Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nigel Lythgoe says he found fame but lost a wife.

The US version of So You Think You Can Dance has hit our screens again on Channel Ten. Their series is as usual a cracker, with their strength being the high quality of their judges who manage to be funny, supportive without being patronising. Something the Australian version has yet to master.

Nigel Lythgoe the supposed 'nasty' judge in an interview in the SMH said that success has come at a price. "Since I've been [in America] I've had a heart attack, I've lost the back of my heart, I've had peritonitis, I've lost 15 feet of my intestine, my marriage has broken up and I've lost my wife," he says. " And the gag now is, I miss my intestine." He says he is on good terms with his estranged wife Bonnie and thinks she did an excellent job as a judge on the Australia version of So You Think You Can Dance.

But Lythgoe has no regrets "If anyone had said to me, 'If you go to America this is going to happen' I would still have come. I would still have gone through everything. I have been very, very lucky. I could be in corporate hell at ITV."

He enjoys all stages of judging but particularly likes the cruelty of auditions. "That's because I know how hard it is to be successful and these people just think they can walk in and say , 'Give me my million dollars.'"

"There's a whole thing nowadays of just being entitled. I think we've forgotten about stars now:we create celebrity. I'm to blame, too, for doing that. But with the web nowadays anybody can be a celebrity: you've just got to record yourself and put yourself on there."

This season, the SYTYCD judges are being more "creative and constructive" , he says , pointing out contestants' technical mistakes, especially in later rounds. "They're in our top 20 because we believe they're going to be really good, they're going to improve and we're there to improve them as well."

Finally Nigel is choreographing a routine for the show (article did not say whether it was the group routine) but it will have to be good considering the criticism he has meted out on choreographers in the past.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Dean Geyer and Lisa Origliasso Have Split.

To think after their gushing OK Magazine spread in April to announce their engagement, Dean Geyer, former Australian Idol alumni, and now Neighbours hunk, has split from his Veroncia, Lisa Origlasso. No real reasons given except the usual trotted out lines in these situations. "Our career demand we are in different areas of the world now and in the future, and the pressures that are associated with it have forced us to make this difficult decision.....etc. We would appreciate respect for our privacy at this point of time."

Full details of statement here.

Demelza Winner of Aust Next Top Model IS Getting Modelling Work
Demelza who may never lose the bullying tag modelled in the Saba fashion parade and according to the article here. she was quite good. She is will also be going to New York to visit agents since she has lost weight from her hips - one of the criticisms modelling agents levelled at ther when she was in New York with Australia's Next Top Model.

So You Think You Can Dance - Season 4 - auditions

It is great to see the US version of the So You Think You Can Dance on our screens. Channel Ten will probably run it through the Olympics so they are not expecting it to be a big ratings winner - presently it is getting about 1 million viewers on the Wednesday night show.

One thing that has stood out for me so far when comparing it to the Australia version is the judges are so much better in the US version. Nigel and Mary are honest without being cruel, and not patronising, something the Jason Coleman's and Matt Lee's have yet to master.

Also rotating the third guest judge makes it much more interesting, with the likes of Mandy Moore, and Mia Michaels giving their opinions. Lets hope the Australian producers of the show tweak the format for next season to ensure that some of the weaknesses of Season 1 can be rectified.

Recaps of the US SYTYCD will start once they hit Vegas.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Farmer Wants A Wife - Series 2 - Episode 4 - or James is a Doofus

Farmer Wants a Wife was memorable tonight seeing how some of these guys notably James and Mick knew how to deal with women. James inability to compromise, and Mick's no idea on how to host women in his house.

James the egocentric
James showed last night what an immature guy he really is by his non willingness to compromise at all. Does he want a women to love or just a wife to look after him. Highlights of his self centredness was him telling Toni the airline hostess that he wanted a wife that would work fulltime on the farm with him, as since his accident (which was very serious) he was unable to do what he previously had done.

Notwithstanding that liability he showed complete disregard to Cherie and Toni on the night he hosted a BBQ. As James had been busy on the farm, the girls had done all the prep for dinner, they had no problems with that. However the kicker was as they were dealing with the BBQ's they realised that James had been out there drinking with his mates, not coming to see what assistance he could provide, or even just seeing how they were going.

