Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Australia's Next Top Model's in New York

In America's Next Top Model the final six models get to go overseas. In Australia's version the top three get to go overseas - but Tyra's show probably has a huge budget.

Jodhi Meares the host of Australia's Next Top Model has flown out with the final three for a modelling shoot in New York. They will also catch up with last years winner Alice Burdeau who is apparently getting heaps of work.

The show will have completed filming by the time in commences on 22 April on Fox 8.

Survivor - Interview With Jeff Probst - some contestant once smuggled in matches up his butt!
This now results in every contestant now being stripped searched prior to the show. Nice one Richard Hatch.

In the interview Jeff Probst reveals how the contestants are picked, and also he reveals he is no longer seeing his survivor girlfriend Julie Berry.

Full article here.

American Idol to Eliminated Two Contestants this Week.
Apparently Ryan Seacrest revealed it on his radio show that there is a double elimination this week. Is this a first? This may back up the rumour that there will be a wildcard entry back into the show for a previous contestant.

I have to confess I am quite looking forward to the Dolly Parton mentoring show.


soobee said...

Not a first, RR, re: double eliminations. Last year, after Idol gives back, both Chris and Phil were eliminated. But they both had a week in between. It would make more sense if two were eliminated AFTER Idol Gives Back, but we'll see.

Reality Raver said...

They have never done that in Australia. Is there any reason for it?

soobee said...

Well, they did it logistically last year. They didn't want to let anyone go during Idol Gives Back, and that may happen again this year (which is next week). Last year, Chris and Phil were in the bottom two, but they just let both go as a duo. They were good pals (along with Blake), so maybe it's just as well. It was kind of weird, but it was also nice that they didn't have to worry about it during the special show. I also think they knew before the show began (not positive, though).

I won't give any spoilers about tonight's show except to say that someone in the bottom three suprised me and the person going home did not.