Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tips To Ensure Success Once You Are On A Reality TV Show.

So you've filled out the applications, gone through the interviews and psych tests and you are now a contestant on your favourite reality TV show. What can you do to ensure you stay on as long as possible.

Slate has a great article titled "How not to be the first person kicked off a reality TV show." (Beware there is a very small Project Runway spoiler in it).

Basically it comes down to charisma, personality or frictions between contestants. If you are dull and try to hide in a corner you will not survive. Also it it reiterates the control the producers have on certain programs. This might explain how Nekisa is still in Shear Genius Season 2 when she should have been eliminated weeks ago. She is great TV with her self delusion she is a great hair dresser and the fighting between her and Charlie.

If you still need more help after that you can go to Reality TV school in New York. Troy Patterson here describes his day at reality TV school.

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