Both Cherie and Toni pissed off back to the house, and James was a bit bemused when he went to see what was happening with the BBQ to realise the potatoes had not been started.

Toni confronted him about his behaviour, and he marched off saying I am going to have a beer with his mates. Girls get out of there. I felt a bit sorry of Toni as she seems just a bit desperate at 35 to get a husband, she really needs to steer clear of this one, as he will bring no happiness just slavedom.

Ironically this unreconstructed man said in this week's TV Week mag that neither of the girls were suitable, as Cherie was too rough. This from a man who lets his dog eat at the table. He was whinging that he had limited choice as only 24 women had applied to meet him. Clearly the single women of Australia could sniff out a loser on the internet.

Link to Daily Tele article on James whinging.

I will give him points for his behaviour making the episode entertaining.

Mick the dunce
Mick the sheep farmer from Goulburn's girls finally arrived he chose Jenny, and Simone, two blondes. He too had issues on how to treat guests in his house. The most memorable scene was at breakfast where he had made himself tea and toast, but had not offered the girls anything. They were left to fend for themselves. Early sign to pack their bags and run IMO.

Jenny did bring it up that he could have hosted better, this did not go down well, and by the end of the episode it looked like he had transferred his affections to Simone.

Rob the Smoothie
He and Jo appear to be the most likely to be filming the Dairy Farmers yoghurt ad next year instead of Chris and Kim. No suspense here as it has been all over the media about this pair hooking up and moving in together.

Only drama is Emmaline not being told, but feeling like a third wheel anyway. Now this guy knows how treat girls, he booked them into a hair salon for the afternoon and then on the weekend was taking him down to his beach house.

Also he gets points for not falling for the slim blonde. Good luck to the pair.

Howie the Dull
Howie seems to be in the position where both of his girls quite liked him but he feels there is no spark from him. He too seemed a bit self centred when he was having the conversation about killing animals on his date with Christy. She looked particularly uncomfortable and said can we go back now. At least Howie's mum has stayed out of the way.

Ben the confused.
Ben is in the nice position of liking both his girls Emma the Vet, and Stacey the Nanny. The suspense of last week regarding the cow giving birth unfortunately the mega mammoth calf died. Question is it usual to let cows to go over 6 weeks overdue. Fortunately the mother cow survived.

Ben needs to pick Emma, as Stacey will last two minutes once the reality of life on the land hits.

Nick the shy
The folly of Nick picking 19 year old Kristy was again highlighted this week, with her barely speaking this episode. I still think she is there to get her face on TV not to meet the love of her life. When meeting Nick's mother and sister she was like a mute, and showed just how far she was out of her social depth.

It only made Stephanie shine more. I think pair looks like a good match, however at 22 she is still very young. In the preview for next week we see they have a big snog, and unfortunately I saw tongue which made it a bit icky....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Project Runway Australia - Sophie Spalding Did Not Like Helen Manuell (the frocker)

Sophie Spaling the '50's inspired designer who had a mega meltdown in episode two of Project Runway Australia when she stuffed up her first attempt at making a swimsuit has said she does not get on with Helen Manuell. Sophie who had to start again and looked like she would not complete the challenge without Helen Manuell's assistance, something that nearly saw Helen eliminated because of her pretty ordinary beach to bar design.

However this assistance did not endear herself to Sophie in the longrun. Sophie said "I got along with everyone except for Helen [Manuell] the frocker."

"She managed to alienate everyone. Her ego is out of control."

"It's her nature to squash other designers. Whereas everyone else was competitive but still supportive. I hope when she watches the show she realises she's not the best seamstress and also not a good person.

Sophie has now moved to Sydney to further her career in the city and his currently crashing on fellow contestant's Deborah Paks floor while she looks for her own place to live.

Ajay Rochester Maybe The Biggest Loser
It has been reported in The Guide that Channel Ten may not have Ajay Rochester as the host of the next series of The Biggest Loser. Ten are reportedly reconsidering her position in the wake of negative media coverage arising from her recent Centrelink fraud charges. A Ten spokesperson said "we are currently negotiating with her agent".

