Monday, June 30, 2008

Farmer Wants A Wife - Series 2 - Episode 1

The much awaited second series has commenced of this genuine (if that is an adjective you can use in reality tv) series about Farmers wanting to meet a wife.

The episode started with a recap of the Chris and Kimberly romance from last year culminating in their marriage. I hoped Channel 9 paid them some cash for this intrusion on their big day plus they were having wear Farmer Wants a Wife t-shirts, and that does deserve some payment.

Even cynical raver was moved by their obvious love for each other. Even more unbelievable considering they met on a reality TV show with cameras following their every move.
But I suspect their success meant the blokes and girls who applied for this year series were both genuine and hopeful that they could obtain a similar outcome for themselves.

Tonight there were 60 women were to meet the six farmers. Ten for each farmer. In a speed dating scenario with 5 minutes alone with each farmer. I did note that just about all of the girls picked were white there was not much diversity. But maybe that was the demographic that applied.

The farmers were introduced to us from Natalie who had pulled out her country outfits from the last outfits. Can her belt buckles get any bigger?

Rob 42 - Cattle Farmer from Mt Gambier- athletic, motivated and very caring. Rob has a biological clock so clearly he won’t pick an over 40 woman. Rob made sure he could not be mistaken for anything other then a farmer from the land as he brought his Akubra hat with him. He was ruggedly good looking - I thought he looked older then 42, but maybe that is the outdoor work for you.

James 36 - Sheep and Wheat farmer - thinks he is a softy. In a woman he wants a good sense of humour, and a bit of a goer(whatever that means), and enjoys life. Seemed to talk to his dog and pretend he could understand what it was saying to try and show what a funny bloke he was. This guy irritated me a lot.

Ben 30 - dairy farmer from Jambaroo. He is a claytons farmer, and thinks he does not fit the stereotypical mould - no ute etc. He thinks he wears his heart on his sleeve. He was not bad looking, but I am still looking for signs of a personality.

Nick 27 - Grape grower/wine maker of Brown Bros so he possibly has a trust fund. So why is this ok looking, rich kid , with quite a nice disposition with no obvious flaws having to go on a TV show to find a girlfriend? Is there some dark hidden side that will slowly evolve over the upcoming episodes.

Howie 30 - cattle farmer - who lives with his mother, who would only move when he meets a wife. First impressions was he a bit dopey? I am also concerned that he wants a girlfriend to be a replacement for his mother to cook and clean etc. He is the one who lives in the most isolated area, so this could be a negative for the girls.

Michael 24 - sheep farmer from Goulburn. Apparently very shy. He came across as very sweet and nice.

Ben had 210 girls apply after looking at his profile, Michael and Rob received more then 100. Nick had 70, Howie 44, and James 24.

It was speed dating time. There was batting eyelids, nervous laughs and stilted conversation.

Some of it was painful to watch with some of the girls just sitting there not speaking. Wouldn’t you come to the meeting with the guy considering you were in a competitive environment with at least some prepared witty repartee. No wonder they are single.

Rob at least was organised and had done his research.

Ben liked Sarah because in her profile she said she was good in bed - chances of her making it to the farm high.

James had a thing about horses in a negative way. Reckons they eat too much compared to lamb. Maybe it is his way of being proactive about climate change.

After the speed dating then it was an hour to chat to the girls in a group then it was decision time which at times looked very uncomfortable.

Rob picked Leanne 43, Andrea, Caroline, Emmaline (thought he could talk to her for hours), Joy.

James picked - Toni F, Cherie who is a nurse was favoured because his mum and sisters are ones - (Oedipus complex?) Kate, Lisa, and Toni W the air hostie who made him some fruit cake or so she said, she could have pinched it from inflight catering.

Michael picked - Alison, (oh and then my recording cut out, as Channel 9 always runs overtime much teeth gnashing and cursing occurred… memo to self manually input show next week) So if anyone can fill in the gaps that would be great. I am particularly interested in knowing whether Nick picked the girl in the tight revealing short black dress.

For more information on the new batch of what seems high quality farmers here is the link to their profile on the Channel 9 website.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Reality Tidbits

So You Think You Can Dance - The winner Jack Chamber's Gave $10,000 each to the other Final Four.

Yes we thought Jack Chambers was a nice guy, but really this just confirms it. Out of his $200,000 winnings he gave $10,000 each to Kate Wormald, Rhys Borbridge, and Demi. They were the other three people in the final four.

Kate revealed this act of genorousity when she was being interviewed as a promo for the upcoming So You Think You Can Dance Tour with will at the beginning of July. The full article is here.

Australia's Next Top Model - Demelza says Alex to old to win.

Now Demelza has decided to tell us what she really thinks, and said Alex Girdwood at 21 was too old Australia's Next Top Model next week.

Below is Demelza's quotes from an article in The Australian:

"I guess I'd be a little more concerned if I was her," Reveley said."I mean, she's 21 now, so she's kind of running out of time to do this and to make it in this industry.

"There is a short shelf-life being a model and that's just the way it is.

"I'd feel worried if I was in her shoes."

I wonder what she would have thought of Jade in the US series who was 26 years of age when she was on the show.

For the full article from The Australian including a few back handed compliments from Alex to Demelza click here.

Big Brother How Desperate Can You Get.

Obviously the Big Brother producers are prepared to try anything this season for ratings. Already we have had midgets, a grandparent, and so many intruders I cannot keep up with them. Also there have been outside visitors to the house eg Carson Kressley, and a hypnotist.

However now it has been revealed that Pamela Anderson, yes she of Baywatch and notorious sex tape fame will spend two days in the house. Apparently she is filming her own reality tv show which may also film whilst she is in the house. So now we have a reality TV show filming a reality tv show. This stunt is just sheer desperation to prop up ratings.

Farmer Wants a Wife - Last Season Update.

All fans of Season 1 Farmer Wants a Wife are keen to know what happened with the burgeoning romances that we saw on our TV screens last year.

We all know there was one 'perfect' match with Chris and Kim who are now married. Footage of their marriage will be shown as part of the first episode of the second season to start this Monday.

Apparently Chris and Kim are now living on the North Coast where Chris is managing a property. The host of the show Natalie Gruzlewski told TV Week "It hasn't been all smooth-sailing for them, but it was amazing to watch the chemistry when they first met, and see it unfold. It's the ultimate happily-ever-after story. They're perfect together.

