Monday, March 31, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Elimination Night - Final Eight

It's official So You Think You Can Dance has now turned into to a popularity contest. Tonight for the first time the dancers were really able to gauge who Australia was voting for.

Rhys in a rare unguarded moment did not look pleased when Anthony got voted into the bottom two instead of Jack. More on that later.

The other issue was for the first time I noticed that the judges comments were edited on last nights show. Since the judges are meant to be "guiding" the audience shouldn't we hear all their comments.

A couple of examples relating to Jason Coleman:
On Rhys's solo last night he said "Whole routine very very powerful" but the last bit of the sentence had been chopped and we heard it tonight "... but a little self indulgent in this form"
Also Jason said to Henry and Rhiannon after the Kelly Abbey routine "Emotion slightly underdone for me". This comment was not on the show last night.

The show started off with the group number which was a Nacho Pop hip hop routine. Now I know Nacho has a lot of fans out there, but I thought the routine was a tad dull.

Natalie Bassingthwaite looked liked she had morphed into Cat Deeley this week - how much longer can her hair extensions get?

First up on stage were the five girls. Demi was the first to be told she was safe. Is this an indication she received the highest number of votes amongst the girls?

Kate and Jemma were paired, and then unsurprisingly Jemma was told she was in the bottom two.

Then out of Rhiannon and Vanessa - Rhiannon was told to go sit on the stools.

Next up the five boys. Rhys was told he was safe first.

Then it was Jack and Anthony standing there. Anthony was wearing a Gold Coast t-shirt in a last ditch attempt to gather some South-East Queensland votes. Again no surprise Anthony was in the bottom two.

However after that was announced Channel ten cut to Rhys who mouthed the f word and did not look happy. In my opinion this was not because he was upset Anthony may be eliminated, he knew tonight was a litmus test on what the Australian voters thought of the dancers. This outcome only confirmed Jack's popularity, and I suspect Jack and Rhys will be the two male dancers in the top four. I think Rhys wants Jack gone.

Lastly out of Graeme and Henry, Graeme was placed in the bottom two.

Then we had Delta Goodrem perform. What is it with Delta and reality tv shows, in the last three months I have seen her perform on Dancing With The Stars, Australian Idol, and now So You Think You Can Dance. At least tonight she left her caftans at home.

If Simon Cowell was judging her performance he would have said this:
"Delta it was like a school girl trying to be sexy. It was just cheesy, you used every performance trick you learnt at Young Talent School, from the hand clapping, to getting the audience to sing along. Also there were far to many vocal tricks in there - it was the equivalent of making a pizza with 20 toppings and expecting people to enjoy eating it."

Next the four dancers had to do their solos, which really lacked any passion or point as it had nothing to do with the vote.

Then we learnt Jemma and Anthony had been eliminated. My over active imagination went into to overdrive when Anthony was told he was gone as the cameras kept on panning on a good looking but obviously camp boy in the audience. Anthony has always been coy on his sexuality stating it was irrelevant (which it is) however I think Channel ten just outed him. Never mind Anthony you new boyfriend is a spunk.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - The top ten dance off.

So You Think You Can Dance was back after a two week hiatus. At least they did not try and pass it off as a rest break for the dancers, because we all know Channel ten did not want to waste a precious high rating episode on a Easter weekend when a lot of people are away.

Tonight it was the stress of dancing with new partners, plus having to do a solo dance to a song of their choice from a movie soundtrack. However they could choose between three choreographers for assistance. Nacho Pop for Hip Hop, Paul Green for Ballroom, and Kelly Ackers for Jazz/Contemporary.

Just a few comments on tonight's show before getting into the recap:
It grated when both Jason Coleman and Matt Lee were saying at the end of sentences - Yeah? Matt was a particularly bad offender;
Does Rhiannon ever cover her belly? Her idol must be Fabienne from the classic movie Pulp Fiction who said "But on a woman, a potbelly is very sexy..... If I had one, I'd wear a tee-shirt two sizes too small to accentuate it.";
The Rove ads including snippets from the judges were hilarious especially the one where he was trying to work out the meaning of what Matt Lee was saying;
Laughed when JD grimaced just before he had to swallow the berry flavoured Metamucil in the ad he and Camilla were in; and
Vanessa reminded me of Helena Bonham-Carter this evening and not in a good way.

The night began with Natalie Bassingthwaite bounding out on stage wearing a cross between a salsa and flapper outfit. She must have spent her week off practising reading an autocue as the sedative eye look was gone - unless I have gotten used to it.

After a few minutes of banal repartee with the judges it was time to start the dancing.

First up was Vanessa in a package pulling a card from a container and there were only two in there, ok I thought she may have been the second last person to get to pick. However when she went to pick a dance genre card there were three in there.

Somehow I don't think it was as random as the producers make it out to be.

Vanessa's new partner was Jack and they danced a contemporary number by Juliette Verne.

It was to be a love story where a man loses his lover and an angel brings him hope again. Juliette Verne said Vanessa has got to stop doing the baby doll face. Which then ensured I noticed it all through the routine.

It was a nice routine, but Vanessa does have problems evoking emotions she smiled throughout the dance. I thought angels were meant to be serene. But then again my knowledge of angels is limited to Botticelli paintings, and Anne Geddes photos.

Jack was great to see him dance contemporary he is definitely a contender.

Bonnie Lythgoe said "Great routine, loved it".
Jason Coleman slapped Vanessa around for saying in her package she "Wasn't a technical dancer". Huh? I agreed with Jason when he said "Ballet means technical dancing". Was she trying to gain some sympathy votes out of the audience? If so I think it failed. I thought her strength was her technical dancing?

Next were the new pairing of Kate and Rhys who danced a hip hop routine choreographed by Supple. I tried to googling the name Supple to find out more about him, however had to stop as going into one dodgy porn site was enough.

Supple was obviously wanting to show views he was not just a pretty face by equating learning the routine to interpreting a great Shakespeare monologue overnight.

The routine was great, and Kate was hot. For once Rhys was not the centre of attention in a routine. Having said that he was good, I love it when he has to be all butch and sexy, and the hand stand at the end of the routine made me laugh.

Matt said " Intricacy just phenomenal"
Bonnie said "I liked the match - worked well together" and "Kate I thought you had your jazz face on" Can someone please tell me what a jazz face is?
Jason disagreed with Bonnie over the jazz face comment and said to Kate "You owned it" and Rhys "Yes, yes, yes", and "unreal I loved it"

The first solo for the night was Henry to a song from the soundtrack of 300.

He was to quote Tyra Banks "fierce" with a cape on, showing his chest like Dimitri from the US version. However I did not understand the make up of what looked like a tree root drawn on his body and his face.

Personally I found the routine just a bit frenetic.

Matt said "Strong routine"
Bonnie said "Hurricane Henry on his way"
Jason said "Great showmanship", "Thought you danced through the music not to the music" and "Thoroughly entertaining."

Rhiannon was next dancing solo with music from the soundtrack "Hit" (I could have got that wrong). She was channelling her hip hop side rather then her jazz side and I just found her dance a better versions of her solos.

Matt said "Really good" and "Energetic"
Jason said "You're a hottie", "Very honest, very you" and "I worried about the musicality"

Anthony Ikin's routine was to a song from the film Closer.

I thought the dance was technically good, but he has the same problem as Vanessa - his face does convey emotion. Maybe Bonnie needs to tell him to get rid of his gymnastic face.

Matt said " I liked that it was purely about your dance", "But no tricks meant it was missing the wow factor".

Jason said "Monotonal for me" and "Get impact with the tricks."

Jemma was next dancing a jive like solo to "Shake a Tail Feather" from the Blues Brothers. It was not good, like something you would see in a strip club before the clothes start being peeled off.

Matt said "Little lack lustre"
Bonnie said "Disappointed" and "I believe you have got a lot, lot further to go"
At this point Jemma was crying on stage, and Jason went for the jugular "Not good enough" and "Splits is an exercise and does not belong on stage."

Demi and Graeme were the next dancing a contemporary routine by Sarah Boulter. This routine was about creeping critters. I immediately had a flashback to Wade Robson's foxes routine.

Graeme was upset as this was the third contemporary routine he has had and wanted to show the audience (the voters) something different.