This years Biggest Loser is currently lookin for contestants and they are looking for couples, sibling, partners etc. I presume this is to keep it interesting.

http://www.thebiggestloser.com.au/ Applications are now open, they will close 11 August 2008.

Make Me A Supermodel on Channel 7 will try and give Australia's Next Top Model A Run For It's Money.
The lineup for Make Me A Supermodel, the new show where both male and females vie for a modelling career has now been finalised.

Jennifer Hawkins is host, and the judges weill be Jackie Frank, Marie Claire editor, Martin Walsh, model agent, and American male supermodel Tyson Beckford. The series will start in August on Channel 7.

Elle Macpherson Gets Out Her Knickers for America's Next Top Model.

Elle Macpherson will guest star in the 10th series of America's Next Top Model, which starts Tuesday night on Fox 8. Her episode will air August 5 where the aspiring models wil pose in her lingerie line for a photo shoot.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model - The knives are still out for Jodhi

Now that the gloves have been taken off in regards the previously untouchable host of Australia's Next Top Model Jodhi Meares, it was reported in Private Sydney in the SMH that neighbours in Vaucluse are miffed that she does not clear up her dog Tenzin's dog poop. This is apparently making her very unpopular in this upmarket neighbourhood. Not sure why it merited 10 inches of news print plus photo in the Sydney broadsheet.

Also gossip scribe Ros Reines reports she bumped into Charlotte Dawson, at the Cirque De Soliel opening, and Charlotte had yet to talk to Jodhi since she pulled out of the live finale. Charlotte said that Jodhi had a phobia about hosting on live TV. But then gave her a back handed slap by saying she was scared of flying, but was always in planes... So expect no christmas card exchanges between this pair.

In the I cannot believe this news item, the seriously untalented Jonathan Pease, photo shoot director on Australia's Next Top Model has been hanging out with Adrian Grenier's entourage in LA (I can believe that), but he has also met reps from Grienier's agency, and Pease said "It's all very positive and everyone talks great game in LA. I've had several offers for agent repst so I'm going to come home in late July and work out a plan with my management in Australia."

What would he do over there - he is sooo boring on the Australian series, and he gives little advice to the wannabe models compared to dynamic Jay Manuel in the American Series, which by the way the new series starts Tuesday night on Fox 8.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Demise Of Big Brother - I think this says it all...

From www.crikey.com.au

Farmer Wants A Wife - Series 2 Episode 3

Farmer Wants a Wife suddenly gets interesting this episode, as it is when the two girls go to the farm as they start to get to know the "characters" a bit more. and they try and decide which girl they would like to be with. Of course Channel 9 ran over so Fox IQ cut the show off before it had finished. In a sad but true story, I can confirm I rang Channel 9 to rant about it today only to be told they would prefer people did not record as it did not help their ratings. So a very bemused reality raver queried whether they would prefer people not to watch their programs at all?

Anyways comments on the show:

Nick the Winemaker:
If Nick the winemaker is wanting a slightly sophisticated girl why did he pick a nineteen year old wannabee beauty queen, to go to the farm with? Maybe he has a Shari-Lee Hitchcock fetish as she looks like her younger sister.

Is he a genuine bachelor or is he on the show to promote the Brown Brothers brand and estate?

I suspect Kristy is on the show to get herself on TV hoping to be the next letter spinner on the now axed Wheel of Fortune.

James the Deniliquin Farmer:
This guy is the creepy one of the series in fact I am surprised the girls Toni and ?Cherie have not hatched some escape plan. Now I know why he does not have horses on his property to stop people riding off in the middle of the night...

He seems to think he is quite endearing, but cooking chicken on a beer can, and letting your dog eat at the table is not going to get him any bedroom action anytime soon.

However the poll on the Channel Nine website here. Has him getting the highest vote for hottest farmer on the series with 34 % of the vote. Either he is voting for himself, I have read the poll question wrong, or the voters are being ironic.

