Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol - Final 7 - Mariah Carey Night

When I realised it was Mariah Carey night I thought I would need to get the vodka out of the freezer to start drinking heavily.

Earlier in the evening I had thought of removing it as I tried to fit more groceries into the crammed space. However I leave it there as a vestige to my youth, knowing if I take it out it may indicate a start of the decline.

Speaking of youthfulness I now know how Paula Abdul has managed to stop the sands of time, there are reports she spends four hours on make up each day. No wonder her relationship is on the rocks.

As I really don't like Mariah Carey songs I knew it was going to be difficult to comment on the songs as there were so many barriers the Idols were going to have to overcome to make me even think they were ok.

However I must say I found Mariah a surprise package - no divaness and good advice and assistance given out.

First up was David Archuleta he sung "When You Believe". I hated the song, but he sang it quite nicely and no dodgy notes. He will continue his smooth ride through the competition. But hopefully he will mix it up next week as it is getting a bit samey.

Randy Jackson said "Thought that was the bomb"
Simon Cowell said "Thought it was very, very good." and boy was he right when he said "I don't think we are going to get a lot of laughs tonight."

Next was Carly Smithson singing "Without You" one of the great caterwauling songs in history.

I liked the first half but didn't like the second half once the histronics started.

Randy however thought the opposite.

Randy said "You have got to trust your lower range"
Paula said "I liked that you showed vocal restraint"
Simon said "Could you pull it off? I don't think you did. Ok version"

Syesha Mercado sang "Vanishing" a little known Mariah song. Syesha really needed to put in a great performance tonight as she really must be walking the plank soon.

It was ok a bit like lounge music. But the whoa, whoa, whoa was NOT music to my ears.

Randy said " Toughest song of the night" and "You did a good job all things considered"
Paula said "Smart that you picked a song not many people know."
Simon said "I don't know if it at this stage of the competition it was wise to pick a song not many people knew."

Brooke White on piano was up next singing the classic "Hero". She was always going to struggle with a Mariah song as it showed her lack of range. The song was dull and tedious.

Randy said "Pretty good,"
Paula said "Your identifiable, and the unplugged version was good except for a few dud notes"
Simon said "It was like ordering a hamburger and getting a bun, there was nothing in the middle, something was missing." "You did the only thing you could."

Next was Kristy Lee Cook, who looks like she will be in the competition for a few more weeks. She also looked like Marcia Brady - no one does girl next door better then Kristy.

She sang "Forever". Mariah in rehearsals told Kristy she had given her goosebumps. They then hugged it out.

Kristy Lee's voice seems to be getting stronger, but the song was still very boring.

Randy said " I didn't think it was amazing."
Paula said "I'm blown away" And then she gibbered on and I didn't understand a single word she said.
Simon said "You didn't give me chills.", "A bit whiny at times.", and I think you were quite smart - it just wasn't great."

Kristy Lee got a little pursed around the mouth after Simons comments. Does she really think she is a contender?

David Cook was up next doing 'Always Be My Baby". It was the song of the night, and the only one I enjoyed. When he started singing over the backup singers it was fantastic.

Randy gave him a standing ovation and said "Most brilliant performance this season". Agree he made a Mariah Carey song sound good.

Simon said "It was like coming out of karaoke hell to a breath of fresh air," "It is a sign of a great potential artist, someone who takes risks." and "Original, daring, stood out by a mile."

David was overwhelmed and teary, which made sense when they cut away to his brother in the audience who has cancer.

Last was Jason Castro "I Don't Wanna Cry"

Sitting on the chair to sing was a good strategy for him as without an instrument he is an awkward mover. It is almost comical in the group numbers to watch him.

It was a nice arrangement and actually showed off his voice. Or maybe I was just feeling the love after David Cooks performance.

Randy said "I didn't really love that - thought I was a a weird beach leuouh (sic)"
Paula said "I could listen to you all night."
Simon said "I agree with Paula. It wasn't the best vocal of the night but I identified with you. The guys completely won the night",

Final three predictions - Can there be a final four this week as all the girls deserve to be in it. If David Archuleta is in the bottom three it may give some credence to the theory that singing first is a curse.


soobee said...

Nice review! LOL on the bottom four. So true.

No way is David A going to be in the bottom three (nor should he be, of course :-)). The Michael problem was the Chris Daughtry problem; everyone thought everyone else was voting for him! He has the strongest voice, and will have a record deal soon.

Brooke and Jason are getting tiresome to me, despite that being their "vibe," though I thought it was a bummer that Brooke had to miss her sister's wedding. David A needs to mix it up. David C rocks the house. It's so sad about his brother. :( Syesha needs to pick different songs. Kristy Lee needs to be voted off, but somehow she gets to stay on (this year's Sanjaya, with a tad more talent but less charisma). And Carly is...talented but not user friendly.

Bottom three:
Brooke or Kristy Lee

Reality Raver said...

Soobee: I think accurately describe Carly when you say has a good voice and not user friendly.

I still don't see a fit for her, good voice, nice personality but something for me is missing.

However maybe she is different live. I really don't think the tattooed husband of hers in the audience is helping her. He is so not attractive. I quite like tattoos but anyone who self mutilates to that extent has issues.

Davd Cook was the definate highlight. It must be stressful for him being away from his family at this time, and he will be for awhile with the tour etc.

I think Syesha will go tonight. I think Brooke may cling on for another week. However she was the worst of them. Hilarious if Kristy-Lee went as she wasn't the worst of them.

soobee said...

I think Carly will do fine, but she, like Amanda, is not American Idol-friendly. I'm surprised she has made it this far, and you're right, her husband has hindered, rather than helped, her. I think that this is being set up as a David/David final two, which is fine with me. My sister and I were hoping it would be Michael/David/David, but no such luck. :-(

soobee said...

Since I don't want to give it away till you've seen it, RR, I will just say that it was an all girl bottom three, just not the one we picked.