Sunday, April 27, 2008

Todd McKenney Found Passed Out In Park With Drugs - Alleges Drink Spiking

In an article in the Sun Herald today it says that Dancing With the Stars judge, Todd McKenney was found passed out in Rushcutters Bay Park at 3.30pm, an ambulance was called and they revived him.

Which begs the question how long had he been passed out there, and how many of those eastern suburb joggers in this fairly busy park ran passed with out stopping to see if he was alright? Memo to self if going to have a drug overdose do not do it in the uncaring Eastern Suburbs even if wearing designer gear.

McKenney alleges he was was a victim of drink spiking, but lucky for him the drug he was allegedly spiked with was found on his person - GBH - so no need to get those blood tests to find out what had been taken. He has been charged with possession. He states he will defend these charges vigorously.

McKenney was at a friends party when the 'incident' occurred.

I am sure he took these actions at the time:
  • Obviously at the time he started to feel progressively sick whilst drinking his vodka and tonic he found a friend or person to tell them something wasn't quite right;
  • Obviously when his behaviour appeared to be not normal for him, his friends wondered what was going on, and tried to make sure he was ok.
  • Obviously the person who spiked the drink thought he might like some more later and left some on his person. Clearly that was a world first - a generous drink spiker.
  • Obviously he is ensuring that the NSW Police interview people at the party to find out if the drink spiking occurred to anyone else.

He will front court on May 16 and he will bring the usual array of character references, which clearly helped when he was fronting another magistrate on Driving Under the Influence charge whilst driving a probationary licence.

Mix 106.5 can expect a much needed boost in listeners to here Todd talk about it. Or will he pull the much used it is before the courts excuse.


Anonymous said...

I believe this is now a court matter, so I would suggest not making any further comment.
Your tongue in cheek smart arse comments are cute but not called for.
Speculation will not help anybodies cause.

Reality Raver said...

Last time I looked the sub judice rules did not apply to bloggers.

Anonymous said...