Friday, April 18, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Hopefully Charlotte Dawson Is Not Mentoring Those Innocent Australia's Next Top Model Girls, as Ex Hubby is in deep s**t.

Charlotte Dawson who is a judge on Australia's Next Top Model, ex husband Scott Miller has been arrested as part of a production of an illegal drugs syndicate.

Charlotte who had an acrimonious divorce from him, including suing Woman's Day successfully fled to New Zealand for a number of years after the split.

She won't be happy about being tarnished by him again especially as she has successfully reestablished her career and social life in Sydney.

Link to full story on the drug bust here.

Tarasai Vushe Australian Idol Contestant from last year claims she was kidnapped and held by ex-boyfriend for 8 hours.

Gosh I feel I like I am writing a crime blog today. Tarasai has claimed she was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and held for 8 hours before she was released. However she is refusing to go to the Police, but willing to talk about her ordeal with the media. Does this mean the media is more powerful then the police in NSW??

Seriously if she was a victim of domestic violence she should go the police and be a role model for other women in these situations.

Tarasai who went out of Idol in a blazing tantrum, refusal to go the Police will only result in further criticism from the viewing public.

Story from here

Kristy Lee Cook and Nigel Lythgoe Spotted Flirted At American Idol Taping.
Ok maybe I am reading more into this then I should but a very interesting article on the taping of the Mariah Carey elimination show on EW here reveals that there was quite a bit of giggling and chat between Idol producer and SYTYCD judge Nigel Lythgoe and Kristy Lee in the breaks.

Well weirder things have happened, look at Russian President Putin who is allegedly about to marry a 24 year old ex-gymnast. I blame French Prime Minister Sarkovsky for starting the trend when he married the ex super model Carla Bruni. What next Kevin Rudd with Jennifer Hawkins. Yuck.

For Survivor Fans Behind the Scenes Look At Survivor China
This link will take you to some short videos on Behind the Scenes look at Survivor China. I found it quite interesting, there seems to be a squillion people working on the show. The one linked there is about the Dream Team, these people test the challenges. All the vids are hosted by Jeff Probst.

Natalie Bassingthwaite is the new face for Garnier Nutrisse

Natalie Bassingthwaite the girl everywhere at the moment has now been signed for 12 months as the face of Garnier Nutrisse, they will include colouring and cutting her hair. So we can judge the products on Sunday's show some of her do's on the show have been tres ordinary.

More details here.

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