Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Australia's Next Top Model Media Frenzy

Australia's Next Top Model commences tonight on Fox 8, and the media frenzy continues unabated.

The Sydney Morning Herald here has an article talking about how with the overseas success of last years winner Alice Burdeau has inspired a higher quality of entrant this year.

Executive Producer Josie Mason said "A lot of girls who were already with agents saw last year that you can be in Top Model and it can actually propel your career."

Mason also comments on the issue of eating disorders with the contestants:

We handle it on a case-by-case basis and we're very careful," she says. "[Host Jodhi Meares] is very passionate about girls being healthy and fit and one of her big things is that you have to last often a 16-, 18-hour day, and if you're not eating there's no way you're going to be able to do that ... What surprises me is how much these girls can eat. They can put it away."

There was no sign of that when The Guide visited an early challenge, a shoot for Perry in an Alexandria warehouse. During the lunch break, the crew's plates groaned with food while the models floated by with a lone piece of sushi or finger sandwich. To be fair, they were in the middle of a shoot and it's hard to imagine Perry looking kindly on a model stuffing her face.

Don't expect to see a plus size model on the show soon if Alex Perry has anything to do with it:

When asked what he thinks about the US version's efforts to promote plus-size models, he snorts with derision: "Get. Over. It. Get over it. They haven't got an Alice. In how many seasons? You know what? You can wrap up that fat model story anyway you want - they're not meant to be."

Jodhi Meares also has an interview in this weeks Woman's Day. Link here.

Jodhi's comments on the format of the upcoming series:
It's a similar format but I think it's more exciting. The challenges are more exciting. There has been a lot more going on. I think it is a more even playing field this year. It's not as obvious — there were more 'stand outs' last year. This season has been much harder on the judges and there definitely are more split decisions each week. We're all disagreeing, all the time — it's been very difficult. You'll see more sparks flying. Mainly from me — I get on my soapbox and start yelling at the two of them — the gargoyles! They rev me up and tease me relentlessly too.

Charlotte Dawson one of the judges appears to be having a big week co-hosting the Astra Awards last night, ex-husband Scott Miller being arrested for being in a drug ring last week, and moving out to a new flat as she had broken up from her partner Ed Harbour. But you have to give it to her in the picture here from last night shows her looking fab.

In this weeks New Weekly (NW) hard copy only Charlotte Dawson gives her own summary of what the she thinks of the contestants below.

Leiden: "Leiden's got that Angelina Jolie quality about her. She's a tomboy, so we're trying to refine her."

Alexandra: "Alexandra's extremely confident and thinks she knows her fashion back to front. However, she doesn't take criticism well and tends to pass the blame."

Emma: "She's really, really beautiful, but she's the most awkward of all the girls. She doesn't believe in herself or her beauty, although the other girls think she'll be the winner. She needs more confidence before she can go further."

Kristy: "She'll be a good working model"

Kamila: "She's a pint-sized ballbreaker with an awful lot of ambition."

Jamie: "Jamie's one of the nicest girls. She's got a great face and photographs really well, but she has a very athletic body and muscular legs. All the boys will love her."

Demelza: "Pop her in Miss Universe and she'd win it. She has the potential to be the next Jennifer Hawkins. She's a bit young at this stage, but she's incredibly beautiful so it will be interesting to see how she blossoms."

Alyce: " Alyce can annoy us with her giggling, so we'll have to knock that out of her. She's a really sexy girl but tends to over-pose."

Alamela: "Alamela is a purely beautiful human being. She has a unique work ethic but sometimes I wonder if she's secretly an axe murderer."

Bec: I think she's incredibly beautiful and has the ability to channel Megan Gale if she puts her mind to it."

Sam: "Sam is quite something. Her in front of the camera really is magic."

Caris: "My secret favourite. She is actually a nice girl and I get good energy from her. Caris is exceptionally beautiful, but she has braces and a bad student diet, so she has a bit against her."

Belinda: "She is an absolute diamond in the rough. She's never worn high heels before and is really kooky but has an endearing personality and a lot of potential."

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Anonymous said...

As if Jodie cares about the health of the contestants. I read somewhere that she said that all the contestants are healthy. What a load of BS.

The weights and BMIs of the models (as young as 17) are given out on the official website, which fall as low as 14.5 (anorexic). 14.5 is a LOT below "normal" even for fine boned, naturally skinny girls.

Only one has a BMI within the healthy range, with the rest at 18 (underweight).

Rant, rant!