Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reality Tidbits

The Difference Between Two Newspapers Commentating On The Todd McKenney Incident.

The Daily Tele article here takes a more cynical view of the incident with them saying when the police arrived and searched him he told them the vial was GBH. Also witnesses said he was dancing until 5.00am in the morning.

Whilst the SMH(hard copy only) have taken a more compassionate line saying that the Sydney Star Observer had reported last week there was a increase in drink spiking incidents in the gay and Lesbian community.

Aussie American Idol Contestant May Be Coming Out For A Promotional Visit.
Michael Johns the Aussie blues/soul/rock singer who was a shock a elimination a few weeks ago may be coming out to Australia next week for a quick promotional visit for Fox 8.

Another highlight for the singer has been being invited to the White House and meeting Condeleeza Rice, Secreatary of State who apparently was a big fan.

He also said he has some record labels interested in him and an album may be out next year.

Full story here.

Big Brother to have a snap eviction
Their first night was more Survivor then BB after the 14 contestants were told they were staying outside the house for the night. Also they were told they had to choose one person to evict today. It will be interesting to see who they pick.

Full story here.

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