Thursday, April 17, 2008

American Idol Mariah Carey Elimination Night

Who needs power polls when you just have to listen to the loudness of the cheering of the audience when their favourite gets to sing their solo part in the group song. The two David's had the loudest cheers, with Carly Smithson and Kristy-Lee barely getting a whimper.

I noticed Courtney Love in the audience tonight why don't the Producers get her on the show as mentor. Now that would be a wild ride - the contestants could choose between Hole and Nirvana songs. I could see David Archuleta struggling with that.

Tonight Ryan the contestants were not sent straight to the couch or the stools. Idols were told to stand on either sides of the stage.

David Cook and Kristy Lee was standing together and Jason Castro and Carly Smithson were on the other side.

It was then time for home viewer phone in. I know some blogs bag out this segment, but I think it is fun, and a good filler.

One of the questions was did Kristy-Lee get to buy her horse back that she sold to get to the auditions. The answer was no. This selling horse thing seemed to be not ring true with me. I don't think it was her only option for cash. Were all her credit cards maxed out? She does not look like she is struggling.

David Cook was savvy enough to answer yes to the question of whether he was single. Why risk having his female voters move to Jason Castro by admitting he was seeing someone.

Then it was time for Mariah Carey to sing a song from her new album. It was typically Mariah, boring but with good vocals. If the Spice girls do reform again Mariah can join them as Mutton Spice.

Then time to go back to the elimination. Brooke joined the Cook side of the stage, and Syesha the Jason/Carly side of the stage, which meant David A still backstage was sure to be safe.

Ryan then asked David Cook to swap with Syesha, which left three girls on one side, you didn't need to be a member of mensa to work out who was bottom three.

David A was then called out and told he was safe. Ryan then was evil (in a fun way) and asked David to join the group he thought was safe. Of course he didn't and sat down in the middle of the stage. Then Ryan brought the safe group over and David Cook and Jason Castro sat down with him. Carly in a skirt knew that it would be very ugly if she sat down so remained standing.

Syesha was told she was safe and then it was down to Brooke and Kristy-Lee. Then Brooke had the temerity to sass at Simon when he was giving his opinion on whether America got it right. For the record he thought they did. He then said stated the obvious to her "Well one of you has to go home."
Kristy-Lee was eliminated, ironically on a week when she wasn't the worse singer.

Can you guys get rid of Brooke next week her holier then thou image is really starting to grate. Brooke you are on a show where you are getting judged - deal with it.

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