I really like the choreography and the music. The only criticism was the last movement when Graeme lifted Demi onto his shoulders that was a bit stilted.

Matt said "You became the routine" and "Last lift a bit shaky"
Bonnie said "Wow, wow, wow"
Jason said "You took me on a journey" and "Congratulations Sarah Boulter"

Vanessa did her solo to "How Can I Live Without You" from the soundtrack from Con Air.

She was definitely channelling Helena Bonham-Carter's vagrant style - Picture of wacky Helena here.

Her dancing was lovely but again I find her emotionally deficient.

Matt said "I love the light and shade"
Bonnie said "The genie came out of the bottle you are going forward and forward, and there's no going back" Huh?? Expect to see that quote on a Rove ad next week.
Jason said "You show emotion through your body, but not your face."

Jason Chambers solo was to the Mission Impossible theme. I thought it was fantastic. He looked great and moved well.

Matt said "Dance to literal, kind of bugs me a bit"
Bonnie said "I loved it"
Jason said "Good dancing should be entertaining, and Jack that was entertaining".

Kate was next dancing to a Whitney number "Queen of the Night" from The Bodyguard soundtrack. She used a cane as an accessory.

It was a bit ho hum after Jack's solo. Technically it was good but it did not move me.

Matt said "You owned it"
I agreed with Bonnie for once when she said "Very mediocre", and "It did not make my heart race".
Jason said "I did not get a lot more from you then I have already gotten."

Rhys's solo was to a techno song from the Trainspotting soundtrack. Now Matt was this too literal. Was Rhys sending out a positive or negative drug message to the kiddies at home. It started with despair, then joy, and then despair again.

It was not the best solo of the night, but certainly enjoyable.

Matt did not like the routine "Not sure if it was the music"
Bonnie said "Bits in it I thought you could do better"
Jason said "Whole routine very very powerful - well done". I noted that Jason did not criticise Rhys for the side splits in his routine.

Jemma and Anthony danced the Cha Cha to a Paul Green routine. This pairing was always going to be cursed, and I wondered if the producers manipulated it so these two dancers can be the next to voted off.

I thought the start of the routine was highly energetic and great but then it just faded.

My conspiracy theory did not abate after hearing the judges comments.
Matt said "I don't think the routine was as strong as the music", "A bit disjointed", and "Really good for what you had" Was he have a sledge at the choreographer???

Bonnie said "Well done Jemma and Anthony"

Jason said "Jemma you have had a dream run with partners and routines" this was code for Rhys has pulled you through this far. "Tonight not your night considering it was your genre."
"Anthony that for me was beige".

Graeme's solo was Bohemian Rhapsody from Wayne's World.

It was just a bit to Freddie Mercury camp for me, and I love Freddie. Just not sure this was the image Graeme may have wanted to portray considering he has alienated a lot of the girl voters by saying he will only marry a mormon girl, but will play around with others until he marries. And not sure there are enough mormons in a Australia to be a big enough voting block.

Matt said "Showed what type of dancer you are, ending a bit cheesy"

Bonnie said "I would have liked more"

Jason said "Sometimes less is more" and "Bit manic"

Demi was up next with her solo to "Sex Machine" from Legally Blonde. I quite liked the quirky, cute routine.

Matt said "That was great"
Bonnie said "I hope you realise how far you have come"
Jason said " A bit underwhelmed", "Not musical" and "Take windmills out and the rest of the routine was blah"

Last dance for the night was Rhiannon and Henry dancing a lyrical jazz number to a Kelly Abbey number. This was a piece very personal to Kelly about the loss of her partner when she was much younger. I wonder if she was inspired by Mia Michaels routine last year about a daughter meeting her father in the afterlife.

These numbers are always hard to critique as the emotion and dancing are interlinked. On first viewing I wasn't overly fussed about it, however on second viewing I liked it much more.

Henry who clearly read the New Weekly slag off of him last week (previous blog on that here.) said in the pre-package "Even though I come across as Mr Confident I'm really not". He was obviously trying to stop some anti-Henry arrogance backlash.

Henry seemed to me emotionally overwrought by the dance and was weeping whilst the judges were giving his comments. Rhiannon following his lead by also remaining teary.

Matt said "Loved it"
Bonnie said "Henry this is what we want to see", "Just perfect, best routine of the night"
Jason said "Very big responsibility to take on someones personal journey" and "Beautiful, honest, and heartfelt".

I presume there will still be a bottom three tomorrow night my predictions:
Girls: Jemma, Vanessa, and Rhiannon.
Boys: Anthony, Graeme and Henry.

Vanessa and Anthony to go.


I know of a favourite who doesn't make it to be the Biggest Loser, but I'll tell you at the end of this post.

It was a more interesting week than most in the Whitehouse as they are now all on their own and their weightloss will be crucial, because if they fall below the yellow line at weigh-in they'll be up for elimination. So challenges and immunity are all the more important.

As there were no more teams, at the beginning of the week, Shannon took the guys, and Michelle took the girls. Shannon took the guys for a yoga session and the smartarses complained about how it would not be a real workout. I hate when people go on about things like yoga and dance not being strenuous, then it's great to see football players crash when trying to partake in what they dissed as sissy activities. Well, this is what happened with Cosi saying it was the hardest workout he's ever done.

hannon also wanted to get in touch with their spiritual side. Now, I am not much into sporty blonde men with tats, but Shannon is quite deep and I am finding him very appealing. Then again I am finding Bryce appealing and I am wondering if I should just put all this lusting down to the fact I am ovulating.

In the yoga session where Shannon was trying to get them in touch with their inner selves, it was revealed that Bryce lost his Dad in a car accident five years ago. Made you just want to go up and hug him. This guy has no false bravado,he is gentle, maybe this devasting experience gave him compassion and maturity.

The breakfast challenge was hilarious. There were all these different types of breakfast foods, ranging from The Big Breakfast at 3000 calories, down to watermelon at 45 calories. So think again people when you go out for your weekend brekkies and keep in mind that if you order the big brekkie, you are eating two days worth of calories.

The idea was for each person to choose a breakfast for another contestant. The winner of immunity would be the person that ate the most calories, the rule being they had to finish their plate. Curtains came down between them so they couldn't see eah other and Sam always the cheeky schoolboy, pretended to be eating when he was not. Cosi had chosen the big brekkie for Garry as Garry always gives into temptation. Next highest in calories was Alison with nine pancakes. Alison attempted it but was turned off by the sugary food as her tastes have changed. She couldn't finish it. Garry's tastes hadn't changed and he was drooling. As they were told to reveal if they had eaten their dish, Michelle with a 95 calorie yogurt had, and everyone was shocked that Garry had not eaten a morsel. I was surprised that others such as Nicola hadn't eaten her muffin, because it was unlikely that Garry would eat his, but anyway good on Michelle as she needed it after knocking back the 50 grand.

The big thing this week was the return of previous losers. They were all super fit. Last years Biggest Loser Chris was absent. Apparently he is fat again and starved himself to win the money. He even put on weight to go on the show. I think that's quite clever, it only took a 23 year old guy to get $200,000 in about three months.

An old loser had to pair up with a current one of the opposite sex. The challenge was to pull a bus to win a two kilo advantage. This is extremely impotant as that would see that person highly likely above the yellow line. We find out tonight if it will be Alison or Garry.As for my spoiler alert, apparently Cosi, is not the Biggest Loser.

US So You Think You Can Dance - Interview With Neil Haskell

Neil Haskell was one of my favourite dancers in Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance. He finished number three in the series. He had an amazing athletic style. A bit like Anthony Ikin, but Neil is a much better dancer/performer in my opinion.

Shimmy Magazine has an article with him talking about what he has been up to since the show and top 10 tour finished.

He has finished MTV movie The American Mall to be shown later this year, and he is currently back in New York.

He was also asked who his favourite choreographers were and his answer:

I think Wade Robson's choreography is the most challenging. It's strange and quirky. You have to find a way to learn where your weight, your hip, foot and just everything is supposed to be or else it won't look right. The way he does it is so unique that if you aren't doing it exactly as he's telling you to then it's going to look awkward unique rather than cool unique. I love being able to do his stuff. I also love being able to dance Mia Micheal's stuff because it is more my style. Her jazz and contemporary feel is very unique as well and it suit my body and way of moving.