Rob from Mt Gambier:
Now speaking of bedroom action he may be the first to get some. In fact have the producers got another true love scenario happening between rugged Rob and photographer Jo. How good is this for the show? It seems if you want to find a guy the odds are better getting on this show then having your profile on RSVP.

Howie from Weabonga NSW (otherwise the middle of nowhere)
Howies definitely believes in a baptism of fire for his two ladies. Considering the isolation of his property for these city folk you would have thought he would have taken it a bit more slowly in initiating the girls in the ways of the land.

Getting them to stick your arm up a cow (not pleasant for human or beast) and going pig shooting is always a no no on a first date. I will be surprised if true love is found here.

Farmer Mick from Goulburn:
Last week farmer Mick decided to opt out of the mating game by not picking two girls but taking a job he had gone for. However the producers have obviously persuaded him to give it another go, as well as the above job falling through. He picked two girls to pick him on the farm however I have no idea who they are as the recording had stopped.

Ben the Dairy Farmer from Jambaroo:
Ben appears to have picked identical twins as his two girls as both look alike, the Nanny, and Emma the horse vet.

The girls had a shock at getting up at 4.00am to milk the cows and he was impressed with how they got stuck into it. I suspect a week of 4.00am starts will see the Nanny heading back to the city in no time.

Emma had an opportunity to show her skills with a large calf stuck in a cow, and typical channel 9 needing a cliff hanger we have to wait until next week to see if the calf lived or died!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Farmer wants a wife by Onadrought

Well, tonight was the night the farmers got to go on a group date with five girls, then choose two that would go out to the farm. Already a bit of reality TV manipulation was on display with the suspense of would Michael stay in the show or quit due to work responsibilities? Also on display was Alisons boobs, would this work in for or against her?

I haven't been following the show that closely this year, but must say the farmers are generally a handsome and charming bunch, except for James who is a bit rough, however the producers match the girls appropriately with James potentials the least glamourous (read rough), with Cherie being a big boozer and saying things like "have ya got a bit of lead in your pencil?"

Nick, enjoyed a day at the races with his dates. He was worried if the 19 year old Kristy would have enough life experience. He didn't worry for long as she was one of the two chosen. Could it have anything to do with the fact that she is a model? The other girl he chose was Stephanie with the packed make-up.

Of course with the manipulation, the girls you thought they's end up with, were not the ones they focused on necessarily. Everyone thought Tamworth girl Kimberly would be a definite for Howie, but low and behold he chose two more attractive women. Kimberly also thought she was a shoe-in as she had tears in her eyes.

Anyway, the blokes chose their girls and we were left with the suspense of would Michael have connected with someone enough to stay on the show. He didn't and Alison showed the bitterness of a woman screwed around by men in saying "just like every other man -dishonest". Maybe Alisons cleavage revealing ways have attracted the wrong type of guys in the past.

I think a bit more manipulation will occur in the future as we were left hanging with some sort of reveal for Michael. My guess is, he'll be back.

Kristy does Heidi in Downunder Project Runway

Well we knew it would be derivative but lordy me... I could swear I'd previously heard Heidi Klum mouthing EXACTLY the same script that Kristy Hinze had last night right down to the placement of meaningful pauses... if I had the time or inclination, I'd report the producers to Media Watch for the most blatant plagiarism I've seen since Alan Jones was given his first Frederick Forsyth novel, but that's another story...

Having said that, what did I like about it? I s'pose because it was sooo similar (even with the character types, more on that later) it was gunna be pretty hard for an afficiando to hate. As a Project Runway devotee well before the current bandwagon ever left the station, I'm looking for the same things from PR Oz that I've enjoyed in the US version. Interesting people, clever challenges and great clothes.

So, to the contestants. I'm thinking Mark Antonio must be Christian Sirano's Filipino soul mate (or clearly that's the producer's intention). Fortunately, he was pretty funny and his initial frock evidenced some talent. First impressions of some others were: Julie (channelling Celine Dion or what?); Leigh (looks like he'll be good for camping it up); Lui (his clothing had an Akira edge); Petrova (Melbourne fashion snob); Helen (can she seriously be a good designer if she wears a red knitted long vest on tele?)

