Sunday, October 26, 2008

American Idol - Final 6 - Rolling Stones Night

You wonder what the king of cool Mick Jagger would think about Australian Idol contestant's mauling his songs. But then again Mick who is a notorious tightwad might just be glad to get the royalties.

A couple of thoughts on tonights show:
  • Yes we know Wes is hot but do we really need the lighting to make his hair and face red at the beginning of the song? and
  • Roshani Priddis needs to ban the producers from playing the footage of her working in a call centre type situation, as it only reminds people of those annoying phone calls they get from India just as they are sitting down to dinner. Not something that is going to win her votes.

    Wes Carr - Jumping Jack Flash
    I really wanted Wes to put his gravelly tones to "You Can't Always Get What You Want" so I was disappointed. This disappointment was compounded when Teale butchered it later on in the show.

    Wes really sexed it up tonight and to think he has performance anxiety (not in that way) as you would not know it once he is on stage. Points should also be given to Wes for making me listen to a maraca and NOT think of Peter Allen.

    Roshani Priddis - Wild Horses
    Roshani appeared to have done a Hillsong rendition of this song, and I think she is in danger of going home this week. Her pitch was all over the place and only Rolling Stone aficionado's would have heard of it.

    Kyle was right when he said her outfit looked like "the dog had savaged the takeaway chicken container."

    Also she has to lose some of her intensity in her pre-performance interviews. Take a leaf out Luke Dicken's laid back approach as that is working for him. Grab a cow to milk or something.

    Luke Dickens - Honky Tonk Woman
    I cannot believe Luke is highly likely to make top 3. I cannot believe that he is one of the performances I look forward to watching each week.

    I didn't think this was his strongest performance, but he is smart with picking songs from the Triple M playlist. The judges gushed over him, but I think he will be bottom three this week.

    Teale Jakubenko - You Can't Always Get What You Want
    I cannot believe he is still here and even worse he is butchering my favourite Stone's song You Can't Always Get What You Want.

    He actually thinks he can make it to the Opera House. I am presuming he will fade into oblivion after Idol.

    The judges praised his rendition just because of the logistics of compressing a seven minute song into a minute and a half. It was all chorus and I did not like the acoustic version at all.

    He made it as bland as Kraft single when I like the song with a bit more bite like vintage cheddar.

    Chrislyn Hamilton - Get Off My Cloud
    The girl is sassy. She kept with the traditional Rolling Stone's melody and her voice had the husky blues tones. Chrislyn sings like Roshani would like to with those effortless high notes.

    Chrislyn does have to be careful with doing the crazy eyes into the camera - not a great way to connect with the audience at home.

    Mark Spano - Angie
    What is it with the judges this year and touchdowns? Can't they think of their own way to get the point across that they thought it was a standout performance? And really was this a standout performance?

    I thought it was good, and by playing the guitar it gave Mark a bit of muso cred but will I remember it by tomorrow night I don't think so.

    Bottom three predictions - Teale Jakubenko, Roshani Priddis, and Luke Dickens.

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