Which is interesting as I think theose two choreographers consistently do the best routines on the show.

Unfortunately Neil makes no mention of coming to Australia, however we will have Season 3 winner Sabra and her boyfriend Kameron come out in April.

They will be teaching workshops in Melbourne, and undoubtedly appear on the Australian version So You Think You Can Dance.

Links to those previous blogs here and here.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Australia's Next Top Model's Have Had Their Make Over - Leiden Got a Buzz Cut.

Leiden Kronemburger has appeared on stage at the Royal Easter Show with a buzz cut. Make-over week in Australia's Next Top Model must have occurred. In the American series normally one of the model contestants will received the buzz cut.

Bianca from Cycle 9 was much improved because of the radical change.

The picture of the the new hair do is here. Other top modellers in the photo are Kristy Coulcher, Rebecca Jobson and Alyce Crawford.

For the before shot here is a group photo here.

Australia's Next Top Model commences on Fox 8 on April 22.

It Take Two Jade McCrae and Paul O'Brien say Judges Want Them Out.
Jade McCrae has lashed out at the It Takes Two judging panel to protest at what they claim is unnecessary and unfair criticism.

The Daily Terror article said:

A normally composed MacRae couldn't contain her anger backstage after the Channel 7 talent show aired on Tuesday night, infuriated by judge James Valentine accusing Home and Away star O'Brien of not wanting to be a part of the singing competition.
"I am so f . . king angry," MacRae raved to Confidential. "We're all for constructive criticism, but when they put him down week after week, it's just not nice.

Normally I find it is the opposite with Channel 7 stars as they get a few bonus points to enable them to stay in the show so they can continue to promote their shows. Channel 7 is the master of the cross promotion.

Another Channel 7 personality was eliminated on Tuesday night Sara Groen the weather/news girl. An exit interview from TV Week is here.

Also another exit interview from Who magazine here.

So You Think You Can Dance Jemma Armstrong Can Expect Strong Support from WA.
Jemma Armstrong the Perth Latin American dancer can expect strong support, ie lots of vote from Western Australia.

I expect the Western Australian media will give her huge coverage over the next few weeks.
The West here has a small article complete with a very nice photo.

Will geographical voting push some of the contestants to the top 4? There does seem to be some advantage of being from an area where there are fewer contestants eg a smaller (population wise) state, or a large regional area.

It was rumoured in 2005 that the winner of Australian Idol Kate DeAraugo won the competition because of the strength of the Ballarat vote.

Also good news for fans of the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance, Channel 10 have confirmed it will be shown again next year.

Article here.

American Idol - Exit article with Chikezie
Chikezie was the unfortunate singer to be eliminated off American Idol this week, at least he can take comfort in making the top 10 tour.

Here is an exit interview from EW.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Reality Tidbits - Australian Idol

Dean Geyer proclaims he is still a virgin.

The Daily Terror has a little article on the gossip pages saying Dean Geyer previously on Australian Idol, and now on Neighbours is still a virgin.

Dean who goes out with Lisa Orgliasso of The Veroncias fame had said during his Australian Idol period that he planned on remaining a virgin until he was married.

Why does he feel to reiterate this information on Kyle and Jackie's show on Today FM? People don't go on radio saying they are NOT virgins.

Also is the point of remaining a virgin a religious reason (which is fine), but why then is it ok to do everything but the deed?

Young Diva's Set To Be Turned Loose.
The Young Divas look like their record company Sony BMG are going to "Turn Them Loose". The record company deny it but they will not be releasing a second single off their album New Attitude.

It looks like Ricki-Lee Coulter who is currently touring at the moment made a good career decision to leave the group.

To be fair to the Young Divas how far are you going to get by just releasing cover versions of songs. Maybe some good originals would have helped. Link to article here.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

American Idol - Elimination Night - the top nine revealed

John Farnham's manager Glenn Wheatley must be ruing the day he got jailed for tax evasion as his butt is currently stuck in Beechworth Correctional Centre, while his number one client has been plugged on the highest rating show in the USA two nights in a row.

You cannot buy this sort of publicity. Will John Farnham come out of retirement again for a very late crack at the lucrative American market?

It was elimination night and all contestants were looking suitably nervous, or maybe it was because they were going to have to sing and dance to another cheesy number.

These numbers is like watching the contestants go through a weekly humiliation, something I find vaguely amusing.

Tonight's group number was to "Right Back Where We Started From" and I must confess Brooke White's kooky dance style actually suited the song.

I just realised tonight how skinny Brooke is, she really needs to eat a few burgers.

One person who apparently is stopping eating burgers is Carly Smithson who denied the pregnancy rumours tonight. She did say the problem last night was she had a problem with Spanks. That and the toilet discussion with Ryan last night I thought she was telling millions of impressionable young girls that she had taken a heap of laxatives to help her lose weight. Just as my jaw hit the ground I realised that Spanks was a corset type undergarment.

The special guest tonight was a previous American Idol contestant Kimberley Locke. I had never heard of her, but I was concerned that everytime she hit a high note her "chest" was going to come bursting out of tight dress.

I was not a fan of her singing but I was impressed she managed to spruik the new album plus her restaurant Croton Creek in her 5 minute spot.

The bottom three were Chikezie, Syesha Mercado, and Jason Castro.

This means Kristy-Lee Cook will be around for another two weeks, as she should perform strongly with Dolly Parton mentoring. Will everyone have to pick Dolly songs or will it just be country week. Will Michael Johns try to sing both parts of the iconic "Islands In The Stream"?

None of the bottom three was a surprise - Chikezie I like, but the song he sang was a complete dog.

Syesha I don't think is connecting with the audience, and that stupid baby laugh she does which she thinks is a great party trick, really reminds me of Chucky out of Child's Play.

And Jason Castro has been plateauing over the last few weeks, and has become a bit boring. He was the first of the three to be told to go back to the sofas.

However I was sad when I heard Cheesy Chikezie had been eliminated, as the previous two weeks I had enjoyed his performances.

But as Simon Cowell said to the bottom three "Don't underestimate the audience".

Bobby Flynn Playing Live and Speaks About His Time on Australian Idol

Bobby Flynn the very popular Australian Idol contestant from the 2006 series, is out playing gigs to promote his debut album Out Front.

The album was released on an independent label after he turned down a record deal with music monolith Sony-BMG.

The Courier Mail has an article which also highlights some of his thoughts on being on Idol. Mainly positive, but he did say he had to fight to get his quirky versions of the songs allowed. I suspect that was only in the beginning, and once the producers realised the audience was loving it let him do his own thing.

A full list of his tour dates are listed on his My Space page here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol - The Year They Were Born

The top 10 on American Idol tonight had to sing a song from the year they were born, so it was really another '80's night, with the one exception of Michael Johns who was born in 1978.

Before the recap a few thoughts on the show:

  • The show is now sorting out into the singers who are contestants who sing songs straight, and the contestants who are more musical and will play around with the arrangement more. The master of this is David Cook.
  • Paula Abdul clothing looked like she had had an accident with a disco ball, and Madonna in her Desperately Seeking Susan Days.
  • A bit off topic, but it is all over the internet - do we care if Ryan is gay? So what if he is, it is not like he plays the romantic lead in movies he is a TV host. Or is he viewed as some sort of heartthrob?; and
  • Won't John Farnham be stoked that Simon Cowell has actually heard of him.

First up for the night was Ramielle Malubay who was born in 1987. She sang "Alone" by Heart.
Tonight she did not look like an office worker, but they are clearly having trouble dressing her. Maybe it is a height thing. The shorts and nearly knee high boots were not a good look.

Apparently Ramielle has been ill so that may have been why her voice was not as strong as previously. Having said that her vocals were still good, however she lacks stage presence and really does not know how to work the huge stage she is on. She will bottom 3 it this week.

Randy Jackson said - "Not right song choice", "To big a song", "Little pitchy - all over the place".
Paula said "Major talent in small package" Paula hopes she stays in the competition.
Simon Cowell said "I don't think it was as bad as Randy said.", "You are going to get through this week with that performance."