After the obligatory roof top cocktail party (where we met the seemingly Xanax laced Kristy Hinze - what is that super slow delivery about???? and Henry Roth) the first challenge was to run across Melbourne (3kms it seems - don't know why they wouldn't have just caught a tram...) to the Whitehouse School and grab the fabrics of the designers' choice from those that had been draped all over the School's feature staircase and whip up a glamorous evening gown. Why do they always start the season with something that discriminates against the fat or unfit? Anyway, they all grabbed their chiffon, taffeta and sparkles and headed back to the workroom where Henry Roth, the Aussie Tim Gunn, was also to feature. Now Henry seems OK, and is apparently a heavy duty New York fashion type, but he aint no Timmy G.

The dress making went OK for most, it seems. Helen was a smarmy smarty pants about how easy it all was for her (being a shite hot Melbourne frock designer) but did pull off a quite attractive electric blue off the shoulder number with enough time left to help the struggling Kiwi Brent. He made the most appalling shocker of a frock I've seen for sometime. It seriously looked like a dress in need of a Brazillian and was appallingly finished. Other contestants seemed miffed that Helen helped Brent as he started to run out of time.

During Henry's turn around the workroom, Leigh was told that his bodice was too floppy and whilst subsequently doing his best Mutley impression, he took the (good) advice he was given. Alison changed directions at least three times with her evening number and unless she was last getting to the staircase to pick her fabric, one's immediate impression was that there might be some taste issues with the prints and colours she had chosen. Petrova's sparkly mauve-y coloured number was truly pretty and a pleasant surprise. Shane's black velvet long dress reminded me of a deb ball I went to in the 70s but apart from that was classic and quite beautiful. Aside from Brent's desperate attempts to finish (with Helen's help) everyone seemed to do OK with the task.

BTW, the show has a Loreal makeup room and Tresemme hair salon (just like the real thing !) but the Bluefly.com accessories wall has morphed into a Myer wall...

When it came to the catwalk and meeting the judges, Kristy was just as wooden and slow as she'd been on the roof - maybe she should ask Jodhi's for her red security clipboard now she won't be needing it anymore. Sarah Gale was relatively inoffensive and the guest judge, Julie someone (with apols, just didn't catch the surname, someone to do with Melbourne Fashion Week) was also appropriate.

Shane (black velvet), Leigh (Vivienne Westwood inspired) and Petrova (sparkle-arkle number) were adjudged the best. Alison (gawd, too tragic to describe with pink "leg o' mutton" chiffon sleeves), Brent (hoody-horror) and Oren (lapels just don't work on evening dresses) the worst.

Leigh won with his candy striped (firm) bodice with an electric blue skirt (with large V-W bow on back). I thought all three were pretty good and this was a fair choice.

In a surprise, Alison was booted - I can only think the judges wanted to give Brent another chance at a challenge more up his alley - they made much of this "not really being his thing". Unless the next challenge is surfer sportswear, I wouldn't expect to see him stick around for long.

All in all, not too bad at all. The designers seem talented, the contestants are interesting, the challenge was interesting enough and the judges were fine. My biggest worry at this stage is whether Kristy will loosen up... here's hoping she does as all other indications were pretty positive.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Due To Going Into Labor Tonight There Will Be Guest Bloggers

Due to an impatient baby - there will be a guest blogger for Farmer Wants a Wife tonights episode, and Project Runway Australia. Their blogs will be posted tomorrow, Tuesday.

I will be back on blog by next Monday.

Project Runway Australia - Meet the Contestants

Here is a list of the Project Runway Designers/Contestants which will be hitting our screens tonight. Looks like the show is set in Melbourne but Sydney is punching above its weight with the number of contestants.

Actually to be fair so is Brisbane with three contestants in the show.
Official Project Runway Arena website here which provides better info on the designers then the above TV week one. However with the show starting tonight there are still some gaps on their website.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Project Runway Australia - Sarah Gale Apparently Gives Best Oneliners

In a big article in on The Age website here promoting the start of Project Runway Australia tomorrow night, it has been revealed that one of the judges Sarah Gale is the best undiscovered talent they have found. Sarah a Melbourne fashion forecaster, and a former fashion buyer apparently gives the best "soundbites".