Craig was another farmer who looked like he may have found love through the show with the Canadian single mum Erin. In the final episode last year Erin was in Canada on a three month trip. TV Week reveals that when they tried to pick up where they left off, it didn't work out.

"Erin came back to Newcastle, but we didn't further things, "Craig revealed. "I'm still single - I must be too fussy! Being on the show helped me get out more, but I'm still a bit hopeless at chatting up girls!"

Delightful Drew's relationship with Susie did not last either. However he is now seeing someone new, however, he didn't want to say much about her. "It's pretty casual," he says. "I'm going overseas for two months, so we'll see what happens. It's very low-key."

Jon did not find a connection with any of the girls on the show, bu he is now in a relationship with a local girl and it is going well. "She had nothing to do with the show. I'd known her a while, but she came back from overseas and we hooked up. She's nice."

Gus who was disappointed when told by Brooke that she did not want to pursue anything with him is now seeing a girl, they have been seeing each other since Christmas.

And lastly Brad the spiritual guy who just before filming began last year met a girl Samara who he met on RSVP. They are still together. Apparently it was the producers decision last year to allow him to continue on the show after he told them he had met with them.

Personally I don't think it was fair to the women who thought he was single.

Farmer Wants A Wife Starts Monday - Now Lets Check Out The New Crop of Farmers

The second series Farmer Wants a Wife starts on Channel 9 Monday 30 June 2008 at 8.30am. This is one reality TV series we do better then the Americans.

The success of the show here was based on real farmers, and normal women who genuinely wanted to meet a life partner. This meant we saw some genuinely likeable, real people on our screens we could really connect with. And this translated to a rating bonanza for Nine. Thank you to the person who advised me to watch the show, much appreciated.

The US version apparently had the pre requisite number of blondes with the fake enhancements, and buffed farmers riding around on machinery with no shirts on. Some of these contestants would be hoping for a career in the media after the completion of the series rather then wanting to meet the love of their life.

Anyway here is a sneak peek about the farmers from this weeks TV Week.

Rob 42 - he is into cattle, sheep, and cropping from Mount Gambier, SA.
This guy is apparently Temptation (Come on channel 9 bring back this show, I understand episodes have been taped.....) host Ed Phillips best mate, and he suggested he go on it. Rob said it was "time to grow up".

While he says he's had "some really awesome girlfriends and a lot of fun", he also admits "no one's stuck".

The sports-mad farmer is on the lookout for a wife who likes travel and is "athletic, adventurous and keen to have kids".

Despite spending a lot of time in Melbourne, Rob's farm is his passion.

"My wife wouldn't have to live and work there," he says, "but I hope she'd support me in living out my dreams for the farm. It's a vehicle for me to live my lifestyle, but I want to broaden my horizons and lead a more balanced life."

Ben 30 - Dairy cattle at Kiama NSW.

Ben wants to stress that he's "not your typical farmer" as he doesn't like country music or drive a ute, and makes frequent trips to the city.

Previously in the wine industry, he only moved back to the family farm a year ago and still hasn't taken to the 4am starts - particularly the effect they can have on his social life.

When it comes to women, he admits he can be superficial and wants someone he's physically attracted to. "You don't want to wake up next to a dragon", he jokes.

Ben is also looking for a "mate" he can have a laugh with, who's independent and has her own interests, friends and career.

James 36 - Sheep and wheat farmer from Deniliquin NSW.
A brush with death three years ago has changed Jame's outlook on life. "I used to be a player," he says, "but now health is wealth and I can't do what I used do."

After breaking his neck and fracturing his skull in a car accident (hopefully not at the annual Deni ute muster), James was placed in an induced coma and was given up for dead three times. he still suffers from headaches and has had to lighten his workload on the family farm he's run ever since his father developed a brain tumour. Still, he remains philosophical about his run of bad luck.

"Things can always be worse and you don't have to look too far." Now he is searching for a woman with a similar outlook. "She's got to have a good sense of humour, " he says. "You've got to be able to laugh or you'd do a lot of crying the way the job is at the moment."

Howie 30 - Sheep and Cattle farmer from Weabonga, NSW.
The bad new about Howie is that he lives on a remote property with his mum The good new is that she is keen to move away and lead her own on. (And she needs him to be with someone to do that???).

"She's only holding out until I settle," he says. " She doesn't want to hang around being a mother-in-law and looking over someone's shoulder." Back when his mum fell in love with his dad and moved to the farm, there was no running water or electricity. Times have changed and Howie now enjoys "a higher standard of living."

However he believes the right person for him will need a pioneering spirit. "She's got to be in it for more than just love, He says. "I've been in love before and it's just not enough. It's a big part of it, but she's got to love the whole package."

Nick 27 - wine maker from Wahgunyah, Vic (this guy is going to be to popular)
A member of the famous Brown Bros family, Nick is friends with farmer Jon from last year's show.

"Jon said it was a great experience," he says " He met some great people in front of -and behind -the camera." After moving around for a few years to attend uni and work as a viticulturist, Nick now lives on the family farm he inherited from his father.

"I'm settled in my own house, but there's one piece of the puzzle I haven't found yet," says Nick, who believes the show will provide "a great opportunity to meet the future Mrs Brown." His ideal woman - "She's relaxed,, fun and smiley, and can get dolled up -but also pull on jeans and get her hands dirty."

Michael 24 - Sheep and cattle farmer from Goulburn, NSW.

This fifth-generation farmer is only young but believes he's getting towards that time in life when he would like to 'start a relationship and go from there."

He admits it can be hard to meet girls and sustain relationships because of the demands of farming. "Some girls don't like it if you meet them one weekend, then the next weekend something goes pear shaped on the farm and you have to stay there, " "It is hard to be stood up for a cow."

Michael's looking for someone who loves the country lifestyle because, unlike some of the other farmers, he's not one for city life.

Link to official Nine website here.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Amazing Race - Season 3 - The Camel Who Broke The Contestant's Back

Lorena and Jason were first to depart at 4.19am from the pitstop in Amsterdam.

