full article here.

Also apparently Michael's girlfriends career sideline is going to be a shock to her parents with another article here

The girlfriend Amy is probably dumping him about now.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Michael Johns Has Hit Sydney
Aussie American Idol contestant Michael Johns is now in Australia for a promotional trip for Idol. Not sure what he is going to do, but Fox 8 has brought him out.

He will probably hit the radio airwaves and TV talk shows.

Small SMH article here.

Hilarious article pointing out Paula Abdul's weird and unexplained moments.
MTV has an article here that outlines American Idol judge Paula Abdul's other unexplained faux pas on the show. It has been all over the world about last weeks slip up of judging the song before it has been sung. But MTV have dredged their memories to come up with some more.

Natalie Gauci Recording An Album
Sightings of last year's Australian Idol winner have been slim as she is in the studio recording an album. Apparently they are wanting to take it slowly to ensure it is a quality album. A strategy which worked for Damien Leith last year, as well as Leona Lewis.

Revlon say Alice Burdeau stood them up at an event because of partying too hard.
Revlon allege that last season's winner of Australia's Next Top Model Alice Burdeau stood them up for an event the night after the Logies. It was rumoured that she may have knocked back to much of the free champagne and was not in any shape to make it.

Her people deny it of course, and say Alice was never confirmed for the event. However apparently she was unable to speak at the MTV awards, this was reported on Vega. Maybe she is trying to emulate fashion icon Kate Moss too much. Or maybe she should just eat a few more canapes with her champagne.

An addendum to the above article in today's Daily Tele states an 'anon source' said she did look disorientated at the Logies. She apparently arrived 3 hours before the start of the ceremony and was a bit squiffy even before it started. A minder said she was back in her hotel by 1.00am.

Personally I thought it was obligatory to get smashed at the Logies as that was the only way to cope with the evening.

Australia's Next Top Model - Episode 3

Australia's Next Top Model just does not have the pizazz of the US version. The cast of Tyra, Ms J, and Jay Manuel are funny, sassy and have a strong on camera presence.

However the "talent" in our version does not have anywhere near the charisma. Jodhi Meares just blends into the background especially in the judgement day scenes. As does Johnathan Pease on photo shoots he gives very little constructive criticism.

Charlotte Dawson does come out with some good one liners. Is there tension between Charlotte and Jodhi about who is queen bee? Both in personality and who can show the most cleavage. Have both had breast implants?

The model's don't excite me much either there are no real personalities in the house. Where are the Jade's and Dani's or even a Heather. Is it because most of them are so young about 18 whereas the US one has older models on it?

Eleven girls remain and there was much excitement when Ian Thorpe arrived on a boat with Jodhi mail. It was a fitness challenge.

Emma personal trainer looked like a Gladiator reject. There was boxing and swimming (was this to get the gratuitous bikini shots) The water was only waist height so there was not much swimming but water jogging.

Weedy Alamela impressed with her muscle strength. I want to like Alamela but she slightly irritates me.

Jodhi told Caris that she had to work on her exercise and her diet. Caris broke down about being criticised all the time about her skin and body, "because she is trying so hard". Jodhi then became all sympathetic - "are you feeling a bit unvalidated darling" whereas Tyra would have just said well you want to be a model that is how people are going to judge you so get over it.

To be fair Jodhi did say it is a job about physicality.

Time for the girls to go shopping. First there was an incident in shoe store where Delzelma bought a $275 pair of shoes (where does she get that money from as a 16 year old?) however Alyce wanted a pair as well and Delmelza said she felt pressured to pay half of Alyce's shoes as well. It was unclear whether Alyce was going to pay her back, however we found it later Alyce was planning on paying her back.

Then when it was shopping show and tell at the end of the day, Delmelza wanted to show her shoes first and Alyce stepped in. I can see why Delmelza was upset. Alyce appears to be extremely egocentric, and a tad manipulating. She spoke to her boyfriend and told him to ring her mother to put money in her account. Why couldn't she call her herself.

Next there was a challenge where the models have to face their biggest fear. It wasn't a photo shoot, but the girls had to pose in a room in front of media/PR types.

