Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Chopping Block - Emads V Gloria'a

The battle tonight was between two Sydney institutions Emad's a lebanese restaurant and Gloria's a Portuguese one.

I have in fact eaten at both. Most people in Sydney would have been through Emad's doors at one point clutching a cheap bottle of wine.

It was a place when I was younger I went to quite a lot, but like what must have happened to a lot of their clientele I have moved on.

Gloria's I have been to as well, but only once as the food was appalling.

Both are in need of a make-over. Just as well no health inspectors ever checked the dust on the parachute at Emads when they took down from the ceiling it was disgusting.

Matt Moran came in and spun his magic. However I thought Emad's food looked great, especially the new main meals. Whereas the cooking at Gloria's didn't seemed to improve much except for the presentation.

Emad's won the $20,000 and they deserved it.

I might just walk back into Emad's again one day soon.

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