Monday, April 28, 2008

Project Runway - Episode 5 - Season 4

Why does Heidi Klum stand with her legs cross? If she was on Next Top Model you could imagine Tyra chastising her, before eliminating her for looking like she needed to go to the toilet.

The episode opened with Sweet P upset that Chris was gone “It will bring a void in the house” I agree.

The Challenge:
New models for the challenge. These were woman who had all lost a significant amount of weight. They were wearing clothes that no longer fitted and the designers had to create a new look with their favourite old clothes.

The outfit must be suitable for everyday life and also showcase themselves as a designer.

Models and Designers were randomly drawn.

No one wanted to work with the model wearing the dreadful wedding dress. Steve was not happy when his name was drawn.

They have 30 minutes to talk to their model.

Steve said the every day look “Was a considerable challenge when you have 10 yards of polyester satin”

They then had $10 for extra fabric and other stuff.

Steven bought black stretch cotton. The trimming was going to come from the wedding dress. Now is this in the spirit of the challenge?

They had 12 hours for get their designs finished.

Then some drama occurred, Jack Mackenroth was ill with a mercer in his lip this was not necessarily related to his HIV, however his doctor wanted to treat it aggressively.

Tim Gunn and Jack went for a private chat and Jack decided to leave the show and go get medical treatment. Very upsetting for him, plus the other designers. (For those who are fans of Jack, he may be back on another Project Runway series as apparently he has auditioned again.)

The work room had a very sombre feel to it after that.

Then there was the surprise, Chris March who was eliminated last week was back - I must say I was not unhappy to have that happen.

Chris was having to take over from Jack, with only 6 hours left, so he was given the option of working through the night.

Tim Gunn had to be stern with Chris and told him not to go costumey when he started talking about his sailor design.

Tim also told him to make all the decisions now as he had made a lot of bad decisions at 3.00am.

Steve piped up “Names we want names”.

Tim Gunn then said “I might come and visit you [Chris] at 4.00am, after I have made my 3.00am poor decision.”

At least Project Runway has real wit. Kyle Sandilands could do with some lessons in that particular topic.

The next morning arrived and there was Chris passed out on the couch. And then the usual pre-show mayhem commenced.

Steve was having difficulty finishing his outfit.

Jillian didn’t use the materials that she was given, personally I thought this was wrong as it did not encompass the spirit of the challenge.

Ricky unsurprisingly cried again over as he was so happy about the outfit and what effect his work has on people.

Kevin decided to help Steven to finish his outfit. He was so desperate he had to break out glue to get it finished apparently a big high fashion faux par.

Steven’s outfit made his model look like a maid working in an apartment on Fifth Avenue. It was dour.
The judges tonight were Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Patrick Robinson head designer of the Gap. Of course the inscutable Heidi as well.

Sweet P’s was a cute halter dress.

Jillian had made another halter dress. I did not think it fitted that well. But I was in the minority on that one.

Ricky’s jeans and shirt really suited his model but it was nothing earth shattering.

Chris with his sailor inspired skirt was ok - I liked the skirt but the top did not match it. In fact turn it into a mini and it would be something Amy Winehouse would wear.

Christian’s was very good and funky.

Kevin’s pants and top was really fab as well - very modern.

The it was judgement time

Six left were standing the top and bottom three. These were Chris, Jillian, Elisa, Kevin, Christian and Steve.

Kevin skirt and legging outfit drew praise from the judges. Nina said “great make over“. Michael said “You have to be careful with the leggings, everyone has them, so missed out on ingenuity.”

Elisa layered outfit attracted criticsim. Heidi said “It did not look like the model.“ Nina agreed “It is all very Elisa but not Tracey.” And with the black knee high boots she was wearing with the outfit it was particularly unflattering.

Jillian did not attract too much criticism for not using the material/clothes she was given, as the judges did like the dress. Personally I think this was unfair to the other designers who had adhered to the challenges philosophy.

Steve attracted criticism for his design. Nina said “It looks like [you took the dress] from a wedding to a funeral. Michael said “You had something interesting to work with - you had beading. Steven did not agree.

Christian’s drew praise as it was contemporary and “Looked like it fitted her personality.”

Chris’s outfit again drew criticism with Michale Kors saying “It is a little Shirley McLaine when she played a hooker with a heart of gold.”

The winner of the challenge Christian. Kevin was a bit miffed. It means Christian cannot be eliminated in the next challenge.

Final two were Elisa and Steve.

Elisa was again told the look more about you then client.

Steve was told he turned a joyful wedding dress into something a French maid would wear. It was cliché and boring.

Unsurprisingly Steve was eliminated.

I am going to miss Steve’s sardonic sense of humour. Maybe Ricky can get sick next week and we can get him back.

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