Teams have to fly to Ouagadougou (sic) in Burkina Faso in Africa, always a highlight when they hit this continent as it freaks out half of the contestants.

The first flight was leaving at 7.20am but it was full, however Nathan and Jennifer team were smart enough to get on the waiting list which paid off. The other flight went at 8.00am.

The 8.00am flight then got delayed out of Amsterdam ( mechanical issues) which meant it was dodgy whether they would make the connection out of Paris. Nathan and Jennifer could get a huge lead, as there was only one flight a day to Burkina Faso.

Nathan and Jennifer smirks were wiped off their faces when they realised that everyone did just make the connecting flight. Actually to be honest you could understand their disappointment.

Then the African fun began. One of the blondes was sure she was going to get robbed by the taxi driver. Their coping mechanisms just continued to wilt as the episode went on.

Take a train to Bingo which was in the middle of nowhere (I suspect an Amazing Race made up name) for the field they need to jump off at.

Roadblock time - must milk camel and drink it.

Grandpa finally was in his forte. Lorena freaked out with fear of the camel. Jennifer was in full scrag mode as she screamed at Nathan but she did make me laugh when she said “You have to be gentle you are handling nipples.”

TK & Rachel were first to complete. They then had to take four camels and walk it to the next clue box. And grandpa was in second place.

Everyone was following the other, and then they realised they were going the wrong way. Rule number one in the Amazing race, do not be a lemming and follow the crowd.

Back to the camels and Lorena was having a nervous breakdown. The blondes and one of the Hispanic sister were having a hard time getting milk out of the camel, and had to swap camels.

Next it was detour time
Teach It - choose a child who does not speak English, and teach them ten words of common items.

Learn It - must learn the mori words for ten items.

Azaria and Hendekea were very smart and memorised 5 cards each and raced through the challenge and finished it first. Then it was pit stop time and they got their first.

Oh wait back to the camels. It started storming which did not improve Lorena’s disposition. Marianna and Julia finished, And Lorena physical, spiritual and emotional breakdown was complete.

The next five teams arrived at the pitstop at virtually the same time.

It was down to the Hispanic sisters, and Jason and Lorena learning the words. Jason and Lorena ended up beating Marianna and her sister to the pit stop and they were eliminated. To be honest they should have been. When you are running second last you don't give the person running last a tip on how to finish the detour quicker.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Demelza has lost 10 cms from her hips for Next Top Model Final.

Demelza one of the final two contestants left in Australia's Next Top Model has lost 10 cms from her hips after she was told in New York by agents she was to fat.

Last nights episode which was filmed in New York had the girls meeting agents where they were assessed on whether they had the look to make it in New York.

Surprisingly Alex came out with the thumbs up with two of the agents quite positive about her being able to make in fashion. Demelza was told she was out of proportion but she also she was stunningly beautiful. Personally I don't see it, yes she is very pretty, but in a Helena Christenson category I don't think so.

Sam because of her height and bad photo shoot was eliminated. Which was a pity as I thought she was stunning in the Marlen Breton fashion retrospective. An area where Alex failed spectacularly. Her walk was robotic (that is being kind) and Alice Burdeau last years winner could barely keep the smirk off her face.

Now we have a finale between the two least nice contestants in the competition Alex and Demelza.

Anyway back to the fat issue which today's Daily Telegraph states the criticism of Demelza is sending out the wrong messages to women. I found this quite ironic considering the Tele is not know for putting pictures of over sized women in the paper (except when there is an article on obesity).

Personally I think this girl wants to be a model, and the reality is she needed to lose weight to achieve that goal. She has managed to do this by working out daily with a personal trainer five days a week. How wealthy is her family to be able to afford that?

Full story in the Daily Tele here.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 11 - Season 4

By the end of this episode Rami and Chris were going to feel either elated or disappointed as they find out which one of them will get to show at New York Fashion Week.

The challenge was to create 12 looks for fashion week. The Budget was $8000 and five months to put it together. And it was not compulsory to shop at Mood fabrics.

After 3 and half months Tim Gunn went around to look at the contestants designs and give his advice.

First stop was Christian Siriano studio is a typical tiny New York apartment - the bed has to be put away each day.

Some of his outfits bemused Tim and he said "It's a lot of look."

Jillian Lewis was next she had left her job at Ralph Lauren to concentrate getting her show together. Tim said the palette was a bit colourless, but the designs had her usual intricacies. Her style is phenomenal and wearable. She said she had been inspired by her trip to Met and the military style she saw there, she also said she had been looking at armour.

She is incredibly focused and confident of her designing ability.

Tim then went to meet her family in Long Island.

Then it is was Rami's turn to see Tim Gunn in LA. His collection was based on Joan of Arc. "I want you to pull it back a bit." said Tim.

Then it was back to New York to visit Chris March. He was using human hair on one of his jacket "I think my gag reflex is kicking in."

I loved the monkey house analogy from Tim Gunn. The punch line being Chris had been in the
monkey house far too long.

Chris took Tim to his friends house - it is a "roccoco nightmare", and it was Martha Stewart would have had a heart attack if she had seen all that wood and mirrors in one room. Tim accurately described it as Versailles.

Rami and Chris were have a clothing face off, they had to show their three strongest looks.

Christian was a bit perturbed about having to brush Chris's clothes. It was all abit ghoulish.

The judges were Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia.

Michael said "It is a little creepy to wear human hair, but you thought outside of the box."

and "the girls look over designed." Heidi said "Very creative." Heidi did look a bit like Oliva Newton John tonight. At least she wasn't wearing a head band.

Michael also added "Still costumes".

Rami's clothes got mixed reviews, they loved one of his dresses but the other two outfits attracted some criticism.

However it was unsurprising that Rami was the one selected for New York fashion week. So disappointed for Chris. Next week the finale at Bryant Park with special guest Victoria Beckham.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Politics Mixed With Reality TV - Does It Get Any Better?

A new reality TV hit for Channel 7 is Battle of the Choirs, and again 80's rock stars (Iva Davies in this show) should be grateful to this genre as it has given them a new career avenue.

However the real star of the judging panel is George Torbay who works for the Department of Education as their Chief Conductor for Choral Music. He was the only one giving constructive comments as well as showing signs of a personality.

He is the brother of the Speaker of the NSW Parliament Richard Torbay.