Next up was Jason Castro born in 1987 who sang a Sting song called "Fragile". This song must have been written around the time when Sting discovered the issue of the destruction of the South American rainforests, and to be fair he did stage some issue raising and money raising concerts. However he seems to have fallen off the environmental band wagon at the moment (wouldn't want to give up that greenhouse guzzling private jet) , or may not be able to get any media time because Bono is the activist rock star at the moment.

After that rant - I hate this song. And Jason Castro playing guitar and singing some of it in Spanish was not going make me like it.

Randy Jackson "Good choice", "Nice and pleasant" and "Still waiting for a jump out vocal performance."
Paula said "Safe in your zone"
Simon said "Two bad weeks - I think it is time you started taking it seriously", "It was the equivalent of busking outside a subway station."

I think Jason Castro is good looking, can sing a little, and play guitar a little. However, I am coming to the conclusion that he is not as talented as I first thought.

Syesha Mercado was next she was born in 1987 and sang "If I Were Your Woman".
How skinny did she look tonight? Has she lost weight or had I not notice before?
It was a much better performance from her tonight, with strong vocals, but she too lack stage presence.

Randy said "Best I have ever heard you sing"
Paula said "This is the moment that people remember where she flipped it and Syesha became the dark horse."
Simon said "Definitely best so far, but only three in." "There is a limit on your vocals and that song stretched it."

Chikeze was born in 1985 and sang Luther Vandross "If Only For One Night".
Firstly Chikezie outfit was a mess, far to much going on, the shirt with the drawing on it, and the jacket which looked like he had been painting in it.

I liked the vocals however I hated the song. Also I found it disconcerting as the mosh pit were waving their hands out of time. Was this why Chikezie started shaking the hands to get them to stop?

Randy said "Old school", "Didn't love this for you."
Paula disagreed "Good throwback"
Simon said "Thought you sang it well, performance was cheesy", "Nothing original", "I miss your personality".

Brooke White was born in 1983 and sang "Every Breath You Take" by the Police.

Brooke in her pre song package was nearly in tears talking about her family. She wins the most emotional Idol contestant ever award.

She played the piano which was much better, and it was interesting in her package she revealed she was self taught.

Her performance was good, but it did not blow you away. However I am sure she will easily get through.

Randy said "Did not love arrangement."
Paula said "Enjoyed it more then last week."
Simon said "Just you on the piano would have been cool, when band came in it became old fashioned." and "First half was fantastic."

Michael Johns was born in 1978, and the only one tonight singing a '70 song. It was a medley/remix of two Queen songs "We Will Rock You", and "We Are the Champions".

He was trying to recapture his earlier mojo from top 100 week, where he blew everyone away with his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Better performance and he had less Michael Hutchene type movements in it which was a good thing. The crowd loved it and were exuberant in their applause.

Randy said "Best performance since you have been on the show."
Paula said " Your shining moment"
Simon said "First time I saw star potential", and "Tonight You Got It Right"

Next was Carly Smithson who was born in 1983 and she sang the iconic "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler.

I must confess I spent half the song looking at her stomach to try and work out if the wild rumours doing the rounds of her being pregnant are true. Celebridiot has some details on the rumour.

She did look a bit chunkier, however that dress would make Kate Moss look big.

She does have Bonnie Tyler esque huskiness to her voice, and I thought the rendition was ok (it is one of my favourite songs). However that wild voice trick note at the end did not do it for me.

Randy said "Liked it did not love it" and "Did not like end note"
Paula disagreed " I loved the last note"
Simon said "Something didn't quite work", "You were tense and uptight" and "Need to lighten up"

I also did not get the interchange between Carly and Ryan she said something about going to the toilet before hand it all got confusing from there.

David Archuleta was born in 1990 and he sang "Your The Voice" by John Farnham.

Now this song is from Australia, NOT Austria Paula. And the why couldn't you pick an American composer comment from Paula was a tad xenophobic.

This song was on high rotation on every radio station, so it was going to have to be good if I was going to like it. It wasn't. In fact it highlighted how strong John Farnham's voice was, and I am not a fan.

As the other couch potato in the house said "I thought this guy was a contender?" I had to agree.

Randy said " Strange song choice", "Very nice"
Paula did the whole Austria thing.
Simon said "Sang well in parts," "I didn't like the performance overall, and "Reminiscent of a theme park performance, the kind where there are animated creatures running around".

Kristy Lee Cook was next she was born n 1984 and she sang "God Bless America". She guaranteed her safety by sing this patriotic song. It was a bit like Carl Risley in last seasons Australina Idol where he sang Waltzing Matilda at the time I thought it would back fire but I underestimated Australia's nationalist fervour.

She did a better performance this week, she appears to have knocked off the widelegged stance dance movement.

Randy said" Very nice performance."
Paula said "Good choice", "I have seen better performances from you, but your voice was better."
Simon was extremely positive "Your best performance by a mile" and "Most clever song choice". Maybe she did blow Simon's socks off this week!

Last was Daniel Cook born in 1982 singing Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". At first I thought WTF, but he turned it into a ballard, and it was sensational.

This week he grabbed the competition by the proverbial and said to the other contenders your going to have to improve immensely if you want to beat me.

On the negative side - his baby photos were not great. What a huge forehead he has.

Randy said "The most original and bold contestant we've ever had," and "Blazing molten hot"
Paula standing up and refusing to sit down said "Brave, willing to stretch the boundaries."
Simon said "Brave, it was either going to insane or amazing, and it was amazing."

By far the best performance of the night.

My pick for bottom three are Carly Smithson, Ramielle Maubay, and Syesha Mercado.

Top 10 Worst Performances on Idol

EW website whose writers clearly have to much time on their hands have compiled a list of the top 10 worst performances.

Interestingly enough Kirsty Lee Cooks performance of the Beatles classic 8 Days a Week made it into this list.

Maybe I need to compile a Australian Idol worse top 10. Any ideas? The only one that sticks out in my memory is Damien Leith horrific disco number. I am sure there are lots more.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - The knives are out for Henry

Well the gloves are definitely off in Australia's first season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Last weeks dancers who were eliminated Camilla and JD have decided to take a shot at Henry Byalikov the ballroom dancer in this weeks NW (the article is not online).

Now I am not sure whether NW have taken a egg beater to this story, but it would be difficult to take these quotes out of context.

Article from NW below:

Both JD and Camilla said Henry's Mr Nice Guy image was faked to win votes.

"He is a very different person off-camera," says Camilla. "Henry maybe feels he needs to prove himself to Australia."

JD thinks that away from the cameras, Henry can come across as a different person.

"Henry can be aloof an dcold, and then the next day he can be your best friend,"He says.

JD also adds that although Henry comes across as meek while the judges rave about his dance moves, his humility before them is all an act.

"He gets great feedback and obviously all of the judges like him," says JD. "He's all very humble on camera, but then afterwards he's like, 'Yeah, yeah - boy, I look good.'"

Camilla agrees with JD that Henry's on-camera demeanour doesn't ring true.

"Henry doesn't seem as real as, say Rhys [Bobridge], " explains Camilla. "Like, when I watch Rhys, I go, 'Yep, that's exactly how you are at home.' Whereas with Henry I go, 'You're kind of of not giving us you."

JD believes Henry's background as a ballroom dancer has strengthened his killer instinct, even if that means putting on an act.

"Because he's come from that competitive ballroom world, he will apply himself, he will do whatever it takes to win," say JD. "And sometimes in authenticity could be one of the things that comes out of that."

Henry's sister Natalie has stuck by him, explaining he puts on an act in routines "because dancing is part of the acting'.

But she admits Henry's youth means he may not always know how to be himself on the TV, especially given the intensity of the show.

"He is really young - 22," Natalie says. "It's going to be awkward for anyone being [in] the limelight. They're under a lot of pressure.

What is it with these eliminated contestants continually taking pot shots at the others? It is extremely undignified. Does this happen in the US version of the show?

I don't have a problem with Henry being competitive, there is a lot of prize money at stake.

Also I don't see Henry being fake, as I have never seen him show humility when listening the judges. Anyone going on these shows needs a healthy dose of ego just to survive.

Reality Tidbits

Candice Falzone still in It Takes Two - Unbelievable.

