Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sophie Monk and Ryan Seacrest out on a date???

Just before I do my recap on tonights So You Think You Can Dance I found this little snippet of gossip - Sophie Monk and Ryan Seacrest were on a date last night????

The two veterans of reality TV, Sophie Monk from the first season of Popstars, and Ryan from American Idol were caught coming out of Foxtail last night.

Ryan seems to have a thing for blondes. Last week wasn't he dating Holly Huddersfield?

Link with photo here.


soobee said...

I don't know Sophie Monk...

Reality Raver said...

Sophie Monk is an Australian girl, who was in a early show similar to Australian Idol, but it was called Popstars and the aim was to form an all girl pop group. She was one that made it into the group called Bardot.

Jason Coleman was a judge on that show as well.

It was mildly successful in Australia for a few years.

Sophie has now moved to LA and been in a few movies and just broke up with her fiancee Benji Madden from Good Charlotte. Benji is now going out with Paris Hilton.

soobee said...

Ah, I thanks for the information, RR. I guess I need to do some youtube'ing on her. I'm currently youtube'ing David Cook. *swoon* Can you beat his version of (well, his version of Chris Cornell's version) of "Billie Jean"? No. No, you cannot. :)