I only watched 10 minutes of the show but was Kochie bored or tired?

Tim Gunn has also waded into the US Presidential election by suggesting some fashion changes for the Republican candidate John McCain. He said he needs more colour and better fitting suits.

For the full assessment from the stylish Tim Gunn click here.

Australia's Next Top Model and Project Runway Cross Promote.

This week on Australia's Next Top Model, the final three girls will be in New York. One of their challenges was to model at a Project Runway former Season 3 contestant Malan Brenton's fashion retrospective.

Blogging Project Runway has a sneak preview of the episode here.

Also while web surfing on Project Runway I found this amusing US Blog called Project Rungay

Reality Tidbits

Project Runway Judge Jayson Brundson Has Testicular Cancer.

Rumours have been put to rest after the non-appearance of fashion Designer, and Project Runway judge Jayson Brundson from the social circuit last week. It has now been revealed that he has is suffering testicular cancer. He was diagnosed two weeks ago, but concluded filming his Project Runway commitments. He is now recuperating from his operation.

Article from the Sunday papers here.

Australia So You Think You Can Dance Now In Rehearsals For Top 10 Tour.
The top 10 from Australia's So You Think You Can Dance have now commenced rehearsals for the Australia wide tour. This commences next month on 5 July 2008. Daily Tele link here.

Simon Cowell Dating A 22 year old - That Is So Wrong.

An article in the UK Daily Telegraph here reveals that Simon Cowell has split from his long term girlfriend Teri Seymour, and apparently bought her a multi million dollar house as a payoff. But now is apparently seeing the 22 year old Jasmine Lennard. Isn't he close to fifty??? What do these men want in woman? He would be as old as her father. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Project Runway Judge Jayson Brundson Missing In Action This Week.
Was filming Project Runway along with all his other commitments all to much for high profile fashion designer Jayson Brundson.

An article here in the Daily Tele suggests Brundson is dealing with some personal issues. At least his PR people did not trot out the usual "exhaustion" excuse.

However the good news for him his Project Runway commitments finished up a week ago with filming of the show now completed.

Project Runway Australia will start on Arena on 7 July 2008.

Not The Week For Fashion Designers Wayne Cooper on Domestic Violence Charges.
No I am not turning this into a fashion blog, however I am sure Wayne Cooper has been a guest judge on Australia's Next Top Model...

It was revealed yesterday he was arrested at his marital home after a domestic dispute. Wayne states he will be defending the charges and the AVO. Full story with some murky details from the Daily Tele here.

Big Brother Contestant In the UK Thrown Off The Show For Threatening Comments.
UK Big Brother has turfed out a contestant from the Big Brother compound due to threatening other inmates with "Gangsta type comments."

Alexandra De Gale said her threat to order her gangster friends to gun down those who had nominated her was just "teasing" and "clever editing" had made it look worse.

The full article about the incident is here.

Big Brother Australia must be wishing something as controversial as this would happen on the show here as the ratings are low and on week nights barely getting 800,000.

Help Required - Does Anyone Know How To Download Torrents.
I will be blogging for on the Australian Project Runway series, and they would like Torrents to go with the recap so the US readers can see it.

Can someone tell me how torrents works? Do I need to sign up or be invited to join? And how do the shows get downloaded on Torrents? I presume there is some sort of lag time between the show being shown on TV and it being available on the web.

Any information on this would be gratefully received.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Project Runway Filming Moving From New York to LA

This is old news however Project Runway has moved channels from Bravo to Lifetime. This has also meant a decision has the shooting of it is moving from New York to LA.

This has elicited as much media comment as the presidential elections and reopened the LA v NYC debate.

Tim Gunn the ubiquitous New Yorker has a few things to say about the LA move in a NY Mag interview here. I cannot really see him in a SUV on the freeways embracing the LA lifestyle. But then again stranger things have happened.

Farmer Wants A Wife To Start on 30 June

Farmer Wants a Wife a surprisingly successful reality tv show for Channel 9 last year will start on 30 June.

The show is based on the six farmers who are in a chick drought, and they meet a number of girls and eventually choose two to come onto the farm with him.

Last year series has already produced a wedding of Chris and Kim. Apparently filming was held at the wedding to be shown in the first episode.

The show worked because the producers did not appear to manipulate the situation too much (well not noticeably) and genuine personalities of the 'cast' were seen.

Lets hope they continue this approach this series.

If you want to check out the Farmers before the 30 June, they can be seen on the Channel 9 website here

The Amazing Race - Season 11- Episode 2

Amazing Race Season 11 - Episode 2
Season 11 of the Amazing Race where last week Ari and Staeller were eliminated as they were last to arrive at the pitstop. They blamed an immovable donkey, but personally I blame them. First law of physics if you cannot pull something push it. Why do they think they are called asses??

First to leave the pitstop in Galway Ireland were Azaria and Hendekea a black brother and sister team, who if they can keep it together may make top three, as they have a good balance of brains and physical dexterity. However sometimes their judgement was lacking.

They were to fly to Amsterdam, take a train to Amsterdam Central Station and find a bridge for their next clue.

As they were leaving at midnight it was inevitable all the contestants would catch up.

However the early flight to Amsterdam once people transited through Dublin only had 12 seats on it.

The Asian father daughter team Richard and Christina, and Kate and Pat the lesbian clergy, may have stuffed up by stopping at a hotel to find out the flight schedule, meaning other people were able to get ahead of them in the ticket queue.

Marianna and Julia (Hispanic sisters) however did not even make it out on the flight from Galway. Though they did manage to catch up with the back pack in Dublin.

At the Dublin standby counter the ugly American came out of Nicolas (of the grandson, grandfather team) and he was rude. Not a great look when you are trying to the first one wait listed.

Ronald asian father went off at him about his manner, at first I thought that was ok that he was affronted by his behaviour, but later I realised Ronald just does not shut up and could use a lesson in how to talk appropriately to his daughter Christina.

Azaria and Hendekea took a punt and did not buy a ticket for the train from the airport so got on the first train to find the clue.

And it was detour time.
The choice was to:
Hoist it - pulley system to move furniture into an apartment.
Hunt it - must look through bikes to get the correct two bikes and then ride it five miles.

