Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Brother the much advertised diversity is being eliminated.

Terri the 53 year old baby boomer got rumbled by the Gen Y's or more specifically the male Gen Y's to be eliminated from Big Brother after only spending 8 hours in the house.

Big Brother surprised the housemates on the first night by first making them stay outside all night ala Survivor, and secondly told they would have to eliminated someone at sunrise.

Personally I would have eliminated on IQ though I think it would have taken me more then 8 hours to work out the dumbest.


Onadrought said...

I reckon the producers knew she'd get evicted, that's why they set up an eviction on day one. They knew she wouldn't be that good on the drunken nights. I would have kicked out Nobbi, he's too up himself, and as I am presently watching this, Terri has chosen him to be the one that has to spend the rest of his time in the Kombi van. He is not impressed. Still as a believer in karma, he get's what he deserves.

Midget (Rima), I reckon BB has put her on for the public to gawk. I thought the freak show at the circus had disappeared.

BTW, Paris Hilton wannabe just told Travis she thinks he's gay.

Reality Raver said...

Thanks Onadrought for the update I did not watch the show last night.

I preferred it when it was just the 30 min nightly show. Channel Ten are milking it for all it is worth.

I would be aligning myself with Dixie she appears to be the only normal person in the house.

Reality Raver said...

Sorry I meant to add apparently there are rumours that Terri may be put back in the house on Sunday.

As it is now just 20 somethings again which was apparently the producers wanted to avoid.