Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby Boomer's Now Taking Over Big Brother

Baby boomers who previously who have not been on reality tv shows, except as judges, will now have a inmate in the Gold Coast compound for this years Big Brother.

Terri the 52 year old grandmother was the first contestant revealed on Channel Ten So You Think You Can Dance last night

Apparently she has controversial views on immigration and is a Pauline Hanson fan. Great so now Pauline whose infamy was shown to have run out of puff after her unsuccessful tilt at the Senate last election will again gain notoriety again with a new Gen Y audience.

Clearly Terri is not going to be a rocket scientist, but it should make the house a bit more diverse and interesting.

However I have some tips for her going into the house as she will be the oldest one there to try to ensure some longevity.

1. Don't get drunk this behaviour from a 22 year old is vaguely amusing, on a 52 year old it will just look hideously messy, and voters will turn against you.
2. Do not start talking about your sex life, as it will just make audience queasy. Wrong I know but that is the reality of it. Leave the sex and over 50 year olds to Germaine Greer.
3. Don't strike up a romance with a 25 year old in house.
4. Don't clean up after the little blighters you are not their mother make them stand on their own two feet.
5. Avoid any topic you may have heard on the Alan Jones morning show, none of them watch Big Brother nor do they vote.

Also rumour has it that uber dickhead Corey Worthington is going to enter the BB compound. Why they are giving anymore airtime to this unattractive, non charismatice idiot is beyond me.

The media whinge about him, however they created the myth of him. However if Terri can see some of the home grown Aussie speciman we have developed in the country maybe she will see that by importing some people from overseas is not such a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

After last night's "teaser" I'm more than willing to bet there at least one of the following in the house to complement Terri (note the strategic "e", can't imagine anyone complimenting her):

a) a veiled muslim (b/c people like Terri love to hate muslim women in particular) or

b) an indigenous Australian (b/c I'm pretty sure Terri will have strong opinions about Aboriginals as well) or

c) (less likely but..) a Hillsonger ("b/c religion is the root of all evil" although I reckon Terri might be talking about all religions other than hers...)

In fact, I'd be almost willing to bet that they have two out of the three above along with Terri. If I'm right, RR, you can buy me a mineral water to celebrate...

For all its faults, you knew the person hosting the "old" BB was actually smart and (deep down) relatively enlightened. At times, it's true, this had minimal if not no effect on the calibre of the output but... I can only imagine how low the lowest common denomenator will be with Kyle in charge... in fact, hearing that "Corey" is going in is totally unsurprising in this context...

Just have to say I thought it mighty ironic that on the final evening of such a warm and fuzzy weekend where the nation had spent some (long overdue) time reflecting on our future after so many years of divisiveness and wedge politics that we confronted by this carping hag.

So much for a "new" Big Brother. If it means putting up with the cliches and mores of the bigoted and racist "old" Australia, then I for one won't stick around for long... I'd be surprised if the viewing audience who has made SYTYCD a success (an audience who has celebrated achievement and diversity) would stick around for long watching people like Terri and Corey. I am much more willing to accept that an 18 y.old might have some dodgy views and attitudes because they haven't yet had an opportunity to "live". A 52 y.o xenophobe, well that's just offensive...


Onadrought said...

It's funny, I had been talking to colleagues about how they need to have a diff age group on. I think she'll be kicked off pretty quick. I reckon a relationship would be pretty good though - apparently MILFs and Cougars are the go these days.

Reality Raver said...

Anon: You could be right, I would hazard a guess it will be a person who is a muslim.

BB is pretty two dimensional.

The cannot put a hillsong person in it will just spark up the whole hillsong church vote rigging scandal.

I think they try and set it up a little to much now. I liked first and second series when they chucked a bunch of people in and just saw what happened when different people were stuck in a house with nothing to do.

I don't think it is bad thing that Gretel has gone, I think they needed to change. But I am not sure how Kyle and Jackie will go, as Gretel had that touch of mother hen about her on eviction night.

Onadrought said...

Have just seen the ad with Terri the grandmother and she is definitely more frump than MILF.

disco queen said...

my friend tiff - a journo for the sunday tele mag - was recently smuggled into the house for more than 24 hours and had to pretend she was a contestant .. she was put with those who had just missed out and might be intruders as part of a trial production run. She is only 35 and found it tough with the kiddies, so the 52-year old is going to be a hoot. Poor tiff was worried she'd have to share a bed with some woman she'd never met but it was worse .. one big bed for all 14 people, one bloke snoring next to her and the one opposite getting his feet caught up with hers. And all sorts of horrible things in the morning.

disco queen said...

maybe rr could be smuggled in too, just for a night. and blog away in the diary room.

Reality Raver said...

Disco queen - your report regarding the house makes going on Survivor more appealing.

Yes that is what I am saying I would rather eat duck embryo's then sleep with 14 people in a bed.

Now blogging from the diary room would be an entirely different matter......