Funny that in Amsterdam that the detour did not involve rolling joints, or spotting different lingerie styles in the red light district.

Most people decided to hoist it.

Lorena & Jason (dating couple) were first to finish. They then had to get a bus to the village of Ronsdoop and locate a field for their next clue.

Jennifer & Nathan (dating couple) started yelling at each other ‘You’re a guy your meant to know how to do these things”

They then switched places and Jennifer managed to get the furniture up to the apartment.
I hope this pair stay in as it will be interesting their relationship implode over the course of the race.

The LA blondes with all their cosmetic enhancements surprisingly did a great job with it and after the detour were in third place.

The Goths Kynt and Vyxsin who finished the detour second - managed to stuff it up by getting lost finding the bus and missed the first bus that the other competitors were on. This pair is a surprise package with a good balance of skills as well as a good way to communicate.

TK and Rachel (newly dating hippie couple) were useless at the hoist it. She kept on saying it
sucked and finally she swapped with him.

However they were still ahead of the second plane load.

The hoist it challenge even with some stuff ups appeared to be quicker the hunt it challenge. As finding the appropriate bikes were time consuming.

Anyway at the field in the village of Ronsdoorp it was Roadblock time.

The Road block was ditch vaulting this was going to be muddy and messy. Just what the viewers love. Though it would have been better if they had been made to wear clogs whilst doing this.

Jason did it from his team and he got across first go. They then cycled to the pit stop to finish number won. There prize was some three wheeler bike very appropriate for a Netherlands pit stop win.

Jennifer went in waist high and took a few attempts. Fabulous Once she finally did it she was in the bicycle coming back she spat of the side and then bitched about the blondes. She is really is quite vile. Though maybe she is just being edited that way.

Again the blonds managed to do it though managed to go neck deep on the way back from collecting the clue. Are they going to be a older version of Dustin and Candice?

Meanwhile back in Amsterdam Marianna and Julia, and the lesbians both went for hunt it. The people on the last plane were all desperate to avoid elimination.

Ronald the asian father at this point did not know when to shut up and spoke in quite a derogative way to her. This ended in tears, hers not his. If this is the way he spoke to her growing up then no wonder she has issues with her father.

Kynt the goth was not happy with the roadblock “I am more a prissy guy”, as he continually got doused in the mud.

Nicolas and the grandfather decided to look and watch to see what the others were doing before deciding on who would do the Roadblock. The grandfather decided he would do it. Nicolas said “this could be a costly decision.” It did ugly, especially once he took his clothes off.

Asian daddy did not shut up at the roadblock at his daughter - nothing is more irritating then that. At the pitstop he did say “I am a bit crass how I treat my daughter.”

The Lesbian priests who were lovely were last to arrive at the Roadblock and therefore were eliminated. I did note that the ditch judges let them through on a jump that Christina had continually been doing and being told she had to go back and do it again. However I suppose by this stage the camera crew just wanted to pack up and go home.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reality Tidbits

No Bagels in New York for Demelza from Australia's Next Top Model.
Demelza last night was pretty excited to be in the final 3 and on the plane to New York. However her time there may not have been all that great. The model agencies they met told her she needed to lose weight as her body was too pear shaped.

This assessment will probably ensure she is not this series Next Top Model. Article here.

For The Trully Reality TV Obsessed - Here is A List of the Top 10 Reality TV villians.

Omarosa from The Apprentice was number one. Johnathan from the Johnathan and Victoria couple on The Amazing Race was second. Who could ever forget the famous scene where he nearly hit her at the pit stop in Berlin. I must google to try and find out if they are still together.

Third was Johnny Fairplay from Survivor. He has just been on Fans V Favourites Survivor which has already screened in the US, but now talk about when we are going to see it here.

For the full list of villians click Here./ I was surprised Jade from Next Top Model didn't make the list.

American Idol judges V So You Think You Can Dance Judges - How Do They Compare?

The New York Daily News has a light hearted article comparing the judging panels of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. I got the impression the journo thought So You Think You Can Dance panel has a better balance and gives a better critique.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - Final 4

This show is really turning into bland versus blander. Are any of these girls interesting?

Tonight's challenge where the girls had to meet the media was pretty boring. The only highlight was Ian Thorpe, and Charlotte Dawson throwing questions to the girls in a fake red carpet situation on foreign affairs issues.

Really when was the last time Kate Moss was thrown a question on the situation in Tibet? The situation was as fake as Charlotte's breast and newly enhanced lips.

The winner of the media challenge was won by Samantha who took Demelza along to her prize which was to attend a puma function.

For Alex the trout pout saga continued when she lied to the media about the judges on the show telling her to get the collagen lips. How do Uni students get the money for cosmetic enhancements? I could barely pay my rent when I was at college, let alone designer clothes like these girls have.

After a difficult photo shoot where style director Johnathan Pease not saying a word, so different from Jay Manuel, it was elimination time.

Demelza who has fluffed the past few shoots managed to scrape through to the final three, whilst Caris who has taken some amazing shots was eliminated, apparently due to her height.

Bring back Tyra I say this Australian series is just way too boring.

Reality Tidbits

Your Not a Reality TV Star If You Haven't Had a Court Appearance.

Todd McKenney is not the only reality TV star having to front court this year (we won't go into the planted drug saga) with AJ Rochester, the host of The Biggest Loser, being charged with Centrelink fraud.

Ms Rochester was meant to be in court today, however her solicitor appeared for her. The magistrate decided that was not good enough and has deferred the court case until July 8 and ordered her to appear.

She is currently in Fiji on holiday, so any relaxation she gets will soon be negated by her upcoming court appearance. Related article here.

Big Brother Must Have Been Hoping For Renaee To Be Pregnant To Improve Ratings
It has been revealed that Big Brother made Renaee take a pregnancy test whilst on the show. It was reported that she was showing symptoms of nausea, vomiting and weight gain.

Unfortunately for BB producers it was negative. Kyle Sandilands return has not improved the mediocre ratings for this years series.

The full report on the preg scare is here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Project Runway - Tim Gunn Reveals That Victorya Was a Scrag

Watching tonight's Project Runway 'Reunion Special' and I could not help notice that Victorya just looked like she did not want to be there.

Luckily I found an interview that outlined that this moodiness was not a one off.