Candice Falzone with her singing mentor Anthony Callea are still in the Channel 7 singing competition It Takes Two. Her singing has not been great so who is voting for them?

the Daily Telegraph has a theory that it is all the tricks they do in their routines for example the kiss that occurred at the end of one routine, which was cringeworthy. This week Candice is wearing a micro mini to try and keep the votes rolling in.

Bored at Work? Like Idol? Want to see some funny bits from overseas Idol?
It appears that Idol is one of those products like coca-cola that you can get worldwide.
The Balitmore Sun has put together some You Tube clips that features some of the funnier/quirkier sides of Idol.

The Bulgarian boy singing Michael Jackson's Bad is the highlight. Backed up by a very cheap set and production values.

Personally I thought the french singer was ok.

Ten Secrets from the taping of American Idol
Billboard have an article on the top ten secrets from a live taping of Idol. I already knew they pre-recorded the special guest performance, but I did not know the musicians only dressed up the top half and then wore jeans below.

Controversy surrounds the American Idol Songwriting Contest.
There are complaints emerging that the Idol songwriting contest (something I think they should do in Australia as well) is not what it seems.

Firstly the entrants have to pay $10 to enter the competition. I am not sure what the rationale is behind this, maybe to pay for the people who will have to listen to them.

Secondly it is open to all songwriters both professionals and amateurs, and their are gripes that the person who won it last year was not 'undiscovered' in fact he already had a CD out and other song writing credits. Full story here.

I don't have a problem with professional writers entering. The winners need a decent song to sing, otherwise the public will be turned off them even before they start their post Idol career.

Monday, March 24, 2008

American Idol tidbits

Josiah Lemming Scores a Major Record Deal.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry states that Josiah Lemming the supposedly homeless kid who just missed out on making the top 24 on American Idol, now has a major record deal with Warner Bros.

This kid sings with a british accent so it would have been interesting to hear him sing the Beatles songs.

A lot of musos who were to cool to audition for Idol this year will be quietly seething - Josiah did not have to go through the final's theme nights, so did not lose any of his musical credibility by having to sing disco. But in less then 15 mins on TV he managed to score a record contract. That has got to be easier then slogging it out in grungy pubs night after night.

David Archuleta - Will He Carry The Curse of a Front Runner.
In the Chicago Sun Times there is an interesting article regarding the curse of being an American Idol front runner.

Only one front runner has ever won it and that was Carrie Underwood. The American Idol Season 1 front runner talks about what a hex this status can be.

Reality Tidbits

Reggie from Big Brother's Pregnancy Scare.
I don't usually trade in Big Brother banter, however it is Reggie...

In this weeks Woman Day there is an article about her near death pregnancy. She had an ectopic pregnancy and was in severe pain and bleeding. She seemed to have to see a lot of Doctor's before someone actually gave her a definitive diagnosis, clearly the Queensland Health system still has some issues after Dr Patel!

Guy Sebastian Concert Review

Rodney Olsen's Blog has a very positive review of the Guy Sebastian gig in Perth. The backing band are apparently sensational. To think I refused free tickets to a show in Sydney. I was feeling particularly lethargic at the time.

Paula Abdul Could Not Speak For Two Years.

Now some people might think that is a good thing, however she was in an emergency plane landing and did severe spinal damage and one of the operations severed her vocal chords. Therefore could not speak for two years, and was out of the limelight for six years.

Paula fans probably already know all this and I had just thought it was a career slump.

Now Magazine has all the details. The other thing I did not know about Paula was she wrote Kylie Minogues come back song "Spinning Around".

I have to confess I have new found respect for her. Also is this why she is so loopy, the pain killers she might still be on?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Review - Judges talk about the Top 10

Tonight Channel Ten clearly did not want to waste an episode of their high rating show, So You Think You Can Dance on an Easter weekend where a lot of viewers are away.

So they gave us a recap of the top 10, with Natalie Bassingthwaite asking the judges questions about the dancers.

Matt Lee looked ten times better without one of his hats on, except I don't think a cardigan on a 27 year old is cool. I know apparently they are in fashion this year, but really so were ski pants and they were not good either.

I think it is great that Bonnie Lythgoe is an example of a woman over 40 can be on TV without being botoxed to buggery, but does she have to out Gold Coast the Gold Coast? I never realised white, gold and purple went together before until I saw her outfit tonight. Actually I am not to sure it does, maybe I should send a photo to to get their feedback.

As it was a rehash we got to see both Natalie Bassingthwaite's and Jason Coleman previous hair disasters. Both had the good grace to laugh at themselves about it.

What we got tonight was a package of each dancer with audition, top 100 week, and snippets of routines they have danced with their partners. After that the judges gave their opinions about the dancer.

First up was Jack Chamber the 17 year old from Queensland.

Matt Lee said he had talent and charisma, and thinks he does have a future in musical theatre.

Jason Coleman said he was Mr Congeniality and he was a big fan of his. Also he was a versatile dancer.

Next was Demi the 27 B-Girl from Melbourne. I had forgotten how athletic she was until I saw her audition again.

Jason said: Likes her as she is evolving and improving throughout the competition. Also she is transforming and trys and trys and trys. He thinks she is fantastic.

Kate Wormald the 29 from Sydney was next and it was great to see her audition, as I don't remember seeing it first time around.

Kate is a professional dancer and she said her professional peers were reluctant to audition for the show. Clearly they were waiting to dance in Meryl Tankard's new work.

Jason said: Many professional dancers did not audition as they were afraid of lowering their mantle, Kate came because she wanted to learn. He really likes her performance maturity.

Graeme the 18 year old is the youngest dancer left in the competition.

Matt Lee thinks he has the maturity to go the whole way.

Rhiannon the 18 year old, who I think will be under some pressure this week was profiled next. If she is not in a great performance with her new partner she could be voted out.

Bonnie said she was very competitive, cute, sweet and sassy.

Matt wants her to do more, and Jason wants to be surprised.

Anthony Ikin who started off favoured to win the competition is slowly losing his appeal.

However, Jason thinks he is still progressing, and Matt thinks he has the wow factor.

Matt Lee said he was unhappy when Marko and Hilton were eliminated from the competition because they were his favourites. Wasn't he involved in those decisions?

Jason said he was devastated when Kassie Lee went and he also liked JD with his chocolate, honey smooth dancing.

Bonnie was sad to see Courtney and Camilla go.

Next up was Vanessa the sweet ballerina from Sydney.

Bonnie thinks she is a beautiful dancer.

Matt said he started out thinking she was a bit soulless however after seeing the African Samba he changed his mind.

Henry her partner was profiled next, and it was revealed he shaved his chest! They also had a shot of it being done. Jason can you take him aside and take him to your chest waxer, that would look so much better. Only professional swimmers prior to a final shave these days.

Jason said Henry needs to pull back his confidence a little.

Bonnie thought the haircut a good move.

Matt Lee said the hair cut took him out of the ballroom mould.

Jason also chimed in saying he looked hot, hot, hot.

So we have no idea what the judges think of his actual dancing.

Jemma the ballroom dancer from Perth was profiled next and she certainly a very versatile dancer.

Jason compared her to Anya from last seasons US So You Think You Can Dance. Personally I think Anya had more sex appeal.

Last was Rhys the lovable dancer whose previous career highlight was to appear in The Fairies.

I had forgotten he did not get a ticket straight to Sydney but had to go through the choreography round.

Apparently at the time Rhys was in a quandary over whether to go to work or to stay for the choreography round. Clearly he chose the latter, and that decision will bring him very close to the $200,000 first prize.

Bonnie said in the Pase Doble' he was great and he took on the role as the alpha male.

Next week they all have to swap partners so it will be interesting to see who has been propped up by their partner - Jemma or who has been pulled down by their previous partners - Rhiannon. Both will be trying to prove a point next Sunday to let people know they deserve to be in the show in their own right.

Reality Tidbits

Andrew G still has not signed on to co-host Australian Idol this year.

Andrew G is still in negotiations to sign on as co-host with James Matheson of this season's Australian Idol.

Before Andrew G fans start hyperventilating with horror his new agent Mark Morrissey has this to say.

"All issues have been resolved and he is expected to sign with Idol again,'' he insisted. "Andrew will be back. He's looking forward to it.''

Camilla Jakimowicz may soon be heard on radio.