Arena are hoping to make this a big ratings winner, hoping to take the mantle of most popular show on pay tv which is currently held by Australia's Next Top Model. One thing we can be guaranteed is the contestants in Project Runway will be far more interesting then the bunch of young models we have been watching over the past few weeks.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Nest - Reality TV - Oh No it is on SBS it must be a Documentary!

Why is it that when a reality tv show is on SBS it obtains the same status as a documentary. For the past two weeks a number of TV and other journalists have been writing about this reality tv program as if that everything it is showing has merit.

For those that have missed the show the premise is about children still in their twenties who are still living at home otherwise known as KIPPERS.

There are two theories the producers are trying to prove. Firstly that the children that are over 25 will find it harder to adapt to moving out of home. The second theory is the under 25's who move out of home are more adaptable. SBS are so keen for this show to be taken seriously they have included Gen Y expert de jour Bernard Salt for commentary.

However there are some flaws in how they are going about proving this theory.

The under 25's house are not strangers but two sisters who have been moved out of the Shire family home. So therefore they are not having to go through the usual stresses of a share household of negotiating what food to buy out of the budget, the sharing of a bathroom with a stranger, and having to put up with various weird friends of the other housemates. These sisters have grown up together so have the same values and views so they have not been placed in a household outside their comfort zone.

The other issue is where in Sydney in the inner west (I am guessing Leichhardt or Annandale) can you get a fully renovated two bedroom house for $300?? Put the under 25's in a house or flat that is more realistic to the income they have been given. You know the run down dump, with rising damp and mould, with a grotty bathroom.

So the "experts" like the American psychologist is a praising how well the girls are adapting to moving out, and therefore backing up their theory of the under 25's coping better with the change. Due to there being no conflict in the house, unless you count the fact the youngest is not able to afford a pedicure or eyebrow wax most of the show is based on the other "characters"

Now onto the over 25's share household where five people (one couple) moved in together. Again there is a power imbalance as three of the five - the two brothers and girlfriend have already been living together. Also there is Anielka and Jeremy.

SBS appears to be editing the show to again try and prove their theory that over 25 years find it more difficult to move out, and Anielka appears to be the whipping girl for this.

The only other girl in the house in Furonda (sic), the girlfriend of one of the brothers, who appears to barely speak. The only time was to discuss with Anielka then need for her to pull her weight in the house. Anielka quite rightly pointed out that Furonda was the only one doing the housework, and that she had yet to see any of the boys do any, and that she was not going to take on the housewife role.

Even when one of the brothers, I think it was Scott on the night he was meant to cook went and got takeaway, he was praised by the experts for not shirking his responsibilities. I suspect if Anielka had come home with take away on the night she was meant to cook she would have been criticised for not coping, nor taking responsibility and over spending.

So come on SBS lets have some balanced editing.

Also if they are serious about making the kids move out shouldn't they be banned from going home during their time away to do laundry, socialise or borrow the car?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Interviews with ANTM winner Demelza and Runner Up Alex.

Here are links to interviews from TV Week for Demelza and Alex, all pretty dull a bit like the finale.

TV Week Article with Demelza

Interview with Alex.

Project Runway Australia - Interesting Article highlighting Henry Roth.
Henry Roth knows he has a crucial role to play in the inaugural series of Project Runway Australia as he takes on Tim Gunn mentoring position. This article in the on Fairfax Online here
reveals he will be the one giving the bad news to the designers about who is being sent home. A job that Heidi Klum executes very well in the US series.

The article also reveals some of the challenges and contestants.

Jodhigate continues.

The story of Jodhi Meares not fronting to host the live final on Tuesday night is almost going on as long as Iguanagate.

Today's story in the Daily Tele today revealed that this was not the first time she has baulked at being on live TV. Apparently she stood up Sky Business News this year.