Johnathan Pease style director was there, for someone with that title he has surprisingly lacks style.

Leiden first has to face her phobia Edward Scissorhand she just freaked out, and was hyperventilating. It only ended up being scissors hanging from the ceiling.

Bec posing with birds her phobia. Bec also cracked up. It was freaking parrot for christ sake.

Emma had to do public speaking. She did really badly. The crowd looked pretty underwhelmed.

Belinda wrapped up the evening she sounded stilted as well. Alex's was stick insects. Alamela was going to have pose with a clown.

The challenge prize is tickets to the 2008 David Jones collection on that night. The winners were Rebecca and Caris. It was a great prize they got to go on the red carpet with Charlotte Dawson. Also they got to meet Colette Dinnigan, Kirrily Johnson, and Melissa Hoyer. They also got to meet Megan Gale who gave them some model advice.

They then walked the David Jones runway.

Jodhi mail - time for the photo shoot which involved wearing a harness and hanging off a building.

Johnathan Pease style Director wearing a daggy t shirt. It was shoe shoot, Mary Kyri.

Alyce did really well. Alyce refused to give Delmelza any tips (memo don't lend money to Alyce again).

All Johnathan ever says is well done and never gives any constructive criticism. He even said it to Rebecca then to one of the camera he goes "She's not really selling the shoes for me." Well tell her that.

Judgement time -
Elimination challenge pose with the pole with two feet off the ground. Belinda posed sticking her tongue out not a great look.

Alex got the thumbs up for posing on the pole without looking like a slut. Leiden also did well.

Alamela, Alyce had great photos. Leiden's was good as well.

Alex Perry said "Jamie photographs old."

Caris was called first to her surprise.

Then it was Leiden and Emma in the bottom 2, now how did Leiden get in their considering they were all gushing over her photo. Jodhi had said it was her favourite.

Jodhi told Emma's her lack of self confidence was holding her back. Leiden told her to get passion to get some fast. Just an aside why does Jodhi carry that cheap clipboard, can't they find something more stylish to give her?

It was obvious Emma was going to be eliminated. Again all the girls were in tears. Emma said she thought Delmeza was the one who wanted it the most.

And now there were ten.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 6 - Season 4

Tim Gunn is my new favourite reality TV star, is laconic sense of humour just makes me smile.

Though I don’t know if I would like him landing on my doorstep pre-dawn as he was on the designers to take them on a field trip for this weeks challenge.

They ended up in Times Square the Hershey’s store “The Sweeetest place in New York”

The challenge was to use items from Hershey’s to create the look of their choice. There was no budget and they had 5 minutes to grab what they could get their hands on, and then 13 hours to complete the designs.

Christian only going to use the inside of Reeses Peanut Buttercups, which at first I thought that was the brown peanut butter bit inside the chocolate, however it was the wrappers they came in.

Jillian was making a bold move by using twizzlers (red looking liquorice) for her outfit.

Chris had the complete opposite strategy as he said “I have a lot of experience in knowing not to use food to make things with, whenever possible.”

Just before they started Tim reminded them it had to be wearable.

Elisa’s dress was an interpretation of Gretel, Ricky thought it was more Barney Rubble.

Elisa told us about the accident she had in London just as she was going to launch a t- shirt label. She got hit by a Porsche and was in coma for 5 days and a few months to recover, hence that great career opportunity was lost.

Christian finished his first, he does not appear very popular with the other cast mates, Kevin was particularly scathing.

As the night wore on the choc buzz was wearing off and the room became serious and stressed.

Jillian was having time issues, not helped just prior to her the finish time her twizzles were falling off the skirt.

Sweet P was also fighting the time as she had had a brain explosion and after completing one dress, started on another.

It was time for the show.

The judges are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, and Heidi Klum.

There were some great designs. Ricky’s was a lot of fun in a bubble skirt way, and it was the first episode he did not break down in tears that in itself is a minor miracle.

Sweet Pea’s model looks anorexic. There were bones everywhere.

I thought Jillian’s looked quite fun in the end.

