Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Project Runway Episode 3

The episode opened with us finding out Christian was not Mr Popularity in the male residence, with one of the boys saying "If they had gotten rid of Christian[last episode] there would have been no one who would have cried."

At least Christian makes good TV.

The challenge for this episode was to make an outfit for Tiki Barber a former gridiron player and current personality on the Today show.

The design was to fit his weird body of thick neck, fat butt, and small waist. Also it had to be something he could wear on TV.

Budget was $150, they had 30 mins to design it, and 30 mins in Mood Design Material shop, and a day and a half to make it.

This was particularly difficult as most of the designers do not do menswear.

Jack took off his shorts and undid them to make a pattern which was not against the rules, but did elicit some bitching from the others.

Day 2 they had 15 hours to complete, and midway through there was a morale booster for all of the women and most of the guys when the male models were brought in for fittings. There was a lot of ogling as they were disrobing.

Steven suddenly got how straight guys felt in a room full of female models - he previously had been bewildered by there enthusiasm.

Elisa who is apparently quite shy turned her back and said the only man she had intimately fitted was her boyfriend.

Seven hours to go and another distraction was brought in Ginny Barber - Tiki's wife to assess the early look of the designs. She liked most of them but was a bit dubious about Carmen's, thought it may be a bit to casual for TV.

Everyone was having trouble finishing and Kevin decided not to go with a jacket but a waistcoat. Jack gave up on a third piece and just stuck with pants and a shirt. Ricky was trying to do to much and with 50 mins to go said "I am fucked".

By 1.00am no one had finished.

In the morning Sweet P said her shirt was a disaster. Chris reassured her with "Honey there are way worse things going on then that." - that was quote of the episode.

Carmen didn't have a shirt so had to drape the material over the models shoulder before putting the jacket on.

Tim Gunn just about needed a cattle prod and a very stern voice saying it is time to go to the runway to get the designers out of the room.

The judges were Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Tiki Barber, and of course Heidi Klum.

Christian thought his design was the most interesting., whilst Ricky and Carmen's were a disaster.

Six designers were left on the runway, three with the highest score, and three with the lowest score.

Kate pants, shirt and fleece jacket got positive reviews. Tiki said "I like it - it is conservative like me."

Sweet P whose had designed pants, shirt (neck was all over the shop ), and tie was told by Michael Kors the tie was well made if the "guy was 5 foot 3." Tiki called the look "Messy conservative."

Jack two piece conservative pin stripes shirt and pants was given the thumbs up by Tiki. He said "Simple, textures I love." Nina did comment that there were only two pieces, but the consensus was they were very well made.

Ricky had three piece suit that even Lowes wouldn't stock. "Sloppy" said Tiki, and "Why these colours" questioned Nina, "boring".

Kev pants shirt and vest in purple made Heidi say "More David Beckham, then Tiki". However Tiki said "I like the vest".

Carmen got a dressing down by the judges. Michael Kors who said her unfinished outfit was unacceptable. Tiki said "The short jacket would have everyone looking at my butt." Heidi did not see this as a negative thing.

The winner was Jack which meant Tiki would wear the outfit on the Today show.

Sweet P was safe as her outfit was the lesser of the three disasters, and Carmen was eliminated. Ricky was very lucky he is clearly out of his depth.

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