My theory was she was told she was not able to take those tacky plastic folders, which she uses as a security blanket, on stage to read off and had a complete meltdown.

Link to story here.

As you may have noticed the tabloid is taking the opportunity to post photos of Ms Meares in her skimpiest tops possible.

Jane Nethercote writes a great tongue in cheek article about had "overheard" conversation in the Daily Tele online art department:
"Hey did you hear Jodhi Meares apparently pulled out of more live TV gigs cos of her phobia?"
"Must be tough... great opportunity to run that stock shot."
"Read my mind."
"And can we say she used to nail it in the boardroom?"
"You're good."
"Meanwhile, any other norg-related stories? Running a bit low."
The Sun has news that Kim Kardashian's sister also has big b-obs."
"Kim was a Playboy bunny. Kourtney's her sister."
"Fantastic. Does this mean their b-obs are at war?"
"Sure... and hey, that Coldplay dude, you know Gwyneth's handbag, he says he thought he was gay until he worked out he liked cans."
"Cool. I'll put that in and link it to to our gallery of world's best b-obs."
"Great, just don't forget to call it 'massive'."

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Even Pseudo Intellectual Bloggers Cannot Resist Australia's Next Top Model

Jack Marx on News.com has been so inspired by Australia's Next Model that he has written a ditty or poem about it. I am sure some of the parents of the younger competitors will be disturbed by it.

Link is here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Project Runway Australia - Preview

Project Runway Australia starts on Arena TV at 8.30pm on 7 July 2008 which means the publicity machine has well and truly been cranked up.

An article in the Daily Tele reveals some insights into the first season of the Australian version of this highly popular show. Unfortunately I cannot find a link for the story so I will just summarise it.

On host Kristy Hinzes nerves:
"A few days before, I started practising reading lines in front of a bunch of people and I just felt really comfortable."

"I don't think I have felt nervous at any one point yet. I thought I would get nervous the first day, but I just walked out there and it felt great. I have been working as a model very comfortably and steadily for the last 14 years, but I really like this hosting caper. I feel like I have stepped into something I am meant to do. It allows you to be you , have a personality and put yourself out on the table."

How Kristy got the role:
"I was approached at first and then it was a long time where they were considering other people. I think Brian Walsh [Foxtel's executive director of television] got sent a tape of me hosting various things overseas and here and saw I could pull it off."

"He decided to go with me, thankfully, and I hope we have many more Project Runways to do. I am secretly hoping we get a few more seasons out of this, as it has been so great just doing this one."

It was also revealed that her and Henry Roth who will be the mentor (the Tim Gunn role) the contestants actually knew each other as they lived in the same apartment block in New York.

Roth said " I wanted to get through on my own terms so throughout the auditions I never mention that I knew Kristy."

"When I got through I told them about the connection and it's all worked out just perfectly. I can't tell you how excited I am for this show to start, and working with Kristy has been amazing. She has this intelligence and the way she carries herself is totalling inspiring. This has been a dream to work on."

The other two main judges are Sarah Gale who is a fashion buyer and trend forecaster, and Jayson Brundson, fashion designer who has just been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Hinze says it 's the mix of their four personalities, coupled with the very different personalities of the final 12 contestants that is the show's drawcard. From flamboyant Mark Antonio 22, to bubbly Petrova Hammond, 27 and Kiwi suit designer Brent Zaicek, all are vying for the prize of showcasing their collection at L'Oreal Fashion Week held in Melbourne next year.Also the winner will walk away with a car, a six-page spread in a fashion magazine and $100,000.

"You have a bit of everything. It's a real motley crew this lot, "Hinze says. "They are all fantastic, but it's been getting harder and harder for them as the series goes on. You have your gay guys, your kooky girls and then there are the more fashion types and the token straight guy. There is someone in there for everyone to barrack for."

The show will follow the same format as the US version but it will have a distinct Aussie flavour.

There will be the working around the clock to complete outrageous garment challenges, including designing an outfit from spare car parts, and living with their competitors 24/7.

Hopefully the Australian show will be just as captivating and entertaining as the US version as well as showcasing some major design talent.