The six designers told to stay on the catwalk were Elisa, Chris, Rami, Jillian, Sweet P and Victorya.

I think the judges got it right this week.

Rami creation was made mainly out of paper and it was fun as well as clever.
Zac liked it “Complicated construction overall it worked.”
Michael said “ It could have turned out silly looking, it’s made really well,..its great.”

Elisa goal was to make a beautiful, amazing dress.
Michael was not impressed it “looks like a brown velvet dress with a silver shower cap on her arm.”
Zac wasn‘t feeling it either “It didn’t work for me.”

Jillian twizzle bodice and skirt ended up turning out real well, not sure how long it would last.
Zac said “I like your look a lot“.
Nina said “Sexy and playful”
Michael said “Deliciously chic.”

Victorya’s dress looked a bit of mess with all the ruffles.
Michael said “Doesn’t look wearable”
Victorya does not take criticism well and started talking back.

Chris was congratulated that he did not do something over the top which is his want.
Michael “Made well, nice and understated, smart move.”

Sweet P’s did not please anyone and it was a bit bland.
Heidi said “A little bit on the boring side.”Michael said “No sense of smile and boring.
Winner is Rami and deservedly so. It was a fun and funky dress and beautifully made.

The bottom two were Elissa, and Sweet P.

Heidi summed it up saying “Elisa we were disappointed we expected you to create something playful and creative, instead we got a sad brown dress.”

“Sweet P it is clear you threw a look together at last minute.”

Elissa was eliminated, however she kept a positive attitude the experience and the positive effect it has had on her and her designing.

Next week prom dresses.

Corey Worthington Proves He Is A Charisma Free Zone.

Max Markson must have decided this was the last money he was going to make out of notorious party boy Corey Worthington. Most managers try to ensure that any press appearances are stage managed, but Max has put Corey on a show where he will be scrutinised 24 hours a day.

My first impression is he is just another not very bright pimply teenager well actually it confirms what I thought after the 'party' incident.

People will be bored of him within 48 hours, as he really is not appear to be a likeable nor interesting person.

Now the new inmates Nathan, Michael, and Barney look much more interesting. As they are older it will be good to watch how they handle the younger crowd.

Charlotte Dawson Making A Name Overseas ....For All The Wrong Reasons.

Australia's Next T0p Model judge, Charlotte Dawson, has copped a pasting on popular overseas website because of the outfit she wore to the MTV awards last week. It is pretty bad it looks like she put the stockings and jacket on, but forgot to put on the dress.

The site said:
This TV presenter from Down Under IS, in fact, wearing a waistcoat with a skirt that looks like it's been tucked up into the world's only pair of baggy footless panty-hose.
To read the full scherlacking click here.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gordon Ramsey - Is He The Thinking Women's Sex Symbol

After being forced fed multiple episodes of Gordon Ramsey shows by Channel 9 over the past month, I have come to the conclusion that Gordon's appeal lies in his grumpy old man sexiness not his overly potty mouth.

Over the past few years there has been a growth in the grumpy older man on TV who appear to finding sex appeal status with the women viewers. Think Australian Idol judge Dicko now has two Facebook pages that are related to his sex appeal. The Ian 'Dicko' Dickinson Appreciation Society - a site dedicated to his hotness, and the Monty Bloggers That Lust After Dicko.

Also Simon Cowell from American Idol, and Nigel Lythgoe from the US version of So You Think You Can Dance -a reader posted on a blog post how she would be open to a little light fondling from the peroxide and tanned Nigel.

Why to women find the mean guys on TV attractive? Darryl Somers does not seem to attract these type of fans.

Unfortunately for Gordon his sex appeal rating has taken a slide since I saw the extremely contrived Hell's Kitchen. He must just be taking the money as it is so set up. Last week there was some controversy when he called a table of blond women bimbos. However to me it was all a bit scripted and boring.

It was disappointing as in his other show Kitchen Nightmares he appears to be more natural, obviously there are set up moments but it is not totally obvious.

I had always wondered how they found the restaurants that would want to be humiliated on world wide TV.

