Friday, April 11, 2008

SPOILER: Michael Johns only option is to now audition for Australian Idol

Michael Johns, the Australian looker on American Idol was eliminated on a supposedly surprising night on American Idol.

Apparently Michael Johns looked shocked that he was the one to go. SMH article here .

Personally I thought he was the Daniel Mifsud of the competition. Goodlooking, everyone thought he was mega talented, but was he???

Basically he did not live up to the hype.

The other two in the bottom 3 were Carly Smithson and Syesha Mercado. (Reality Raver the first time ever has managed to predict the bottom three)

Unfortunately if he wanted to audition for Australian Idol in Los Angeles he will now will be unable to do so, as it has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts for Kyle Sandilands. I am not sure I believe that anyway, couldn't one of the other judges done the job.


soobee said...

I think he was let go far too soon, and American got it 100 percent wrong. There's an article with the URL below regarding his future opportunities.

I would (will) buy his CD in a hearbeat. And I think he could be the the next Chris Daughtry. (Do you want Kristy Lee to win? Seriously.) And if David Cook gets voted off before the final three, I'm not going to watch the show anymore.

soobee said...

Sorry. Here is the complete URL:

soobee said...

Never mind! Just to to the Buddy TV site and you'll find it. :)

Reality Raver said...

I would have preferred to have seen Michael stay ahead of Syesha and Kristy-lee, but as I said previously I was not surprised about his elimination.

I have theory how people vote. However this may not be relevant to the US where you don't pay for voting.

I think people like to vote firstly for their favourites, and then for singers that show improvement.

Eg Kristy-Lee Cook had put in weeks of poor performances, then she starts putting in performances that a mediocre, but because there is such an improvement people then vote for her because she is deemed to be good.

Conversely Michael Johns put in fairly samey performances the whole way through, with a couple of highlights and I think fans who have voted for him hadn't seen what they expected from him and moved their vote to someone else.I think Jason Castro just avoided this fate with that brilliant rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow this week.

The same thing goes for standouts that have a dud performance they will normally be safe for a week as fans remember how good their previous songs were eg The two Davids.

In last years Australian Idol there was a singer Carl Risley who I was surprised even made it into the top 12, and he was very shaky. Then after about 3 weeks he just started to improve in leaps and bounds, was he as good as some of the others that got voted out earlier probably not, but he did end up making it top 3.

By the end I was pleased that he did, as he leapfrogged singers that were just the same standard each week. Where he really listened and learned and put in some really good performances in the end.

soobee said...

I couldn't disagree more, RR. This was (as far as AI goes) a travesty. Absolutely ridiculous. (Ask Paula. Ask Simon. Ask Randy. They'd all agree.) People say it's because he went first and that's the kiss of death, but you cannot compare any of the other singers, with the exception of the David's, who are close to being in Michael's league.

I don't know if you watched his performance as he closed out the show, but as Randy would say it was "hot, smoking, baby." (And on Tuesday night, it wasn't great, but Carly was 100 percent worse.) Apparently, Keith Urban and Dolly Parton have already called him, and he'll have a record deal within the next week or so, I guarantee it.

I don't know about Australian Idol, but to take a great singer, put him in the bottom three for the first time, and then boot him out just means that no one THOUGHT he would be booted out (including me, my mom, my niece, and my sisters). I don't know about Chris Risley (sorry), but I sure as hell would never see a concert featuring Sayesha, Carly (well, maybe Carly; nah), Kristy Lee (gag me), Brooke (yawn), Jason (yawn), or David Archeleta. I would see David Cook or Michael Johns. That's it.

Rock on, Michael Johns. You really don't need Idol. Idol needed YOU. The show will be far less interesting without you in it, and I'll be voting like crazy for David Cook from now on, so this does not happen again to a great singer.

soobee said...

Sorry, Carl Risley.

Otherwise, I stand behind my comments 100,000 percent.

Anonymous said...

Reality Ravings, sorry...sort of off topic here. But have you seen the Idol Gives Back "Don't Stop the Music" performance with the SYTYCD alumni? IT WAS AWESOME!!!

I don't know how itune works in Australia, but the video can be purchased on itune here in North America as part of the IGB. If you can't purchase it, there are some poor quality vids on youtube. If you can't buy it, still check out the YouTube ones. Like I said, it was AWESOME!! Go, go check it out! :)

Reality Raver said...

Anon - re: SYTYCD I Think I did see that dance was it the opening number? I thought that was pretty fabulous. I still have it taped as I have not finished watching it and I will have another look at it.

This week has been a bit crazy for me.

Soobee, I looked at Buddy TV and few of the other reality tv sites and there does seem to be a bit of shock/outrage re: Michael Johns elimination.

We don't get the elimination show until sunday night here, so will watch it to see what that callous Ryan Seacrest has done. Hopefully programing will be back to normal this week.

I don't know why fox here has bothered delaying it until Sunday rather then screening it Friday night - the Michael Johns elimination is all through the media.

Reality Raver said...

I watched the elimination show last night.

Ryan Seacrest did do the actual elimination quite fast, though I did not think it was as cruel as people thought.

I think it is hilarious that Kristy Lee is still in.

soobee said...

I thought it was rather mean of Ryan; he apologized afterwards, however. (I wasn't *that* upset about it; I was just upset that Michael is out. In fact, on Larry King earlier that week, Simon predicted the final three would be the Davids and Michael. I thought so, too. Guess not.)

Kristy Lee is sort of this year's Sanjaya, though more talented. A little bit. Not much.