Tuesday, October 7, 2008

If Your Short Don't Bother Auditioning For Australia's Next Top Model

If you are waxing, getting hair extensions, and facials to prepare yourself for this year's auditions for Australia's Next Top Model and you are under 172 cms then save yourself the cash as you won't be allowed on the show.

In this week's NW they reveal this year there is a new height specification for the show. Entrants will have to be a minimum 172cms. The rationale for this is aimed at weeding out those wannabe models who've tried to squeeze in, even though they're just under the old 170 cm height minimum.

This new height would have excluded popular 2006 contestant Jordan Loukas who is 169cm and last season's contestant Alyce Crawford.

Alex Perry said the new rule is necessary to ensure the competition reflects fashion industry standards.

"I've never booked a girl who was under 172cm in my life," Alex said.

Priscilla Leighton-Clark another judge and modelling agent agrees, saying, "It's important we give our Top Model finalists the best possible chance out there in the modelling world."

No host has been confirmed by Foxtel, though they are in discussions with different people both here and internationally.

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