TV Week reveals that apparently bookings go through the roof after the shows have been aired. In Purnima's which was formerly Dillon's in New York had the worst kitchen and basement that Gordon had ever seen. It was stomach churning. Apparently they had an unmanageable amount of customers in the weeks after they screened and apparently some of the customers have stuck.

The article also reveals some of the mysteries about how come he always knows where to go to find the vermin or what dish to order.

They film for three days prior to him coming to get the feel of the place, and they also gather information for Gordon.

The restaurants are asked not to solve the problems prior to Gordon's arrival. Allan Love of Love's Fish Restaurant in Brighton said he had wanted to get rid of the French chef and they said 'Well you really shouldn't make any changes before he arrives. They wanted him to be there."

To get the restaurants they approached 20,000 in England, Scotland, and Wales with a letter saying "Are you in trouble?Would Gordon assist your restaurant?"

If you are wondering what happened to some of the restaurants from the series here are some updates on a few.

Sebastian's in The Burbank, California with the 'concept' menu. Sebastian the owner/chef who bought everything in for his food had dreams of a chain of restaurants. He has now sold up and is now opening two new ones.

Piccolo Teatro, the scottish run vegetarian restaurant in Paris. The restaurant closed on the episode and young chef India Innes was offered work experience in one of Gordon's London restaurants now has a permanent job with him.

Finn McCools the family run Irish restaurant in Westhampton New York. The son who was the chef had psychotic eyes. His father said the business went up by 37 per cent after Gordon made his changes. Most of the fried food has gone, and shepherd's pie is still on the menu, and the family members don't fight as much.

Momma Cherri's a soul-food restaurant in Brighton, England. It went into administration and closed, however the owner Charita Jones daughter, Kataryna, has since reopened it.

Project Runway Australia - The Judges Are Announced.

Joining host Kristy Hinze as judges on Project Runway will be Jayson Brunsdon renowned fashion designer, and Sarah Gale an unknown to the public but an experienced and respected Australian fashion buyer.

The mentoring role has gone to Henry Roth, who is a New York based Australian, he creates wedding dresses with his sister Michelle Roth.

Apparently the chemistry between the four is very good.

Also Tresemme is searching the country for a lead hairdresser to star in Project Runway. Some leading hairdressers are in the running for the job like Joh Bailey, Anthony Nader, and Brad Ngata. But apparently Tresemme is keen to discover a fresh, cool hairstylist who's great on camera. If you are a hairdresser send your show reel to

Reality News From The Logies.

At the Logies tonight So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 opened the show with a Jason Gilkison routine. It was good, and Kate really looked and dance fabulously well. Jack still looked like he was struggling with the lifts!

First award for the night was for Best Reality TV Show and the nominees were......
Australian Idol
Big Brother
Dancing With The Stars
It Takes Two
The Biggest Loser

And the winner was Dancing With The Stars. This was very bad news as this will only encourage Channel 7 to continue showing this very dull show.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Winner of Big Brother ....Corey Worthington

Corey Worthington is set to enter the Big Brother house on Sunday and he is the only one in the house at this point who is getting paid. Rumour has it he will get paid $20,000 for the first episode and $10,000 for any further episodes.

He is much younger then the BB contestants as they still have not been told what first prize will be this year.

Hopefully the show will portray Corey as the twat he is and will end his post party media career. Obviously Max Markson, his manger, is milking Corey for all he can as he must know that his 15 minutes of fame must be ending soon.

It appears Terri, who was evicted after less then 12 hours in the house will be back in the house as well. It was a pretty unfair ballot as it was not secret. Which meant the people at the end of the line were able to flip their votes as they knew what the numbers were to ensure they remained safe.

It appears BB is manipulating the house more overtly this season eg deciding what meals they get to can mindf**k inmates with bad meals eg a bowl of seaweed, so can effect their moods, with the consequence of it effecting their interactions with their house mates. Also the banishment of a inmate to the backyard. Even thought Nobbi is a nob it makes it a very uneven playing field. Then again I would prefer to sleeping by myself in the Kombi then in the big bed with everyone else.