After Camilla's articulate eviction speech last Monday it is no surprise she expressed an interest in a radio and TV career. This girl knows how to work a reality tv show to benefit her career.

The article in the Courier Mail states she has already had one offer, and also is in talks with a Sydney radio station.

Sometimes you don't need to come first in the competition to be a winner.

Article with Natalie Bassingthwaite in the Sunday Tele Magazine
A semi in depth article with Natalie Bassingthwaite host of So You Think You Can Dance in the Sunday Telegraph.

It was interesting that her career did not really kick off until the mid twenties, after the break down of her first marriage. Some nice photos of her as well.

Choreographers hit back at Meryl Tankard

In an article on choreographers accused Meryl Tankard of being patronising and arrogant over her criticism of a reality TV dance competition.

The article related to Meryl Tankards comments can be found in a previous blog titled Meryl Tankard implies dance should not be for the masses.

The best quote in the article is from Fellow choreographer Robyn Moase.

"I was outraged and somewhat amused that somebody whose claim to fame is 'fish swimming in mid-air' at the Sydney 2000 Olympics opening ceremony, and who has bored so many people with her self-indulgent work, would dare to dismiss commercial dancers in such a totally arrogant, uninformed and patronising manner," Moase said.

"About 10 years ago, I sat through an evening of Meryl's contemporary work . . . I thought, 'My God, she's been given money to do this? Her concepts are odd and she has not brought them to any kind of choreographic fruition. It looks amateur'

I could not put it better myself. Meryl consider yourself put back in your box.

Onadrought updates us on the latest on the Biggest Loser

Tonight, Biggest Loser started with the challenge that Sam had set up for the Blue Team. He must be a more skillful gambler than I gave him credit for, as they blitzed it. The Blue Team are looking good, winning the challenge and the weigh-in last week. Winning the chin-up challenge meant they had a immunity to give to anyone. They gave it to Garry, saying that he needed it the most. Turns out that decision was more strategic as it will break up the Cosi, Nicola alliance and also makes Garry indepted to the Blue Team, when the contest comes downs to individuals. The Blue already get on with The Black.

There was a camera shoot with Michael who was eliminated a few weeks ago and he is looking good. I wonder if he has hooked up with Sheridan on the outside. After JJ, she has to be one of the more annoying people that have been on reality TV. She also lives in Townsville, Michael in Orange. I had heard that AJ was a bit partial to Michael, so maybe she'd be a better bet, living closer to him. I think she is single.

Well, the Reds slaughtered the other teams in the weigh-in and it was a very tense moment when Michelle who had passed up $50,000 lost only a bit more than 1kg. As Blacks lost the least, she could even be eliminated tomorrow.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Onadrought updates the Biggest Loser

They were all a bit emotional from having their phone calls home the night before. Cosi, is a nice bloke, breaking down in front of his trainer about not being there for his pregnant wife. Michelle did reassure him that he was doing the right thing, I agree, as she said, "Cosi, you're not fat anymore".I've liked Cosi from the start, some say he is a smart arse, I find him witty, and can see why he is on the radio. I'd be happy for him to win.

Nicola, on the other hand, has been showing her nasty side, she actually quite gleefully said it would be great fun if Michelle (Black Team) left this week after passing up the $50,000. Even though I think Michelle was an idiot for that, I do wish her well.

Last night, the challenge was tough. Assisted chin-ups. Two team members had to hold up the one doing the chin-ups. Red won that part. However, that was only the beginning. Second part was to bet on how many full chin-ups a team could do. As Sam plays poker 6 times a week, he thought he's have this challenge in the bag. He started off well, betting, 4 then 5 etc. Why on earth did he then go for 43? We will see tomorrow night if the Blues can do it. Sam's already feeling emotionally fragile, comparing himself to the buff boys Cosi and Bryce, so I hope he makes it.

It was good to see that Shannon Ponton (trainer of Blue Team) got nominated as a Cleo bachelor. He's a really nice guy. In fact I think all trainers are great and show a lot of wisdom. I think AJ could use one (not being a bitch, it's what people are saying).

Idol Tidbits

Matt Corby makes Girl Faint at Christian Music Festival.

Matt Corby who was one of the headline acts at the major Australian Christian music festival, Easterfest in Toowoomba, where he made one girl faint she was so overwhelmed.

Apparently there were thousands of screaming girl fans. I would not have thought it was cool to inspire lust at a christian rock concert, but then again what would I know.

However the new haircut is a big improvement.

Article and photo here.

Interview with Randy and Simon Cowell at the Details Magazine Party.
Simon and Randy were interviewed The Dish Rag - LA Times at a party to celebrate Ryan Seacrest on the cover of Details magazine.

Simon said he was not surprised that Amanda Overmeyer was voted out as she was not going to win it. Also he said David Archuleta, Jason Castro, and Brooke White or Ramielle Malubay would be top three.

I have got to disagree on the Ramiell Malubay top 3 comment, unless the Philippine community is huge in the US.

The article also has a photo of the cover of Details Magazine. Personally I prefer it when Ryan Seacrest is smiling, here on the cover he just looks like another jock.

Rumoured Ryan Seacrest dating Holly Huddleston is she a B grade porn star?
The internet is rife with rumours that Ryan Seacrest is dating Holly Huddleston. I have never heard of her but she apparently is on Sunset Tan.

I took a look at a photo here and wondered what her job of choice was prior to Sunset Tan. I know I should not generalise because she has peroxide blonde hair, tan, and a shirt undone but she looks like a bimbo. But maybe that is the way Ryan likes them.

American Idol - Amanda Overmeyer elimination did not make a lot of fans happy.

Amanda Overmeyer the rock and roll nurse ,with a very interesting personality was beaten into the top 10 place on American Idol by the very bland Kristy Lee Cook.

The majority of fans of Idol thought it was time for Kristy Lee to go after week after week very ordinary performances.

Here is an interesting article from a journo at the elimination show last Wednesday night. I had not realised they pre-recorded the Kellie Pickler song and the phone calls from fans.
Article from EW here. Apparently the audience was shocked when Amanda's name was called out.

However Amanda has handled her fickle hand of fate with graciousness and level headedness. Here are some post elimination interviews.

Reality TV World has an interview from the post elimination conference call and also an article from reality tv magazine is here.

The Chopping Block sold overseas.

The Chopping Block, the reality TV show on Channel 9 where two restaurants compete against each other each week to win $20,000 has been sold to the US.

The show here, which I really enjoy has not been the ratings winner that Channel 9 hoped it would be.

But apparently the buyers of the rights think it will go well over there. The first few episodes will be shot in New York.

Friday, March 21, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - Interviews with Camilla and JD

TV Week has a interview with the two contestants eliminated from last weeks show on So You Think You Can Dance.

Camilla again shows she is gracious and articulate.

Camilla interview

JD's interview link below. It would appear that he and Rhiannon did not have a close relationship.

He said "I would like Rhiannon to be paired up with Rhys. He won't take any crap and will just get on with it."

Also he did not list her in the people he would stay in contact with answer. Maybe she did not let him forget how he blew the tango routine.

JD Interview.

Farmer Wants A Wife - Girls applications closing shortly.

Channel Nine website has all the farmers and their profiles on their site, and girls have a few hours left to apply to meet the boys.

Most of the boys are 20's and early 30's, but there is one 42 year old for the an 'older' participant.

I haven't read their profiles, I will wait until I see them on TV, but there are some good looking men farmers there. Must confess I am looking forward to the new series.

American Idol Final 11 show and elimination

The American Idol final 11 show was a perfect example of you can over do the Beatles - was it really necessary to do it two weeks in a row, something Simon Cowell remarked on about halfway through the show.

Some quick comments on the show:
  • Last week was Lennon/McCartney songs, and this week the Beatles, ok so this added the three songs George and Ringo wrote, but it really was the same genre;
  • Is Simon Cowell over it this year, he just looks totally bored, and keeps on rolling his eyes, was he doing that last year?
  • Where was Mariah Carey - or did I read internet articles wrong - or was her mentor show (which is still to come) been shifted to another week. Does this mean the boys have to sing Mariah Carey numbers?
  • Speaking of mentors, Dolly Parton is going to be one, this quite excited me for some reason, the Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and Neil Diamond not so much. The Gen Y performers would probably like some Gen Y mentors rather then the baby boomers the producers are trotting out.

