Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reality Ravings Has Moved To

Good news, Reality Ravings has now been relaunched at

Please come and take a look at the new site.

Reality Ravings is an independent, irreverent and informative blog about reality TV.

Recaps, reviews of shows, gossip, reality tidbits, reality TV highlights, and interviews with reality TV stars can be found on the blog.

A big, big, thank you to all the readers who have made the blog such a success.

I hope you will continue to read it at the new site

The blogspot site will be kept up for 3 months to ensure readers know where it now resides.

Ajay Rochester Is Not The Biggest Loser In Court Today

Ajay Rochester go buy a lottery ticket, as today is your lucky day. Today magistrate Pat O'Shane recorded no conviction, against the The Biggest Loser host, and placed her on a 12 month good behaviour bond at her sentencing hearing today after she had pleaded guilty to defrauding Centrelink.

Ajay cried with relief. She had said yesterday that a conviction would ruin her career.

She said outside the court "I am just so happy to put it behind me and move on with my life and be with my boy, and be happy and just get on with my future.".

The big question now is will Channel Ten start using her in the promos for the new season of The Biggest Loser which starts on Feb 1?

Full story of her sentencing hearing on

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ajay Rochester Earned $50,000 For First Season Of The Biggest Loser

One reason not to go to court is that all your private secrets come out. It was revealed in court today that Ajay Rochester, the host of The Biggest Loser, only earned $50,000 for the first season of the weight loss program. Rochester who today had her sentencing hearing for Centrelink fraud postponed until tomorrow.

The SMH states Pat O'Shane, the magistrate presiding over the hearing, wants more information on the chronolgical order of events of the Centrelink investigation. Particularly in the delay in the time of the offences in 2005, and the time it took to get to court.

Anyway the media circus will continue tomorrow for Ajay. So let us hope she has another court outfit to wear.

Still Waiting To Here What Has Happened At Ajay Rochester's Sentencing Hearing

But while we are waiting here is a picture of The Biggest Loser host, Ajay Rochester, entering court this morning. Apparently there was a huge media scrum.

The SMH reveals she has paid back the $14,000 she owed Centrelink. Rochester in 2008 pleaded guilty to defrauding Centrelink.

I will update once the sentence has come through. For legal buffs controversial magistrate Pat O'Shane will preside over the sentence. Will this be advantageous for Ajay, considering Pat's run in with the law last year?

What will Channel Ten do with her? She has not been cited on The Biggest Loser promos for the 2009 season.

Exciting News Reality Ravings Is Moving

The good news is Reality Ravings is saying goodbye to Blogspot and hello to my very own self-hosted wordpress blog at

But don't go there yet as the blog is currently under construction.

The relaunched blog should be up and running by Friday 16 January 2008. I have kept a similar layout however I will be looking forward to reader feedback.

The bad news is whilst this transition is occurring I will not be blogging as much, as I have to work on the other site.

Why did I move? Well with increasing traffic numbers it was time to get total control of my blog. The new blog will have recaps, reality TV reviews, gossip, and polls.
One of my first posts will be an interview with highly talented Project Runway winner Juli Grbac.

I hope you guys will like it as much as I do.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lisa Mitchell Currently Touring Australia.

If you live in Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmainia or South Australia you still have the opportunity to see Lisa Mitchell who was one of the highlights from the 2006 season of Australian Idol. Full details on dates and location can be found on

She is currently touring and playing songs from her yet unnamed new album. Lisa has been living in London writing and recording songs.

If you have forgotten about her whimsical style here is her singing one of her own songs Incomplete Lullaby.

Sarah Wilson Confirmed As Host of Masterchef Australia. But WTF To Melbourne Chefs To Be Judges.

It is now confirmed that former editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine Sarah Wilson will be the host of Channel Ten new show Masterchef Australia. This is a bold, but exciting move by Channel Ten, see previous post here regarding her appointment.

The show is definitely generating interest as 7000 people have applied to be on the show.

But Sydney chefs will be in a tizz now it has been revealed that two Melbourne chefs, George Colombaris and Gary Mehigan will be the judge/mentors. Colombaris owns The Press Club, and Mehigan owns the Fenix and Maribyrnong Boathouse. Does this mean Melbourne chefs are better cooks or are they just more telegenic?

The food critic role is yet to be cast.

Masterchef is certainly ensuring that has been presenters and celebrity chefs are not getting a look in. This is a positive thing.

For further information go to TV Tonight.