Below is the excerpt from the interview (as full transcript reveals who won):

Maureen Ryan: I don’t really understand why she was so upset. Can you explain that to me?

Tim Gunn: “She was sourpuss, a crabby apple as I keep saying, throughout almost all the show, other than Days 1, 2 and 3. She became this sour pill. Rich Bye, one of the executive producers, and I had two off camera interventions with her. I said to her, ‘You know what makes me beside myself is the fact that there are thousands of designers who would love to be in your place. What’s the matter with you?’

“She said, ‘I never dreamed the experience of being on the show would be like this.’ We said, ‘What do you mean?’ ‘I never dreamed we’d only have a day for challenges, that we wouldn’t have any breaks.’ ‘But you said you saw the show.’ She said, ‘I assumed it was cheated.’ I said, ‘Then you only have your own delusions to blame.’ She was really angry and bitter.
“On one occasion – they edited this out, I knew they would – we were at Mood [Fabrics], and I’m handing out money. They each have $250 dollars. She collects the envelopes from all the designers and hands them back to me. She said, ‘I want you to count it.’ I just stared at her. ‘You want me to do what?’

“She wanted me to count the money in each envelope. I looked to the producer on site with us, and I said, ‘I’m not doing this, am I?’ and he said, ‘The rules say that if a designer asks for the money to be counted, we have to count it.’ I said, ‘Fine,’ and asked why she wanted it counted. And she had pulled out this sheaf of papers – she had the rules with her – and she said, ‘I don’t believe that we all have the same amount of money.’ Why would we do that? If someone didn’t have the right amount, wouldn’t they come to me? So I counted the money.

“But that’s what it was like dealing with her. She actually said about Jack’s departure that we had engineered him leaving because he wasn’t a pretty face anymore. I just said to her, ‘I fundamentally don’t understand why you can’t understand that he is seriously ill. Furthermore, it’s a MRSA [infection]. We are all at risk.’ But she said we were forcing him out and that shouldn’t happen and we should have a hearing or something.”

MR: That explains what the hostility was about in the reunion special. I think I get that now.

TG: “I still don’t understand [what was going on with her]. She was at the finale party last night. I said to myself, ‘What are you doing here? Why are you here, you’ve disassociated yourself from the show, supposedly, but you’re here?’
“I will say this too, as sour as she is, she is extremely talented.”

For the full interview which gives Tim Gunn view on Season Four, however big spoiler alert as it tells you the winner click here.

Reality Tidbits

Australia's Next Top Model "Style Director" Johnathan Pease Dating Model.
Johnathan Pease is a walking cliche as he is now dating model April Pengilly. At least he is not dating any of the girls from the show. Apparently they have been dating for about a month.

Personally I find him particularly unattractive but then again he is on TV and some girls like that. Link to article here with a particularly ordinary photo of Pease.

Gretel Killeen Like Most Off Us - Cannot Watch Big Brother.
Former Big Brother host Gretel Killeen says she has no regrets about leaving Big Brother. Gretel sums it up nicely when she talks about the low rating show saying "I think it is much better not to have seen it." I couldn't have said it better myself!

Full story here.

Apparently Kyle Sandilands had been taking note of the positive publicity Mike Goldman was obtaining when he was stand in host, and he showed a much warmer side to himself on last nights eviction show.

Rumours have also been flying about the show (probably started by the Producers) that Tara Reid, and/or Adam Sandler would be on the show - I will be surprised if either appear.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - Media Conference

In this weeks upcoming episode it is time for the last four girls to face the media.

Shelley Horton from the Sun-Herald who was there participating at the press conference reports that some of the girls handled it better then the others.

She said that:

Alexandra Girdwood is as much of a know-it-all as she comes across on screen. She was even caught in a lie claiming that Foxtel asked her to have her lips enhanced when in fact the judges are constantly saying how much they hate the surgical trout pout.

Samantha Downie shone. She was playful, cheeky and engaging. She hoped her likeability will mean she goes through to the end.

Caris Eves is completely forgettable. She said she was not the brightest crayon in the box.

Demelza Reveley owned up to the bullying stunts she pulled on Alamela. She revealed she had been bullied at school and showed remorse. Shelly said she had either learnt her lesson or found away to manipulate the media.

Reality Tidbits

Project Runway Host Kristy Hinzes Won't Be Taking Her Boyfriend To The Seniors Week Concert.

Kristy Hinzes billionaire boyfriend Jim Clarke has come out to Australia for a visit while she is fulfilling her Project Runway duties.

Kristy is 27 years old and Jim is 63. Now Kristy states that it is not his bank account that she finds attractive.

"He is charismatic, handsome, funny and down-to-earth," Hinze said recently of her 63-year-old beau.
"What more could anyone want in a partner?"

Somehow I think that if she had a met a teacher with those same characteristics she would not be dating him. But then again if Kristy did not have gorgeous long legs and a beautiful face, he would not be dating her.

Survivor Gabon is having Production Difficulties.
The next season of Survivor is already in production, even though Australian viewer are yet to see the Survivor Fan's V Favourites series. David Gyngell if you are reading this put it on instead of those hideous Bert Newton 20 to 1 shows.

Anyway Jeff Probst is now in Gabon, Africa and there have been problems from encroaching animals and late shipments. Full article on the logistical issues here.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Reality Tidbits

For Rami fans of Project Runway - he designed a dress out of money for Heidi Klum.

Blogging Project Runway has a great photo of Heidi Klum, Project Runway host, dressed in a dress by Rami Kashou. It looks amazing even without his signature draping.

Kyle Sandilands Doesn't Give A Rats That People Prefer Mike Goldman As Host of Big Brother Then Him - More concerned about having to cut down on Coca-Cola.
Kyle Sandiland was off sick for two weeks while he battled pneumonia, whist Big Brother battled falling ratings said he was unconcerned that Mike Goldman was better received as host then Kyle and Jackie have been.

Kyle's constant sarcasm and rudeness is not captivating the viewing audiences.

The 37 year old has been told he needs to 10kgs, and cut down his caffiene consumption - all of which he does not think he will do at this point of time.

Full story here here.

