Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Onadrought update on Makeover Night

Well, I might have to stop writing-off fat men, because fat men can become thin men, and some of them can look hot! I am referring to the makeover tonight, but I'll get to that later.

Last night was elimination and as I thought that Alison was the bigger threat, it would be her to go. I must just not be very insightful as everyone I spoke today, knew it was going to be Nicola, due to ex-Blues and Blacks not voting out a blue. At the water cooler today, the opinion is that all the Reds will go first.

Cosi curses the lack of strategy, but it's been a lot more about loyalty this year. It's interesting about what sets the vibe for a team. The Blues have been nicer from word go, whereas the Reds have always had a bit of a nasty edge. So it was only a surprise to me that Nicola was given the boot.

Two months after elimination, Nicola was looking hot. She revealed that no one had ever asked her out, so we can again see that fatness can be quite a chastity belt. She's always been a good looking girl, so what's wrong with the men out there? Can't they handle a few curves?

Tonight we saw the difference between Americans and Aussies. I found Jillian brash. When they were all sitting around together she ordered Bryce to go put on his Black shirt, when they are now no longer in teams. I can also understand why she was pissing him off in training. He's not a cry-baby, but her American hoo-ha was just a bit too much.

Now, back to the makeover. The contestants looked hot. I wondered how they were going to transform Garry and they did. Thank god they got rid of that beard. Maybe he too is one step closer to losing his virginity.

One thing about the show is that you have to be fat to go on the show, but you can't be ugly. Just about all contestants in every series has been attractive. This is so that when they lose weight, we can go WOW. Otherwise, they lose weight and if they are still ugly, people might think, "what's the point?".

Cosi was first out on the catwalk and he looked great with his straight hair. He looked hot. He started getting weepy, when he was talking to Michelle about his girlfriend, and lo and behold his girlfriend appeared. It was a heartfelt moment with them hugging, but he probably stayed hugging for so long so as not to reveal too much in his new Levis slimfits. Surely they must let the partners stay the night.

It continued like that with all of them looking amazing. Bryce, what a transformation! His girlfriend will think she is with a new man or will he be like Adro (series 1) and need a bit of nip and tuck? Probably not as he didn't have the man boobs like some of them do.

So this week, we are going to see Cosi slip and have a pig out. Also one contestant puts on weight, so I think that means they automatically go.

Anyway, not only does this show motivate me to exercise, I might even start giving fat guys a chance.

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