Friday, April 25, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Reality Tidbits

Bonnie Lythgoe Proves That Her Judgement is indeed poor.

In this article here Bonnie Lythgoe proves she had poor judgement when it comes to So You Think You Can Dance contestants. She states she would have liked to have seen Anthony Ikin in the top four. "I just loved Anthony" she states.

I thought Anthony was a one dimensional dancer, yes good tricks, but I don't think he ever imparted the emotion of any dance routine.

Judges and Choreographers to Dance On the Finale night.

An article here states that the judges and choreographers will take the stage with the contestants for the opening number on Sunday night. As long as Bonnie is not in a slinky salsa outfit it will definitely be interesting to watch.

The 15 year old Caleb Bartoli who amazed judges with his performance during the auditions but was not allowed to continue because he was below the 18 year old age restriction will also be on the final show.

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Onadrought said...

Sounds like it will a good night. I don't think Bonnie Lythgoe has got much of an idea about what is good dancing.Anthony is definitely not top 4 material. I almost never agreed with her comments. I think we'll see tomorrow night that she's not much chop. Hopefully next year they'll have one of the Aussie choreographers as a judge.