Reality Tidbits

News To Be Put In the Un-fucking-believable file.
Kristy Lee Cook from last seasons American Idol Has managed to Snare a Record contract.

Kristy Lee who was memorable for putting in some pretty ordinary performances on American Idol this season, especially in Beatles week, has now signed a record deal with Arista records an off shoot of BMG.

I cannot see the appeal of this girl, but obviously it helped that she was an attractive blonde.

Terri From BB Wanted by One Nation to Stand For Parliament.

Livenews has an article here which reveals One Nation the controversial political party may be chasing Terri the grandma currently in BB to stand for Parliament. One Nation think she has a potential due to her strong views on immigration. The scary thing is she seems to be having some appeal as apparently she is a strong chance of winning the this years title after Travis.

Australia's Next Top Model - Jodhi did Choke.

Australia's Next Top Model Finale - Apparently Jodhi was 11th hour withdrawal.

Rumours are already starting to circulate that Jodhi Meares will not be host for next seasons Australia's Next Top Model, due to her hasty withdrawal from last nights finale, leaving Charlotte Dawson to host live show.

Last year Jodhi did not go do a great job on the live show, in fact Charlotte Dawson did most of it, but she was resigned to having to do it again this year.

To be fair to Jodhi what is the point of a live show as it was pretty boring.

The other big issue was the bullied girl Alamela Rowan will continue to be scared by her experience on the show due to the the main protagonist being crowned the winner. Alamela was understandably reluctant to congratulate her, and apparently was in tears backstage afterwards.
Link to story here.

Defamer has an article which states the the Vogue forums have gone into meltdown about Demelza's win. Which forced Kirstie Clements editor of Vogue to put a statement on the forums which said:

"Part of Reveley's prize is a shoot in Vogue Australia's September issue, with the magazine under a contractual agreement with Australia's Next Top Model to feature the winner on eight pages, but don't expect the amateur model to appear on the cover like last year's winner Alice Burdeu. "Alice was such an exceptional case," Clements says. "It was clear from the very beginning that she had the makings of an international model."

I think Demelza has just been slapped.

Farmer Wants A Wife - Porn Scandal

Farmer Nick (the winemaker) may be getting more then he bargained for now it has been revealed that one of his chosen five Monique has pictures on a porn website (they look pretty amateurish).

On her application she listed herself as a student and did not reveal her penchant for nudity, also apparently she has a boyfriend.

Apparently Monique revealed to a friend that "She was not really into Farmer Nick, but he was rich so worth having a go at." She sounds like a real quality girl.

Hopefully Farmer Nick won't offer her an invitation to the farm.

Full story here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model Finale - Jodhi Went AWOL

The biggest mystery surrounding the finale of Australia's Next Top Model was not who won, but where was Jodhi.

In last year's finale Jodhi did not do a great job as she was struck down by nerves. By her no show did this mean this mean she decided she was not doing a live finale or did she have a last minute meltdown?

Or did she realise how boring the finale was going to be and decided she was not going to put herself through it.

Anyway I wonder how much notice Charlotte Dawson had of new hosting role , and squished into her Alex Perry dress, where half of one of fake boobs was shoved up under her armpit.

And what was the crap about the audience voting for the winner, as well as the judges decision. Which had the greater weighting?

After watching the girls do some shows a fashion show, we then had all the finalists in a fashion parade. Then Charlotte interviewed some of the girls - I noted no questions about Tibet tonight. But what we did find out was that Leiden, Belinda and Caris wanted to continue to be models.

Sam was voted Australia's favourite model.

We got a preview of 3 of the designers from Australia's Project Runway. And there looked like an asian Christian Siriano in there. This may be a positive thing for the Australian series.

After the judges vote it was a dead heat of three votes all (was this a set up) so this meant the viewer vote would be the deciding factor. They then flicked to Paris for Alice Burdeau to announce the winner. She quickly said Demelza had won. So Alamela must of been thrilled, but she probably learnt an important life lesson that sometimes people never get their come uppance.

Late mail - I just found this article which outlines Jodhi never intended to be at the final. Link is here