As I am so late with my re-cap due to going to a Sinead O'Connor concert and other commitments I will keep it brief.

Amanda Overmeyer's "Back In The USSR" was screechy in parts and was starting to show her up as a one trick pony. However she looked the best I have seen her as a sexy rock chick, and also she allowed more of her personality to show. Judges gave it the thumbs down.

Kristy Lee Cook sang "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" - Bland, bland, bland. As Simon said "You are making no impact and not a good performer".

The highlight of her performance was when after Simon's comment she said "I am going to blow your sock's off next week." and the slow burn she had when she realised why people were cracking up.

David Archuleta sang "The Long and Winding Road". This week his dad won't be screaming at him as it was a lovely rendition. There is something engaging about this guy, even in his pre song packages. Can someone who has won Starsearch really be that modest and overwhelmed at the attention he is receiving? It does seem genuine.

Judges loved it: Randy Jackson said" Brought the hotness back to his game".

Simon said "Amazing" and (referred back to crapness of Kristy Lee's performance) "Sell a song and remember a performance - that was a masterclass".

Fellow Australian Michael John's was next with "A Day In A Life" - to think I was excited when he made top 24. He is completely underwhelming me. The arrangement of the song I thought was ok, his performance was not.

I am starting think he is not as talented as he thinks he is. As Simon said "You have to sort yourself out".

Paula Abdul said " In dress rehearsal you were phenomenal"

Brooke White sang "Here Comes The Sun". Just too cutsie, especially the twirl and the whoa in the middle of the song. She cannot dance and looks much more comfortable behind a piano.

Also it irritated me how she spoke over Simon to talk to the audience as he was panning her.

David Cook was next with the Whitesnake version of "Daytripper" - complete with guitar and vocoda.

I quite liked it and his performance did make him stand out from the pack. Simon thought differently and said "I don't think it was as good as you thought it was" and "A bit predictable"

Carly Smithson was next with "Blackbird" - she has a great voice however she just does not do it for me. I thought it a tad boring. Also her talking over Simon was not a great idea.

Jason Castro sang "Michelle" This was like something from Young Talent Time, but the teeny boppers will just keep voting for him, as Simon said "Lucky it is a TV show not a radio show as your face sold that."

Syesha Mercardo who sang "Yesterday" after landing in the bottom 3 last week, decided to court the male vote by wearing a plunging neck line. She did look hot.

I like her rendition with just an acoustic guitarist beside her. Only criticism was that she did not need the vocal gymnastics at the end of the song. Judges gave it the thumbs up.

Chikezie did "I've Just Seen A Face". You were either going to like or hate this rendition and I liked it. I liked how he played the harmonica, and then turned it into a country/ bluegrass rendition. But the judges had a mixed reaction.

Randy said "Good and bad parts" and "harmonica strange"

Paula "loved it"

Simon said "I thought it started off ok, and then you played the harmonica"

Ramielle Malubay was last with "I Should Have Known Better". Ok she was not dressed like an office worker this week, but she sounded like one at karaoke bar on a Friday night. It was cheesy.

Randy like it.

Simon said "Amateurish.

The bottom three this week were:

A surprised Carly Smithson - who got all weepy - she needs to show a bit of the Kristy-Lee Cook fortitude.

Predictably Kristy-Lee Cook and Amanda Overmeyer.

Carly was first to be given the good news. And then we were told Amanda was eliminated what???? Kristy -Lee is going to make the top 10 tour, who is voting for her?

Ok Amanda would have got a bit dull after a few more weeks, but at least she wasn't dull from the beginning. Shame America shame.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sabra and Kameron to teach workshops in Australia in April - Yeah!

As I posted in February Sabra and Kameron Binks will be coming to Australia in April. Ted from Blogging SYTYCD has the details here.

Sabra who won the US Version of So You Think You Can Dance in Season 3, and Kameron will be presenting a two day Hip hop and Contemporary workshop on April 5 and 6 at the Victorian College of the Arts, School of Dance in St Kilda Rd, Southbank.

Bookings can be made at

The lessons will be at beginners/intermediate and advanced levels.

Expect to see them on the So You Think You Can Dance here in Australia.

Carl Risley's new single is out.

Carl Risley, the crooner who was the surprise packet in last year's Australian Idol show has released his new single This Guys in Love.

The song is soulful with a big band arrangement. has exclusive access to the film clip of the single.

Meryl Tankard implies dance should NOT be for the masses.

In yesterday's SMH Meryl Tankard says the performances on So You Think You Can Dance Australia are so awful they should not even be considered dance.

"It's like a fast-food version of dance," she said.

To me this is just another symptom of the intelligensia being scathing because they feel the art form does not come in the package they would like.

They are quite happy to take the masses tax dollars to support the arts (raver does believe in Government funding for the arts), however they get concerned when suddenly a privately funded show is connecting and educating more people about dance then is in their wildest dreams complete with metamucil ads.

Just because they don't see it as "art" does not mean it isn't.

Meryl Tankard, who is fine choreographer, declined to appear on So You Think You Can Dance. Which I found disappointing - was she worried that her work would be criticised by the non-latte set.

Mia Michaels an already acclaimed choreographer in the US, had no such qualms about appearing on the US version of the So You Think You Can Dance.

And her evocative and complex routines have been appreciated by millions of people world wide. I am sure people that previously would not have thought of attending her shows would now attend and love them.

Maybe Meryl should have shown us what she can do in a 2-3 minute routine, and she may have been surprised at the audience who would have turned up to see her new work which she is spruiking.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Onadrought updates on The Biggest Loser

Well, the $50,000 question was would Michelle, take the money and run, or should I say set herself up very nicely for a 20 year old, or forgo this once in a life opportunity for the chance to be kicked out at the end of the week anyway? She said it was a difficult decision as did AJ, to build up the suspense of what should have been a no-brainer, so I have to agree with Cosi that it was extremely stupid to stay in. As Cosi said, "this is a world first, someone staying in for the people and the experience" and as he said to her "if you haven't got the nutrition down pat now, then you're not going to." Totally agree. I mean, apparently she's got 20kgs to go, so even at moderate weightloss on the outside she'd be thin in half a year and $50,000 richer. Of course, as history has shown, most of the Losers put the weight back on anyway, so we'll see a New Idea story in a year titled, "She's twice the size and broke".

Of course, the show could be rigged. The producers probably told her Mum who visited yesterday to tell her to stay in, and Bob in the U.S to tell her to take it, so ooh, ah we have the suspense of "what would she do?". By the way, has anyone else noticed that the contestants parents are not fat? If the contestants just ate what they ate, they wouldn't even need the Biggest Loser.

Well, JJ went AWOL for good. Anyway, he's weight was down a bit now so probably doesn't need it so much. On Oprah last week, a doctor said that for every 35 pounds a guy lost, he grew an inch in penis length. Does this mean we could call JJ Donkey Dick? What does it matter anyway when the only ones to see it will be the pros he makes use of when he is out on the road.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I know I print spurious rumours but this one is outrageous

TV Tonight explains how Q Confidential printed a spurious rumour by publishing a denial of the rumour. The rumour related to a contender having a fling with a male judge on the show. I refuse to say anything more then that, click above link to learn how to really become a tabloid journalist.

Mariah Carey to judge Beatles songs on American Idol - It is just wrong on so many levels.

Mariah Carey who you either love or hate is going to redefine the definition of sacrilegious by judging Beatles songs on American Idol this week.

In the producers fervour to give us another week of Beatles songs clearly they couldn't move Mariah guest judge appearance as it would have interfered with her new album promotion schedule.

At least it is not going to be the Mariah Carey song night - though that could have been amusing as only about 3 of the eleven would have been able to hit the notes.

Fox News for the full story.

More American Idol news:
Paula Abdul admits to a Freudian crush on Simon Cowell.
Paula Abdul subconsciously fancies Cowell - dubbed TV's Mr Nasty - even though she finds his sharp-tongued comments hard to take.

With these comments and her dreadful reality tv series Hey Paula there is not much more her credibility can take. Click here for the details

Simon Cowell Predicts Jason Castro to be in the final four
Simon on Oprah gave his predictions for who is going to win idol.