Big Brother Now Seen As A Career Move.
Whatever happened to just appearing on Big Brother and once your time was over you just went back to your normal life. Now most contestants seem to think that once they have appeared on TV that their further fame must continue. Now most of the girls just do a mens magazine thread. However last weeks evictee Renaee said she would like to host an extreme sports show.

I liked Renaee (what I have seen in the three BB episodes I have watched.) But seriously does she really think she has the personality, charisma or intelligence to host a tv show! Sadly I think she will back to Dubbo sooner then she thinks. If she wants a career change maybe she should go to Uni. Article here.

I think it is doubtful if there is another Big Brother next year that he and Jackie will be hosting.

Clearly Jackie's and Kyles publicity machine has been everywhere this week, every paper I have opened there has been an interviews of one or the other. Personally I think Kyle has become far too over exposed. One of Kyle's interviews from the Sunday papers if interested is here.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 10 - Season 4

Final Five the pressure was on as the much wanted prize to show at Bryant Park was oh so close. However tonight two contestants were to be eliminated.

Tonight’s challenge was to involve a last field trip and it ended up at the iconic Metropolitan Museum, and lucky them they got to go without any other people there. That itself would be amazing not tripping over other tourists and being blinded by their flashing cameras.

The challenge was to choose a work of art which will serve as an inspiration for their outfit they design. However the were limited to three wings the Greek and Roman, European wing, and the Temple of Dendur.

Rami was predictably excited with the Roman and Greece wing - fit in with his draping style. Thought he was risking being a bit samey.

The challenge details were - Budget $300, 1 hour to sketch, 30 mins at Mood.

Christian was inspired by Spanish aristocrat from the European wing. Sweet P was inspired by a Peacock and , Rami inspired by Aphrodite.

Jillian was inspired by Scene from the Story of the Argonauts, and Chris’s was a Portrait of a 18th century aristocrat.

Christian was getting on peoples nerves as he rubs in his fast sewing in other contestant’s face. After all these episodes I am unsure if I like Christian, however for a 21 year old I admire is talent and confidence.

Jillian particularly bites at Christian’s snide remarks as she is soooo slow. It is amazing she has finished every challenge.

Sweet P was not helped that her model was a no show at the fitting apparently because of a family emergency. She ended up turning up 2 hours before the end of the second day.

Chris was so relaxed he went for a nap, as he thought he was finished. Tim Gunn was not so sure and went and woke him up and told him he cannot be finished. “Is it wow enough?” Tim also told him he was worried about it. However Chris remain relaxed.

The final runway show had arrived and Heidi had even had a makeover for the occasion a haircut which was shaggy and cut with a fringe.

Judges were Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and guest judge was Roberto Cavalli.

Christian - “I tried to create as many pieces in it.” Rob C “Loved it” as did all the judges.

Chris - Robert C said “Most artistic of you” He had not seen the previous design that it had been so similar to. However the same could not be said for Michael Kors. Who said “ A little reminiscent of a previous design”. Nina Garcia also was critical of the shoulder saying it was very similar.

Jillian was praised and they thought it was great. And it was fabulous the black tailored jacket lined with gold with a sassy little gold dress underneath.

Sweet P was always going to be in trouble with Michael Kors liking it but not overwhelmed.

Robert Cavello said “Should have done something more”.

Rami was told by Robert Cavello that it was “Too normal”, Michael K “Expected more from you. Predictable”. Nina Garcia said “I want to see you out of this box.” she meant the draping box.

Christian was the winner of the challenge, with Jillian also taking a spot at Bryant Park.

Sweet P was eliminated.

The judges then told Chris and Rami they were both in as the judges had been deadlocked. However there was a catch. Only one was going to make it to fashion week. They will have to show their three strongest looks from their collection and then the judges will decide which of the two will showcase at Bryant Park.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Are There Enough Tall Skinny Girls in Australia for These Modelling Shows?

Channel 7 and Foxtel will be competing for the lanky beautiful girl to fill their modelling shows. Which makes me wonder after four seasons of Australia's Next Top Model if they have all been found.

Australia's Next Top Model is rating so well that Foxtel is auditioning for the next series, Season 5, next month. You can register at

However that is not the only modelling in the next few weeks. Channel 7 will start auditioning from mid June for their new modelling program Search For A Supermodel. This show bought from the UK which can be seen on pay tv. Channel 7 will have the benefit as this show is multi sex, as they have male model contestants as well. The link to information on the auditions is here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - Top Six

After the surprise double elimination episode last week, it was off to Fiji for the lucky last six models. Are there any nice girls left in the competition? They all keep bitching about each other or crying. To be frank none of them have a fabulous personality.

Imagine if Jade from America’s Next Top Model was thrown in there she would make mincemeat out of them and completely psyche them out. Caris would have left with a nervous breakdown by now.

Demelza who bitches about everyone was now bitching about Alyce (her friend) and said she thought she should have been the one to go home. Once the girls have watched all the episodes is anyone going to talk to her at the live finale. And Alyce was pissed with Alex for making the cup cakes - it was not like she was a goose being force fed down a tube to make foie gras.

On the flight over to Fiji they had to do a catwalk show for the passengers. It was hilarious seeing the blokes perving on the models.

“Fiji is so beautiful” as they went passed ramshackle houses.

However the villa at the resort looked great - especially the two bottles of verve
lying in ice.

Johnathan Pease emerged from the beach with his scrawny legs in shorts, he seriously has a
charisma by pass. First photo shoot - brief was to be relaxed and real, and subtle. Citi clothes worn. Alex was first and she was given the relax your mouth talk. Trout pout again reemerged as an issue this week. Was her immovable mouth going to hinder her modelling career. Having a non moving face has not hindered Nicole Kidman’s acting career.

Alyce was next and over posed. As the photographer Christopher said “Always sticking your tits out.” He also said “I think she is ugly but she did a good job.” This guy needs to be on the show more, he just came up with some great one liners which made “style director” Johnathan Pease look even blander then he actually is.

Demelza has become super competitive and said she wants to win the comp, but she had issues with the blustering wind and had to hold her skirt down as they did not want any Henson controversy on Top Model.

Photographer Christopher continued his one liners.

On Sam he said “To vampy I am feeling a bit raped.”

Caris was crying again.. Is she going to blow it like Leiden? She got told off because she only spent 15 mins on the running machine. Johnathan gave her a hard slap (metaphorically speaking) and told her your old enough not to cry over these things. She ended up doing a good shoot. Will Caris be the eventual winner?