One person who was impressing me in the house was tiny Rima she was coming across as very savvy in her dealings with people. However unfortunately it has been reported she broke her leg on Friday night doing one the games. Full story here. No news whether she will enter the house again.

My Kids A Star - Episode 4

I know I am a glutton for punishment I am still watching this show even now it is in the complete dead zone of 12.00pm Saturday's. Even being edited to 30 minute episodes has not helped to improve it.

In fact the shorter episode meant there were more shots of the sponsor Dunlop Volleys then any of the kids.

There is no way you can make a connection with any of the "characters" as you never get more then one line from them each episode. The parents get more airtime then the kids.

It is ironic that the most undeluded and non pushy parent (Maro) is with the most talented kid (Tom). He won both challenges in the episode. First was an interview sequence where Channel 9 got to cross promote the Today show with Richard Wilkins making a special guest appearance. The kids then had to interview a random parent in front of the ever increasingly irrelevant judges Max Markson, and Marni Costello.

The second challenge was to learn a routine to 'audition' for a sneaker commercial. Christina had her daughter TJ in tears. You just get the feeling that Christina sees TJ as her ticket out of nowheresville.

Tom again won the challenge with a good routine and a good outfit, a suit with a singlet underneath it.

Two teams were punted off this week. The team from the Gold Coast, the 16 year old tap dancer and his mother, and Elaine and Abbey.

Chloe Lattanzi sings "Toxic" Another Mesmerising Performance On Rock The Cradle

Matt Lattanzi really got done over in his divorce from Olivia Newton-John as he is now living in a Tepee. However he has retained some Australian culture from his time of marriage with Our 'Liv as he plays the didgeridoo.

He has aged well his pretty boy looks now settling into a more rugged look. However there must be a bald patch as the head was covered at all time. Both he and Olivia were in the audience for their child's performance of Toxic also sung by Brittany Spears. Clearly Chloe and Olivia share the same plastic surgeon.

The performance which can been seen here shows the usual Chloe Lattanzi spectrum of emotions. She appears slightly unstable I know you cannot blame the parents for everything, however if Olivia decides to front a parenting show I am going to start a picket line at that studio.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

American Idol - Top Four revealed

Is an eliminated Idol’s final song an opportunity to say thank you to your fans and your last opportunity to show any watching record execs what you can do? Or is an a time to have a complete physical, spiritual and emotional breakdown?

Personally I thought it was the former, but clearly Brooke White takes the latter view.

It was probably the worst elimination song performed ever with Brooke sobbing before during and after her performance. Syesha got into the spirit of things and had a bit of a cry too, but David Cook just looked stunned and tried to push her forward on the stage.

Then when it finished she ran to the back of the stage and Ryan Seacrest went to comfort her.

Hey what about a wave to the crowd and to all those people who have voted for you for weeks at home.

The other person in the bottom two tonight was Syesha, I was very surprised that Jason Castro avoided this ignominy last night.

However he did not avoid the ignominy of the group number which was a Neil Diamond medley.

The top five just lumbered through it with very little enthusiasm or energy. Honourable mention must go to David Cook who did try to inject some charisma into his solo moments.

The only other highlight of the elimination show was the viewer call in, now I know most people hate this segment, but I find it vaguely amusing. Tonight apparently Simon’s first kiss when he was nine years old in the back of his garden called in. Simon handled it with his usual aplomb.

I couldn’t help wondering if it was a Nigel Lythgoe set up.

So it is now down to three guys and one girl and next week it is songs from the Hall of Fame.

Jason and Syesha are probably guaranteed bottom two next week.

Big Brother - A Literary Perspective

Jack Marx from a journo blogger on news limited site has given BB a literary perspective. It is both interesting, and amusing with a let me show you how intelligent/well read I am feel to it.

The link is here./

If You Missed the Paula Abdul Debacle on American Idol Last Night

The American Idol forums are on fire after the Paula Abdul stuff up last night when she started commenting on songs that had yet to be sung.

If you missed it you can see her confusion here. It is hilarious.

The debate raging is whether the producers write her lines, or is she on the drink or drugs or both?? You decide.