Simon: "Well, I think the front-runner right now is David Archuleta.(applause from audience). But don't rule out Brooke (White), David Cook and Jason Castro. Any one of these guys could win. I think it's going to get very, very interesting

At least he has stopped talking up Carly Smithson. Neighbours blog have details of his Oprah appearance.

Picture of Danny Noriega on a cruise ship with Rosie O'Donnell
For those wondering what Danny Noriega has been up to - here is a picture of him on a cruise ship with Rosie O'Donnell. Danny has been singing on the ship on the cruise Rosie organised.

Picture here. Nice to see they both got dressed up. NOT.

Dean Geyer didn't get a record contract but you can now see him on Neighbours.

For those who care, and I must confess I don't, Dean Geyer will be on Neighbours from this week.

Neighbours has already had reality tv "stars" on the show - all male I note. Blair Donahue (BB), and Dan O'Connor(Aust Idol) both had fairly long stints

I thought Dean was meant to be a singer? However he may be able to channel that into his role on Ramsey Street where he plays a young musician Ty Harper.

TV Week has an offline article here are some snippets:
  • He hopes to be on Neighbours a long time.
  • His first scene is him playing in his band in a pub.
  • Neighbours has turned into a musical as he will be seen singing in quite a few scenes.
  • Music industry is his main passion. There's talk of a new album coming out towards the end of the year.
  • He has had acting lessons for the role, also he had to lose the South African accent for the role.
  • He still lives at home with his family.
  • He is still seeing Lisa Origliasso of the Veronicas. She is currently in LA.

I am surprised he is taking the Neighbours option, when on Idol I thought he had huge appeal for the teen girl, and I thought he would try and crack the US Evangelical Christian music market.

It is official reality tv is manipulated!

Trainer Jillian from The Biggest Loser confirms what most savvy reality tv viewers know that producers manipulate the show to keep things interesting.

Jillian is peeved over claims that she handpicked JJ for the Black team.

TV Week reveals this was not the case.

The story is when Steven left the black team, Biggest Loser producers decided to replace him with a contestant who had been voted out of the white house.

While a recent episode appeared to show US trainers Bob and Jillian deciding that JJ was the best candidate for their team, Jillian says nothing could be further from the truth.

"[The producers] manipulated us and tried to make it look like we chose him," Jillian fumed. "We did not choose him. And I had a trantrum on set because I was like, 'I did not choose him and I'm not going to pretend as though I did!"

"We didn't even know him," she said. "We had nothing to do with him and I was quite adamant about that actually.

Her opinion on JJ? "That guy's an idiot - throw him under a bus."

Personally I think we all know that reality tv involves some type of manipulation by producers, and if it makes it more interesting so be it. I am sure producers on Idol decide who gets the lucky last spot and it is not drawn out of a hat.

I would like to know of other scenarios like this - they tend to be kept very well hidden, a reality tv aficionados have to guess at them.

Onadrought Biggest Loser Update

Does anyone out there like JJ?Is JJ the most unlikeable person ever to be on reality TV? If you disagree please let me know as I try to look for something good in everyone, but cannot find anything remotely appealing about him.

A colleague reckons the show is rigged, and that giving JJ immunity was rigged, as in spite of my repulsion for him, he does make for good viewing. However, AJ's genuine look of shock when he won immunity would show that she hadn't been clued in to it. I must admit, he can come out with some amusing comments.

At last weeks weigh in when he talked about finding love, it was pretty amusing when he said "I'd like to have a little JJ, and maybe a little AJ". AJ Rochester did not look amused. Seems like she too is in the hate JJ club. Michelle (Black Team) would be mad to not take the $50,000 for being this weeks biggest loser.

Chances are she won't have a chance at the $200,000 so why not leave with the 50? She has said that she needs to stay in the house, but others already eliminated are losing weight on the outside. Anyway, history shows that most contestants put the weight back on, so if you are going to be fat, might as well be fat with 50 grand extra.

Monday, March 17, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Final Top 10

Tonight our top 10 would be revealed, and the dancers were feeling the added pressure of wanting to enter into that hallowed group.

In the US it meant you got to go on the dance tour, at this stage it is unclear if that reward will be on offer in Australia.

Due to a recording malfunction I missed the first 10 mins so while am on hold to Foxtel for the next two hours so I can scream at some underpaid backpacker, I will write my recap.

Any feedback on the opening number would be welcome.

A few comments about tonight's episode:

  • Is there a new Inspector Gadget movie being made, and if so is Matt Lee auditioning for the lead role?;

  • Can we get a judge that doesn't start crying when the elimination is being announced. Does Nigel Lythgoe tear up? NO. Now I know you guys are artistes but really we don't need to see four blubbering judges;

  • Jason did not outline the criteria by which they decided the eliminations this week, which I thought was a tad unfair due to the importance of the week; and

  • Channel Ten are not wanting to lose ratings over the Easter weekend so there is a two week hiatus.

    First up on stage were Demi and Jack, and JD and Rhiannon. It was obvious that JD and Rhiannon would be dancing for their life again.

    Then up on stage was Rhys and Jemma, and Kate and Graeme again a no brainer Kate and Graeme would be bottom three.

    Last were Anthony and Camilla, and Henry and Vanessa, again you knew Anthony and Camilla would be doing solos. I think Henry is the dark horse to win the competition. At first I was not a fan, but since the make over and the removal of hair from lots of places he has grown on me. Also his consistency has been amazing particularly for a ballroom guy. He is yet to do a dud routine.

    Jason then gave a dull little speech (was he trying to be motivating?) about how dancing for your life is a tad over dramatic and it is about dancing for yourselves.

    Rhiannon was out first and I think she needs to work on her solo's I am never wowed by them and tonight's was like a doing a routine on the sideline of a football game. Rhiannon said as an aside to Natalie Bassingthwaite, "That was terrible". Natalie kindly repeated it to the 1.5 million viewers and the all important four judges.

    Next was JD dancing his own particular style of hip hop which is just as subtle as Nacho Pop's. Call me a philistine but I like the spins and tricks in hip hop routines. Sorry JD it is just dull to me.

    Camilla's jazz routine was much better then last weeks solo with lots of kicks and leaps.

    Anthony's routine was better with more dancing, I thought a tad over dramatic, but enjoyable with some of his signature gymnastic moves. I get the feeling that his journey is going to end in the next few weeks. Whilst Henry has grown on me, Anthony has diminished due to his one dimensionality.

    Kate's solo was the stand out of the night it was fantastic, it had everything in it. She gingerly touched her neck to remind everyone she is injured. She must be very happy about the easter break.

    Last was Graeme whose solo was ok but unmemorable. All the teenage girls are hoping he would get voted off so he can start door knocking in his black pants and white shirt as the mormons do and convert them to a polygamous lifestyle.

    After listening to a dull KD Tunstall song, which was a shame consider her "Suddenly I See" song is just fantastic the judges were back to give their verdict.

    First up the girls were to learn their fate. I found it frustrating that Jason did not outline what they had based their decision on and whether it had been a unanimous decision.

    Kate was told she was safe. Then it was down to Camilla and Rhiannon. My money was on Rhiannon to go, as she had just had so many weeks in the bottom 3, none of them her fault mind you. Also I think her solo's are lame.

    But just as well I don't bet as Camilla was given the bad news. The only reason I can think of is because her technique wasn't as strong as Rhiannons, or they decided to give Rhiannon a break and see how she danced with a different partner.

    At this stage all the judges were teared up and it was not helped by Camilla's articulate and heart warming speech. Maybe Camilla could host next year as at least she knows how to talk into a camera.

    Also Camilla can take heart that her post SYTYCD body is different from her pre-SYTYCD body, and she did not have to go on the Biggest Loser.

    The boys were up next. Graeme was first to be told he was safe. Then it was down to JD and Anthony. Again they did not give a criteria on what they based their decision or if the decision was unanimous, but it was time to go JD. His nine lives had just finished.

    His speech was not quite as good but it was heartfelt. "He just wanted to show people how beautiful and expressive hip hop was," This is a goal I am not sure he achieved.

    Rhiannon will come up to Anthony's waist so that will be interesting if they are still with their original partners in a fortnight.

    Now it is our time to decide who will be Australia's favourite dancer.