Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Are Two Reality TV Stars Mingling?

An article from Community Live Journal states Lacey from the US version of So You Think You Can Dance has been seen getting very close to American Idol front runner David Cook. Apparently they have been spotted around Los Angeles. They met at rehearsal for Idol Gives Back.

Lacey who is no stranger to dating reality tv stars previously dated Hok who she met on last years series of SYTYCD - Season 3.

Click on the above link for further information.

Interview With So You Think You Can Dance Judge Jason Coleman on Fame the Second Time Around

In a refreshingly honest interview Jason Coleman how fame the second time around is much more humbling.

Exerpt below:

He has grown more confident personally and professionally in the eight years between judging Popstars and So You Think You Can Dance Australia. His first appearance on a TV judging panel was on Popstars -- the reality series that catapulted Sophie Monk to stardom in manufactured girl band Bardot.

Now as head judge on SYTYCDA, Coleman has hit his stride -- winning new fans with his refreshingly honest and articulate assessment of the dancers on his show. ‘‘I was at a more needy point in life when I was doing Popstars,'' he says. ‘‘I was not as confident in myself.

The downsides of fame is being public property and having two women proposition him in a nightclub. For the record he turned them down.

Also he said one of the producers wanted him to have a catchphrase for when a routine was good like Mark Holden's 'touchdown'.

He agreed to consider the idea, but refused the catchphrase offered to him. ‘‘He (producer) said ‘how about you say That was W-W-Wicked every time you like a dancer's performance?','' Coleman says, rolling his eyes. ‘‘I told them: ‘N-N-No way!' ''

Full article on here

Video clip of Sabra Dancing at Myers in Australia.

Blogging SYTYCD has a clip of Sabra and Kameron dancing at Myers in Australia. I think this may have been in Brisbane. She is tiny.


soobee said...

David Cook and Lacey are SO not dating. No way.

I have my write-up of the show, so after you've posted yours, RR, you can look at mine on Blogging SYTYCD. ;-)

Reality Raver said...

Soobee I am just passing on what I read, I will look to see if she is in the audience tonight.

Cool I will definately look at your review after I have blogged. It will be interesting to compare and contrast views.