Monday, April 7, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - Final Six revealed.

The show started with a Project Moda choreographed cheesy group number which was a cross between jazz, and swing. It appeared to be set in the 1930's depression era. But I could have misinterpreted the whole dance as I started losing concentration half way through.

Natalie Bassingthwaite shimmied on stage looking very glam, she always looks so much better when she is flashing those mega fake tan legs of hers.

In contrast Matt Lee looked like he had just rolled out of bed.

I had not realised there was going to be a revival of the Love Boat until I saw Rhys dressed up as Captain Stubbing, I am not sure if he would make a good Captain, but the part of Gopher would be perfect for him.

Graeme also revealed that if the So You Think You Can Dance dream ends he could consider auditioning for Australian Idol, with a surprisingly nice singing voice.

First the top four girls were bought on stage, and it was no surprise that Vanessa and Rhiannon were in the bottom four.

Again with the boys it was unsurprising that Henry and Graeme were in the bottom four.

Bonnie Lythgoe and Matt Lee both agreed Australia had got it right.

One Republic were the special guest band tonight. They were obviously trying to prove their musical credibility with the variety of instruments on stage, but the song had the most repetitive chorus since Kylie Minogue's hit Breathe (It Won't Be Long Now).

All four solos were great, however it was ironic that Rhiannon's and Henry's were the most impressive.

Then it was revealed Rhiannon was eliminated from the competition, probably the one week where she didn't deserve to go. She said in her closing speech that her dream was to get a recording contract, so maybe she will audition for Idol? I am sure a lot of people will miss seeing her toned abdomen each week, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Facebook page dedicated to it.

Matt Lee obviously thought Vanessa was going when he said to Rhiannon "I thought you had another week in you"

The shock of the night was Henry being eliminated. Did the tears the week before lose him some fans? Is Australia still so unreconstructed that we don't like to see men cry?

Anyway his recap revealed just how bad his long hair looked, and just how good he looked with a hairy chest.

I am sure both of these dancers will dance professionally in the future.


soobee said...

Really? Vanessa is still in the competition? She's rather lucky. I expect her to go next week (Kate and Demi better not be; come on, Australians, vote for them!!!). I think Rhiannon might have gotten hit with her comments last week. As for Henry, I've been less and less impressed with him and more Graeme, though I still think Jack and Rhys belong in the final four.

And yes, I'm posting this without seeing either the performance show or the results show, but going on RR's comprehensive summaries. THANK YOU, RR.

*shaking fist at SYTYCDA*

soobee said...

I changed my mind. I preferred Henry over Graeme (and definitely Rhiannon over Vanessa). But neither partnership was all that great, really.

Reality Raver said...

I think Vanessa is very lucky, as I am not sure she has been in a standout routine, though one of her contemporary routines was good.

My problem with Vanessa that even though her technique is beautiful, her face is like she has never forgotten what her ballet teacher said to her before her six year old concert - just get on stage and smile.

Even in her solo last night which was good, she just had the same expression (the fixed) smile throughout.

soobee said...

I don't get the whole Vanessa love. Yes, she's gotten better, but she is still this dainty dancer within every routine, pretty much. I thought Rhiannon brought it much more than Vanessa (if she makes it past Demi and Kate, I will be astounded and angry that I couldn't vote :-P). I could see either Graeme or Henry going, b/c Jack and Ries were far stronger. But I thought Vanessa wouldn't crack the top 10, and for her to be in the final six is just bizarre to me. She never feels real to me, possibly b/c of her face (as the judges say over and over; she cannot express emotion, as you pointed out).

I'm looking forward to seeing the results show on youtube. You're right that Rhiannon and Henry will do just fine, as Sara (on tour with Avril Lavigne) and Dominic (with the Quest crew).

Anonymous said...

I think Vanessa has been in some standout routines - the African Samba with Henry immediately comes to mind.

I think Rhiannon received less votes, because before last night's solo (which I thought was good), all her solos were pretty much the same and not very impressive. The "Jazz" which was more like Hip Hop, was very much her style, and I think people were just bored with her and the many chances she has had.

Henry irritates me a lot, but I think he's a fine dancer and more competent in his genre than Graeme is in his own genre - Graeme appears quite sloppy, sometimes, particularly in his solos. I would rather have seen Marko or Hilton in Graeme's place. And for Graeme to have gone last night.

But... I think everyone knows that Rhys and Jack are lock-ins for the top 2 males, so whoever didn't go this week would just go next week anyway, so it doesen't really matter.

Did you notice all the hugging and smiles between Rhys and Jack? It's pretty obvious there's no animosity between them.

soobee said...

I agree. It's Rhys and Jack, and I think it will be Demi and Kate, so I'm guessing that Henry or Graeme, Vanessa or Rhiannon, it doesn't really matter at this point. It's the final four that is the goal (okay, winning is the goal, but the top four is what you remember, e.g., Sabra, Danny, Neil, and Lacey), and I can't imagine that either of the girls or boys in the bottom two will end up going any further. Yes, Rhiannon solos have been the same, but Vanessa's haven't jazzed me, either. Yes, I was a Marko fan, too...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Vanessa's solos haven't been revolutionary or anything, but I think they've been more unique than Rhiannon's... More structured, I think. Rhiannon's sometimes looked like funky running/skipping with one semi-complex move thrown in.

Oooh... I also forgot something I meant to say in my earlier comment... And that's another reason that I personally think Rhiannon was voted out. She's a Hip Hop/Jazz sort of dancer, right? I think for female Hip Hop specialists, people are voting for Demi, and for female Jazz specialists, people are voting for Kate. So Rhiannon gets left out of that. If all of her solos were like last night's, I think she just may have pipped Vanessa for a place in the top six.

Ramble, ramble! I could talk about dance for ages, haha.

soobee said...

Oh, I wanted to note how much I love One Republic. I first learned about them from "Apologize," which Anya and Danny danced to on S3 of SYTYCD (I believe), ,and then they performed on the program a few weeks later. I also have the Timbaland CD that features that track, but I like One Republic's version on their CD (a great CD) better. As a footnote: They wrote a few songs for Blake Lewis, and it didn't matter, b/c Blake's CD is still pretty awful.

And Jack and Rhys did seem genuinely happy for one another. I wonder, if they are in the final four, if they will do a Two Kings sort of routine. :)

Reality Raver said...

Anon: You are killing my conspiracy theory re: Rhys and Jack, but as I previously blogged they could have cut and pasted Rhys expression for when Jemma landed in bottom 4 into the slot where it was announced it was safe.

I also like your theory re: Rhiannon does not have a block of voters, like Demi and Kate do.

I think Rhiannon peaked at the wrong time in the comp, and I don't think being paired with JD for weeks on end showcased her to the best of her ability.

However I think she will definately get professional work after the show.

Anonymous said...

Jack and Rhys were hugging a-plenty! You can't cut and paste hugs. :p

I can see Rhiannon getting a lot of advertising/commerical work.