Caris won the shoot and the prize was a camcorder and a day in the spa, and she picked Alex to accompany her.

For the losers they were going to have to clean the resort. Is this show turning into The Simple Life? I really did not see the point of this it is a modelling show.

It was swimsuit shoot time. Russell James is the photographer him with the glittering CV and Fabio hair style. He managed to name drop that he had photographed Halle Berry.

No surprise when Jodhi turned up with the Tigerlilly bikinis. She told us that Tigerlily is for the
beach not the pool. Personally I couldn’t quite get the difference, but I don’t have a thesis in swimwear.

Rebecca was choking. Sam looked amazing. Caris again did a good shoot. Demelza also got the thumbs up. The more they tell Alyce not to pose the more she does. “She was struggling with the basics.” said Pease.

They were flown back to Sydney for the elimination.
Sam’s photographs were great - a dark horse maybe to take the title.

Rebecca did not fare well.

Demelza was found there was connectivity with the camera. They gushed over her.

Alyce was told the level of ordinariness of her shots. The asked her if she has given up. Tears came.

Caris photo was told her shot was a Tigerlily. Alex Perry she will be a movie star.

Alex got mixed reviews with negative comments for the first shot, and positive for the swimsuit shot.

Bottom two were Alyce and Rebecca the two friends clutching and crying to be frank I couldn’t give a damn who got the chop. Rebecca was eliminated.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 9 - Season 4

Tonight’s episode was always going to be wild with the unconventional nature of the challenge, but hey that is what makes Project Runway such fun.

Four boys, and two girls left. As Jillian said “I hope a girl gets to make it to fashion week.”

Christian was still bitching about Ricky winning - “There were ruffles not even seams.” Have to agree Ricky is lightweight and I am surprised he made it this far.

It was field trip time, of course this made for much speculation.

Chris with an evil glint in his eye said “Maybe they would go as far as drag queens”. Oh so close especially as there were all fake boobs in the challenge.

They didn’t go far for the field trip just down a lift, where they stood outside the door and heard some loud moaning.

Christian thought they were sex moans - what type of sex does he have? At this point I felt my age.

The doors opened to reveal female wrestlers in a wrestling ring. Tim Gunn barely retained his dignity getting into the ring.

The Challenge was to create an outfit for the diva’s to wear in the ring.

They even went to a different material shop from Mood House - Spandex House.
This challenge they had 5 hours on day one and all day on day two.

Even though the challenge was difficult, and outside most of the designer’s comfort zone, but everyone was having a laugh. Chris March was in his element.

Sweet P, however was not, her client thought the white fabric was not wild enough. So she started adding feathers, rhinestones to make it as tacky as possible.

At this point the designer’s started to discuss what their wrestlers name would be. Sweet P’s was going to be spread eagle. However this was going to be the only thing to make her smile that day as Tim Gunn told her again to fix the outfit.

She was worried this challenge was going to leave her on the canvas.

Judges were Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Richie Rich and Trevor Rains from Heatherette.

Ricky’s looked like a tacky swimsuit, with a poorly made gold lame dress over the top.

Rami whose outfit looked good on the dummy looked bad on the peroxide blond. There was just to much hot pink. The designers should have also had to write an essay on the differences between a wrestler and strippers outfit.

Jillian’s sporty blue sexy number got the thumbs up from the judges. Michael Kors said “Played off something classic but gave it some sizzle.”

Rami was going for the girl next door look. Michael Kor said “I don’t get any Americana out of this”

Christian’s leather and lace outfit got glowing reviews. It was pretty good - for a 21 year old this kid has a lot of talent.

Sweet P’s outfit was told it looked a bit unfinished. Michael Kors said “You got to go for the drama.”

Chris in a matching leopard outfit rocked. Michael Kor in an awed tone said “It looks expensive.”
Quite an accomplishment for a wrestling outfit.

Ricky got a pasting, Nina Garcia “I like it as a bathing suit. The gold dress is not helping the cause.” Ricky gets tears welling up in his eyes.

Chris won the challenge. “I won the tackiest challenge, which I found very funny.” Christian looked pissed he did not win it.

Bottom two were Ricky and Sweet P.

Ricky was eliminated. Yeah about time he should have gone weeks ago most of his designs were uninspiring, and his personality was bland a big negative in reality tv land.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Model Agent Criticises Australia's Next Top Model To Promote Own Model Search.
In the SMH today Chic Management's Kathy Ward criticised the very popular Australia's Next Top Model.

She said that while the reality TV show might occasionally uncover some talent, the format was a far from ideal environment for young women aspiring to a career on the catwalk."It takes them away from their families and exposes them to controversy," she said. "I think that with young girls who really want to get into modelling, their families will protect them and not let them go into a house and expose them to other girls like that. Obviously [they have some protection] but I just don't think it's a particularly good environment for young girls to start in."

However it was revealed her agency was involved in the show for the first two season, before Priscilla's Management took over. Clearly Kathy had no qualms about the show then.

Nor of criticising the show to promote the new modelling competition they are involved in.

Chic Management is one of the sponsors of Replay Faces 2008 (, a new national online model-search competition, to be launched by Erin McNaught on Wednesday.

Link to SMH article here.

Guy Sebastian and wife Jules Home from Honeymoon after Shock Death In the Family.
Season 1 winner of Australian Idol Guy Sebastian and his new wife Jules have flown home from their honeymoon in Paris after the shock death of Jules older brother Andrew.

Andrew who was at their wedding a few weeks ago is suspected to have taken his own life. He leaves behind a wife and young child. A very distressing situation for all their family.

Condolences to all.

Big Brother Continuing to Decline - Gretel Must Be Watching With Amusement.
Big Brother lost me weeks ago with all the twist and turns, and over manipulations. And they continue to try and revive it by adding more intruders to the house. Just leave it be and let the personalities evolve by themselves. Remember the first three seasons???

Anyway the new hosts continue to come in for criticisms. Today Jackie who is suppose to play good cop is now heard to be cold towards the housemates.

The former housemates have said she is cold" and "rude" to the contestants. Link to Daily Tele article here.

For those who care Dixie was evicted last night.